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  1. schmerr

    The Logic of the Archvile

    No disaster, just dont expect native English speakers to completely know what you're talking about, I think the main confusion came from "use shotgun as pickaxe".
  2. schmerr

    Doom Font

    DoomWord is a good program for that. Even saves the text as an image.
  3. Is it safe to blame religion? Not the entire following of course, but still.
  4. schmerr

    Toward The Hell

    When someone's first map skills are better than my any map skills. Seriously tho, stellar screenshots.
  5. schmerr

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Haha I mixed those two up as well, people talking about it using words like "atmospheric, intense" had me quite confused for a while.
  6. schmerr

    Build a real E1M1?

    Why not just make the crushers out or foam?
  7. schmerr

    What are your favorite internet comics?

    The Adventures of Dr.McNinja is pretty great.
  8. schmerr

    The /newstuff Chronicles #501

    It works well with the Acekard, that's what I used.
  9. schmerr

    Whats your favorite Funniest doom video/wad?

    I really liked the turbocharged arcade series
  10. schmerr

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    That is a great idea.
  11. schmerr

    Best official Doom levels?

    E4M2. In a collection of shit maps (in MY OPINION), E4M2 Is a diamond in the rough. Catwalk fighting cacos all day.
  12. schmerr

    Rebalancing Thy Flesh Consumed?

    I Feel like TFC was meant to be more difficult, like "Cool, you beat episodes 1-3 with relative ease, here's the fuck you episode." Still not a big fan heh.
  13. I feel like Thy Flesh Consumed is generally regarded as rubbish anyway.
  14. schmerr

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Confession: I really, REALLY wanted to hate Erkatanne. The obvious god-awful texture misalignments drove me nuts. But as the maps go on, it really gives itself character. Nice gameplay as well.
  15. schmerr

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Beat it once, after that I only play it to show my friends that doom can be hard AF. That said, I have a lot of love for e4m2.