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  1. hobo back lazarus 2?????
  2. Ghouls vs Humans: Eternal Hatred for this Friday Night Fragfest on Zandronum! join us at Eastern Time: 20:00 (8 PM) for some spooky shenanigans!

    1. JudgeDeadd



      Eternal Hatred for this Friday Night Fragfest

      ...why, what did that Friday Night Fragfest ever do to you? :(

  3. Might have been Eternal Slumber Party by TimeofDeath
  4. Added, Redownload files. Map32 had a bizzare break which required rebuilding nodes...
  5. Alfonzo has assisted in compiling the fixes made and made some other fixes as well, with the exception of map31's softlock. Please check the OP for a changelog and new versions! I'll be organizing a survival testing session sometime soon. EDIT:PLEASE REDOWNLOAD FOR A LAST MINUTE FIX
  6. lots of people revealing their power levels itt
  7. @Gothic Sky cutoff here, just lower the clouds a bit. @dobu gabu maru You can get stuck here, maybe have an SR line for teleportation back to the beginning in case this happens. Will need to make the surrounding lines passthru i imagine.
  8. yes, every time I see a monster corpse float in a wall inlet I grind my teeth :E
  9. Decided to replay Mayhem 16 a bit, then this happened. It drives me up the wall agh
  10. @Flareblood_V2 I'd call bad reviewers a separate problem altogether independant of slaughtermaps. lol at intellectual product tho