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  1. DooM Soul

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E2

    MAP 06 I want to start off saying that this map tricks you. I now have a tendency to pistol-start MegaWads and only save during large area connections or when obtaining key cards. That said, the opening storage hangar gave me the impression that I was going to be going through a box maze; the Berserk wasn't there either, so it was a very different change of gameplay. At least, until I opened the door. Imagine my surprise when Cacos, zombies, Revenants, and Spectres swarmed the street as I tried to gather my composure of being blind-sided by the map design. Imp and Commando snipers kept me going until I got the Launcher, and from then on it was a blast. The final area is a definite hardball thrown at the player, and it gave me a slight panic once I discovered Archviles showed up at every switch pull. After a few deaths, I managed to grab the Super Shotgun and keep the enemy at bay until I got to the exit. Good level.
  2. DooM Soul

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E2

    Might as well join in, haven't done much before. MAP 01 Berserk starts always make me smile, and this was no exception. The architecture of the big ol' base was a good solid area for all forms of low-tier monster combat. Decent ambushes and monster count for the first wave. Good level. MAP 02 The music carried my interest all the way up the stairs of the beginning, and then I was greeted by barrels. Dozens of barrels just waiting to explode near the fowl creatures next to them. I had a few deaths in the water area where you had to wait for the lift, but that's only because I had a rough time against the Revenants without the Super Shotgun. Thankfully, the berserk pack managed to save me time and lead me to one later. Archviles? Feh. Arachnatrons? No problem. Good level. MAP 03 Berserk starts, alright. Unfortunately, Revenants are too random in their choice of shooting or punching you, so I had to resort to the Shotgun. I noticed an abundant amount of Green Armor thrown about the castle, with Hell Knights close by. Took me a solid ten minutes to find the keys after fighting through each ambush. Gave me a decent challenge. Good level.
  3. DooM Soul

    UAC HQ: A Favor for Any Willing People

    Nice to see some stuff going on here. I honestly thought no-one would take interest in this, because as I re-read my post, it comes off as rude. I did not purposely mean any offense towards you guys, asking for a favor out of the blue. I just got really excited, looking for a shortcut to a bunch of maps based on a Fan Fic. I apologize for being impatient. As I said, it is entirely up to you guys whether or not you want to try a hand at this. A decline is fine to me. I've got a lot to learn with mapping and monster placement, so maybe when I become more acquainted with Doom Builder, I'll be able to do my own projects. I'll leave it up to you guys if you want to help me out.
  4. DooM Soul

    UAC HQ: A Favor for Any Willing People

    Yeah....I know it sounds a little rude, but it's for anyone who's willing to try a go at it. If no-one wants to, I guess I'll have to rely on my own competence with Doom Builder. Hopefully, I'll be good enough with it to start making maps to showcase. Hopefully.
  5. Hello Doomers. I've got a proposition for you. I recently had to retire an old Fan Fic of mine where the Doom Guy meets Mega Man in his attempt to shut down the final Hell Portal inside the UAC HQ. I may never be able to finish the story, but I was wondering... Would anyone, or even a group of people, like to recreate UAC HQ? Making maps is a new thing I'm just getting into, so I'm not sure if I could do it. However, I am interested to see what you guys can come up with inside your minds, to imagine an imposing base of operations full of monsters and morphing geometry. The project could be for Vanilla Doom or Boom. If you guys are interested, I'll give an easy to read explanation of what I'm wanting. 1-The UAC HQ is underneath miles of sand and stone in the Egyptian Desert. Inside is four major areas of different scientific and testing sectors; Teleportation, Weaponry & Armory, Beta Tech, and Biome Experiments. These sectors are connected by one large room full of smaller bed-rooms to each other. You need to find a Key Card to get to Beta Tech. 2-Beta Tech and W & A are the first two areas the player will explore. There is no linearity in how you traverse through, but in order to progress, you need to find Key Cards to open a door. You can explore to find extra ammo and weapons, and check out the wierd tech that turns slime into water, and water into lava. Astounding! 3-Biome will be a forest mixed with hellish organs and red brick. In order to get to the Teleportation sector, you must find the Key Card next to the artificial Solar Sun Light Screens. This will be a very trap oriented forest, full of Spectres and Revenants. 4-Teleportation is full of portals leading to many different areas, and will be the most morphed sector. The Demons have hidden three Skull Keys inside the infested halls. Find them, open the gate to the Main Portal, and enter Inferno. 5-Inferno will be the biggest and challenging level, along with having the Final Boss, the reincarnated Icon of Sin. The final battle will be at the very end, after you find all of the Skull Keys. This will be comprised of six levels; The Desert leading to UAC HQ, the four sectors in this order (Beta Tech, W & A, Biome, Teleport), and Inferno. These levels will be LARGE and explorative, with weapons and health and secrets and all kinds of stuff. The level of detail I'm wanting is moderate; not too much, not too little. There are some things I would like consistant in each level. For example... 1-Weapons, Ammo, and Medikits will be found on dead bodies and storage. 2-Items like Health Bonuses, Stimpacks, and Armor Bonuses can be put anywhere. 3-Light Goggles, Armor, Soul Spheres, etc will either be in areas guarded by stronger monsters or in secrets. 4-Monster count between 200 and 400 for the first three levels, the rest 400 to 600. Not a slaughter wad, monsters will be scattered across in different areas. Tricks and traps are welcome. If you guys are interested in this, I would really appreciate it. Bonus points if you recreate the areas described in the Fan Fic. Thank you for your time.
  6. DooM Soul

    Bomber Blue, and Doomguy too

    Again, bad news. I won't be able to finish this story after all. I have found a job, but its hours are long and tiresome. Only doing it because I need the money; afterwards, I'm gonna help my dad with his mural painting. It was fun showing this to people. Hope you guys have a good day.
  7. DooM Soul

    Bomber Blue, and Doomguy too

    Dozens upon dozens begin filling up the room. Fear begins to crawl into my mind, and I take a step back. I look behind me to see Mega Man already wide eyed, the bodies of the floaters nearby. I frantically look for an opening somewhere. The way we came from was blocked by a raised column, so there was only the hallways that weren't full of the bull-horns. "Mega Man! This way!" I shout. He hesitates a moment, but then sprints toward me. I lead him to the hallway, catching a glimpse of the oncoming horde before following. Corners upon corners began flooding our vision as we trekked farther, killing stray pinkies that got in our way. We only stopped when I found ammo from the bodies of the scientists and guards. I had managed to gather enough to use the chaingun again, but I was still running low. The bull-horns were still looking for us; their roars were echoing close. We had entered too deep in the infested maze to escape them. Mega Man wasn't slowing down anytime soon, but I was starting to feel body ache. So much strain... It felt like hours had past, and I had lost my bearings. The only thing to guide me was my map, but we were off course. There's got to be damn switch somewhere... "Flynn! Look!" The blue boy's voice was filled with a true hope, and for good reason. I veered my head to where he pointed, and I saw it. It was an atrium, as big as a football field, void of anything but a single column in the middle. A symbol; a switch to change the maze. As I gazed into it, I took notice of the change of scenery. It didn't have stone walls or smelled of sulfur, but instead is was a dull blue and grey, with brighter lighting from the lamps in the corners. I took the first step inside, keeping the chaingun at the ready. The emptiness calmed my nerves, but I knew what came next. "Mega Man, this is it. This switch will do it," I announced, my voice placid. "Really? Just like that?" Blue boy asked with a hint of disbelief. I shook my head. "There is always a catch. But right now, I don't care. We're out of the maze, and I just want to get to the next part. Be ready; anything could happen." The symbol seems to scream in protest as I began walking towards it. It was a hideous face, with a snout like a boar and teeth like a shark. The horns protruded outward like spikes; and it meant change. A strange calmness begins to wash over me. I have felt it before during an event like this. The blue boy seemed afraid in the corner of my eye. He couldn't read what I was thinking because of my helmet. "Anything can happen," he echoed. "Please be careful, Flynn." His eyes lock on to me, his human-like emotions taking control. I can only be fascinated, and at the same time, grateful. "Don't worry," I breath as I push the symbol. "We can do it." And the room began to shake.
  8. DooM Soul

    Inferno novella (completed)

    Keep going. I'm interested.
  9. DooM Soul

    Bomber Blue, and Doomguy too

    The doors whine in response, opening up to a completely changed area. I make a growl in contempt; the Demons had morphed the workspace into a maze of thorns and stone. I look to Mega Man, and see his face in confusion. We both take a cautious step into the foreboding maw of the maze. I check my map on my helmet; no info on this room. Damnit. "This is the right way, isn't it?" Blue boy assures himself. My temper starts to rise. "Oh yeah, it's the right way. The right way to piss me off." I load extra shells into my shotgun for the grueling experience ahead. Blue boy looks at me with a hint of worry, then stares at the maze. "I'm guessing you're familiar with this kind of thing," he says. "What should I expect?" "Frustration. Pain. Resentment. Regret," I start numbering the things I remember from before. "And hate. Lots of that too." "Flynn, you know what I meant," blue boy says placidly. "I want to help you. Please calm down." I take a deep breath. "Sorry about that. Ok, there will be ambushes. Pinkies and brown freaks most likely. The skeletons we met earlier will be scouting for us in higher points. There might also be some bull horned jackasses there. It's always different, so expect the unexpected." Mega Man nodded in understanding. "I'll protect you as much as I can." "Thanks," I smile behind the helmet. "Same for you. I've got your back." We enter one of the openings close together, both sticking to the idea of not splitting up. Immediately after the first turn, several openings were revealed to us. The lights that used to be above could barely fill the room of grey stone. The floor was a mixed color of blood and internal fluids, sloshed around like snot on a wall. Suddenly, the floor started to shake. We move out of the way as a column rises from where we stood; no going back now, it blocks the way we came in. Growls and roars echoed through the hallways, signifying the Demons knew we were here. I gripped my shotgun tighter, the intensity of the situation getting to me. Blue boy kept his cannon at the ready, aiming the deadly weapon around every corner. A large hissing began to emit from several cracks in the stone. Thankfully, I was expecting what came after. "Mega Man!" The shout was enough. He heard, turned his head, and saw it; the wall next to us crumbled to the ground. The hissing grew more wild, the monsters inside finally free. The red floaters. Their maws opening wide and toothy, their cyclops eye staring intently at us. The horns on their heads made them look even more malicious as they steered closer and closer. Without a word, I calmly aimed the twelve gauge to the closest one. "Aim for the eye or mouth!" My shout resonated throughout the barren walls of the maze, and then, the trigger was pulled. BOOM. Missed the eye, but it left the one in front losing altitude. To my right, Mega Man fires his cannon at my target's face before firing on the others, rendering the Demon nearly useless. I finish it off with another trigger pull to the mouth, seeing the blue blood spray and watch it deflate like a balloon. Ahead, I see blue boy taking on two of the red floaters; they don't seem to be giving him a problem. Suddenly, I catch a sight of bright light from my left side. I sidestep quickly, anger rising. Another one veers into my sight, its mouth open. It spews another ball of lighting in my direction before coming closer. I fire the shotgun as I dash out of the way, taking out its eye. It hisses and screetches in anguish, madly chomping and puking out projectiles in panic. I fire more shots into its mouth before a stray attack hits someone. Blue blood everywhere. Large steps started emitting from the hallways next to the trap. I catch my breath and keep my distance. Roars echo everywhere, hurting my ears dispite them being covered by the helmet. Finally, the monsters reveal themselves as their tall forms enter the combat. The pale bull-horned jackasses.
  10. DooM Soul

    Bomber Blue, and Doomguy too

    Heya folks, Imma be continuing this fiction. Sorry the chapter was a tad short, but I needed to get back into the groove of things. The chapters will be longer from here on out, so don't forget to check here once a while. ; )
  11. DooM Soul

    Bomber Blue, and Doomguy too

    I see the door ahead. By sheer luck nothing was guarding it, but that probably meant the Demons were setting up an ambush further inside. I grit my teeth and hit the sensor panel with my free arm. Mega Man lets himself down from my back, flexing his injured shoulder. I keep an eye on the other side of the door; no surprises inside. That's a relief. Swiftly, I grab a bottle from my backpack and open it slowly. I motion to blue boy to show me his back. "Can you feel pain?" I ask, hovering the bottle over his shoulder blade. "Only to the point that I know something's wrong. It's not as excessive as a human's sense to feel pain," Mega Man assures me. "OK then. Tell me what you feel." I angle the bottle ever so slowly... A couple drops spill from the lip, two of them falling into the small crack in the blue boy's suit. The third drip hits the abrasive area around it. Amazingly, the drip seems to heal and reshape the abrasion, and I hear some resounding clanks and churns of some odd metal inside his shoulder. "Amazing," blue boy announces. I'm too surprised to answer back. The fluid in the bottle had healed him; better than it heals me. Whatever substance was in these mysterious potions was better with machine than flesh. I manage to stutter out, "H-how do you feel?" "My shoulder feels like I was never hurt. Better than that; it feels like I could swing my arm for days and still have perfect aim. Flynn, this liquid is even more potent than we both thought." "You're telling me," I manage to speak after the stunning event. "Pardon my french, but this seems like some really good shit for robots." Blue boy flinches a little at my curse, but doesn't seem too offended. "Can you hand me a bottle? I'd like to store it for later use, if I need it." I stare at him for a minute. "Store? How?" He motions for me to give him the bottle. "Atomic manipulation, remember? I can shrink its size and fit it in my arm compartment." As I give him the bottle, it suddenly grows smaller in his palm. He opens up a small part of his forearm and gently puts it inside. I'm even more stunned. "Can you do that with anything?" "As long as it's no bigger than an E-Tank, yes," he says, snapping the compartment shut. "How big are those?" I ask as we make our way to the other side of the security stop. "As big as your head," he says with a smirk. "Hilarious," I deadpan, pressing the sensor panel.
  12. DooM Soul

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Hey cuz. Nice work so far.
  13. DooM Soul

    Bomber Blue, and Doomguy too

    I've got some bad news. I won't be able to finish this story for a while, if at all. My family is currently in a tight spot, and I may have to move or try extra hard at finding work. Whenever I have free time, I'll probably make a small post on some threads here and there, but that may be it. Wish me luck. Hope you enjoyed the story.
  14. DooM Soul

    Doom Expanded Final [RELEASE]

    This works great with the Unloved wad made a long while back. Try using it; it's fantastic.
  15. DooM Soul

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've grown fond of the Plasma Rifle lately. It's almost the perfect weapon for almost any situation. But it has its flaws. Still a nice gun though.