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  1. In the last few years I turned into a complete software freak. The very best looking maps seem totally ugly and boring in OpenGL to me. Like it completely sucks the life out of everything, makes rooms plain, removes all depth, and stripes the game of its trademark surreal tone.
  2. Idea: YouTube channel of a man with multiple personality disorder. Each personality has its own vlog series and sometimes they engage in feuds, etc.

    1. Xyzzy01


      That's kinda like James Rolfe except he doesn't have that disorder. The Bullshit Man and Board James interact with the Nerd sometimes, though.

    2. fraggle


      paging littletemple

    3. geo


      Like Catfish! That's more like an imaginary friend for adults because they're so bored they assume the roles and know what they're doing and how to hide it.


      Some with MPD (or disassociate identity disorder) don't know they have it so it would be difficult to get videos without it being an act. Some cannot function in society while others can. Like they wouldn't be able to do a video because they'd be too busy having personalities take over and chances are those personalities will be so wildly different from one another.


      James Rolfe just has characters... like Kurt Russel or any other actor.

  3. Have mercy with embedded gifs, my Firefox is dying...
  4. "Crappy Doom WADs"... Is that what you show to make us play this?
  5. So how do I block this trick? Will a trigger line between the player and the switch work?
  6. Didn't see anything in Moscow a few days ago. Guess that's why it's called eclipse. :( edit: oh, this topic is not about the moon one
  7. Who are Alek, Tristan, Sorin, and Player99?
  8. When I have a map in progress, I typically work on it a few hours every day. It's important for me to keep that pace if I don't want it to get stuck for extended periods of time. Typically I should be done in 3-14 days, depending on the size. For context, most of my maps are short and I think all can be finished in less than 10 minutes. The detail level is similar to late 90's wads I guess.
  9. The latter would be much more interesting to see, I can tell you that.
  10. I really adored UDM3 like 10 years ago. It seemed so cool with the new palette, palm trees, and so on. Would be interesting to try it again.
  11. On e2m9 my solution was to avoid picking up that shotgun so that the imps don't come out. Just stand near it, wait for the cacodemons to come closer, then rush to get the rocket launcher. Once you're done with all cacos you can release the imps.
  12. More than 10 years ago I think.
  13. Nice, so a Map07 remake this time? I've always liked the castle feel in that level.
  14. I'm curious to know when texture alignment became easier. Of course it was still a lot of work without the 3D mode, and I think you had to manually select all the lines you wanted to align.
  15. Image embedding by default was a horrible idea. I don't blame people who are too lazy to edit their quotes. It's the forum's fault.