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  1. Koko Ricky


    I get the feeling OP is going to ignore literally every single constructive criticism offered in this thread and release an inconsistent and poorly animated mod. I look forward to testing it.
  2. Koko Ricky

    Best years of your life?

    Every moment is the best. Even the really painful and stressful stuff. I'm having an overall better time than ever.
  3. Koko Ricky

    GTA VI Trailer

    He's probably talking more about the texture quality than anything else. Doom 3 has some fairly compressed textures. It would be interested if the HD versions were available somewhere.
  4. Koko Ricky

    GTA VI Trailer

    I think it would even be feasible to have GTA 3 as something you could play on a laptop or PC in the game world. It's a primitive enough game that it's entirely doable. Thing is, do people want this? I think of it as a feature that would need to actually tie into gameplay, as well as the game's societal themes, in order to be more than a pure gimmick.
  5. Koko Ricky

    GTA VI Trailer

    Yeah. Considering how much of society GTA parodies, this would be an opportunity to parody themselves.
  6. Koko Ricky

    GTA VI Trailer

    As a casual spectator fan of the series, my thoughts: - There is very little if any noticeable pop-up, which is amazing considering the level of detail. - Larger and more varied crowds than previous games. - Female protagonist looks like she'll be a lot of fun to play as. - Multiple shots of what appears to be smartphone or body cam footage, suggesting that kind of tech will play a more up front role. - Humans generally look extremely well-rendered, especially hair. - While clearly not path-traced (shadow map artifacts are present in some shots), there appears to be a lot of light bounce and generally photoreal lighting that looks better than almost anything currently available to play. - Given how much the series comments on the current zeitgeist, wouldn't it be great if a GTA-like game existed in-world that was playable?
  7. Koko Ricky


    No, I don't know what you mean. At all. Voxels only add immersion for me since now I can see everything from every perspective.
  8. Koko Ricky


    Voxel Doom largely if not entirely resolves this, as they are 1:1 replications of the sprites. The only things not currently covered are some of the projectiles. Polygonal models will inevitably either look overly realistic with proper proportions, or awkwardly caryoonish if the squashed look is maintained.
  9. Koko Ricky


    Ultimately, the ideal way to enhance the graphics for an old game is to create assets that compliment those of the original. These models are several orders of magnitude more detailed than the surrounding geometry and textures. What artistic purpose does this serve? It's also worth noting that, in the absence of light sources, the sector lights will only provide ambient light for a given model, completely flattening it out. This is worsened by the lack of PBR as the models appear to use diffuse textures. So the question this has me asking is: What is the benefit of having overly detailed 3D models that will averagely be ambient-lit, populating low-detail environments?
  10. https://www.moddb.com/engines/doom-engine/downloads/return-of-the-icon A vision of the Icon of Sin from a very personal point of view, just in time for Doom's 30 birthday! Play it on GZDOOM. Requires OTEX. Features new music composed by me =)
  11. Koko Ricky

    What do you think of midnight

    I found it a bit disappointing that he purported the...shall we say, "tasteless high school mod" as real, despite pretty clearly being a troll effort. It seems very wilfully ignorant for the sake of sensationalism.
  12. Koko Ricky

    What's your favorite color?

    I tend to have a really strong response to vegetative green colors, especially forests and jungles; but I also adore rusty industrial browns as they're also similar in color to fall leaves, and fall is my favorite time of year because you'll often see multiple hues of leaves at once.
  13. Koko Ricky

    Share a random fact about yourself

    The one and only time I dropped acid, I had what my best friend described as a "schizophrenic episode" in which, for more than a year after, I thought I was inhabited by several other human entities. They didn't have names or distinct features, but I could hear voices which would craft and describe hallucinations to me for a good chunk of the day, without taking anything. These auditory and visual oddities were of a very prurient nature, and were disturbing enough for me to repeatedly contemplate suicide. Then it just started going away and it was like it never happened. Looking back on it, I had also suffered a concussion around that time, and I suspect some wires got crossed in some unintended ways. I never really recovered from it and I've noticed as I get older my speech slurs a bit, words sometimes come out the wrong way, or I sometimes say things that make absolutely no sense (despite being aware that it's happening). It was a harsh lesson in what my neurochemistry can handle.
  14. Koko Ricky

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I find the metal a bit weak myself. They're cool in parts, but Gordon talked about tuning down to like F# or something on Doom '16, and given metal's prominent penchant for percussive, pedal-point riffing, it means every single composition swims around in that range. It really limits the potential expressiveness an electric guitar could bring to the table.
  15. Koko Ricky

    bobby prince return for new doom game?

    His style wouldn't work with the newer games.