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  1. Marcaek

    Doom 2 "in name only" - Russian variation

    This link no longer works, also wondering what became of this project? @BeeWen
  2. Marcaek

    Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka has passed away.

    SA merely gave what was already behind the computer screens a place to fester and grow
  3. Marcaek

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    If you're going to do a grab-bag\community scrapbook like pretty much every CChest has been, putting limitations on things like theme is counterproductive. Furthermore I agree with the above that a Community Chest not only should not regress backwards in terms of compatibility(EVERY cchest was boom at least) it is a missed opportunity (and kind of irresponsible as a manager) to not capture on the community zeitgeist (which currently is moving into MBF21 and UMAPINFO) I suggest putting some more thought into this, and of course not endeavoring to take on a project of this magnitude on your own (get some experienced people on board to assist with management, I am speaking from experience in saying you will regret not doing so). Flippantly diving into a follow-up to a treasured community institution without really considering what you're about to do and having little to no experience is going to ruffle feathers of people who have come to expect such a project to be handled with care. Also: Ditch any notion of a hard deadline and leave setting a goal once the project has already started and progressed naturally.
  4. Marcaek

    [CANCELED]Community Chest 5

    On top of this being needlessly chilling in effect, I feel like a couple of people are speaking on his behalf here without actually knowing what he feels about this. Maybe TGH should be allowed to speak for himself?
  5. all i want to say is looking forward to this wad :).


  6. A while back I made a sunny day recolor of TNT's E3 sky which I think came out ok, here it is in case you'd like to replace the one you're using now.
  7. missed opportunity to call it "strudel chex" i wanna beat the cherry filling outta some boogers
  8. Marcaek

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    It's funny how this is such a minor thing, but TNTCOMP is borderline unusuable without it. I think it's a good idea
  9. Marcaek

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    lol @valkiriforce
  10. Marcaek

    Cant' find playable deathmatch-servers

    Multiplayer Doom Federation Get on Discord, hang with the MDF, and you can play with us or find links to other DM-oriented groups.
  11. Your link has expired here, make sure to set a permanent invite!
  12. Marcaek

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    ACE for Machaward ofc
  13. Marcaek

    Mayhem17: The Lost Levels

    Since the Lost Levels project is DOA, I decided to finalize and uploade the organized resource with the new assets to idgames. Included is the single finished map created by Forli, which serves as a nice demo of some of the new assets and is generally just a rad level. There's a good chance I'll use this stuff for a mapset of my own, but in the meantime feel free to use it for your own maps. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/m17tll_res
  14. Marcaek

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    dude this is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk