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  1. Although I hate to necro, but it's relevant to the project. The wad is now available on idgames. I uploaded it when I left years ago, but then I realized it was not accepted because of the long filename. It also includes the fix for a bug mentioned a couple posts above. It was only a tag issue. Again, thanks to everyone who contributed to the project and sorry for the necro.
  2. Nice playlist there. I'll watch your playthrough of my map later. I'll try to get this up on /idgames after I look into the bug mentioned above. Thanks for the notification.
  3. I didn't send it yet because I'm waiting for feedback in case I left out someone/something from the description. Also, even when I send it, it'll take a while until it finally appears on the archives.
  4. As of now, the compilation is considered released. Edited the OP, added a text file for the /idgames submission later. I'd like everyone to check the text if anything's missing or I forgot to mention someone.
  5. I'd officially announce it, if the project was discontinued. It's not. I'm still here, even though my free time is just a few. Actually, I was waiting if anyone wants to change anything in their maps, or if there was anything that had to be fixed. I think it's time to release the project, officially.
  6. I'll update that, soon. I saw that, I just didn't have time to open up GZDB, yet. I'll fix that soon and thanks for the reminder. @Xabika2202: Thanks for the notification.
  7. Alright guys, I've done every fix that was mentioned (and which I've noticed), v4 is up. Added nojump, nocrouch to MAPINFO. Everyone should check their maps and see if there's any problem. Notify me if something's wrong.
  8. I'll add that to the MAPINFO and will also check the vertices.
  9. Nice! I'll update the wad until the weekend (hopefully).
  10. Of course, go ahead. Just keep in mind that it has to have a hellish theme to fit in the slot.
  11. Very well. I'll remove the map, then. In that case, we have to make a new map for that slot. Anyone?
  12. So, may I fix the problem myself? Or would you not like us to include the map at all?
  13. Alright then. Now, it seems every scheduled fix is done, except for Careless Infection's rogue vertices. If everything goes alright, the next update will be a "first release". @Gustavo6046 should fix it and we're good to go.