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  1. hey man you play what you want but dwango5 is really damn stale imo i dont get why people still care for it at least play dwango12 which is a fair bit better
  2. TGH and I were going to give the second half one last bug pass since we found stuff in the first half which was pretty egregious (HOMs and such)
  3. MAP05: ??? (rf`) This cool secret setup for 3 green coins? Maybe put something behind an upper wall or waterfall? Lame Baron. Not a huge deal but pretty much anything else would just feel better. MAP07: Absolute Zero (Obsidian) Mostly good from the version you sent me on Discord. I feel like it could use a lategame Berserk; can you even max the level? I run out of ammo consistantly once PEs start showing up. Managed to get these guys stuck when the lift raised back up. This is really hard to get up, and since the lift trigger is a walkover if you make it up you gotta go back down and re-trigger then pray. Very aggravating, would suggest having the lift trigger be at the top level. Shading\light level difference on the walls here looks ugly.
  4. MAP03: Cool Cool Shotgun (A.Gamma) I like the use of ice here for the most part, but the combat is terribly dull most of the time. I'd describe overall monster usage as more preventing the player from moving forward rather than being threatening in any way. From the HKs across the single-block ice platforming, to those on the cliffsides, to the revenants sniping from the towers while you try to cross, cacos and lost souls just in the way and easily sidestepped, to the barons and viles through the blue door, the cyber near that pipe, it's all terribly.... slow and boring which I find unfortunate considering nice stuff like the mushroom waterfall, the windy cliff, and the overall ice theme. The rev near the key is a bit too hard to deal with since you have no mobility, i'd swap for a HK there. Really hope you can turn this around because I am fond of the ideas here. MAP04: All the monster's teeth are perfect (Angry saint) Feel's a bit heavy on ammo here, I don't think i was worried about going low at any point. Maybe slim that down a bit. This backpack just swells the amount of shotgun\cell ammo you have in particular, please ditch it and make the player actually have to bother watching their ammo level a little bit. You can get this guy stuck in midair because of Boom's awful shooting players off ledges behavior. I'd suggest monster blocking. I'd also suggest a vile instead of more revs after the key because they're harmless with no other monsters around. This flat and the teleport like it look bad with the stock Doom textures unconverted. Even if they were the moire effect would probably make this look ugly. I'll prob make a recolor of the non-repeating green pipe for this, I didn't realize I had forgotten that. This works well, but I'd like you to use the actual green block switch texture so when people actually do press it they can tell it does something.
  5. BIG FEEDBACK POST WOOP Here's some feedback for the first 7 maps. Since I was late getting this to you I can give everyone a week from their post to make updates, will re-check their maps after said updates and move from there. The rest of the WAD shouldn't take much longer to test, but it is summer and I have been busy doing other IRL shit all of a sudden. ============================================================= MAP01: Down the wrong pipe (TMD) This guy is stuck, easy fix While I don't care all that much about this deathtrap, I'd like it to either kill you faster or have an obscure way to escape. MAP02: Your princess is in another fort, asshole (TMD) Some lava spots here don't deal any damage
  6. I don't think it's possible to fix that post without rewriting it, so just use what you can from it and I'll make an unspoilered post to replace it soon.
  7. nice the post got fucked by spoiler tags now i have to unravel this shit
  9. I don't want them. They don't fit. I'm not tossing arbitrary assets into the WAD.
  10. TSPG once again supports both 2.1.2 and 3.0 servers. Here is a link to the setup guide for people who are still having trouble installing both.
  11. His name "means" sausage, so ph33r!
  12. Updates: Moved Xaser's map to slot 15, included all map updates in the thread. Minor adjustments made and others to come. I've done the first 7 maps, will post feedback in a little bit.
  13. Friction effects seem to break in a map on loading a savegame, tried in a few complevels. Is this a known issue? EDIT seems like it actually works in MBF but i was under the impression it's a Boom feature.
  14. There are instances where the single shotgun's higher ROF is actually beneficial over the SSG, like with arachnotrons. The SSG reload speed is already a considerable disadvantage vs those monsters.
  15. Due to PrBoom+'s focus on emulating the original accurately, I don't believe this would be fixed. I'll mention it over there anyway in a little bit.