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  1. Koko Ricky

    Why don't some of these textures animate?

    How exactly do I do that?
  2. Koko Ricky

    Why don't some of these textures animate?

    How do I remedy this?
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17rUnbq_6-DPiu5u6EiG7XZeRZQSMBrFS/view?usp=share_link This is a very-nearly complete map for Doom 2, MAP01. It's limit removing and those that use a Boom-friendly port will see the animated textures. I used ANIMDEFS and as far as I can tell, everything checks out, and yet only some of the textures animate. Anyone know where I went wrong.
  4. Koko Ricky

    Opinions On Mario Movie Cast?

    Hollywood has this asinine insistence on favoring hot celebrities over seasoned voice actors. It seems this transition occurred during the 90s, as reflected by the trailers for animated films, which couldn't wait to tell you which household names you would be hearing. Think back to The Little Mermaid. Then think about Toy Story. Granted, the latter has some great casting; but that's because people like Jim Varney (rest in peace), Tim Allen and Tom Hanks have distinct voices that work without their physical presence. With the Mario movie, this is much the same for the cast...except Chris Pratt. Just sounds like some nobody. Generic to the point of sounding artificial. The man sounds like he just woke up from a nap and can't wait to leave. It's like everyone is putting in 100% and the director didn't give a shit that Pratt lacks the dynamism to pull off a good performance.
  5. Koko Ricky

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    I really enjoy that channel and I've watched this video. The isometric perspective is not conducive to platforming. I don't think the game can be fun while remaining tilted.
  6. Koko Ricky

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    I love the Genesis-era games (as well as Sonic CD) except for Sonic 3D Blast which was a huge letdown; it was slow, ckunky, awkward, uninspired. From then on I only sporadically checked out newer titles, from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Advance to Sonic Generations, and each time I was disappointed. The gameplay just never clicked for me. ...Which is weird because I'm a bit less into Mario, but found the later 3D games much more endearing than that of the blue blur. I think Sonic's fast, momentum-driven style is difficult to do in 3D. Seems like a lot of the later games pushed for racing/speedrunning and forgot about the thoughtful exploration of the early games. I also found the attempts at story and character voicing was just too kiddy/cringe and it really killed the "silent protagonist" mystique of the Genesis era. Sonic Mania was a wonderful return to form, maybe the best 2D Sonic, though it was like 80% remixes of older zones. I wonder if perhaps the formula was so specific that deviating from it is almost unworkable for fans like myself.
  7. I think UW used a polygonal, texture-mapped engine which is insane for 1992. Even with sprites for entities it was slow. Judging from videos it was probably also using affine texture mapping.
  8. Koko Ricky

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    This may sound silly or closeminded to some, but I never got around to playing the Halo games because I don't like the art direction. I've never seen a single character, weapon, or environment in any of the games that has caught my attention and made me want to engage. It's down to aesthetic.
  9. I would like to know why anyone even cares about the perceived legitimacy of a dimension in a video game.
  10. Koko Ricky

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Is there any particular reason some textures won't animate, even if the ANIMDEFS lump has the exact same lines of code for each set of textures?
  11. Because people are stupid and compartmentalization provides the illusion of meaning. It's a bumper sticker way of saying, "Doom has limited 3D geometry, Quake has full-freedom 3D geometry."
  12. The notion of "true" 3D is rather stupid because firstly, in physics, a point particle is a zero dimensional coordinate; a quantum string is a one dimensional filament; a carbon nanotube is a 2D lattice. Using OP's asinine notion of "true" dimensionality, reality is somehow only "truly" 3D once a bunch of particles and waves clump together at the macro scale, and "falsely" 3D at the micro scale. Nonsense. Secondly, all 3D polygonal games utilize 2D triangles (or on rare occasions, quads) faceted together in 3D space. That pesky truthful notion would then dictate that those tris/quads aren't really 3D. If your virtual environment has three coordinates defining its dimensionality, it is 3D regardless of any specific limitations imposed on its geometry.
  13. Any Doom-esque column rendering engine has 3D coordinates. Even raycaster games like Rise of The Triad have 3D coordinates. They are all 3D games. They are also limited in what kind of 3D information they can render, and this where people trip up, getting into semantics arguments over an imagined objective definition of 3D data.
  14. What are you intending to accomplish with this?
  15. Koko Ricky

    "Hell on Earth: Factory Cleanup" (playtesters needed!)

    Can anyone take a look at the file in Slade and tell me why some of the textures don't animate? They all have the same ANIMDEFS properties but only some of them work.