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  1. blueinferno776

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    The blue key room in map 1 can trap the player in the pit of pinkys if they drop down to clear them before grabbing the key. I had to reload my save to continue.
  2. blueinferno776

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    I finished rc1 on hmp, the visuals have improved dramatically! The second stage is my favorite next to the first. The third I think could use a little more stimpacks, I powered though it with just 13 hp hunting the yellow key. I really enjoyed this. Ammo management is absolutely required in the first stage for anyone trying this out for the first time. It took me a while to beat the first stage, I kept running out of ammo and getting my ass kicked when I first played this in 2012. I will run though this again on uv later today
  3. blueinferno776

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    Is this a hallucination? One of my favorite wads is remade!?
  4. I missed out on using midi sound cards back in the day. I was never aware midi existed until I learned about what doom used for music playback in.. 2011. I do think many indie developers use midi for there soundtracks. Way too late for the party. I'm going to guess the real hardware midi playback sounds better that softsynths. I turn into a enthusiast for midi ever since I started hearing the music from memento mori 1 and 2, requiem,reverie. There a ton of passion in those midis rich with interesting mix ups up to long spans of time without getting dull. IMO the musicians here are light years ahead of a lot of AAA companies. My main soundfonts are - roland sc-55. Sf2 - Yamaha XG soundset.Sf2 - just t4.sf2 ( A Yamaha tyros 4 sf2) I used for composing music I still like how midi sounds on the those old banks, they are timeless. Are there any midi sound cards that will work with modern pc's? I would love to experience what I missed out on. I wish I can talk about this from experience Iike everyone did, I did not know anything about midi until way late.
  5. blueinferno776

    Death Tormention: The Complete Trilogy (Compilation)

    Thank you for refreshing DT the way you did. Simply phobos is another favorite of mine and now all four are together this was a very pleasant surprise. :)
  6. blueinferno776

    Nova III - old thread, don't use!

    Alright.. I already put a lot of work on a map for e1 since two days ago and its really coming along. I will post screen shots when its close to being completed. When done I wanted to go for e3 afterwards.
  7. blueinferno776

    Fluidsynth on Windows

    It seems to only do one midi at a time and lame and ogg2 codecs are not prepackaged. The one I use converts the midis say obout 35 of them loaded to a list and converts all of them at once. And it very easy to use.
  8. blueinferno776

    Fluidsynth on Windows

    I use the roland sc-55 presets soundfont to prerender the midis into its own wad and so far its blown me away. Best to use Coolsoft or Bassmidi softsynths for it due to fluidsynth butchering the playback somehow. It does sound a lot better then any soundcanvas sf2 I listened to. The soundfont here: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!APGActebnI7onfw&cid=2560AB987048B49F&id=2560AB987048B49F!1222&parId=root&action=locate My converter of choice here: https://github.com/KaleidonKep99/Keppys-MIDI-Converter/releases
  9. blueinferno776

    Doom 64 - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition Soundtrack

    This soundtrack is my childhood. Its awesome your still giving your past work attention like this!
  10. blueinferno776

    ZDoom ceases development

    This is surreal. Did not ever see this coming. Really this sucks! :( Zdoom was like a foundation for my whole experience with all its amazing wads like ultimate simplicity, austerity, knee deep in zdoom. Randi,thank you for everything you gave us! You achieved so much with all the hard work you put into zdoom.
  11. blueinferno776

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    Doomsday 1.8.6 was the first hardware rendered port I used,Zdoom being my first ever. Seeing dynamic lighting along with many other goodies blew me away. Doomsday is what got me using hardware ports as my primary since then. But doomsday had a lot of game breaking bugs like when a door or switch just wont work at all stopping me from finishing any wad I started. I just got to a point where I could not trust this port. Doomsdays current release has insane cpu overhead, even if its boom support is complete there is no way it can handle any boom map with a lot of detail. I hope this changes when doomsday 2.0 is released.
  12. blueinferno776

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    I played DoomGLES on my samsung galaxy avant. I also have doomtouch that had no problem loading pwads or textures on a dime without any others tools needed. It must be a limitation the port has. Thats the best guess I have.
  13. blueinferno776

    Reasons for success or failure of source ports?

    DsDoom and DoomGLES are my most hated for the worst setups for loading pwads. DsDoom did not come precompiled with the argv tools to run any user wads, and it crashed like crazy and also crashed the instant a certain map was loaded. DoomGLES had a built in pwad loader.. but you needed to convert all the textures in the wad first before you can use them. It was very annoying to write bat file manualy to get the converter to work. I hate ports that force people to jump through hoops just to get a wad working. I dont know how anyone here view the two ports in my opinion they suck so bad.
  14. Combat shock 2 is my only exception for some reason I had a lot of fun with it. Only six maps felt like perfect for that wad. Slaughter maps suffer from the lack of variable gameplay, I would like to have isolated Slaughter fests in a maps to serve as mean trap for a key or a fake switch that was suppose to open the door next to it. I love fighting hordes of monsters but not to where it becomes the wad.
  15. blueinferno776

    new megawad: ECHELON

    Some megawads I played left me worn out for dragging on too long or felt too grindy. I liked how this wad changed its style from start to finish having some larger maps in there with the short ones. Elder was huge and was fun to play. My only gripe is the last stage was a bit under whelming because of how the story build it up throughout progression not cause it was bad at all. I did like how the battle was set up that's not overkill hard like some zdoom mapsets I played. I finished this wad and played through it again on ultraviolence right away. This is not something I do often! :) I love Echelon a lot. The option of having gameplay changes in wad is a cool touch btw.