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  1. You use spectres efficiently when they don't appear in your maps.
  2. Well yeah, there are no nodes in the wad. Which map editor are you using?
  3. I dislike the idea of associating works of art with numbers. I would prefer to just write words.
  4. Can you please add an option to comment on a wad without giving it a star rating?
  5. Might be incorrect order of lumps. Maybe you can post the wad.
  6. Post Hell was better than 95% of other topics.
  7. Doomguy is the boombox.
  8. Oh, I can't believe I only now remembered shoebill.
  9. I want to see something like Invasion UAC but even more ambitious and grand, with many various atmospheric settings, cool setups like that BFG shooting machine, maybe a bit more consistent in quality, without cramped parts, etc... The successful recipe was already invented a long time ago, now someone just needs to bring that stuff up to the modern standards and you will get an incredible multiplayer experience.
  10. umm



    1. 42PercentHealth


      It's a good face.

    2. Gothic


      Wasn't that a default avatar from the old forum?

    3. cyan0s1s


      Doomguy's demented grimace lives within us all.

  11. I don't know about the doomguy but the monsters hear it for sure. Just load Entryway and observe the start room zombies tapping their feet to the music.
  12. In 2013 I made a level ("Nextgen Computer Station") where when you press the exit switch you don't win and only hear the intermission music. Then you get outside and yep, you find a giant jukebox that plays the song.
  13. The revenant shooting colorful magic crystals ruins the mood quite a bit?
  14. Add an option to hide animated avatars.