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  1. doom_is_great

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    I really hope the soundtrack to the movie is better than that techno crap.
  2. doom_is_great

    Rage 2 leaked?

    The beginning of the trailer looked and sounded kind of cool with the car and everything. But after the Bethesda logo, it was like "WTF is this?" And yeah, it doesn't match the more dark and serious tone of the original, which is kind of disappointing. And whoever thought that throwing the color pink everywhere was a good idea ought to be fired. I have no idea how anyone could think that that looks good. Who thinks of the color pink when you think of post apocalyptic?
  3. doom_is_great

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    I was hoping they would copy the aesthetics of Doom 2016, along with the story and everything. Sigh. Looks like they are just trying to make a 'better' version of Doom 2005. LAAAAAME!
  4. doom_is_great

    R. Lee Ermey Has Died At Age 74

    His voice is in a Doom mod somewhere. Jay's Brutal Doom I believe it is. One of the friendly marines that you teleport in has his voice. It made me smile and chuckle when the friendly marine said his line while mowing down demons "You're the lowest form of life on earth! You're not even a human fucking being!"
  5. doom_is_great

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Please, oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE let the second possibility be the case! I can't tell you how disappointed I will be if it is the first!
  6. doom_is_great

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Glad they seem to be making it like Doom 2016. In my opinion, Doomguy shouldn't talk. He should just be a wrecking ball, like the terminator. Other people can do the talking, like Olivia Pearce, Samuel Hayden, Vega, other UAC employees, etc. They can do the exposition. Have the movie start out before the invasion, maybe with the discovery of Doomguy's sarcophagus. Then when the invasion starts, Doomguy gets awakened by some scientists just before they are brutally killed by demons. Doomguy breaks free of his chains, kills all the demons with his bare hands and possibly with a gun, just like in the game. He later finds his armor, a shotgun, and goes on his way to kill them all. Then the rest of movie should be pretty much be like the Fight like Hell trailer, only with Mick Gordon's soundtrack blaring in the background. He must do the music. If the movie is exactly like that, I just might buy it.
  7. doom_is_great

    So how far did you get on Ultra-Nightmare?

    I've gotten just to the Foundry level just far, but man, ultra-nightmare mode has made me realize just how balls to the wall intense this new Doom is. Before playing on ultra-nightmare mode, I thought that Doom 2016 was too easy, that it didn't quite capture the same sense of dread that the original had where it felt like you were up against overwhelming odds, but all that's changed. You CANNOT fuck up in combat in this mode or else you're done. You have to move, you have to be fast, you have to kill everything as quickly as possible since even weak enemies can kill you quick. Although ultra-nightmare mode can be frustrating at times due to all the restarts, it has breathed new life into the game for me. Really, in my opinion, it captures the absolute intensity, speed, and brutality of the original.
  8. doom_is_great

    Where will Doom go next?

    Well, I'm hoping personally that Robert Duffy can make what he said about Ryzen a reality : "The additional threads and cores allow us to turn up a lot of things: better frame rates, more AI, more things happening in the game space, more simulations running, more realistic worlds." As much as I want a Hell on Earth sequel already, I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer while so they can create a souped up graphics engine and combine it with advanced physics and better AI so that when Doom finally comes to Earth, it will be the most mind blowing Doom game ever made. However, some SP DLC for the current Doom game would be nice too. Someone mentioned making a DLC similar to the Episode Thy Flesh Consumed to act as some sort of intermission between Doom 2016 and presumably Doom: Hell on Earth. Something that I was thinking about the other day after playing Doom 2016 is how I wish that id had made Hell a little bit more gruesome and oppressive. Last year, I played Brutal Doom 64 and found the Hell sections to be extremely foreboding and oppressive, especially in one level where there was a room full of captured, mutilated UAC marines crying and shouting due to their torment. Seeing something similar in Hell in the next Doom game would really make Hell seem more like, well, Hell: a place were unfortunate souls go to be tortured and tormented for all eternity, not just a place where demons live.
  9. doom_is_great

    Hardest level in Goldeneye 64.

    Aztec by far. I want to replay Goldeneye on PC with keyboard and mouse. Some gameplay videos of the game being played on PC just fill me with nostalgia, and I want to be able to shoot accurately and fast like James Bond would in real life.
  10. doom_is_great

    What do you think of nightmare mode?

    I wish that nightmare mode was also more than just enemies hit harder. I wish that they could incorporate monster respawning like they had in the old games. That would quite a fun challenge.
  11. doom_is_great

    Favourite Fast Food Place?

    Eh, I like each one for a specific item. McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder with cheese is always my go-to burger when I eat there. When I go to Wendy's, their spicy chicken sandwich along with a cup of chili and fries makes an absolute divine combination. Subway's Italian BMT is absolutely delicious along with their macadamia nut cookies. Burger King is alright. Their Whoppers are huge. Carl's Jr. is ok too. There criss cut fries are marvelous and their burgers taste pretty good as well. Used to eat out at Arby's a lot. Their roast beef sandwich's are delicious and they have amazing curly fries. I haven't eaten at Whataburger in ages, which is a shame since I live in Texas. I need to go there before I fly up to Idaho this upcoming New Year's Eve. My family and I used to call it Whatabum because the first time we ate there, some panhandler came in and tried to bum some fries off of us. The manager kicked him out after that. When I was a kid, I used to go to a place called Rally's a lot. Out East I believe it's called Checker's. They had absolutely amazing cajun fries. Which reminds me that Popeye's is my absolute favorite place to get fried chicken and it beats out KFC any day of the week. Another place that I really love is Chipotle. Their steak burritos are amazing. Pizza Hut is alright. When I'm up at school, however, when I crave pizza, I usually get Little Ceaser's 5 dollar hot and ready pepperoni pizza. Can't really beat that price for pizza. Don't like Taco Bell. Taco Bell is shit and is an insult to Mexican food.
  12. doom_is_great

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    Of course it did. I guarantee you that you more people in the gaming community know about Brutal Doom than the Doom comic. And don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm not saying that Id was inspired by Brutal Doom or that Brutal Doom is the reason Doom 4 is the way it is. I am talking about the impact that it's had on how gamers view Doomguy and who Doomguy is. That's it.
  13. doom_is_great

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    I never said that Doom 4's glory kill system was inspired by Brutal Doom. Neither did I say that Brutal Doom was the sole inspiration of the psycho-badass interpretation of Doomguy. I said that it simply has CONTRIBUTED to the idea, and considering Brutal Doom's popularity not just in the Doom community but in the broader gaming community, it's undebatable that Brutal Doom has shifted people's views and interpretations on Doomguy and caused them to view him more as a psycho-badass rather than a lone survivor badass.
  14. doom_is_great

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    I think, unfortunately, Brutal Doom has contributed to this idea that Doomguy is this psycho-badass who loves killing and torturing demons. And that unfortunately has caused lots of people to think of Doomguy that way rather than the way Touchdown and also I viewed him in my earlier years of playing Doom. I like the idea of Doomguy being just a regular guy who is really good at killing demons but just does it to survive and to try to stop the invasion. To me, that makes him more relatable because that's how I would feel if I were in his position. I don't want to go to hell and I don't want to spend all my time killing demons and possibly get killed doing it, but I have to do it because that's the only thing that's going to save humanity and also save myself. Doomguy as some psycho-badass demon killing god is just totally unrelatable to me.
  15. doom_is_great

    Bloodfall map Empyrian - Argent d'nur pre hell architecture???

    I would be careful about trying to inject too much religious meaning into Doom. It would just come out really dumb. However, hell in Doom is real hell. Not just some alien planet.