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  1. Hey, I hosted this in multiplayer tonight and found some problems. I have to say overall you did a great job maintaining coop compatibility with these emergency teleporters, but there are still a few issues: Map14: - there are three player 2 starts and no player 3/4 starts. - it is possible to get stuck in sector 554. Map16: - there are two player 2 starts and no player 3 start. Map17: - the emergency teleport to sector tagged 23 takes you to the spot where monsters are the most likely to gather, I died there in like 2 seconds. Map22: - the emergency teleport to sector tagged 3 faces the wrong direction (you appear with monsters behind your back). I feel like I've seen a similar problem in some other level, but unfortunately I'm not certain. Map30: - um, what's the deal with tag 8? If these lamps are supposed to seal off the players in the starting area then it doesn't work, but what's the point of that anyway? I don't know if you want to spend more time on this, but if you care I feel like some levels could use additional coop ammo and items. In particular, Map16 is really really tight on ammunition, and it doesn't help that not everyone can get the shotgun (because only the enemies drop it) or the berserk (even with item respawn it takes a while for everyone to pick it up). Map17 also seemed kinda tight. On Map19 maybe you could place two soulspheres at the start so that the guy who snatches the megasphere doesn't get to have all the fun. Since Map21 is a tyson map, it should have many coop berserk packs so that everyone can get one. The rest of the levels seemed fine I guess but still a little bit of bonus items for multiplayer would be welcome if you feel like working on that. Overall I found IHMN great fun in coop, so thank you for supporting it. :)
  2. It's on 21st, you didn't miss it yet. :)
  3. Yay, looks like it's working now.
  4. Some ideas for improvement: - The Entryway 2 is one of the least original level names possible. Pick a better name and your map is likely to receive more attention. - DOORTRAK on the sides of doors should always come with the "lower unpegged" flag. That's pretty much a universally accepted convention. - Your use of the "impassable" flag is rather annoying. It's disappointing when I'm trying to climb something and an invisible wall blocks me for no logical reason. - It was a bad idea to hide the only good weapon in a secret. Are you expecting me to fight HKs and groups of imps with a pistol? Hell no, I'm running past them. - I feel like you're relying on brown textures and flats a bit too much. I got tired of looking at them, more color variety would be nice. Good work otherwise. Keep learning and have fun.
  5. @j4rio, @Ancalagon, @Anima Zero, @Bloodite Krypto, @Nevanos, we need you!
  6. That's what I dislike about Bitcoin. So much energy is wasted on pointless calculations! Stuff like Primecoin sounds much cooler to me since the calculations are actually useful and help humanity.
  7. Lol, people make rooms now just to show them here?
  8. 05 - awesome French melodrama music. :D I'm picturing a woman in her thirties rushing to the airport, hoping that she can still stop her loved one... The map has an intricate layout and might initially seem rather tough depending on the route you choose, which makes it more satisfying to conquer it and gradually turn into your territory. This unusual connection between two corridors (most mappers would make it block the player) is crucial to the layout's success. I'm usually not a big fan of teleporter traps but I really like how they are used as a theme in this level. The teleportations even make sense most of the time, as the monsters tend to appear on designated platforms rather than random spots. A flawless map and another good example of how important music is in Doom. It adds so much!
  9. No no, I want it to replace the chainsaw (so that the original chaingun still exists).
  10. I get -1 if I first make a single pistol shot first. If I start firing with an even number, it seems fine. (edit: ok, but that's only with complevel 9. with 2 it's always fine) Btw I found the solution for ZDaemon: And I don't see any side-effects there, so that is exciting.
  11. Hm, and in ZDaemon I get infinite ammo with this. o,o
  12. I now have this (borrowed a frame from Wolfenstein SS because there are no more frames for chainsaw I think): Frame 71 Duration = 3 Next frame = 726 Frame 72 Duration = 3 Frame 726 Duration = 0 Next frame = 72 Sprite number = 11 Sprite subnumber = 1 Weapon 7 (Chainsaw) Ammo type = 0 Ammo 0 (Bullets) Max ammo = 400 [CODEPTR] FRAME 72 = FirePistol FRAME 726 = CheckReload FRAME 71 = FirePistol But I still can get -1. Did I misunderstand something? (I assume you meant CheckReload? I don't see CheckAmmo in Whacked)
  13. Hmm thanks, that solved the problem, but now I can sometimes get down to -1 bullets and then it keeps cycling between pistol and chainsaw forever... Is there a way around that?
  14. and failing. What am I doing wrong? Here is what I have so far: Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0 # Created with WhackEd4 1.2.0 BETA # Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines. Doom version = 21 Patch format = 6 Frame 67 Duration = 1 Next frame = 67 Frame 68 Next frame = 68 Frame 71 Duration = 3 Frame 72 Duration = 3 Weapon 7 (Chainsaw) Ammo type = 0 Ammo 0 (Bullets) Max ammo = 400 [CODEPTR] FRAME 72 = FireCGun FRAME 71 = FireCGun I looked at the way chaingun works in "States" and tried copying the parameters as close as possible. I changed the shooting duration to 3 and max ammo to 400 because I want it to be like in Disturbia. I'm hoping to eventually change the chainsaw sprites to the Disturbia ones too. Is what I'm trying to achieve possible? Am I on the right track at all? Why am I getting weird hybrid weapons? Maybe I know too little to even be attempting this? I admit I have barely any idea of what I'm doing.