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  1. Katamori

    So, what do you think about BitCoin?

    The definition of "criminal" is subject to change, and always has been. Sometimes you actually do the moral thing but new laws paint you as a criminal. In those cases, helping them is not only "good" but should be encouraged, too. And sadly you can't decide who's using that money for drug trafficking, and who's using that for simple transfer to a relative (for example). What you take from it is up to your ideology. Maybe you want to erase crypto because helping the innocent is not worth for our safety from criminals. Maybe you want to encourage it anyways because criminal activity is a sacrifice worth taking for helping those fighting for freedom. What's sure is that "criminals" is a beautiful scapegoat that can be used by politicians very effectively. --------- That said, after checking some of the comments since last time I wrote here (around 2017 I guess?), I had some regrets about joining the discussion. Through both the examples of past self and the examples of others, I see this topic brings the worst out of everyone. I'm deeply saddened about it.
  2. Katamori

    get anything cool for christmas?

    Most things I buy myself these days. Still waiting on the order for a bunch of synthwave themed shirts, I'm so excited! And also bought some game on Steam sale. The current holidays obsession is Yakuza Kiwami, it's legendary for sure!
  3. Katamori

    AI Generated Title Screens

    For my own submission names: Somewhere in Time Uplink Not much of value here but the first one is somewhat appealing
  4. Katamori

    Post a picture of yourself!

    You're kidding me, this thread still exists?! I don't even remember the photo I supposedly shared in the first post... Anyways: Me, over a decade later, on the right. I love conventions and I have a great cosplayer friend, and even over a decade later, I have terrible ideas for supposedly great photos.
  5. Katamori

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    I'm also not fan of this constant inciting of fear about how oUr fReEdOmS aNd cOnTrOl is taken away from us, feels demagogue most of the time. A lot of people here were also talking about Youtube alternative, but can we acknowledge for a moment, how a specific subset of alternatives (censorship-"resistant" platforms) have become cesspools of garbage? Have any of you ever seen the frontpages of Odysee or Bitchute?! Is this really what you want instead of Youtube? If nothing else, the last 6 years (about the beginning of the European migrant crisis and the start of the Trump campaign) showed how much we need content control and moderation. And it stays true even if some people call is cEnSoRsHiP: sometimes corporate interest and the interest of us, "regular people" can overlap. You should appreciate it more. That said, Youtube is also garbage indeed, for a whole variety of issues, and I also admit that dislikes can be a form of content control. Sadly though, Reddit shows how it can be exploited too, and on Youtube it also had a lot of misguided use of that feature. Hell, even I was brigaded by dislikes a handful of times - I'm not missing those days. So I don't give two damns about them not being displayed anymore. ------- One final note: someone earlier mentioned how he uses invidio.us instances for the better UI. It's important to see that if you really want an alternative, having a spectacular UI and UX can be a very, very good start. Just see how Revolut became a "unicorn" startup, a literal giant, reaching billions of dollars in value, by simply offering a better UI/UX for things regular banks did not care about for decades.
  6. Katamori

    The story behind your custom avatar

    robohash.org/fe112c322d16dffee6135f6f36f1aab3 The value used is the MD5 hash of the word "Katamori".
  7. Katamori

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    I was conflicted but patient for a very long time. Now the stuff is out, I can safely say: it's a fucking dumpster fire. And Rockstar removed all the games from Steam FOR THIS.
  8. Katamori

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #018

    Oh my God, it was so long ago I almost forgot it happened in the first place. The whole thing about avocado and Dave Mustaine was a running joke at the time in Hungary and I was a really huge fan of the band when I was younger. Because yes, that map was made for me by a fellow Hungarian mapper, who, coincidentally, have the same birthday as mine. Fun fact is that the priest texture behind the Icon Of Sin has my actual face edited on them, because, well, the whole thing was a huge joke.
  9. holy shit, indeed! I have to see that with Christmas replacements. Thanks!
  10. I want to spend some time with Doom mods using the Christmas texture replacements but could not find a comprehensive list of mods that use no replacement or extra textures. The problem is, seeing "un-wintered" textures among the stock ones (with the exception of subtle ones; e.g. the extra ad at the end of Going Down) breaks the immersion for me and often breaks visuality. Is there a complete list of these? Or if there's no such list, can you recommand me some cooler stuff? The ones I know about: 10 Sectors 64kb Challange Community Chest 1/2/3 maybe? Doom 2 In Name Only Doom 2 The Way ID Did Going Down Hadephobia Hellbound Invasion II Kama Sutra Khorus' Speedy Shit Mars War The Rebirth Zone 300 Zones of Fear Countdown to Extinction almost qualifies but the use of waterfall textures broke the immersion for me. Also Somewhere in Time almost qualifies but it has less than 20 levels.
  11. Katamori

    Doom Streams

    Playthrough of NDCP starts within an hour! The caveat: it's in Hungarian...but I may start in English in the future! https://twitch.tv/katamorihun
  12. Katamori

    Opinions on Social Media.

    Oh no, don't get me wrong, I'm not proving it. I'm way too busy for shadowboxing with strangers on the Internet. It was just a rant about bullshit people who refuse straight facts. The world works just right away on the principles on rationalization as this is what brings us forward and what makes progress - even if *cultural* progress is largely different. Your examples are mere collateral damage upon it, but yes, I admit, the examples themselves are valid. It's also okay to dislike social media, sometimes even I dislike honestly, just leave out this pseudo-majestic justification I was ranting about. Real life interactions and faces, oh come on...again, I can and will accept your *opinion*, we have most likely different tastes, but I honestly think people way, way overestimate the importance of personal interactions. Yeah, maybe it's necessary in some small amount, but that small amount is just perfectly satisfied even today. The rest is, again, superficial bullshit. I'm honestly convinced that times are changing and if you're more focused on the essence of communication, instead of these stupid nuances, your relationship with others, especially with anxious people, can significantly improve. It's not a popular view but I just think people are not honest with themselves and thus are in denial about these things. Oh, and by the way, industrialized society has already successfully alienated people from each other anyways, social media is just accommodating to it. As for Instagram, it's perfectly fine-tuned for image sharing (NOT hosting, admittedly, as it's super restrictive about things) and I can understand the reasoning. Why would you want people to dislike your stuff anyway? This world isn't about constructive criticism anymore, didn't you know? (and now THIS is the thing we may argue whether it's good or not because it's subjective with GOOD pro and contra arguments) But this is the beauty of the internet, you can find your platform for almost everything. It's just that social media, in it's most crystallized form, is not suitable for literally everything. And this is fine.
  13. 100 million is definitely a justifiable magnitude. Not much more, honestly, maybe not even the most played game or franchise ever, but with almost three decade and the shitton of ports, especially with the exposure given by joke ports, and various wads and mods...no way it hasn't exceeded 100 million by 2020.
  14. Katamori

    Opinions on Social Media.

    Yes. And why on bloody Earth would you ever want it any other way? Don't you have any other things to do in life? Work, family, hobbies, stuff to do around the house, etc.? I suppose you have. In which case you'd prefer keeping things simple and streamlined so that it doesn't take your time away from more important things. Now of course you might be a weirdo or some old bumfuck who still insists that letters or phone calls are better. But the majority is already far from that. As a consequence, I'm 100% sure social media made the world a better place. No matter how much in decline it is nowadays (because it is, and we should solve it somehow), the net benefit still outcomes the harm. And not gonna lie, nobody can convince me otherwise. (end of rant, I'm just full of this mentality of people never getting the point)
  15. I also wanted to highlight in a separate, much shorter post that Doom modding and the insane diversity of maps gave me literally some of the best scenery and imagery I've ever seen in any form of art, let alone video games.


    They invoked so many different feelings, inspirations, they supplemented my stories, my everlasting daydreaming, and even if just merely helped me feel an unusual sense of warmth-infused nostalgia (even for ages I've never witnessed personally) it was already worth it.

    Oh, and Doom made me into oldschool metal, which yielded me two relationships and many of the best friends of my entire lifetime. It's insane to think about it.