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  1. Wow, nice activity here! Welcome to the demos forum. :) Map15 coming sometime?
  2. Can you bind idclip to some button and press it immediately after loading the save?
  3. Yeah, for some reason it usually looks kinda sad to me when I visit pages of my classmates in VK (russian Facebook) and see that they recently got married, made a baby, etc. It's like, they all look so similar and stereotypical now. Back in school they would do fun shit like arguing about counter-cultural music genres for five hours, participating in cosplay contests, coming up with crazy plans to escape the school building before the classes end, whatever. Now they are just these typical smiling married people that repost pictures of flowers and crap. It's like, where did all these colorful personalities go? It can be a bit disappointing to see, although I guess (hope?) it's fun for them.
  4. But you already can hang out with yourself! I mean, you can talk to yourself (inner dialogue), you can look at yourself (mirror, photos), you can touch yourself (lol, not necessarily like masturbation but in any other way as well), etc. If that's really the ideal situation for you then you already kinda have it, and maybe you can be satisfied with it. I wonder why this is not a huge topic in fiction. I only remember like only story about a narcissistic woman who clones herself so that she can get a best possible partner. I want more! I want to see a relationship with a clone going horribly wrong, which could mean that we only think we understand ourselves. Come on, someone write a novel about that, you're gonna be famous! Anyway, I think Nine Inch Heels is kinda right in that you probably shouldn't be looking for yourself in other people. Because most likely that's never going to work. Other people will always take you out of your comfort zone, expose you to new ideas and activities. They won't let you just sit in your own world quietly. And if you truly want to get close someone you better prepare for that. Then again, I'm not qualified to give advice since you can easily guess how many friends I have. Man, it would be so useful if there was a class like that in school. I barely learned anything from biology, chemistry, or history, but a class about hanging out with others would help me for my whole life.
  5. Did you guys notice how more and more programs\websites are getting rid of the "apply" and "cancel" buttons? Now when you're done playing around with the settings you can just close the window. Naturally, I miss that final touch and sometimes I wonder "so did it save my changes or what?". Well, that's probably a question of time and eventually you can get used to such things. But still, do you guys think it's a good idea to remove that stuff? For example, without the "cancel" button you can't quickly take back a bunch of unsaved changes, which can be annoying.
  6. Wow! This should be sold for millions of dollars on eBay. :D
  7. I set myself a rule that I'm simply not allowed to work on more than one thing at the same time, no matter the circumstances.
  8. It seems that whenever I install a new port, I have to reconfigure sooo much. For some reason ports usually have 640x480 windowed as a default video mode. That's, like, really small on a modern monitor. And do most people want to play windowed? Or maybe it's done this way to ensure that the port starts up for everyone (like perhaps fullscreen can crash on some systems? I don't know). Both PrBoom-plus and GZDoom default configs have always run off (come on!), and when you press the left\right arrows you turn instead of strafing! Is that really what's popular nowadays? It seems to me like only a keyboarder would want to work it like that. Also both ports suggest playing with vertical mouse movement enabled, which I thought is a very hated feature. PrBoom-plus also has gamma correction 4 by default, which looks really bright and annoying for the eyes. Maybe I'll investigate other ports later... But yeah, who else thinks that default configs could have been much better?
  9. Just don't advertise the fact that you used them. People won't complain about what they don't know.
  10. That's what notransl.deh is for. Not sure where to find it but at least vdgg has it for sure.
  11. The Shores Of Hell because it doesn't do just one thing, instead it's more like a mix of several styles and ideas, and that usually gives the most interesting results in art.
  12. The first would be some chess program. You can keep playing your whole life and still always lose to the computer. Second maybe go, where apparently it's realistic to hope to beat the machine. I'll have to think about the third.
  13. Chaingun is gentle on your ears.
  14. tumblr_opawydkGGy1vdbx3no1_1280.jpg

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      What's going on here?!

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      I saw this picture and thought of you. Because I remember you like pictures like this.



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      nice non-euclidian 3d space there

  15. Would it improve readability if the poll results were aligned like this instead? ->