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  1. I attempted that with an invisible floor to simulate jumping but what I ended up with felt dumb :P I should mention, I did add an all-black box midtexture for the backsides of any floating boxes people felt like making. It should help maintain the illusion a bit better than just having ? boxes on the inside and out of the line.
  2. I really don't get why you let Trace stick around to threadshit Ling. Making a post about hyperbolic and non-visible characteristics being added to player skins in an inclusivity thread is obvious projection from everyone's favorite triggered altrighter. He's not changing his tune anytime soon.
  3. Bam. Added in rf's ghosthouse stuff, Dragonfly's textures, an animated flat to match the gold mario 3 bricks, and made some of the green textures less shitty. If the minor palette tweaking has affected any custom textures let me know. I do know some Doom resources are affected but I'm preparing to re-add the lot of those so I'll tackle that then. Check out rf's new armor sprites! Since a fair bit of new stuff has come out of the blue, I'm extending the mapping deadline to the 15th of June(uh oh it begins????)so any late starters or people who were on the fence about mapping for this can contribute. I better see an airship map! :P
  4. edited out Eris, your download link seems to be non-functional on my end.
  5. I have just realized I got the keys backward in an earlier post, so I'll rephrase: anyone who has used keycards please use Skullkeys instead. I have something planned for the keycard actors.
  6. I have a condition that makes me periodically forget everyone I've met on the forum. It's basically like a "50 first posts" situation. This also explains the quality of said posts.
  7. looks gr8 Props to rf for preemptively including a few decorations heh if there are any more coming I'm gonna have to look at what's left and what spritesheets I have again. Will add gravity to certain things via DEH so if your stuff is hovering expect a fix in the next resource.
  8. Cool map Impie, but I would suggest breaking up the longer brick walls with something. It's also likely that the player can run out of ammo before they realize the shootable switches. To be honest I'd probably also not have the bridge revenants active before you cross since chaingun tapping them down before you can cross is more irritating than fun. The ending fight is pretty lackluster, perhaps add a few monsters(lost souls?) to make dodging the vile more dangerous. Ending pillar could stand to be marked as such too: perhaps put a pipe in the middle of the room instead? That midi needs to be edited to loop as well. Playing this reminded me I'm going to have to shuffle one of the greens in the palette due to the automap issue so I'll get on that asap. I have a gimmick planned that will need a redundant item so anyone who has used the Red Keycard remind me who you are.
  9. Boom has some kind of elevator special, so perhaps that + voodoo doll conveyors?
  10. Reminder that although I'm adhering to deadlines, if you do have a legit excuse to request an extension PM me. Bear in mind I will not budge on whatever extra time I allot you though: this is mostly because I understand real life gets in the way sometimes heh
  11. All edits are welcome, I'd prefer them to be prefixed with 2 or 3 characters to separate them (like DF_XXXXX) or to use the existing prefixes in the OP. Player starts are exempt from the limit. New resource update coming soon. Now!
  12. Update: We will be using this version of Death Foretold for FNF instead.
  13. Some new stuff: 3MIDCLD is a cloudy midtexture, SKYZAP is an animated thunderstorm sky, a few doors, and a bunch of fences and such. HP\Armor bonuses have tenatively been replaced with color-coded coins. The Pool of brains is now a Donut Lift sprite, which may or may not work out we'll see what happens.
  14. I might have them, will link soon as I find them.