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  1. Well I'm not that stoked for that one, since FD is not canon (at least to me), and the atmosphere of the original DOOM wads has not been replicated or matched by FD. Of course that's not to say the FD wads are bad, they stand on their own and have a charm of their own to be sure. But I'm really, really waiting for Thy Flesh Consumed to come out, been waiting very long :(
  2. Total Chaos I guess. Wish I could nominate UDTWiD, but it's not ready yet >_>
  3. Xfing

    Classic Mode

    No classic lighting, misaligned textures, totally imbalanced gameplay.
  4. I don't like calling it Doom 4 and 5, because that forces me to acknowledge that 3 was a thing.
  5. Xfing

    New interview(s)

    Same goes for the SSG and the Megasphere from Doom 2. It was hard to get back to just the traditional shotgun, you really felt like you were missing something. And it was kinda hard to imagine what possibly could we be made to miss with this sequel when returning to D2016 - but now I see quite a few things actually :P
  6. Xfing

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Always gotta hate them condescending elitists. lol
  7. Xfing

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Funny. I thought they were actually a decent player.
  8. The baron we saw in the gameplay trailer revealed lava-like insides instead of bleeding. As was revealed that enemies have classes now, I think this guy may have been inspired by that fanmade Baron recolor where the Baron is black and has red leg fur (or something like that), and 250 HP as opposed to 100. Those subclasses of enemies are a great touch, maybe we'll get "Dark Imps", another fan favorite. I hope Cyber Mancubi don't get axed either.
  9. Xfing


    Well, the new Shotgun looks like it received an actual automatic firing mode, which is super OP in and of itself, much better than D2016's "triple shot" upgrade if you ask me. The classic Plasmagun also seems to have received something that makes demons explode when dying from its projectiles, which I also believe not to be part of its base functionality, but an upgrade. Everything looks stronger now.
  10. Xfing

    Is it just me or is the speed slower?

    My impressions were entirely opposite, with the dashing ability and the meathook you can now move around as wickedly fast as in quake 3 arena, so it seems.
  11. Xfing

    Blood decals and disappearing bodies

    Yeah, seriously screw disappearing corpses, those suckle arse. As for the Archvile's relationship with the Summoner - it's more than likely not as mobile, and its attack is probably going to hurt way more. Harder to kill too.
  12. Well, they sure as hell have borrowed the Plasma Rifle and ooooooh boy, does it look amazing. Definitely looks stronger than the one from Doom 2016 too.
  13. Xfing

    Was that The Crucible in Eternal gameplay at the end?

    I'm glad they're kinda bringing back the "tech hell" aspect that Doom 2016 conveniently lacked. All the mechanical modifications on demons were done by UAC scientists. In Doom and Doom2, Hell actually possessed technology of its own, though it's often overlooked and downplayed in fanmade WADs.
  14. Xfing

    Single player dlc is coming to doom eternal

    I think we'll live down the lack of a SP expansion to Doom 2016, considering DE is coming out so quickly after that game. And it's gonna have those to boot. I couldn't be more excited if I tried, lol
  15. Xfing

    New interview(s)

    It's probably some sort of twin artifact or something. I'm sure its connection to the Crucible will be explored in the story. It's hard to contain the excitement :D