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  1. Xfing

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    This is great for so many reasons, just finished it. Short and sweet levels, inspired by The Ultimate Doom but with its own spin on every episode, great secret levels, thematically evocative of the original game but uses some very interesting modified textures. Cool skyboxes too, and most importantly - actually awesome episode ending levels. the boss fights are much harder and well thought-out tahn in the original game and the secrets are very rewarding too. A must-play for fans of WADs similar to The Ultimate Doom. The weird thing though is how though it's so similar to The Ultimate Doom in many ways, it has its own idiosyncrasies as well, such as unique sprites for the Soul Sphere and difficulty level names. Oh well, that's actually kinda part of the charm here. Sweet wad
  2. Xfing

    Problems playing The DOOM Tribute project

    Ok, and if I unload spritefix, how do I restart a level? Map 1A even then fails to open the first door, trapping me in the initial room of the level :(
  3. Xfing

    Problems playing The DOOM Tribute project

    Hey. Just D2SPFX19.ZIP alongside the proper WAD. Here's the ini for LZDOOM # This file was generated by LZDoom 3.85 on 2020-04-26 15:53:18 # These are the directories to automatically search for IWADs. # Each directory should be on a separate line, preceded by Path= [IWADSearch.Directories] Path=. Path=$DOOMWADDIR Path=$HOME Path=$PROGDIR # These are the directories to search for wads added with the -file # command line parameter, if they cannot be found with the path # as-is. Layout is the same as for IWADSearch.Directories [FileSearch.Directories] Path=$PROGDIR Path=$DOOMWADDIR # These are the directories to search for soundfonts that let listed in the menu. # Layout is the same as for IWADSearch.Directories [SoundfontSearch.Directories] Path=$PROGDIR/soundfonts Path=$PROGDIR/fm_banks # Files to automatically execute when running the corresponding game. # Each file should be on its own line, preceded by Path= [Doom.AutoExec] Path=$PROGDIR/autoexec.cfg [Heretic.AutoExec] Path=$PROGDIR/autoexec.cfg [Hexen.AutoExec] Path=$PROGDIR/autoexec.cfg [Strife.AutoExec] Path=$PROGDIR/autoexec.cfg [Chex.AutoExec] Path=$PROGDIR/autoexec.cfg # WAD files to always load. These are loaded after the IWAD but before # any files added with -file. Place each file on its own line, preceded # by Path= [Global.Autoload] # Wad files to automatically load depending on the game and IWAD you are # playing. You may have have files that are loaded for all similar IWADs # (the game) and files that are only loaded for particular IWADs. For example, # any files listed under 'doom.Autoload' will be loaded for any version of Doom, # but files listed under 'doom.doom2.Autoload' will only load when you are # playing a Doom 2 based game (doom2.wad, tnt.wad or plutonia.wad), and files listed under # 'doom.doom2.commercial.Autoload' only when playing doom2.wad. [doom.Autoload] [doom.id.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.nerve.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.commercial.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.commercial.french.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.commercial.xbox.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.unity.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.bfg.Autoload] [doom.id.doom1.Autoload] [doom.id.doom1.sigil.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.plutonia.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.plutonia.unity.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.tnt.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.tnt.unity.Autoload] [doom.id.doom1.registered.Autoload] [doom.id.doom1.ultimate.Autoload] [doom.id.doom1.ultimate.xbox.Autoload] [doom.id.doom2.wadsmoosh.Autoload] [doom.id.doom1.unity.Autoload] [doom.id.doom1.bfg.Autoload] [doom.freedoom.Autoload] [doom.freedoom.demo.Autoload] [doom.freedoom.phase1.Autoload] [doom.freedoom.phase2.Autoload] [doom.freedoom.freedm.Autoload] [heretic.Autoload] [heretic.heretic.Autoload] [heretic.shadow.Autoload] [blasphemer.Autoload] [hexen.Autoload] [hexen.deathkings.Autoload] [hexen.hexen.Autoload] [strife.Autoload] [strife.strife.Autoload] [strife.veteran.Autoload] [chex.Autoload] [chex.chex1.Autoload] [chex.chex3.Autoload] [urbanbrawl.Autoload] [hacx.Autoload] [hacx.hacx1.Autoload] [hacx.hacx2.Autoload] [harmony.Autoload] [square.Autoload] [square.squareware.Autoload] [square.square.Autoload] [delaweare.Autoload] [woolball.Autoload] [woolball.rotwb.Autoload] [LastRun] Version=218 [GlobalSettings] Gamma=1 I_FriendlyWindowTitle=true adl_bank=14 adl_chips_count=6 adl_custom_bank= adl_emulator_id=0 adl_fullpan=true adl_run_at_pcm_rate=false adl_use_custom_bank=false adl_volume_model=3 autoloadbrightmaps=false autoloadlights=false autosavecount=4 autosavenum=3 bgamma=1 cd_drive= cd_enabled=true chase_dist=90 chase_height=-8 cl_capfps=false cl_noprediction=false cl_oldfreelooklimit=false cl_predict_lerpscale=0.05000000074505806 cl_predict_lerpthreshold=2 cl_predict_specials=true cl_run=true cl_waitforsave=true con_buffersize=-1 con_ctrl_d= con_notifylines=4 d3d_antilag=true defaultiwad= demo_compress=true developer=0 disableautoload=false disableautosave=0 disablecrashlog=false enablescriptscreenshot=false fluid_chorus=false fluid_chorus_depth=8 fluid_chorus_level=1 fluid_chorus_speed=0.30000001192092896 fluid_chorus_type=0 fluid_chorus_voices=3 fluid_gain=0.5 fluid_interp=1 fluid_lib= fluid_patchset=lzdoom fluid_reverb=false fluid_reverb_damping=0.23000000417232513 fluid_reverb_level=0.5699999928474426 fluid_reverb_roomsize=0.6100000143051147 fluid_reverb_width=0.7599999904632568 fluid_samplerate=0 fluid_threads=1 fluid_voices=128 freelook=true fullscreen=true ggamma=1 gl_billboard_faces_camera=false gl_billboard_mode=0 gl_billboard_particles=true gl_cachenodes=true gl_cachetime=0.6000000238418579 gl_control_tear=true gl_debug=false gl_debug_breakpoint=false gl_debug_level=0 gl_distfog=70 gl_dither_bpc=0 gl_enhanced_nv_stealth=3 gl_finishbeforeswap=false gl_fxaa=0 gl_legacy_mode=false gl_lens=false gl_lens_chromatic=1.1200000047683716 gl_lens_k=-0.11999999731779099 gl_lens_kcube=0.10000000149011612 gl_light_particles=true gl_light_shadowmap=false gl_light_sprites=true gl_lights=true gl_lights_additive=false gl_lights_checkside=true gl_line_distance_cull=8000 gl_mask_sprite_threshold=0.5 gl_mask_threshold=0.5 gl_mirror_envmap=true gl_mirrors=true gl_multisample=1 gl_no_skyclear=false gl_particles_style=2 gl_plane_reflection=true gl_render_precise=false gl_renderbuffers=true gl_riskymodernpath=false gl_satformula=1 gl_seamless=false gl_shadowmap_filter=1 gl_shadowmap_quality=512 gl_sort_textures=false gl_sprite_blend=false gl_sprite_distance_cull=4000 gl_ssao=0 gl_ssao_portals=1 gl_ssao_strength=0.699999988079071 gl_texture_filter=0 gl_texture_filter_anisotropic=8 gl_texture_format=0 gl_texture_hqresize_maxinputsize=512 gl_texture_hqresize_mt_height=4 gl_texture_hqresize_mt_width=16 gl_texture_hqresize_multithread=true gl_texture_hqresize_targets=7 gl_texture_hqresizemode=0 gl_texture_hqresizemult=1 gl_texture_useshaders=true gl_usecolorblending=true gl_usefb=false gme_stereodepth=0 gus_memsize=0 gus_patchdir= i_soundinbackground=false in_mouse=0 inter_subtitles=false invertmouse=false joy_background=true joy_dinput=true joy_ps2raw=true joy_xinput=true k_allowfullscreentoggle=true k_mergekeys=true k_modern=1 language=auto longsavemessages=true lookstrafe=false m_blockcontrollers=false m_filter=false m_forward=1 m_noprescale=false m_pitch=1 m_show_backbutton=0 m_showinputgrid=0 m_side=2 m_use_mouse=2 m_yaw=1 map_point_coordinates=true midi_config=lzdoom midi_dmxgus=false midi_voices=32 min_sustain_time=5000 mod_autochip=false mod_autochip_scan_threshold=12 mod_autochip_size_force=100 mod_autochip_size_scan=500 mod_dumb_mastervolume=1 mod_interp=2 mod_samplerate=0 mod_volramp=2 mouse_capturemode=1 mouse_sensitivity=1.5 nointerscrollabort=false nomonsterinterpolation=false norawinput=false oldsaveorder=false opl_core=0 opl_fullpan=true opl_numchips=2 opn_chips_count=8 opn_custom_bank= opn_emulator_id=0 opn_fullpan=true opn_run_at_pcm_rate=false opn_use_custom_bank=false png_gamma=0 png_level=5 queryiwad=true queryiwad_key=shift quicksavenum=-1 quicksaverotation=false quicksaverotationcount=4 r_blendmethod=false r_dynlights=false r_fakecontrast=1 r_fullbrightignoresectorcolor=true r_fuzzscale=true r_line_distance_cull=8000 r_linearsky=false r_magfilter=false r_minfilter=true r_mipmap=false r_mirror_recursions=2 r_models=true r_models_carmack=false r_multithreaded=1 r_polyrenderer=false r_quakeintensity=1 r_sprite_distance_cull=4000 r_ticstability=true rgamma=1 save_dir= save_formatted=false saveloadconfirmation=true savestatistics=0 screenshot_dir= screenshot_quiet=false screenshot_type=png show_messages=true showendoom=0 smooth_mouse=true snd_aldevice=Default snd_alresampler=Default snd_backend=openal snd_buffersize=0 snd_channels=128 snd_efx=false snd_hrtf=0 snd_mastervolume=1 snd_mididevice=-5 snd_midiprecache=false snd_musicvolume=0.5 snd_samplerate=0 snd_sfxvolume=1 snd_streambuffersize=64 snd_waterreverb=true statfile=zdoomstat.txt storesavepic=true strictdecorate=false swtruecolor=false telezoom=true timidity_channel_pressure=false timidity_chorus=0 timidity_config=lzdoom timidity_drum_effect=false timidity_drum_power=1 timidity_key_adjust=0 timidity_lpf_def=1 timidity_modulation_envelope=true timidity_modulation_wheel=true timidity_overlap_voice_allow=true timidity_pan_delay=false timidity_portamento=true timidity_reverb=0 timidity_reverb_level=0 timidity_surround_chorus=false timidity_temper_control=true timidity_tempo_adjust=1 turnspeedsprintfast=1280 turnspeedsprintslow=320 turnspeedwalkfast=640 turnspeedwalkslow=320 use_joystick=false use_mouse=true vid_activeinbackground=false vid_adapter=1 vid_aspect=0 vid_brightness=0 vid_contrast=1 vid_cropaspect=false vid_defbits=8 vid_defheight=480 vid_defwidth=640 vid_displaybits=8 vid_forceddraw=false vid_glswfb=false vid_gpuswitch=0 vid_hdr=false vid_hwaalines=true vid_hwgamma=2 vid_maxfps=200 vid_noblitter=true vid_palettehack=false vid_refreshrate=0 vid_renderer=0 vid_saturation=1 vid_scale_customheight=200 vid_scale_customlinear=false vid_scale_customstretched=false vid_scale_customwidth=320 vid_scalefactor=1 vid_scalemode=0 vid_vsync=false vid_winscale=1 vr_enable_quadbuffered=false vr_hunits_per_meter=41 vr_ipd=0.06199999898672104 vr_screendist=0.800000011920929 wildmidi_config= wildmidi_enhanced_resampling=true wildmidi_reverb=false win_borderless=false win_maximized=false win_x=-1 win_y=-1 xbrz_centerdirectionbias=4 xbrz_colorformat=0 xbrz_dominantdirectionthreshold=3.5999999046325684 xbrz_equalcolortolerance=30 xbrz_luminanceweight=1 xbrz_steepdirectionthreshold=2.200000047683716 [GlobalSettings.Unknown] [Doom.Player] autoaim=35 classicflight=false color=40 cf 00 colorset=0 fov=90 gender=male movebob=0.25 name=Player neverswitchonpickup=false playerclass=Fighter skin=base stillbob=0 team=255 wbobspeed=1 wi_noautostartmap=false [Doom.ConsoleVariables] addrocketexplosion=false allcheats=false am_backcolor=6c 54 40 am_cdwallcolor=4c 38 20 am_colorset=1 am_customcolors=true am_drawmapback=1 am_efwallcolor=66 55 55 am_emptyspacemargin=0 am_fdwallcolor=88 70 58 am_followplayer=true am_gridcolor=8b 5a 2b am_interlevelcolor=ff 00 00 am_intralevelcolor=00 00 ff am_lockedcolor=00 78 00 am_map_secrets=1 am_markcolor=2 am_markfont=AMMNUMx am_notseencolor=6c 6c 6c am_ovcdwallcolor=00 88 44 am_ovefwallcolor=00 88 44 am_overlay=0 am_ovfdwallcolor=00 88 44 am_ovinterlevelcolor=ff ff 00 am_ovlockedcolor=00 88 44 am_ovotherwallscolor=00 88 44 am_ovportalcolor=00 40 22 am_ovsecretsectorcolor=00 ff ff am_ovsecretwallcolor=00 88 44 am_ovspecialwallcolor=ff ff ff am_ovtelecolor=ff ff 00 am_ovthingcolor=e8 88 00 am_ovthingcolor_citem=e8 88 00 am_ovthingcolor_friend=e8 88 00 am_ovthingcolor_item=e8 88 00 am_ovthingcolor_monster=e8 88 00 am_ovthingcolor_ncmonster=e8 88 00 am_ovunexploredsecretcolor=00 ff ff am_ovunseencolor=00 22 6e am_ovwallcolor=00 ff 00 am_ovyourcolor=fc e8 d8 am_portalcolor=40 40 40 am_portaloverlay=true am_rotate=0 am_secretsectorcolor=ff 00 ff am_secretwallcolor=00 00 00 am_showitems=false am_showkeys=true am_showkeys_always=false am_showmaplabel=2 am_showmonsters=true am_showsecrets=true am_showthingsprites=0 am_showtime=true am_showtotaltime=false am_showtriggerlines=0 am_specialwallcolor=ff ff ff am_textured=false am_thingcolor=fc fc fc am_thingcolor_citem=fc fc fc am_thingcolor_friend=fc fc fc am_thingcolor_item=fc fc fc am_thingcolor_monster=fc fc fc am_thingcolor_ncmonster=fc fc fc am_thingrenderstyles=true am_tswallcolor=88 88 88 am_unexploredsecretcolor=ff 00 ff am_wallcolor=2c 18 08 am_xhaircolor=80 80 80 am_yourcolor=fc e8 d8 blood_fade_scalar=1 chat_substitution=false chatmacro0=No chatmacro1=I'm ready to kick butt! chatmacro2=I'm OK. chatmacro3=I'm not looking too good! chatmacro4=Help! chatmacro5=You suck! chatmacro6=Next time, scumbag... chatmacro7=Come here! chatmacro8=I'll take care of it. chatmacro9=Yes cl_bbannounce=false cl_bloodsplats=true cl_bloodtype=0 cl_custominvulmapcolor1=00 00 1a cl_custominvulmapcolor2=a6 a6 7a cl_customizeinvulmap=false cl_doautoaim=false cl_maxdecals=1024 cl_missiledecals=true cl_pufftype=0 cl_rockettrails=1 cl_showmultikills=true cl_showsecretmessage=true cl_showsprees=true cl_spreaddecals=true compatmode=1 con_alpha=0.75 con_centernotify=false con_midtime=3 con_notablist=false con_notifytime=3 con_scale=0 con_scaletext=0 crosshair=0 crosshaircolor=ff 00 00 crosshairforce=false crosshairgrow=false crosshairhealth=1 crosshairon=true crosshairscale=1 dehload=0 dimamount=-1 dimcolor=ff d7 00 displaynametags=0 dlg_musicvolume=1 gl_aalines=false gl_bandedswlight=false gl_bloom=false gl_bloom_amount=1.399999976158142 gl_bloom_kernel_size=7 gl_brightfog=false gl_enhanced_nightvision=false gl_exposure_base=0.3499999940395355 gl_exposure_min=0.3499999940395355 gl_exposure_scale=1.2999999523162842 gl_exposure_speed=0.05000000074505806 gl_fogmode=1 gl_fuzztype=6 gl_interpolate_model_frames=true gl_light_models=true gl_lightadditivesurfaces=false gl_lightmode=8 gl_menu_blur=-1 gl_paltonemap_powtable=2 gl_paltonemap_reverselookup=true gl_precache=false gl_scale_viewport=true gl_sclipfactor=1.7999999523162842 gl_sclipthreshold=10 gl_spriteclip=1 gl_texture_usehires=true gl_tonemap=0 gl_weaponlight=8 hud_althud=false hud_althud_forceinternal=false hud_althudscale=0 hud_ammo_order=0 hud_ammo_red=25 hud_ammo_yellow=50 hud_armor_green=100 hud_armor_red=25 hud_armor_yellow=50 hud_aspectscale=false hud_berserk_health=true hud_health_green=100 hud_health_red=25 hud_health_yellow=50 hud_scale=0 hud_showammo=2 hud_showangles=false hud_showitems=false hud_showlag=0 hud_showmonsters=true hud_showscore=false hud_showsecrets=true hud_showstats=false hud_showtime=0 hud_showweapons=true hud_timecolor=5 hudcolor_ltim=8 hudcolor_statnames=6 hudcolor_stats=3 hudcolor_time=6 hudcolor_titl=10 hudcolor_ttim=5 hudcolor_xyco=3 lookspring=false m_quickexit=false menu_screenratios=-1 msg=0 msg0color=6 msg1color=5 msg2color=2 msg3color=3 msg4color=3 msgmidcolor=5 msgmidcolor2=4 nametagcolor=5 nocheats=false os_isanyof=true paletteflash=0 pickup_fade_scalar=1 r_deathcamera=false r_drawfuzz=1 r_highlight_portals=false r_maxparticles=4000 r_portal_recursions=4 r_rail_smartspiral=false r_rail_spiralsparsity=1 r_rail_trailsparsity=1 r_shadercolormaps=true r_skymode=2 r_vanillatrans=0 sb_cooperative_enable=true sb_cooperative_headingcolor=6 sb_cooperative_otherplayercolor=2 sb_cooperative_yourplayercolor=3 sb_deathmatch_enable=true sb_deathmatch_headingcolor=6 sb_deathmatch_otherplayercolor=2 sb_deathmatch_yourplayercolor=3 sb_teamdeathmatch_enable=true sb_teamdeathmatch_headingcolor=6 screenblocks=10 show_obituaries=true snd_menuvolume=0.6000000238418579 snd_pitched=false st_oldouch=false st_scale=-1 transsouls=0.75 uiscale=0 underwater_fade_scalar=1 vid_cursor=None vid_nopalsubstitutions=false wi_percents=true wi_showtotaltime=true wipetype=1 [Doom.LocalServerInfo] compatflags=-1474807037 compatflags2=258 forcewater=false maxviewpitch=90 sv_corpsequeuesize=64 sv_disableautohealth=false sv_dropstyle=0 sv_portal_recursions=4 sv_smartaim=0 [Doom.ConfigOnlyVariables] [Doom.UnknownConsoleVariables] [Doom.ConsoleAliases] [Doom.Bindings] 1=slot 1 2=slot 2 3=slot 3 4=slot 4 5=slot 5 6=slot 6 7=slot 7 8=slot 8 9=slot 9 0=slot 0 -=sizedown Equals=sizeup Tab=togglemap W=+forward E=+jump T=messagemode LeftBracket=invprev RightBracket=invnext Enter=invuse A=+moveleft S=+back D=+moveright F=+jump `=toggleconsole Shift=+speed \=+showscores X=crouch C=+crouch Space=+use CapsLock=toggle cl_run F1=menu_help F2=menu_save F3=menu_load F4=menu_options F5=menu_display F6=quicksave F7=menu_endgame F8=togglemessages F9=quickload F10=menu_quit F11=bumpgamma F12=spynext SysRq=screenshot Pause=pause Home=land PgUp=+moveup End=centerview PgDn=+lookup Ins=+movedown Del=+lookdown Mouse1=+attack Mouse2=+altattack Mouse3=+speed MWheelUp=weapprev MWheelDown=weapnext MWheelRight=invnext MWheelLeft=invprev DPadUp=togglemap DPadDown=invuse DPadLeft=invprev DPadRight=invnext Pad_Start=pause Pad_Back=menu_main LThumb=crouch LShoulder=weapprev RShoulder=weapnext LTrigger=+altattack RTrigger=+attack Pad_A=+use Pad_Y=+jump [Doom.DoubleBindings] [Doom.AutomapBindings] 0=am_gobig -=+am_zoomout Equals=+am_zoomin P=am_toggletexture F=am_togglefollow G=am_togglegrid C=am_clearmarks M=am_setmark KP-=+am_zoomout KP+=+am_zoomin UpArrow=+am_panup LeftArrow=+am_panleft RightArrow=+am_panright DownArrow=+am_pandown MWheelUp=am_zoom 1.2 MWheelDown=am_zoom -1.2
  4. Xfing

    Problems playing The DOOM Tribute project

    Sorry, but I have to bump this... could anyone give some advice?
  5. I have problems with TDTP - tried to play it in the latest version of GZDoom, same with LZDoom - but the first door in level 1A is not opening for me. Ironically, the same door does open in the last build of plain ol' ZDoom from way back when - though that doesn't work perfectly either. What source port should I use to have perfect playability of this thing? Any experiences to relay? Thanks!
  6. Hey, turns out this was kinda done in a way, with the DOOM Tribute Project, at least as far as the format thing goes. Playing that now :D
  7. Xfing

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    BTW, will you be throwing in the various liquid falls textures into the pack? I think Plutonia only did water, but fans have also made lava and brown water as well and I guess it'd be cool to have them in one place instead of having to scrounge for them in various fan packs :(
  8. I find the mouse cursor escaping to my other monitor to the left while playing, as if the cursor wasn't locked to the application. This interferes greatly with mouse turning. Is there a setting that fisex this?
  9. Xfing

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    Thought as much - I did see some textures that were interactive, while they were never so in the released game, mostly talking about switches here. So yeah, all those new-old textures are actually from the alpha.. amazing! Once that unreleased resources pack is done, maybe I'll finally try my hand at making a level or something. For me the 1994 vibe still can't be beat, even seeing all the amazing texture sets used by more modern WADs.
  10. Xfing

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    Sooo what's the texture set used in this? From what I'm seeing, it's like 70% Doom 1 textures, 20% Doom 2 and 10% some new, custom ones. It really supports and complements the Ultimate Doom theme, though - like a natural extension. Not to mention the gameplay, damn was E1 good and memorable for instance. This is like a better DTWiD. Would really like to see something like this for Doom 2 too (D2 in name only doesn't really count) :D
  11. 2,5D restrictions, unfortunately :(
  12. But yeah, to make it simple - if you were to have a Doom III, and imagine all future megawads being made with its contents. Name: - 1 new weapon - 5 new monsters you'd like to see there. Who knows, maybe the community might go ahead and make something like this someday? If it were well thought-out then who knows, it might be a real good move.
  13. Well, the problem with Valiant is that it replaces other things with its new monsters, rather than adding them with leaving the original roster intact, just like Eviternity. I wonder if that's the only way to go about things? Otherwise you'd need an add-on WAD for the new content or what?
  14. True, I liked the crap outta that one as well. Though this thread is more about assets, not maps really. If it were about maps, I'd be knocking myself for finding out about No End in Sight so late. Now that shit's right up my alley! Oh, and btw, thanks for showing me the stuff, everyone! I'll check it all out.
  15. Doom 2 did a lot to expand Doom, compared to the first game. A new weapon (an absolutely legendary and revered one), the rather amazing Megasphere, tons of enemies and new textures. The vast majority of megawads made up to this day move within the constraints of the existing monsters, weapons and power-ups, though freedom in exploring other aesthetics and textures is notably much bigger, with innumerable texture packs being both created from scratch, adapting other Doom Engine games' own textures, or remaking them. But we've also had many talented content creators make tons of new monsters, some new weapons and even power-ups (like the Terrorsphere). These extra, custom assets are used in comparatively few megawads. And frankly, it's for good reason - while a lot of the custom monsters look good to great, the vast majority of them are derivative, modified versions of id's own. It's understandable that it takes less effort to modify existing sprites than to create one's own, especially if they're to fit the aesthetic. Even id themselves are guilty of that with the Hell Knight. But yeah - after playing so many megawads with all the same monsters, it would feel really fresh to see some added new stuff making regular appearances. In smart, moderate amounts - like a legit expansion to Doom. Eviternity did pretty well in that regard - while it did borrow from the vast libraries of pre-made monsters, the way the new threats worked was fresh and justified - they behaved distinctly differently from existing monsters and required new tactics to fight, rather than just being the same cannon fodder with another paint job on. Unfortunately even Eviternity had to sacrifice some monsters, like the traditional Baron of Hell for instance, to bring in the new ones. On the other hand, other well-received mods such as KDiZD were guilty of using just too many monster types for it to be justified (three types of dark imps? come on!). It led to visual and conceptual clutter with tons of monsters directly resembling each other in how they work and what they do. So, if you were to compile an "official" add-on to Doom, a pre-selected number of assets that - leaves everything that exists as it is - simply enriches the game even further by adding justified new content that is not clutter - would be used as a basis for tons of megawads going forward what would you include in it? I personally don't have enough knowledge about what is available, but from stuff that I know, here's what I would add, personally: - the KDiZD rifle OR some version of the Unmaker - both would probably have too much overlap, unless the Rifle was a pickup off Zombiemen and provided an option in between the pistol and the chaingun in terms of firing speed, while the Unmaker could just work as in Doom 64 as an extremely efficient rapid fire option. Both weapons would be supported by canonicity - the sprite for the rifle was in Doom's alpha for instance. - It's really hard to talk about textures, simply because of how vast the current library of available custom textures is, but I'd probably throw in some super-essential ones that most people have come to rely on these days (such as Plutonia's obvious blue water waterfall, or the custom-made lava one). I would also merge Doom and Doom II's libraries of textures, so that nothing is left out of Doom 2 - these days disk space is not an issue, obviously. - hate to indulge in what I just knocked (palette swaps), but I'd actually like to have Nightmare Imps in, as a shout-out to Doom 64. The simplest black Imp sprite would do, and they'd launch those blue/red balls and have doubled health and damage output. I also wouldn't mind having some modified Pinky variation in as well - Eviternity's really changed the dynamics of the fights, since you could no longer down a pinky with a single Super Shotgun blast. I'd use one type only, either the green one from Eviternity, or the pink one modified with cybernetic enhancements (I see it as kinda similar to what what id later did with the Cyber Mancubus), with like 20-something or 30 health to keep things on edge. - 2 or 3 more non-derivative monster types, not more. Each with different tactics to deal with. One of these being another boss-type monster in the same ballpark as the Mastermind or the Cyberdemon. 300-500 hp, blast damage resistant, same old. It would be nice if this one could fly, maybe have rapid-fire but dodgeable fire with a high damage output? - One or two more power-up orbs. Maybe one for haste? Though a Quad Damage-like temporary damage boost could probably also alter mechanics in fun ways. So what are your ideas? Has something like this already been attempted?