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  1. Are there any weapon-themed compilations? Like "maps without SSG", "rocket-centric maps", "pure BFG spam maps", etc. Could be interesting.
  2. If scarce ammo is annoying for you, you can give plenty of ammo but put it behind the monsters where it's trickier to pick up safely.
  3. Mothership - single level for Eternity

    Consider picking a different title.
  4. The DWmegawad Club plays: Eternal Slumber Party

  5. Why was my WAD rejected?

    Try messaging Bloodshedder or The Green Herring, they should know more.
  6. Why was my WAD rejected?

    Wed Feb 28 20:54:02 EST 2018 Rejected D3PRMEXS.zip because: no response to verification email after 7 days. Thu Mar 8 18:29:36 EST 2018 Rejected D3PRMEXS.zip because: no response to verification email after 7 days.
  7. Well, the new title doesn't sound like a complete joke at least. It doesn't make me think of anything Heretic-related though.
  8. zekhmet community project - let's map!

    You should make a GZDoom Builder config. Having to look up object numbers in the text file is not fun.
  9. I dunno, having freelook might actually be better since it will feel more like real life that they are used to.
  10. Also on Map18 you can get stuck behind a crate here: https://i.imgur.com/5bePIh9.png
  11. Stephen Hawking Has Died At Age 76

    Right on the Pi Day...
  12. Things modern mappers do better

    I think the modern era begins around 2009-2011 (Sunder, Speed of Doom, Slaughterfest, skillsaw becoming really skilled, new wave of community projects, new vanilla craze, DTWID, in-depth analysis of gameplay and layouts, etc).
  13. spectral pain elementals

    Why have spectral PEs when you can have invisible ones?