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  1. TREE3.WAD was like the first pwad I got after discovering that I can choose what to play using the "random file" button on /idgames. And it had freaking PASSPORT.MID on the first level! It doesn't get more nostalgic than that. Some of my earliest FDAs were recorded on wads by Shamus Young, also incredible memories. That was probably the best Doom era for me. Just downloading whatever the roulette gave me and playing it no matter how awful it was. Like a totally unpredictable constantly changing romantic adventure. And back then it was still very exciting to beat just about any level without saves, and I wasn't good at spotting common tropes so almost everything seemed new.
  2. +++ Marswar
  3. Here are some useful AdBlock rules for the new forum. I don't remember what each of them does exactly, but basically everything related to reputation and likes is completely removed. "This is a popular post" note is hidden too. The only thing I haven't managed to block is that highlight rectangle around popular posts. If you have any ideas please let me know.
  4. I miss Brandon D.
  5. I think these brown STAR* textures can give a bad first impression, like "omg this guy just used the default Doom Builder choice, must be a noob then". They are kinda dangerous like that.
  6. "There are billions of people who believe in god. If at least one of them is right, then god exists."
  8. David Lynch: The Art Life - nice interview\documentary\early biography. Instead of focusing on major events, David talks more about seemingly little things that can sometimes influence us and change our lives drastically. His slow, calm and thoughtful way of speaking is very comforting and makes everything seem insightful. The film also displays some of Lynch's art and shows him working and spending time with his daughter, which is nice to see. Quite enchanting stuff overall, just like everything the guy touches. If you like him at all, go see it. :) Going in Style - wow, good one! For some reason I was expecting a kinda shallow and unfunny predictable comedy that would just make me feel embarrassed for these great actors. But actually it's a pretty well-thought-out film with colorful characters and witty dialogues that are only a little cheesy sometimes. The biggest surprise was that it actually managed to stay tense till the very end with its effective mood changes. Cool feel-good movie, can recommend if you want something touching that will make you love life a bit more. Split - it was thrilling for sure, and the idea seemed catchy of course. But the plot development and the climax made it seem to me like the movie relied mainly on its shock value and failed to say anything profound (it tried but ehh...) or to simply tell a good story. As soon as it ended I felt a "poof" in my head and stopped caring about what I just saw. Some scenes also seemed unintentionally funny, which makes sense considering the theme but still I wonder if that could have been avoided with better directing.
  9. I think the wooden trim on top ruins the theme and color balance of the room. I'm not sure if the ceiling lamps are needed either if you already have that nice hole in the ceiling. They might make things a bit messy.
  10. Hmm maybe will come, I love these. Never played Map34 somehow btw.
  11. Heh, every time a "strong opinion" is expressed it gets labeled as joking/trolling/stupidity?

    1. Nine Inch Heels
    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Well, to be more precise: Your opinion isn't "strong" because you say "most anime avatars are lame as fuck". You opinion is your opinion, and that's fine. But they way you conveyed your most recent opinion is something I personally found to be "lacking".


      I would have been totally with you, if you simply said that whatever it was you didn't like isn't your "cup of tea". If you convey your message in a less "hostile" fashion, it's much more enjoyable to discuss things with you.


      At least that's how I see things.

    3. rdwpa




      Stop trolling. 

    4. rdwpa


      Memfis, the simple explanation is that people grow weary of those who constantly complain (in places where they shouldn't) . For example the thread was about "Your Favorite Avatars on Doomworld" but half of the things on your list were things you hated, predictably so. It's not so much the content of your 'opinions' that leads to the reactions you get, but the tone and choice of venue.

    5. rdwpa


      I didn't see NIH's post when I started typing mine -- yeah, that is pretty much what I feel too.

    6. Memfis


      I reserve "not my cup of tea" for things I'm neutral about. That's not the right phrase to use when something is actively annoying I think.


      I kinda don't care much for the "you're perfect just the way you are! <333" attitude on these forums nowadays. I think there is more than enough of that to make every discussion completely lifeless. Someone needs to tell people that shit sucks once in a while.


      Anyway it's all just for fun.

    7. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      If something is not your cup of tea, you're not neutral about it, or are you? Like I said earlier, it's fine to have an opinion that is different from other people's opinions. That's pretty much what opinions are there for, if you ask me. It's good that people disagree, is what I'm saying here.



      I kinda don't care much for the "you're perfect just the way you are! <333" attitude on these forums nowadays

      That's OK for me personally, believe it or not, but then again it begs the question why you are surprised at the reactions of others to begin with. I mean, you're active here way longer than I am, let alone way longer than most, and you should have seen these reactions coming from a mile away, I'd argue.


      Someone needs to tell people that shit sucks once in a while.

      Why can you not just... I don't know, tell people about that in places where they ask for opinions like these to begin with? Remember when you posted a thread about the DWMWC? That was how to do it. You put your concerns in the right place, you brought up points that were worthwhile reading, wether or not people agreed. That was a strong opinion, because it was put in the right place, and it came across a lot less hostile. It was a lot more enjoyable to think about what you had to say. The moment people consider your opinion merely as some sort of "shitpost", it is weak, because it gets the wrong kind of attention.


      Anyway it's all just for fun.

      I would beg to differ under certain circumstances. The most recent "incident" was nothing that was any fun at all from my point of view. It came across as if you simply could not stand the "noise of positivity". And that's not so funny in my book.


      To give you a bit of an impression: The day I read your comment that rdwpa linked above, I had a really bad day. It was stress, a lot of it, and I really wanted to recharge my batteries before I get ready for the night. Everything was fine, until you stomp your feet and tell the world "that shit sucks in a while", to put it lightly. Guess what? That wasn't funny at all.


      And that's what you do for relaxation? Vent your anger at the expense of others? Now that I told you how I felt at the time, how do you feel about it? "Mission accomplished", or..?

    8. bzzrak


      Don't listen to them Memfis, you're perfect just the way you are! <333

    9. j4rio


      Can you please remove your queer anime avatar? That shit sucks, it's really annoying. Thank you in advance.

    10. gaspe


      Memfis I think that the problem is that (many) people take things too seriously, or even worse on a personal level, when they shouldn't.

  12. What really makes Maes' avatar shine is that distracting black pixel in one of the frames. Always catches my attention. rehelekretep's is really awful, imo babies are kinda repulsive to be honest because of oversized heads, underdeveloped facial features and overall alien-like look, ewwwww. Was instant adblock yet I still remember it. Hitherto's avatar with the Supaplex character is fantastic, also one of the extremely rare cases where the use of GIF isn't obnoxious at all and feels justified. Most anime ones are lame as fuck, there is time and place for anime and Doomworld usually isn't it. They are kinda similar to pony avatars. Azuruish animation is lovely tho, also another example of an actually cool GIF. Overall the number of charming avatars went down by a big number since they increased the maximum image dimensions. Tiny underdetailed pictures had a lot more soul.