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  1. Katamori

    Christmas wad suggestions please

    Shameless self-advertisement: Mori Christmas - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/xmas/morixmas
  2. 13 years on this site, time really flies, huh?

  3. Hey Katamori! I was looking over some old threads, and wondered: did you ever finish this map, or something else with this sky?



    1. Katamori


      No, I was out of ideas, and the layout wasn't giving me any inspiration for a proper closeup either.


      Later on I reimagined it for DMP2022 but that wasn't finished either due to being short on time, and I also started a couple rooms that were inspirational but lacked specifics to actually make them enjoyable.


      The overall idea of the map itself (mixture between cyberpunk slums and a mall area) stems from another vanilla only map I wanted to do for Somewhere in Time back in 2013 but lost to an HDD crash.


      That said, I still have the unfinished map files alongside their textures for both the one you linked and the DMP22 attempt, so if I have *lots* of time one day, I may try to merge them somehow. Gotta be tough to make them playable though :/

  4. @janiform sorry, I can't contribute due to other commitments.
  5. Katamori

    So, how old are you ?

    Just sometimes feel the very early wind of actually becoming old. It never occurred to me it can actually happen. Actually, if I'm not thinking about it, there's few things in which I can *actually* and/or physically feel my age, so it's not too bad.
  6. Katamori

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Everything @Dragonfly said, + personally I'm having a wonderful experience with the platform most of the time. So please allow me to have fun, thanks. Also, seeing this bullshit as the very first review does not help with the credibility of reviews here:
  7. Katamori

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    While I disagree with the sentiment, a GOG release would be beneficial for many indeed
  8. Katamori

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Bro, you were in Hungary and didn't tell us?! :'( I can even regonize the temple, it's not even that far from where I live (EDIT: false alarm, I mistook it for one in Budapest but the flyer in the background says it's Debrecen)
  9. Sadly this happens when a project lacks testers. :/ even I couldn't have promised to help with it, due to a lack of time
  10. Katamori

    So, how old are you ?

    Can't decide if I'm saddened or enthusiastic about the fact that by the end of this year I become 30.
  11. Katamori

    Fun fact about yourself!

    I have the (original) wine list of a punk festival taped to the wall of my room.
  12. Katamori

    What Are you Proud of?

    You, guys <3
  13. Holy shit, well, that was unexpected. I'm still eternally grateful for the sky textures tho! I made some incredible use of that in my (of course unreleased :D) projects since.
  14. Sign me up for MAP12! This one's gotta be interesting 🤩