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  1. I'm thankful, too. Uplink was a special experience, I'm glad it's out after all.
  2. I just watched this great video that analyzes Doom and mentions several considerations I either missed, or lacked attention on. What do you think about it? I'm honestly interested.
    Very pleasant Christmas experience.
  3. You're literally like my mom, in this one. As far as I concern: I don't care about it. Oh come on, what's the hatred about millenials? I mean, sure, I agree about "af" but "fam" sounds quite badass.
    2 maps aren't even working. :/
  4. If I press F1 in PrBoom+, I see its unique help screen instead of Doom 2's HELP lump. It also shows custom credits when Doom 2's CREDITS lump should be shown. I'm fed up with it, because often, I'm interested in these if they are replaced. How can I force PrBoom+ to show the originals?
  5. I'm willing to drink the cheapest (and worst), thus likely the most harmful type of wine in unlimited amounts... ...but I deny smoking at any time. Sometimes, I feel it's like those picture of tons of meat and hamburgers, with "and a diet coke please" written below.
  6. Holy shit, I'm in heaven.
  7. Holy shit, it's indeed ridiculously easy this way! Thanks for the demo, rdwpa. Gonna balance it and then, I think, /idgames release comes.
    The resource set itself cries for a 5* rating, but the maps are not disappointing either. Absolute masterpiece.
    Through all my way of checking the maps, I was like "oh, nice ideas, oversimplified maps - 4, maybe 3 stars". But then, I reached the secret surprise of Episode 3. That by alone deserved a 5*, so that's what you get now.
  8. In this one, we quite agree. Even DB2 had no support for sky preview.
  9. Holy Frozen Hell (literally!), this is godlike! This is what the community needed for Christmas. Thank you very very much! (also I hope you'll upload it to /idgames)
  10. tourniquet, thanks for the info, I'll decrease the amount of health. As I said, originally there were much more enemies, most notably revenants on the down-ish way, but they made me collide, making transition between upper and lower places inconvenient. Memfis, simply from Youtube. It's a karaoke version that I downloaded with some external MP3 downloader site.
  11. Download here. After creating Mori Christmas in 2014, I've still had some additional free time, and thus, during the actual Christmas time, I created an idea for a new winter-themed megaWAD. For the purpose, I replaced the Commander Keen object with the bell from Hexen, to make a vanilla-compatible feeling of ringing a bell - and activating things with that chime. Sadly, however, after finishing MAP01 and the end of Christmas, my motivations disappeared, leaving the only finished map in silence (a bit like in the case of Uplink, my previous release). As Christmas time is coming again, I decided to share this single map. In the future, I can see chances of releasing other maps based on this set, as I think the fantasy replacements fit quite well to the game. Boom-compatible, contains textures and replacements from Heretic, Hexen, cc4-tex, and winter-themed mapsets, most notably Whitemare 1 & 2. Also contains an OGG music replacement. Warning, the map is a bit hard: it was abysmal in its original form, so I tuned it down a bit, but it may not have helped much, beyond changing gameplay from unplayable to simply hard. Happy Holidays!