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  1. Sign me up for MAP12! This one's gotta be interesting 🤩
  2. Hey @RastaManGames, I'd rather pass on this one. I still couldn't have time to even start anything and I don't want to keep the project back. Maybe next time <3
  3. Katamori

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    Also +1ing @Graf Zahl on this one. My life's much more balanced since I don't have to check the dislikes. Sure, I have to be more vigilant about any content without such indicator of bs, but then again, you guys all should have done that in the first place.
  4. Katamori

    What's your new years resolution for 2023?

    My New Years Eve party went so good I don't remember 80% of it, arrived at home by noon, and had my worst hangover for a while, maybe even of the entire year. So I'm heavily considering a resolution to drink even less. Not even the number of occasions - that's already few and far between - but even when it happens, I should learn limiting the amount. I mean, the entire thing was expectable for such a celebratory event, but still, I keep on asking: why am I doing this to myself? Especially after I made a sort of successful Dry November.
  5. Katamori

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Compiling time!

    @Ninehills42: whoah, that looks like the combination between TRON and the aesthetics of the video clip of "Robot Stop" by King Gizzard:
  6. Not gonna lie, I haven't even started working. Had a very busy December and a slightly busy November behind me, and as things are looking right now, I can't start working before New Year's Eve. I really love urban themed levels so unless you absolutely want to avoid delays, I'm definitely ready to create something! I just wasn't even sure if others are having any progress.
  7. Katamori

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Got the concert photo of my life right before Christmas. Merry Christmas, everyone! <3
  8. Katamori

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Compiling time!

    Sadly there's no way, you must pick the ones you *think* you want to use and rename yourself. At least that's what I did. Not gonna lie, it was restraining sometimes. Actually I had another map built on another texture set which I rather didn't submit for the same reason - if you've already created your map, renaming the textures if a GIGANTIC hassle as far as I know. So this isn't ideal, but IMHO it only requires a tiny amount of pre-planning.
  9. Katamori

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Oh my God these shots, especially with that sky texture have hit some nerves I already forgot I had. Such an insane cityscape, and your use of space is phenomenal! Do you have a definitely texture set as a source or created something yourself?
  10. Katamori

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Had the Halloween party of my life! >:D
  11. How in the everlasting f@ck is it even possible?! GZDoom has tons of features, it's mind-boggling to imagine all were converted in a way so that other source ports can run the WAD file as well. It's even crazier than Doom4doom because that handled "only" things, not complete map geometries...
  12. Katamori

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Compiling time!

    Wow, that was quick, thank you very much! Good to see finally I have a map with very little issues. Maybe from video it seemed a bit easier than I anticipated but oh well...I don't want it too hard anyways. I'm very sad you missed the third and final secret :( I wanted to show it to someone - you even hit the switch three times, on the side of the main building...all I can is that you were looking for the solution way too far away :P it's much more obvious than you assume. Jokes aside, thanks for the feedback, I did a small upgrade (cc @Obsidian): dmp22_palms_beta2.zip Most importantly, this removes many of the blocklines you've mentioned - I thought I needed them for crowd control, but eventually it killed the most fun part of the cyberdemon fight. Actually I still insist I had to make crowd control on an area this wide, where you can barely make any silencing, but I had another way for that. Also I'm glad you appreciate HOME <3
  13. Katamori

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Compiling time!

    My contribution: dmp22_palms_beta1.zip Map Name: Palms Version: beta2 (see my comment below; outsider playtesting still needed & welcome!) Format: Limit-removing (even vanilla limits should be fine in theory) Music: HOME - "Resonance", taken from AUGER;ZENITH Difficulties: No; technically added for like two monsters and items, but not tested nor dealt with seriously. Multiplayer support: Coop - starts only, DM - no Build time: 3 days (no more than 6 hours each though) Tested with: Crispy Doom v.5.12.0 (most other source ports are almost certainly fine) Known Bugs: None that I'm aware of. I tried breaking the walls lowering then raising sequence in the ending room but couldn't. Credits: d2text.wad (NiGHTMARE), 32-in-24 15 texture set (various but mostly Final Doom Plutonia & Hexen), Doomworld texture sharing thread (NOGUN tex by @Stabbey, sky tex by @Bumbadida) + myself for a secret texture It wasn't exactly what I was planning for this year, but I'm satisfied nonetheless. This one's sort of a tribute to the song of the same name by synthwave artist Quixotic. It doesn't have much to do with palm trees and actual beach atmosphere ue to the atmosphere of original Doom, but I tried my best with as few extra resources as possible. I also dedicate this map to him, so for staying in theme, I tried to make it 90s-like to an extent, so in theory, the entire map should be compatible with vanilla limits. As a consequence, it's not exactly my nicest map ever, but definitely more fun than most. I'd welcome some playtesting, though; I made two runs and related adjustments, but had no patience for a third run for now - to be honest, I don't like playtesting. Screenshots:
  14. Katamori

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Had to abandon my original, most likely way too ambitious plans for Doomworld Maximum Project '22, but later on I decided to create a gift map for the birthday of a very special friend. Hopefully it's done by Monday. Fun fact: all you see here is vanilla limits compatible. Also @Bumbadida that sky texture is phenomenal!