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  1. You kidding?? Holy shit I must try that. <3 can't promise that I stay active but whatever, I'll try. :)
  2. Oh yes, I was considering it but didn't know where to start. Thanks!
  3. So, welcome back to all of those who remember me! It was hard for me to get used to the new design of the site back in March, so I decided to take a break but now I feel it's time to "return". Obviously, I lack the capacity to go through half a years of posts and comments, so I'd like to hear your opinions: which were the releases through spring, summer and the current part of autumn that were either big, fun, or both? What did I miss during this time?
  4. I'm thankful, too. Uplink was a special experience, I'm glad it's out after all.
  5. I just watched this great video that analyzes Doom and mentions several considerations I either missed, or lacked attention on. What do you think about it? I'm honestly interested.
    Very pleasant Christmas experience.
  6. You're literally like my mom, in this one. As far as I concern: I don't care about it. Oh come on, what's the hatred about millenials? I mean, sure, I agree about "af" but "fam" sounds quite badass.
    2 maps aren't even working. :/
  7. If I press F1 in PrBoom+, I see its unique help screen instead of Doom 2's HELP lump. It also shows custom credits when Doom 2's CREDITS lump should be shown. I'm fed up with it, because often, I'm interested in these if they are replaced. How can I force PrBoom+ to show the originals?
  8. I'm willing to drink the cheapest (and worst), thus likely the most harmful type of wine in unlimited amounts... ...but I deny smoking at any time. Sometimes, I feel it's like those picture of tons of meat and hamburgers, with "and a diet coke please" written below.
  9. Holy shit, I'm in heaven.
  10. Holy shit, it's indeed ridiculously easy this way! Thanks for the demo, rdwpa. Gonna balance it and then, I think, /idgames release comes.
    The resource set itself cries for a 5* rating, but the maps are not disappointing either. Absolute masterpiece.
    Through all my way of checking the maps, I was like "oh, nice ideas, oversimplified maps - 4, maybe 3 stars". But then, I reached the secret surprise of Episode 3. That by alone deserved a 5*, so that's what you get now.
  11. In this one, we quite agree. Even DB2 had no support for sky preview.