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    Cacowards 2014 nomination thread

    I really feel PRODOOMER deserves a "first" place Cacoward TRAILER * awesome replay value (hidden rings system + 100% level complete necessity) * awesome gameplay * the best bestiary * multiple habilities * huge weapons updgrader * addictive as HELL as you progress. See for yourself
  2. @ Jaws In Space: I enjoyed all of your maps with a special mention for Up Town. Mapping with restrictions in the like of "limited textures allowed" can give a newbie styled map look "by default". Have you read this one comment in which one would rate your maps as the bottom line ? That's another example of what I was stating to be "needlessly rude". But don't worry, my map will win this honnor on the next set :) that is, if it ever gets the approval seal :) But I have a good idea for it (I dream for a berserk-punch stressful maze with some Archviles and some occasional "respawning" pistol guys. [something easy :)]). @ schwerpunk: Hey, your map is great. Much as your writing; very zen, precise and clean. And open minded. I admire you. So there will be a bugfixed version I see. Would that be something like DWMMP1.1 ? Now, I know I'm out of bound but, anyone tried the Stardate 20X6 ? I'm finishing it on UV. Insanely hard.
  3. I appreciate your care for me :)
  4. I had noticed the map 04 ending "duality". I thought it was a fine "shortcut" and let it be. I should have asked. And yes, criticism has proven to be needlessly rude, but this all over the place nowadays; le goût du jour. It'll eventually set asides for something better. The "negative iniatial contact" was a little to be expected since Stardate 20X6, preceeding it, is an Epic mapset that will take it's share in this year's december awards. I mean, coming from that to an infinately variable minimalistic experimental mapset was sure to change the mood :) The wad grows on you and I feel it'll ultimately be positive.
  5. Map 5 on UV, last section: about 150 Revenants :) I entered the place with 70 health. Then, why not, some Pain Elementals. A CyberDemon and good luck. Well, after a few tries, I got a working pattern and got them all. Was able to get down and bring everything I could for the next one. I was also able to bypass some sections. Eeach level pleases me more than the previous. 6 announces 1000 vs 1. Fair enough :)
  6. I am surprised to see The Monochrome Mapping Project 2 talk already !!! Well, if we're already brainstorming it, It could be: - at least different than the first one. Not a repeat of this wad Membrain :), it's already there ... - I'd offer myself to go seek some special guests mappers. I won't name no names :) - What about to let it turn around the idea of a Monochrome Mapping Project central start point hub from where all different styles/categories could be accessed; the Black & White Alley ... The Minimalist Gameplay Corner ... The Coloration Center. The Pistol Start One-Way. Even The UV Slaughter Madness & why not a Mini Progressive Lane. Bizarre suggestion ... EDIT. And a Newbie Bad Dump corner for my map :) One last thing. I wish to give up my "co-leader title". I very feel I'm not TECH enough for the job. A co-leader that cannot give much of the answers is a "bad co-leader". I'd see myself more in the consultant/tester/motivator department :) Da Werecat has proven he has more to give for that rank :)
  7. @ John Suitepee: I saw your first video; entertaining. Have you tried the Staccato chaingun method yet ? :))) It works pretty damn well. @ Da Werecat: are you linking a portable through your cell phone? Never done that. Is it as simple as connecting to any wifi?
  8. Scientist's map is a killer opener; it gives the mood :)
  9. Hi everyone, I'm late; @ The Club & Ribbiks: This Stardate 20X6 feels kinda Epic à la Sunder. This hardcore training will get you much too strong when you come back to our Monochrome Mapping Project. I hope you will like it and, since you are getting in shape, I will highly recommend you to pistol start (level after level) the mapset on UV. Then, you might still have some fun :). But, Holy Epic, Stardate 20X6 feels like Tool playing the first part of an unknown band. Now, I took a ride with Stardate on UV. I feel at home. I very feel the Sunder in it. Not quite as hard, but still. Now, I tried to hit the switch below. Guess what? It worked. There is one "get stuck here" on the other picture. @ Ribbiks: Mighty great mapset sir.
  10. @ Katamori: 23. But, 32 if you want to consider the remaining Doom2 levels :) @ The Monochrome Mapping Project team: Like Scientist before me, I want to thank you all. Fantastic team, very productive, et cetera. It was an honor to assist you in bringing this to life :) @ The DWmegawad Club: thanks for the publicity. What more could we expect, really ? I'll, for one, be around to follow your progress as I have played this beast PLENTY in the last few weeks :) Hope you enjoy as much as I/we did. @ Any Doomers: this 23 rooms museum will get you on your guards. Pistol start for the ones seeking excitement; Select HMP for an instructional visit; UV for the few intellectual ones >: Need a guide :? IMPORTANT EDIT: Woah! Our project is set to follow the Stardate 20X6 this month at The DWmegawad Club. We knew that. But has anyone tried the Stardate 20X6 maps yet ? Holy Epic. I am on the first map now and this feels like Sunder ... ouch! RE EDIT: Yep, they are indeed playing an Epic mapset à la Sunder down there at The Club. I know 'cause I joined in. This Stardate 20x6 is so MUCH harder than ours, the "training" they are getting with it will let them breeze our set with their eyes closed, afterward :))) I think I will go back there and suggest them a Nightmare run for our wad :) Anyway.
  11. Oh! I got stuck on "These are mine", looking too fast on "If you're not referring to maps' author". shame shame on my poor self :) ...