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  1. Like I may have mentioned, I'm overall quite familiar with the notion of having multiple palettes. Descent 2 played with that idea quite extensively, having six built-in palettes, each capable of rendering all textures, but each suited better to different texture types. One dude was able to port Descent 1's palette to D2 too a while ago, which was sorely missed because it's got all the purples and renders light grays much more losslessly. Still, it would probably be optimal to have true color and just duplicate the different palette versions of certain textures in the instances where it makes the most difference. Shame such awesome games were created in an era of such frustrating limitations!
  2. Just checked out Breathless and to be honest blue is all it's got going for it. Sure the blues are pretty, but there's not much apart from them. That's why true color would be so much better, shame only the more modern ports support it. I do agree that color banding contributes to the nice retro aesthetic though, and you can't have that with true color. That's not a big sacrifice though, all things considered.
  3. I'd like to play back some of the unused dialogue from Strife, always had fun digging into that game's secrets. What software can I use to get inside the WAD archive and browse its contents?
  4. I can dig that, my favorite way to play is Crispy Doom, ditched GZDoom for it pretty much the moment I found out about it haha But it has so many features that I'd expect it to be able to enrich palettes without sacrificing anything. I don't think I've ever seen something like that done though, most WADs I've seen affect existing assets. This is a lot like the situation with the palettes from Descent. The first game had a single one and the second game had a whole six of its own. Being restricted to 256 colors is a reaaaal bitch
  5. I've noticed that most of those WADs indeed target the blues - turning the deep blue of the water texture, the Soul Sphere and the health boosts to a brighter blue. But wouldn't GZDoom work in full color anyhow? I think it's weird to make pinkies and barons gray without changing anything else about them.
  6. Lots of newer WADs have altered palettes for some reason, which does make for aesthetically interesting levels, but also seems to needlessly affect monsters, palette-swapping them without changing their functionalities. Why has this idea gained so much traction recently?
  7. Pretty sure revenants, arachnotrons, spider masterminds and mancubi are actually produced by Hell, inside of Hell somewhere.
  8. Yeah, Sigil has probably all the best texturing tropes of early Doom. It was made by Romero after all, so what do you expect? The only thing that bothers me about Sigil is that it's overwhelmingly red, and too much red can be quite fatiguing on the eyes.
  9. Oh, and it just occurred to me - science fantasy has seen a bit of a revival in Project Warlock and its sequel - these can definitely be classified as science fantasy first person shooters!
  10. Doom 1's Hell was very pretty when it comes to themes, with both the visceral aspect and the lava aspect nicely melded together. Mt. Erebus is an understandable fan favorite, and even it had a good number of techy-looking buildings. But while beautiful, I always considered Doom 1's Inferno rather soothing, or at least accomodating at times - while Doom 2's map 28 I found downright scary and disturbing. The music, the new tissue-based textures, the huge arena with the spiders, the lack of a skybox... that level is just terrifying and unpleasant. And that's why it's so genius!
  11. I'm a big fan of Might and Magic and naturally have also dabbled in Heroes as well. I'm well aware of all this. In fact I can tell you something nice - not at liberty to give any details at the moment, but I can tell you to stay on your toes and keep an eye out :)
  12. This is a topic that both concerns classic Doom and the new reboots (not counting doom 3 which I haven't played). Classic Doom was known for its melding of high technology with Hell. Hell itself was stated to have high technology and be capable of producing stuff like Spider Masterminds, Arachnotrons, Mancubi, Revenants all with its own efforts. The classic Inferno episode had a bunch of tech textures here and there, most immediately noticeable in the final map, Dis. What I've noticed and what kinda bothers me is that for a very long time most designers wouldn't capitalize on that and instead opted for keeping hell separate from any sort of technology in their texturing. I guess all of that goodness in the original Doom games was a product of its times - early 90s was the time of ready melding of science fiction and fantasy. It's there where science fantasy had its peak in gaming, with series like Ultima, Wizardy and Might and Magic. But for some reason this hasn't stuck, and these days only science fantasy games that aren't Dragon Ball that you can find anywhere are gonna be tabletop board games. People are just afraid of doing science fantasy anymore, perhaps worried about a potential hit to profits, or consider the mixing of these two supposedly opposide worlds to be "jarring" or whatever. Anyway, this has become even more apparent in Doom 2016 and Eternal. All the monsters with any traces of technology on them have been retconned from being created by Hell without aid to being results of UAC's experiments. It's always the humans that provide the technological enhancements to mancubi, arachnotrons - hell, Revenants are created entirely by the UAC, with the only contribution of Hell being the Argent energy. Why go that route? Why does Hell need to be devoid of high technology to be scary? Is it for suspension of disbelief so that stuff like Nekravol can come across as believable? It really wouldn't take anything away from the image of hell if it had command of high technology. Especially since what we get at the very end is Immora, a city of technology so high that it looks like fricking Urdak. So yeah, feel free to rec me some nice wads that have lots of those cable textures 'n crap mixed with hellish reds and greens, that would be nice.
  13. Played through the first four levels already and damn, gotta say I really love the vibe. It plays and feels a lot like Doom, but with a smooth and gradual admixture of Earth textures and monsters that's a much more gradual transition than what Doom 2 did. Plus the typical Deathless idiosyncrasies. Good stuff! If id is making addons outta your missions then one's got to wonder why they won't take UDTWiD and D2TWiD too while they're at it, they seem to favor missions with a similar feel to the original game.
  14. That's OK to think, though I do like Eternal a bit more. I like the variety in the setting, the demon weakness system, the fun bosses... 2016 is still a great game too though. If they pull of a third one as good as the first two, then there will be a consummate modern DOOM trilogy for sure.