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  1. Zalausai

    what do I do with my baby?

    WTF. Just . . . WTF?
  2. Zalausai

    Post Hell

    Is it just me or are there other users out here who also view things that are sent to post hell in the same regard as comics in the morning paper?
  3. Zalausai

    Ship Interior Design

    Here is a view of a "reactor" type room. I am using the standard textures for it. It is located at the back area of the ship under area with the little circles. I took people's advice for textures and am going more with panels and metal looking things. The brown area at the bottom of the pits is stone-like, but it also looks like rust, which works. Each pit is an instant death sector, since teleporters shouldn't exist within a fuel waste vat. To keep it Doom-y, there are no guard rails to prevent falling.
  4. Zalausai

    Ship Interior Design

    To answer some questions. This is a military ship. I want it to function as both an internal model and a playable level. The idea to use silver and Shawn textures is good. However I am having trouble coming up with rooms for it as well. I want the map to be able to work with the ship, so I am treating each pixel of the screenshot as a 64 x 64 area to work with. It is supposed to have a crew of 2000 or something, it should hold at least that many doomguy sized monsters comfortably when it's done.
  5. Zalausai

    Ship Interior Design

    Currently Working on a project for one of the users on the forums for the game Battleships Forever. The project is to turn the ship into a Doom level with a high tech blue theme. Here is what I currently have. Just a small part of the bridge and a hallway. This is the ship itself. These are the Doom screenshots. Are there any tips or suggestions that can help me along with designing and interior along the lines of the request?
  6. Zalausai

    Level design.

    Thanks for the tips everyone. The ideas to add to existing areas and to move vertices around are helpful as well. I'll try those for now.
  7. Zalausai

    Level design.

    I have made a few levels now, but I just can't make things asymmetrical. For some reason all of my rooms are symmetrical. Has anyone else had this problem? You know, not being happy with your own work unless it is symmetrical. Is there any advice on how to overcome this? I tried to make an asymmetrical level and room, but it just doesn't feel right so I am dissatisfied with it for that reason.
  8. Zalausai

    R3DEdit Controls

    I finally got R3DEdit for DeePsea to work for doom level editing, but I am unfamiliar with the controls. Does anyone know where I can find a links or file with them? Sincere Newbie, Zalausai
  9. Zalausai

    Hyper Detailing

    What is hyper detailing? Is it the use of very tiny sectors in an attempt to pust doom to look like a nextgen game? Or is it something else?
  10. I have both deepsea (full) and doombuilder 2. I was wondering which program I should use. Can I have some suggestions?
  11. Yes, the gradient lighting was done by hand. I know that if I release an actual map of this size that it will end badly, that's why I expressively made sure to let people know that it was a small test map. I appreciate your review and am glad that there aren't any real complaints about the quality of it other than the brightness (an easy fix). This ensures that I will not end up as the worst of the year in the cacowards. I'm mostly grateful that I just started and I'm already doing better than expected at my current experience level. I mean, I do only have five hours of experience, lol. :)
  12. Thanks you for all of your help. With all the help that I've gotten on how to post something to the forums for review, it shouldn't be much of a problem now. Has anyone taken the time to review the very short level that I made? It took about 5 hours to make, with learning how to use the software and all and it is my first map.
  13. Here is the fourth and last link that I will attempt. If this all fails, I will just go back to expanding the level and making it bigger until I am again satisfied with its new state. http://speedy.sh/pbYh8/Darkspace-Test.wad
  14. For the 2nd mediafire link, I clicked the filename and was taken to another page with a large green download button to download it there. I hope that I did this right. Feedback is important to me as this is an artistic community.
  15. Ok, how about this link? http://speedy.sh/fxBCP/Darkspace-Test.wad