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  1. mr fiat

    Why does your team always suck?

  2. mr fiat

    What is your 'dream' computer?

    The computer i am using now is all i need now, until it is obsolete. honestly its pretty hard to think of a dream "PC" unless it has very specific use such as retro gaming.
  3. mr fiat

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    wel i think i found the most in your face loud thing that music has to offer
  4. mr fiat

    Doom Plushies

    am i the only one who thinks the caco plusie looks weird? i do like the pain elemental tho.
  5. mr fiat

    Windows 8.1 desktop. win or fail?

    i have windows 8, and classic theme isnt there and tbh i dont see the need for it. ive seen allot of people complain about the missing start button, i have always felt that the start button was somewhat pointless, especialy on older windows versions (XP and older) it would eventualy become a cluttered mess and be in the way. atleast thats how i feel about it, i have used win 8 for almost half a year and so far i am satishfied,
  6. mr fiat

    Doom monsters in minecraft!

    they also added allot of new redstone related stuff, and i have to disagree on the difficulty. they actualy make it harder with every major update. for example they buffed the hostile mobs by making the skeletons have 1ms response and being 95% accurate aim. theyr fire rate is actualy higher then you can recover from the previosu shot this makes its insannely hard to kill skeletons in wide open areas. also potions have been nerfed horribly, and dont get me started on making the hunger even worse by depleting saturation whenever you have to restore health AKA making your hunger deplete even faster overral. but i asume the horses are there to compensate i gues i havnt realy played mc at all anymore after the horse update.
  7. i never got a message from you, nonetheless if you have to change anything to my map feel free to do so its entirely up to you. i am not entirely satishfied with what i made, and honestly i dont feel like touching it again so if any changes have to be made feel free to do anything with it you like.
  8. mr fiat

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    I just went through the whole thread and I don't think I've seen any mention of soulfly.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9E4BBB4089D9DD09 <---- good tutorials to start off with.
  10. mr fiat

    How much used space is on your hard drive?

    woah 1kb, anyway i use 66 GB of 320 GB hard drive i also have a 500 GB external hardrive but that hardly has anything on it also holy crap i havnt been here in ages :o !
  11. mr fiat

    Does anyone else get excited when they find bullet ammo?

    eh not really except in episode 1 and 2 of doom I like to use the chain-gun allot.
  12. mr fiat

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    DooM: E1M9 I hate that map so much its ugly and redundant too many hitscanners that wear you down so much if you enter the level with 200% health and armour you most likely will have half by the end of it I always avoid that map because you have nothing to gain in it and its no fun to play. GBA version of E3M1, pistol start is ridiculously hard E3M5 teleportclusterfuck, I used to get lost in it so much when I play it now I try to beat it as fast posible. episode 4 entirely DooM2: the chasm, nuff said.
  13. mr fiat

    [WIP] Chex Pack

    looks interesting I should try this sometime ;)
  14. mr fiat

    Mocha Doom v1.4 is out [well, now 1.4a]

    yay a new version of mocha love your work on it man.
  15. mr fiat

    Old map.

    very interesting map how ever some re texturing and allining and maybe some additional detail would have made it an awesome map!
  16. mr fiat

    Why did they remove crushers in Jaguar Doom?

    either it was limitations or the coders where to lazy to port the crushers along who knows.
  17. mr fiat

    Resuming work on Mocha Doom

    I hope version 1.4 comes soon I like the idea of mocha doom keep it up :D
  18. mr fiat

    EGA Doom Version 2.0

    its very hard on my eyes however it is amazing! id like to post some screenshots but I don't know any good image hosting site.
  19. mr fiat

    Doom sounds in The Witcher 2?

    indeed. but its kinda cool thoug.
  20. mr fiat

    what is your favourite/least favourite wads..

    I don't really have a favourite however if I had to mention a least favourite its would most definitely be UACMN.WAD
  21. mr fiat


  22. mr fiat

    Crappy speedmap - boom compatible

    I wasn't able to beat it I feel like such a noob now, I dunno I guess I don't know how to tackle slaughter maps since I never do them.
  23. mr fiat

    What's so great about Macs?

    I don't know I never used one so I cant really say anything, I've seen of those imacs once in my life.
  24. mr fiat

    Mount Doom 1.1

    great map the only thing that bothered me was the music which seemed to cause some lag, the map was really hard and great I managed to kill 171 monsters without dying.