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  1. Invasion is a game mode which requires specially made Invasion maps. You can check out Delta Invasion which Decay just linked, or Armageddon 2 which is also decent.
  2. I'd love to see the industron theme for some singleplayer maps. It's a shame the CTF maps are just too big or too plain for anyone to be interested in, they look neat anyway.
  3. You should check your maps to make sure @TMD, It has been a while since either of us touched them I'm sure. Remember to extract the maps from the rc1 if you want to make edits, otherwise just let me know what needs changing.
  4. If you see this I'll fix those errors on my end, Walter. As for a Mayhem 18, I'm not sure yet because I have other projects that need to get their asses moving too. Maybe if I come up with a good idea for it, or TMD can take the lead over again if he wants to.
  5. Progressive Duel 2 and Pyrrhic Duel
  6. Almost there. There is a spoiler in the map26 slot rn so avoid if that bothers you.
  7. more glowy future maps pls

    1. Zanieon


      How TF did you know i was working on one right now?


  8. Two things you should never do 1: kill yourself 2: make posts like this
  9. oh man, is it happening again
  10. Apparently map03 breaks in ZDoom based ports, I assume there is a compat setting to fix this. Can I force said setting via MAPINFO or something? EDIT figured it out, one less roadblock
  11. Crossposting from conversation I had with Alfonzo. I know Sandy's texturework is generally considered to be a bit messy, but I feel like it's way too extreme here. Try at least unpegging some upper\lower stuff where misalignments occur. Check pegging here, wall texture lowers with lift: Softlock is here:
  12. Hey, are you still planning on releasing The Punisher?

    1. Memfis


      And did you ever find TimeOfDeath???

  13. <Ajora>: guys i am NOT a fast food marketing bot wtf stop asking1!!!!
  14. vs doomkid\mr glide
  15. I'm actually gonna have you go over the credits I have again and make sure they're accurate, so gimme a couple days to have that for you if you can. (thanx 4 the screens)