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  1. Koko Ricky

    Top-down isometric view from a WAD file

    Can it add the lighting too?
  2. Koko Ricky

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    Excellent! This makes me confident about doing editing tutorials.
  3. Koko Ricky

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    For anyone who's interested, here's an in-depth look (with commentary) on my submission:
  4. Koko Ricky

    Is there a demand for Doom Builder 64 tutorials?

    I've been told many times that I'm an excellent teacher, and having worked with video for nearly 20 years I have a knack for voiceovers and editing. What I'd like to do is create a comprehensive series that goes over anything and everything one might want to do with Doom 64 Builder. @Redneckerz, to answer your question, that page is a good start, but notice that there are no pages for Sector Specials, Thing Flags, Line Flags, and Lighting. Even the page listing all the macro scripting inputs fails to describe all of them in detail. So what I want to do is very clearly and explicitly lay all this out for modders, especially as it pertains to lighting. This is by no means a knock on anyone in the community, but Doom 64 user maps tend to have somewhat wonky lighting because there is so little documentation on its potential to enhance a map's atmosphere. I'm not sure how involved @Immorpher is with the editor, but I think it would be really cool if he or someone else could help me fill in the blanks. There's still a few mysterious aspects to the editor's functions and I'd love to make tutorial videos for those too.
  5. Koko Ricky

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    Here's a tease at my submission. I went really nuts on the lighting as you can accomplish some pretty atmospheric vibes with a little effort. I took the idea of "Spawning Vats," as a concept, rather than as a level, and made my own hell factory where demons are grown in vats. At the end of the video I have the player destroy the core that powers the factory. This was accomplished by sticking a resurrector inside a cylinder with midtextures. It made for an interesting sequence. I also experimented with coloring switches after they're pressed. Unfortunately that takes up some of the available space for scripts (which have to be 200 lines or under, I recently discovered!).
  6. Koko Ricky

    Favorite band?

    Steely Dan. They're the perfect blend of pop, jazz, rock, funk, fusion and R&B. It's everything I could want out of a band.
  7. I've noticed there is very little documentation on modding Doom 64, which is unfortunate as there are a number of differences in how the editor functions compared to PC Doom. I've learned enough about Doom Builder 64 that I could easily release a number of video tutorials explaining how to make maps, including macro scripting. Is there enough interest in the subject to warrant such a series?
  8. Koko Ricky

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    Working on a hell factory I think will prove interesting...
  9. I have a map in which five macros change sector colors and close five vats. It works fine, but when the final switch is used, I want a door to open. The idea is regardless of the order the switches are used, the final one will open the door. Is there a way to do this, or is it beyond what macros can do?
  10. Given that the editor has been around for years, and interest in Doom 64 modding has amplified recently, there really ought to be more tutorials on what is possible with scripting and flags. For example, map 23, Unholy Temple, has a clever puzzle requiring you to open a door by selecting the right skullkey combination. If you open the map in DB64, you will find no macros (probably because macros are an approximation of the scripting language, obscuring the original code), leaving one to guess what all of the flagged and tagged lines outside of the map are doing. Even through experimentation, I've been unable to figure out how it was done, and the official web pages outlining how to write macros simply don't cover this. There are also some interesting looking features that are a complete mystery, like the way light sequencers work for sector actions. The potential to create clever, dynamic, interesting puzzles and sequences is hurt by the absence of thorough documentation.
  11. Koko Ricky

    [GZDoom] DOOM CE: PSX TC & D64 Retribution on steroids

    @sbw37, I'll have to load it up and check the maps because I honestly don't remember right now. I hope I didn't sound too harsh in my criticism; there was plenty of talent and creativity that went into the project; it was just poorly managed and I think this effort will make up for it. On a related note, I fucking love Doom 64's lighting. I used Photoshop to get some RGB values for color blending, making the light look really natural. Some weird things I noticed while recording this video; maybe a Doom 64 modder can help me out here. Firstly, while the contrast is almost too much in the video, making it appear a bit too dark, it was super faded out and bright while recording. This happens at 1080p but not at higher resolutions. At 4k, the screen is too big and is significantly cropped. I also noticed the phasing of the lights on the computers was random; it looks different between each one and actually behaves slightly differently every time I play. Anyone know what's up with either issue?
  12. Koko Ricky

    [GZDoom] DOOM CE: PSX TC & D64 Retribution on steroids

    Not to be sour, but I don't think the D64 Community Chest from a few years ago is a priority for compatibility. The project leader abandoned it before it was finished and quality control was very loose. I say this as someone who contributed three maps. It's not representative of how talented the Doom modding scene is.
  13. Koko Ricky

    [GZDoom] DOOM CE: PSX TC & D64 Retribution on steroids

    Is there a way for the upcoming Doom 64 25th Anniversary Community Project to be incorporated into this? I would just love to be able to play custom maps with this remaster.
  14. Koko Ricky

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    How is it being decided who gets what map slot?
  15. Koko Ricky

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    I'm very interested! I participated in a Doom 64 community mapset awhile band and learned a lot. I'd love to submit a map.