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  1. Wow, it's a great work with tons of details. I find such symmetry (is it total? I'm not sure if I can see any differences between the left\right sides at all) rather disturbing, but in this case it's probably a good thing as it's supposed to be creepy.
  2. Bad sounding name. Would you rather play her-i-tik or DOOOOOOOOOOOM?
  3. Weak sounds. Heretic really lacks that BOOM CHK CHK.
  4. Wow, thanks for the answer and for making the wad! :D (I'm kuchitsu) Are you still making maps btw? I think last one I played was from 2013.
  5. Remember that picture of Nikki Ziering playing ZDaemon?
  6. Tool
  7. I think the hand is too much like that of a human. Looks promising otherwise.
  8. You can also use WFALL1-4 textures and SWATER1-4 flats.
  9. Why not Community Chest 5 for the anniversary? It even rhymes: 25 - 5.
  10. Dark Apparition by Kenny Coughlan UV-Max in 3:32
  11. I feel like just about all of this should be allowed, and people should simply decide where they want to put their money. If people are willing to pay John in order to download his newest wad, so be it. If they think he's an asshole for demanding money then guess what, he won't get anything. But is it necessary to regulate this by law?
  12. Maybe 1 player out of 10 will do it and get the intended experience.
  13. Wow, I've never heard about this before. Very interesting art genre. It's like suddenly we're back in the 18th century.
  14. I think usually it's just people complaining because they like complaining. Very few people actually experience problems because of this.