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  1. I'm interested in the idea of people playing games with self-imposed restrictions in order to make them more challenging, fresh, or whatever. One well-known instance of this is playing Doom wads without saves. Do you guys do anything similar with other games?
  2. That is not true at all. At least in non-IoS maps all monsters except lost souls normally have to be dead when you exit.
  3. I don't see anything counter-intuitive. There are real monsters and then there are fake spawned monsters. All real monsters have to be dead when you exit. Very simple.
  4. I can't agree with this. Their resurrections should count in my opinion. I don't think you can use Speed of Doom Map30 as a precedent. To me it sounds more like nobody ever really bothered to argue about what's going on with that particular map and it actually has a bunch of invalid maxes.
  5. Favorite Movie Genre: I don't really think about stuff in terms of genres usually, but maybe these surreal incomprehensible movies where you have no idea what's happening and what it's supposed to mean, and yet you're deeply fascinated and highly entertained by them. Like what David Lynch does. Favorite Food: Bad food like burgers, potato chips, etc is always the tastiest. Nowadays I almost never eat it though because I started thinking about my health. Favorite Holiday: Maybe birthdays of sites I visit and games I play? Like when the creators celebrate them by adding some new features, organising contests or whatever. Out of traditional ones I guess I would have to say Christmas. For some reason I like to pretend that I don't really care about it, and yet it always manages to inspire me. Favorite Memory: I think it is yet to come. Worst Memory: Shitting myself on a train lol? Don't remember how old I was but it must have been a single digit age. Hard to pick really, I guess truly worst memories kinda get suppressed after a while? Like I have a memory of seeing a human body with a head chopped off on a railroad (suicide?) but nowadays it's so fuzzy I'm not even sure if it's real anymore. Maybe I dreamed of it. Age: 24 Favorite Outfit: Very tough question. I really like when people wear slightly oversized clothes that somehow work. Unnecessarily long sleeves are lovely, for example. Also these things, don't know what they are called. In general, slightly messy outfits that kind have a "don't give a fuck" feel but still look cool. Favorite Genre Of Music: A few years ago I would say happy breakcore like Reizoko Cj, but now my brain is perhaps too used to it. It's still really freaking cool, but maybe it's no more the best thing ever. I will give a really broad answer and just say electronic music. It just feels to me like electronic musicians are typically the most concerned about the sounds being really pleasing to the ears, whereas e.g. piano playing is perhaps more about the composition, the mood, and all these things. So, like, electronic music is really really tasty food, while other music is more exquisite stuff where you're supposed to appreciate bitterness (wtf?) as well. Most Hated Genre of Music: Maybe a capella. Not the singing itself, but like when they are trying to make other sounds with mouth it can be a bit disgusting, similar to people munching while eating. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right. But I had one day when I tried to learn using the other hand as primary. :D Worst Injury: In elementary school I fell from a bike and broke my left arm. I think it was a good experience actually, probably most kids should go through something like this while growing up. Favorite Hobby: Japanese language and everything related to it, especially anime and other things that look like anime. Your Definition of Success: I don't really like talking about definitions to be honest. Like some people will argue whether some band is black metal or not for 12 hours, I don't get that. Maybe instead of talking about labels and stuff like that we could talk about things that actually matter? In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Maybe in chess? Although they are usually more like black and yellow-ish...
  6. I just play them on YouTube. No pain involved!
  7. Would be cool if screenshots were required to be in a certain format. For example, OpenGL ones are always much less likely to make me interested in playing. :P
  8. Maybe this should come with new sprites? At least recolored or something. The iwad ones will look way too weird in a such outlandish setting. Would be okay for a secret map of a megawad maybe, but for the whole thing? I think green imps and blue demons or whatever could really help. Sorry if this was suggested already, I didn't read everything.
  9. 1. lol 2. lol 3. some imps removed and shells added 4. the real thing 5. heh
  10. The fact that you can't experience your map properly as a player who doesn't know what's coming. You're already familiar with everything in the level so it's hard to get excited about anything in it. By making the map you're basically depriving yourself of most of the fun that can be had with it.
  11. How reliably can that stuff be stored though? I mean, during the editing sectors might be cut in parts, maybe renumbered, etc, which could interfere with your alterations. This would require good planning I guess.
  12. Hmm, I thought this is it? ->
  13. Worked well for Erik Alm!
  14. I'm surprised the loud commercials thing isn't illegal.
  15. I see this a lot on YouTube, for example with music uploads. Go to any song that isn't incredibly popular (so not like Lady Gaga), and most likely it will have 99% likes and pretty much all comments will be positive and highly enthusiastic. Which kind of makes sense since almost everyone who watched it probably actually searched for it because they wanted to hear it, rather than stumbling upon it accidentally. That always makes me wonder: so who are the 20 or so people that pressed dislike? Were they really that offended by the song? Did they feel like pressing the dislike button because they were annoyed by the overwhelming positivity in the comments? Do they just go around YouTube and dislike whatever they find? What do you think is more likely?