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  1. Polling Doomworld alone would give a bad impression of how the overall community plays the game.
  2. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    Public Beta 3 is now available. This version contains the following updates: CHANGELOG EDIT: link updated with more standard filenames
  3. yooooooooooooo more strife maps hell yes
  4. Marcaek


    yoooooooooo fu megawad lets goooooo
  5. Marcaek

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    mega was a cool dude. i missed him when he moved on from doom and i'm missing him even more now sorry for your loss.
  6. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    TNT2 has been updated to Beta 2. Feedback has been greatly appreciated so far and work continues on identifying and fixing issues.
  7. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    I think there's a miscommunication here. If you mean "last map" being Map30 yes it exists, but there is one map (Map26) in the main lineup missing. If you want a complete continuous experience you should hold out for the missing map.
  8. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    I believe someone else on the team is already working on the CWILVs, but the offer is appreciated.
  9. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    We still have the font but CWILVs are low on the priority list so we just haven't really gotten to recreating all of them yet.
  10. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    god dammit the update was last post on the previous page lmaooooooooooooooooo
  11. Marcaek

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    DOWNLOAD: Public Beta 1 At long last, the first public release of TNT2 is now here. Barring one map (which should be ready soon, a skip map is present at the moment) everything else is complete. We now seek external technical and gameplay feedback to ensure that everything works as intended. The OP will be updated to include a link to the most recent versions for download. Our team is excited to finally be able to finish this project and we hope you will enjoy testing and playing it!
  12. you know what would be real handy? if saving a map which is part of a set of maps in dbx into another wad also copied the map's needed assets along with it

    1. Marcaek


      this would still be handy

  13. Marcaek

    Doom 2 "in name only" - Russian variation

    This link no longer works, also wondering what became of this project? @BeeWen
  14. Marcaek

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    SA merely gave what was already behind the computer screens a place to fester and grow