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  1. Face23785

    Best place to get NRFTL for PC

    Wow so that's quite the experience. Bought and installed Doom 2 on Steam, ran it through Steam. Once the game starts, the menu thinks you're on XBox. It is glitchy as hell and the menu prompts are all wanting me to use the Y, X, B, A, or RB and LB buttons. Mouse works sporadically. It was a bitch getting logged into Bethesda and downloading any addons and getting them enabled. Once I actually load up a level it seems to work fine though, I'll have to give it a shot tomorrow. Crazy oversight.
  2. Face23785

    Best place to get NRFTL for PC

    Well thanks for clearing that up! Money is a little tight right now and I didn't want to just start buying stuff without being certain it would have the add-on, since that's all I'm after. I appreciate it.
  3. Face23785

    Best place to get NRFTL for PC

    And either of those will give me access to the .wad so I can play it with whatever port I choose? I normally play using CrispyDoom. Re: it not being important for marketing, it was in this case lol because if I didn't think to ask here, it was going to cost them a sale.
  4. Face23785

    Best place to get NRFTL for PC

    I know I'll get a "use the search function" but dude I've been googling and searching here and I am getting conflicting info. I have Doom 2 on PC already. I have a standalone copy, paid for that I've had for years, I don't have it through Steam. I'd like to try No Rest for the Living. I've read you can get it with Doom 3: BFG Edition through Steam but I was looking at the BFG Edition on there and I don't see any mention of NRFTL. I saw someone saying to get Doom Classic Complete from Steam, but then I saw others saying that doesn't have it, and the listing for that in Steam doesn't mention it either. I was going to settle for console because I could swear I bought BFG Edition years ago from the Playstation Store, but I must have deleted it a while back to make disc space. I went to the store to re-download it and can't even find it now. So now I'm getting kinda irritated and I figured I'd just ask you guys, where the hell can I get it? I have a major preference towards getting it on PC. I'd do console as a last resort. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  5. Face23785

    Am I the only one that likes the Doom movie?

    I thought it was an ok sci-fi movie, but awful as a Doom movie. The genome angle was just stupid. I'm not necessarily in the "It's not Doom without demons from Hell" camp, because I enjoyed the Doom novels, but they at least came up with a semi-plausible explanation for not having actual demons (for anyone who hasn't read them, the invasion is orchestrated by powerful aliens who surveyed Earth centuries ago and genetically engineered the monsters to look demonic/mythical, thinking humans would still be uber-religious and fall apart when confronted by them and they'd easily overrun us). Some parts of the movie were awful though, like the douche-chills-inducing scene in the beginning where the arm gets severed in the door. So cheesy. I actually didn't enjoy the FPS sequence that much, it was a cool idea but the action had to be slow as fuck so you could actually tell what was going on, kind of took me out of the immersion.
  6. Face23785

    Doom 64's uneven level design

    Ok, so first a disclaimer that I am admittedly a D64 fanboy. But what the fuck? Uneven as opposed to what? It's called variation, and it's something that's missing from many games in my opinion. Who the fuck wants to play the same kind of level over and over again? The different levels were designed around different concepts and areas, and I thought it kept the game fresh. I'm of a similar opinion on some of the oddball levels from Doom and Doom 2 that people tend to hate because they're different. Different is good. I really don't understand people who just want more of the same.
  7. Face23785

    Why all the hate for The Chasm?

    I don't get all the hate either. Yeah it can be a bit of a challenge navigating those narrow walkways with enemies attacking you, but it's not THAT hard. Personally I think it's interesting because it breaks up the levels a bit and makes you play different. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Having recently had to play it from a pistol start on my quest to beat all the iwad levels in this manner, I will say it is a bitch to play that way. Took me 3 or 4 tries, I forget, but I never felt cheated exactly or that the play was unfair. It was just a little harder than most of the other stock maps that you can beat first try.
  8. Face23785

    Your least favourite enemy?

    Thanks for that. I could not stop laughing.
  9. Face23785

    Shotty vs SSG

    This. To me it's not even really a matter of preference, it's an ammo-efficiency thing. I like both weapons, and in UD I really tend to not notice that I don't have the SSG, but when I do have it it makes so much more sense economically in most situations than the SG does. If the SG makes more sense, I switch to it. While we're talking about the shotgun, I will mention something I've seen said around here before. I love Doom for getting the shotgun right. The spread is exaggerated but it still works fairly realistically. This pretty much ruined most later FPS's for me because I love using a shotty for close/medium range combat, and the shotgun in most games SUCKS HARD at anything beyond 2 feet. Maybe has something to do with 80s action movies and everyone thinking machine guns are cool as shit, so they know most people will just use those and the shotgun is basically an afterthought? Whatever the reason, fuck them and their unrealistic weak ass "shotguns".
  10. Face23785

    Doom cake

    I'm trying to keep my weight in check. Can I just pick up ONE shotgun shell?
  11. Face23785

    So, which Doomguy name do you prefer?

    Give them a shot. The first book is definitely the best, after that most Doom fans probably won't dig it. The third and fourth books go totally off the rails, as in there's barely any Doom in them, although they're still fairly good sci-fi. But yeah, that name is awful. Taggart is fine for a last name, but Flynn? Nah. Doomguy is where it's at.
  12. Face23785

    Favorite console port of Doom

    Yeah PSX. The SNES one is near and dear to my heart because it was all I could play when Doom first came out, didn't have a computer. I used to rent it all the time. But damn, that PSX port is just awesome. The changes, new levels, the music. Everything went together perfect.
  13. Face23785

    Does Doom 64 have themes?

    Agreed. The levels have an ancient, built long ago feel to them. Kind of like Hell got all their designs from a Middle Ages architect. Not completely unknown to a modern human but different enough that it feels foreign and menacing.
  14. Face23785

    E1-E4 levels all from pistol start

    Agreed, I don't do it that often but I thought there would be more people who were just like "you haven't beat them all from pistol start yet?" I'm most of the way through Doom 2 now. A few levels took me several tries. I kept fucking up Tricks & Traps by going at the rooms in the wrong order. I haven't played Doom 2 near as much as UD, so I don't have every nook and cranny memorized.
  15. Face23785

    E1-E4 levels all from pistol start

    I also try to go for 100% kills. After I went back and got the chaingun and shotgun, I did indeed kill those 2 demons. Just skipping a fight, especially when I'm trying to do a challenge like this, almost feels like I cheated. I won't hunt down a single lost soul that might have escaped somewhere, but I won't deliberately avoid killing enemies that are along the main route or in main/obvious secrets.