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  1. Yeah, that's not really what my preconceived notion of a slaughter map was.
  2. What's Nuts 3?
  3. What I meant is that regular maps usually represent something and have a progression to them. That makes it much easier to get immersed. Slaughter maps on the other hand are usually basically just obstacle courses. Not to mention that there is usually much less detailing and lighting work. They're all about the mechanical experience, rather than a comprehensive one.
  4. Slaughter maps are not very nuanced, that's the problem. Also, it's hard to suspend your disbelief that you'd ever realistically have to face so many enemies at once, which breaks immersion completely, these maps therefore lack any atmosphere that more progression-driven maps might have. They probably do work as an opportunity to execrise your skill, but as complete, rewarding game experiences, I dunno.
  5. I remember seeing this thread a year or two back, interestingly enough! I personally like Doom 2 for nostalgia reasons. Even though the maps are flawed, you don't quite get the same exact atmosphere from any fanmade WAD. If Doom 2 was just fanmade, it probably wouldn't have become so ubiquitous, since not many people actually like it like I do - but you have to admit, similarities to the original Doom would definitely get pointed out.
  6. I do realize that when you make levels, STARTAN2 is the default texture, so it feels like every wall with this texture seems unfinished - but let's face it, it's a good looking texture, I personally like it much better than the darker one from the Shores of Hell. The light gray one looks pretty good too. Overall, these are good textures.
  7. Funny, just recently I played through a level that made me think "this could use some startan2 instead of that white wall texture" :D
  8. That did work, sure enough! Well what can I say, the level definitely does look Petersen-ish. I'm not sure if the 3 colored torches gimmick is something he would do though, that's probably a bit too adventurous. Both being green or blue would probably be a bit safer. Also, I'd change the white texture in some of those outdoor sections, it gives way too much of an E2 vibe than E4. For E4 looks it would probably be better to change it to the teal brick or E1 startan.
  9. That's definitely a good point. I did enjoy KDiZD because original Doom and Doom 2 have an atmosphere and plot gravity (a feeling of canonicity if you will) that I haven't been able to find with any other WAD. Not sure if nostalgia's at play, since I started playing Doom relatively late, but I definitely enjoy the shit outta the original designers' styles. But I'm probably even more stoked for UDTWiD than I'm for TSoZD, and the former isn't even a ZDoom specific WAD.
  10. Or at least it was back with the version I used last. That was a while ago, things might have changed.
  11. I know what GZDoom is. It for example can run Doom Expanded and regular ZDoom can't. But on the other hand, GZDoom is also super poorly optimized and takes much more resources that it has any business taking. Maybe I should check out QZDoom then :D
  12. Well, tried to open it the usual way: zdoom.exe -file @tfcsandy.wad And E4M1 is still Hell Beneath :( Doing idclev41 also makes you start Hell Beneath. I'm a beginner, I need some more specific suggestions :D
  13. I tried to take a look too, but can't figure out which level this one is replacing. Lil' help? :D
  14. Well I personally have been looking forward to TSoZD. KDIZD had some really cool aspects to it. Also, while I do understand that ZDoom is dead, what more new features do newer source ports have that would discourage people for mapping for ZDoom? It's not like most megawads out there even have sloped surfaces, let alone all the other stuff that KDIZD had. For the most part it's just vanilla DOOM mechanics, only with some limit removal.