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  1. Theme song for this post: http://youtu.be/JnCluApO0Kw Well, i failed too. Still can't believe i've managed to spend so much time on one area thinking that i'll always have time to work on all others, but then the last day of May came and there was no time at all. It's 22:36 in Ukraine, i have 3 areas more to detail, one to create, but i can't keep my eyes open. This is it. It sure was an interesting month, i've learned a lot about workflow, got myself couple of neat working habits, and the things i've finished are not bad at all, will not be a shame to release the map after some more work. Even tho i failed, i don't feel like i've wasted my time and health, i feel sober.
  2. Because that's the whole point of the MAYham? One month community project? Without that, it kinda loses its point. The most "odd" rule you've implemented, other were fine.
  3. And what was the point of time limit if it's not enforced? Wasn't this a part of the challenge, to try to finish your map in one month?
  4. Duuuude, this thread wasn't started by me, my business with /idgames is over. Stop blaming me for discussing something. No they do not, as i indicated earlier in this thread. This is illogical, but since so many people here like scat i'm not surprised anymore. Or maybe ALL other people are easily offended. That's your level of logic. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?top Oh, i can handle criticism, i can handle criticism of a lousy and broken frontend all day everyday. See ya.
  5. What an ass (as in animal) you are DoomUK, i wrote two giant posts with arguments why it is wrong to put DNF and DN3D on the same level, you completely ignored those arguments, called DN3D a trashy game and called me a troll. You are ignoring what i say without ignoring my posts, because they still entertain you. I don't want to talk to you again, ever. Also, totally awesome mod that brings the DNF shown in 2001 trailer to DN3D just came out, check it out: http://www.moddb.com/mods/duke-nukem-forever/downloads/duke-nukem-forever-2013-10-version God i wish i could punch you in the nads. No replies till tomorrow people, i'm going to bed.
  6. Ugh, i didn't require arguments for "no good can come of free commenting on /idgames.", i required arguments for "your comments here are stupid", which you didn't provide too. Also, i didn't have a tirade, my first post here was a response to another post. My tirade was in that "Oh it's so not nice" thread, you slowpoke. My problem is that mods allow comments like "It's shit" already but then say that "It will become only worse if mappers will be able to respond". YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW IDGAMES, stop protecting us from shit if you are already breeding it. You can't say that the cake lacks an ingredient if you never tried that ingredient. If you did try it, you should have no problems telling that. Good God mang... Sure, lets base our educational system on needs for mentally disabled or people with one arm. You're just want to have the last word, it happens on the Internet. Still doesn't justify the broken systems. You ignored my "rating border" question. We're talking about commenting and rating system of /idgames Archive. Too often.
  7. Why can they are allowed to bark and i'm not allowed to bark back? Why "What a shitty map" is allowed but "It's still better than you mum" from author of the said map is not? Fun fact, if someone ELSE will respond to "It's shit" with "It's still better than you mum", it will stay there. No, really, my responses to shitposting were deleted, but comments under Blood on marble are still filed with some randumb comments. What the hell is this? Did he just saw same IP and deleted my posts because of that? Well excuuuuuuse me, /idgames Archive, it's not my fault i didn't know that "It's not intended for a back-and-forth discussion or debate", i thought it's just a lousy comment system circa 1994. Cause sure looks like that. Or he has a problem with me personally? This is why he deleted my responses but left other not map related stuff, and of course, the precious comments like "The map has a crusher, 0/5"? What a quality "review", 0/5 rating just for one element in one place on the map. Yep, the map is pure 0, nothing else to see or do there. Is someone tired of some type of monster? Your map has that type? Catch that 0/5 vote, mate, even tho you stated that it's [that type of monster] map in the readme! And shhhhh! tl; dr; the commenting and rating systems at /idgames Archive don't work, some people like shit thrown at them, mods without control suck.
  8. And why can't they tell you the reason directly? And since they didn't, are you sure it's not you imagining a problem because "OMG critics!"? If there are shitty things, along with craptastic, retarded and uncool (look at all these categories!), how can you tell what's shitty and what's not? Damn, i would like someone to write down the order of thoughts when someone is deciding what is shitty and what is not. And how can you tell if your map is shitty AFTER someone's comment, if you couldn't do it BEFORE said comment? Again, looks like simple anxiety.
  9. You cant' simply taste a cake and suddenly realize that it's awful. You can bite a cake and then puke because it's too sweet/salty and then say to the chef that it's too damn sweet or salty. Or, you can take a bite and brake your tooth of some piece of metal that somehow got in there, and then say that "This is awful! There's a piece of metal in muh cake! I'm so fat!". See, reasons. Well sorry, it's just that you said: Huh? You or not you, it still smells like inability to discuss something with people, smells like basement. Pff ha ha ha, what's next, telegraph? Doves? And all because someone is too lazy to implement normal messaging... But it's not useful, it's broken. What's the border for you, what is too low score for you to not download?
  10. Any arguments? No arguments, no offense, but no respect either. This one is like a third thread that reveals problems with /idgames Archive that i saw since i'm here.
  11. Well, there you have it. How can it be valid if it's not constructive? If you had a problem with a map you can state the problem. "It's shit" tells nothing at all, just like "It's a masterpiece", mapper will not be able to tell what makes people say these things if he'll look back at his work. "I died and my last save was 10 minutes ago, FUCK THIS MAP, 0/5". This can be one of the reasons for "It's shit" comment/rating. Because it's always the game's fault. Thank you game reviewers for teaching us that. (OH, and trust me, there are far more worse reasons out there, just read one of those gamer confessions thread on any forum, even this one) See, everyone understands that there is no constructive criticism on /idgames Archive. Wow, you should really do something with that social anxiety. Gee, well if "reviewers" are such experts, why can't they prevent this dramafest? Why is it always mapper's fault? Yeah, except the system does not really weed out anything, all maps stay where they were placed, and only someone can decide himself to not download maps below some score. I pity people who need a recommendation to download or skip a 2mb level or campaign for their supposedly favorite game. They should find a new hobby.
  12. Oh really, and where does that stated on the page? I see no "REVIEWS ONLY" sign anywhere there. Hell, there's no explanations at all. Comfy. If the front-end is designed for reviewing, then why there are no more text editing options like lists, bold text, strict through text, underlined text? That little white box is not really suited for writing a complex review. What kind of review is a one-liner like "It's shit", "Meh", and "It's good" and why these are allowed? Why can't you "review" without rating a wad using some randumb rating system, which is used both for single maps and for 32 maps megawads? No, really, think about it for a second "reviewers", you rate a single map, and a 32 map campaign, using the same rating system. That's right designers, enjoy your "It sucks" "reviews" silently. Not a single response. Because... i guess debates are bad and Internet is not for communication. Debates? What debates are you talking about if you can't leave a single message without rating a wad, even if it's your own. And what if you really need to respond or provide some new info? Hell, what if you just want to say thank you? Nope, upload a whole new readme, and maybe people will read it in that small box. Just as always, everything for your comfort, providers of content! I mean mappers. It never was intended for dialogues, and this is why it's complete crap. Because comments exist only on YouTube, and every space under a video is always like a cesspool. I guess you've never seen other mapping and modding related sites with (real) reviews, like Func_Msgboard or LvlWorld? Man, they sure suffer from ability of people to communicate! Oh wait... Also, what about moderators? I'm sure /idgames glorious moderators will definitely manage to keep order even if *gasp* more that one "review" will be allowed. Gee, but why there's no ability to rate the map on the forum? It is clearly very important, it wouldn't be present on /idgames otherwise. Oh, so now you call them comments, gee, and i thought they are reviews! So let me get this straight, if someone calls my map shit or great, must i copy the comment from the /idgames page and paste it on the forum to respond? You must register to post on forum, you must not to post on /idgames. There ya have it. /idgames proves to me that most websites added ratings not because they are an essential part, but to become WEB 2.0 compatible and make authors and visitors do some stupid shit for the sake of doing it.
  13. Harmata

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

  14. Harmata

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    If they will do their job and tune the enviroments and encounters around this system then it will provide quality fun, like in Riddick. The "recharging pieces of health" is an actually designed system, compared to no-brain health regen from CoD or Wolfenstein (2009?). I hope they will use blocks or other symbols (pictures) to represent health, it would look better than growing numbers. Finally gonna get my hands on Hard Reset these days. Aw man, i love articles like this, thanks. Ehe he he he he.
  15. Did you just copy-pasted and then rotated those removed hexes on the floor? Elements like that are suppose to be unique, not scattered all over the place. Also, what's with the orange side of the computer? Is that suppose to be its computer inwards, motherboard and stuff? I think there is a more suiting texture for this purpose very nearby in the texture browser.