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  1. I don't die in Hell on Earth much at all anymore, while the initial level of Doom 2016 still kicks my ass on a regular basis. The shotgun is worse, the imps take like 60 hp with a single uncharged fireball, the soldiers are dicks too. I still stand by my opinion that Doom 2016 starts out harder than Eternal.
  2. That's OK to think, though I do like Eternal a bit more. I like the variety in the setting, the demon weakness system, the fun bosses... 2016 is still a great game too though. If they pull of a third one as good as the first two, then there will be a consummate modern DOOM trilogy for sure.
  3. Xfing

    Bullet weapon balance

    The biggest problem with all this is that if we approached this like Doom 2 did the SSG - an addon without touching the existing weapon roster - there is not much room for an assault rifle between the pistol and the chaingun's firing rates. I gotta admit I really liked what KDiZD did with the alpha rifle sprite, creating the powerful Rifle weapon which felt really strong and rewarding to use and would be really fun to try out in other map packs with the very same mechanics.
  4. Xfing

    Bullet weapon balance

    Do you think the two bullet-firing weapons have appropriate levels of power? I've noticed that many praised the rebalance of the pistol in Eviternity, which got me thinking, what would be the best setup for these weapons? The pistol has a rate of fire of 2,5 shots per second, which is pretty poor. But The Chaingun only has 3,5x that, at 8,75 shots per second, which isn't all that impressive either. Not to mess with existing balance, I think it'd be cool to explore some or all of the following options: - Allow pistols to be pickups in maps and droppable by zombiemen - upon first pickup your pistol gets replaced with akimbo pistols for doubled firing rate (5 shots per second). Your single pistol gets permanently replaced like the non-berserk fist does with the chainsaw - Reskin the chaingun to the rifle model and rename it the Assault Rifle, put it on slot 4. Make it a static map pickup - Re-add the chaingun (also in slot 4), but increase its firing rate to 12,5 rounds per second. I know it's silly to discuss weapon balance in a game as old as Doom, but it's just hypothetical. And the one thing I'm wondering about - wouldn't a faster Chaingun encroach too much into Plasma Rifle territory and create functional overlap? The chaingun does feel rather slow for what it's meant to be - which is further exacerbated by the fact that Strife's assault rifle fires even faster than it, actually.
  5. His main channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVDIvzRZD39Rv9uR8mqfOBg Supposedly has some more, dedicated ones too. I know this is probably old news, but this creates quite a bit of potential for interaction. I for example would love to see him play D(2)TWiD and give his own impressions on whether he thinks the levels are accurate to his style, but of course the potential is endless, we could ask him so much stuff. Sorry if this has already been in fact done, I haven't been lurking much recently
  6. Xfing

    Why is Episode 1 so good?

    Episode 1 is the most beloved episode of the original 3-episode release of Doom, even though the hellish stuff hasn't even started appearing yet and the selection of enemies and weapons is quite limited. I know different people might have different reasons, but what's the consensus about the reasons for this episode's quality? Is it just Romero's architecture and geometry? I somehow doubt it. For me personally, Episode 1 evokes an atmosphere of unease and tension that I haven't gotten out of any other episode of the game - hell, probably any other FPS game, ever (with the possible exception of fragments of Descent and its spiritual successor, Overload with its grim and ominous story). Even though the episode is easy, and I know it's easy and there isn't going to be a technical challenge when playing it, there's always this nerve-wracking feeling that accompanies at least parts of this episode. Might be partly due to the selection of the music (the especially pulse-pounding tracks such as Dark Halls, Suspense or Demons on the Prey), might be partly due to the masterful use of flickering lights and unlit sectors... or it might simply be due to the fact that "less is more". It for some reason feels much more ominous to go through a mundane location such as a moon techbase, only to discover that something is terribly wrong as you go along, and start wondering what horrors await you once you get to hell. Well, the problem is once you get to hell, things are nowhere near as scary - in fact hell arguably feels like a cozy holiday resort, or at least beautiful and fun to hang around in. Phobos just feels desolate, sad, tense and worrying. I get genuinely shit scared when I go to fight the final two barons, even though they're just two barons and they fold when fed just five rockets apiece, with their attacks being trivial to dodge. And knowing full well that in other WADs (even in Doom 2) you go slaughtering these things by the dozens. But it's about the atmosphere and the buildup. I somehow get the impression that many modern mappers forego these things entirely and concentrate 100% on the gameplay instead. And yes, appropriate difficulty, lack of backtracking etc are very important, but what matters in the end is the whole experience and the emotions that accompany it, that's why Episode 1 was so awesome, even though it wasn't hard by any standard. And I just found out about Double Impact from the official client's addons section, which recaptures and even enhances these feelings in an amazing fashion - really glad that thing was made. Kudos to the creators!
  7. I'm not sure if any of you has ever had that feeling, but when playing a few particular levels from some fanmade Megawads (I can't recall which ones at the moment), I've experienced a certain feeling of disappointment, lack of fulfillment or realization of missed opportunities. That's because some levels (especially ones that have strayed from the atmosphere of the original games, in which case those feelings are largely alleviated), are so elaborate, beautiful and intricate that one can't help but want to immerse oneself in them and hope they would mean something more than just backdrops for slaughtering monsters. With levels this good, there is a certain longing for meaning - for a plot which isn't there, for a world to wade into. Take Strife for example - the level design is really decent for the Doom Engine (and particularly for 1996), but the world still feels alive and there still is a plot, which makes it much easier to get immersed. You have goals, there are characters with personalities, there are choices and consequences. In Doom on the other hand, the most beautiful levels serve no purpose other to give you a place to kill more demons in. And most of the time it's a good thing, but sometimes... yeah. Anyone else get this feeling?
  8. Xfing

    What's sometimes painful about Doom

    What I mean is, when playing some maps I'm like "damn this looks good, shame it can't be Strife". In Strife the world lives and breathes (as much as that's possible with the Doom engine at least).
  9. Xfing

    Why is Episode 1 so good?

    Gotta agree about the secret quality in E1. Telegraphed secrets, pass-through shortcut secrets, whole big areas as secrets as opposed to "item closets" as you put it... all of that really does go a long way. Picking up that armor in E1M1 or exploring the outside perimeters of E1M2 and E1M7 feels very rewarding for some reason, much more than finding most secrets in Doom 2, as it happens.
  10. Xfing

    Why is Episode 1 so good?

    Well I definitely love some Romero levels (e4m6, map15 particularly) but I don't get the resident opinion about Sandy's. They're just as quintessential to being what Doom is. When I hear Sandy, I think abstract star-like geometry and health boost potions dotted everywhere - both of which are among the most important thing classic Doom is remembered for (also I just realized how that happens to perfectly describe the final room of MAP09: The Pit, lol)
  11. Xfing

    Why is Episode 1 so good?

    Romero's making yet another one? Pls tell more :D
  12. Xfing

    Sandy Petersen's on YouTube

    Ok, I pressed something and accidentally posted the video like 4 times. There is no post deletion option, so there you go lol. Mods pls clean up/merge the posts if you can. Anyway, the following is Sandy showing off his house and how the buildings in Doom 2 level 16: Suburbs are based on it. Fun stuff!
  13. And possibly harder too, barring the DLCs. In Eternal threre are no 60 damage doing, shot-leading Imps and you have dash to dodge pinkies. Replayed the game just recently after playing Eternal exclusively for a while and I found myself really struggling due to the diminished mobility. Anyone got similar impressions?
  14. The amount of unresolved danglling plot threads, not to mention foreshadowing from the Kadingir prophecy etc ensures there is still enough plot to fill a direct sequel. The "Slayer's arc" is not over by a long shot, he's just done for the time being as he's accomplished the mission of returning Hell to a state that we want it in - a separate, closed-off dimension. People probably have to sit through a several hour-long ritual to summon a single goddamn imp (if that even works). But Hell is known to have dark lords of different eras and all that, and it's nowhere near destroyed or ruined. Doom 2's ending felt much more final to be honest, with the whole "hell is a wreck" direct quote (which is why it always baffled me why some people accept TNT and Plutonia as canon, as they directly contradict that). So yeah, the prophecy from all the way back in 2016 about the Crucible once again breaking down the walls between dimensions etc - it being left untouched isn't id forgetting or making an omission. It's them leaving stuff for Eternal's sequel. The universe is safe from Hell for now, but that might change a few years down the line. The only next logical step is to literally and completely "raze Hell" - only that can completely end any justification for further stories. Also, Samuel's alive and well and he can be your vitriolic buddy in the next game too, how cool is that?
  15. Xfing

    This game is less fair than Eternal

    Funny, I can handle myself on Nightmare in Eternal and even beat it eventually (with many deaths ofc), and I don't even quick swap. I died like 2 or 3 times throughout the whole game on Ultra Violence when playing the extra life mode for the Phobos suit
  16. Well, having replayed Doom 2016 recently I can say that there were some things I liked better about that game. Sure, it had some serious flaws that Eternal addressed (sameyness of the setting, over-reliance on arena combat), but brought in new flaws in their place. Doom 2016's hell stages were more reminescent of OG Doom than anything Eternal did, including Nekravol. There was just enough of Doom 3 vibes to not be a turn-off as well. What they failed to realize in Eternal is that Doom was always a horror game in a sense - the gameplay wasn't supposed to be a survival horror like Doom 3 was, but the settings themselves had full potential to be frightening. Levels in OG Doom could both be slow and crawly, and fast paced/open - that's what made the game so versatile. Eternal unfortunately focuses only on the latter aspect. And the lush, utopian environments that we visited in Eternal remind more of fan projects such as Eviternity than whatever was originally made. Variety is nice, but damn the game needs to be darker. It's a very simple-minded way of looking at the game to say it was only fast-paced action and thrash metal - Doom always had depressing, contemplative and frightening moments to it too.
  17. Agreed, never got an impression from Hugo that he's a huge egomaniac or anything like that. Just because he had a strong vision for the game, doesn't mean he must have been authoritarian about it. He's actually super smart for having designed such brilliant gameplay rly
  18. I wouldn't say the whole DLC was forgettable. Immora is an amazing setting, for one thing. But I still need to understand why Davoth was so pissed when Doomguy killed Khan Maykr if that's what he actually wanted in the first place. Someone needs to ask Hugo that at the soonest convenience. If taken separately, then I guess part 1 was slightly better. The UAC Atlantica facility was pretty damn amazing, and the variety in the levels was really sweet. The second part's levels are shorter and less exploration-oriented, but aesthetically they're also very pretty and the payoff at the end is pretty sweet. Looking forward to the next game to tie up all the loose ends and continue the story, that's for sure. I only hope they can keep it consistent, as the plot does feel full of contradictions. I couldn't even get over Argent D'nur not being hellish like in 2016.
  19. Xfing

    This game is less fair than Eternal

    Well, I may simply have little talent for these games or not have put in enough hours, but whenever I die in Eternal I always understand why and what I did wrong (doesn't mean I can overcome this mistake like immediately), while in 2016 I'm just walking somewhere or minding my own business and boom, dead. I was happy do discover how holding the weapon wheel bugs the Spider Mastermind, making the boss fight a non-issue, but I still struggle heavily in the late game arena fights with at least several deaths per arena on nightmare. I'm sure I'd improve if I put in more hours - there are definitely some easier parts, like how liberal the game is with BFG ammunition - there is nowhere near as much of it in Eternal, especially the DLCs.
  20. Ok, if Davoth wanted to use the Slayer to destroy the Maykrs, then why was he all like "noooooooo!"when the Slayer killed Khan Maykr?
  21. What I really liked about this game is that fodder demons are not only way more numerous than in the base campaign - making the DLC feel even more like oldschool Doom with you being able to kill literal hordes of them, and their danger coming from their numbers - but they're also required to be mopped up before checkpoints are unlocked. In the base campaign you could leave them around, which made them feel less like legitimate enemies and more like walking resource bags to be harvested for health and ammo. Definitely a move in the right direction. The difficulty is absolutely ridiculous, I must have died well over a hundred times on the first level (playing on Nightmare ofc) Still liked it and gonna continue and finish the campaign. Watched an LP already so I know what to expect, and the difficulty of the later two levels appears even more grotesque - makes me think of it as kinda like a legit, developer approved Hell Revealed, lol I need to read all the codex entries to properly appreciate the plot but yeah, there were ample hints dropped earlier that Samuel is Samur and Vega is the Father. The plot did move very quickly towards dispatching the Dark Lord though, and that kinda seems like the end goal of the entire storyline - so I'm hoping it's not going to be the end. After that there's still room for a story where Doomguy takes the fight to hell and finally finishes the job for good this time.
  22. Xfing

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    This is great for so many reasons, just finished it. Short and sweet levels, inspired by The Ultimate Doom but with its own spin on every episode, great secret levels, thematically evocative of the original game but uses some very interesting modified textures. Cool skyboxes too, and most importantly - actually awesome episode ending levels. the boss fights are much harder and well thought-out tahn in the original game and the secrets are very rewarding too. A must-play for fans of WADs similar to The Ultimate Doom. The weird thing though is how though it's so similar to The Ultimate Doom in many ways, it has its own idiosyncrasies as well, such as unique sprites for the Soul Sphere and difficulty level names. Oh well, that's actually kinda part of the charm here. Sweet wad
  23. Xfing

    Problems playing The DOOM Tribute project

    Ok, and if I unload spritefix, how do I restart a level? Map 1A even then fails to open the first door, trapping me in the initial room of the level :(
  24. I have problems with TDTP - tried to play it in the latest version of GZDoom, same with LZDoom - but the first door in level 1A is not opening for me. Ironically, the same door does open in the last build of plain ol' ZDoom from way back when - though that doesn't work perfectly either. What source port should I use to have perfect playability of this thing? Any experiences to relay? Thanks!