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  1. I would have totally replaced the pistol with a rifle that was more accurate (eliminating the need for Chaingun tapping and making the first weapon actually worth something) or perhaps a magnum that did a lot of damage but was slow. Doom lacks a truly satisfying bullet weapon, the Chaingun does the part it plays well but it actually isn't that outstanding to be honest.
  2. mrthejoshmon

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    PLANET1 is absolutely wonderful, I started using SLADE to add the screens to different background textures so I can implement it in even more situations.
  3. mrthejoshmon

    i made a guide of how to get brutal doom in hdoom

    You want the cliff notes or directors cut?
  4. mrthejoshmon

    GTA 6 Just Got Leaked

    Many of the leaked alpha and beta builds I have tinkered with usually come with the debug settings fully accessible (easily accessed via hotkey or console command), it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for this build to also be like that.
  5. mrthejoshmon

    GTA 6 Just Got Leaked

    The first thing I thought when I saw the gameplay is "Is this just a Watchdogs beta?", the movement and interaction with the world looks almost identical at this current stage (See: floaty, disjointed, spending most it hunched over). But apparently this is actually GTA, and it looks about as finished as I'd expect at this point because we all know Rockstar still got that GTA: V zombie on that life support, nowhere near a finished product.
  6. mrthejoshmon

    Describe a Movie/Series You've Never Watched

    Game of Thrones is probably the longest and most anticlimactic game of chess I have ever seen and has some of the most bizarre rules I have ever heard of.
  7. mrthejoshmon

    (FIXED) ︻┳═一 SHOTGUN MAYHEM ︻┳═一

    Looks like we already know what day it is
  8. Oh, I know how I would react...
  9. mrthejoshmon

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    I must say that as a Brit, I have never expected to actually witness any historical moments of any significance at all. One of the longest reigning monarchs have passed, this is fairly significant, yet all I see is shitposting. I love the modern world, the absurdity is wonderful.
  10. mrthejoshmon

    Good Playstation Games?

    Not to go too far off the discussion, but as a Worms fan dating back 20ish years when I first achieved sentience, no series has been as maligned, butchered and floundered as hard as Worms, I adored the OG 2d era games (Except Blast, fuck Blast), I liked the first couple 3D games (that being 3D, 4 and a little bit of Forts) but almost every subsequent entry passed that has been a complete disaster. The wheel need not reinventing, we didn't ask for a battle royale/real time game in the TURN BASED ARTILLERY GAME SERIES. The Armageddon patch was good at least, very nice surprise, Worms World Party Remastered is one of my 2 negative reviews on Steam and to put it in perspective I rarely actually post reviews on Steam.
  11. mrthejoshmon

    Good Playstation Games?

    There is a lot of obscure but decent PS1 titles out, I have recently discovered the YouTube channel Sean Seanson that does really engaging comprehensive videos on almost exclusively PS1 titles that would be well worth checking out, either for finding new gems or just on the channel's own merit (It's really good imo). One of my all time favourite PSX games is the original Armored Core, it is seldom talked about but it is a challenging and well crafted experience, not much of a pick up and play though. Worms World Party on the PSX, somehow, is the definitive way to play Worms World Party nowadays (because the """"remaster"""" is broken beyond belief). An easy game to pick and play at any moment. And, controversially, I'd say the PSX "Duke Raider" (Duke Nukem Time to Kill and Land of the Babes, also Danger Girl apparently) are actually quite fun. They've recently become punching bags for over acting YouTube personalities (who's criticism of the controls makes me actively question them? They're fine? Have they been spoiled by analogue?) but I will say they do not deserve the flak. They're quite fun when you spend five seconds to get the controls down.
  12. mrthejoshmon

    WAD recommendations for doom newbie

    The Rebirth can be seen as a fairly "standard" Doom 2 megawad, very pleasant to play with a gradual difficulty curve, no nasty spikes in difficulty/obtuse designs and is very beginner friendly and personally one of my all-time favourites to pick up and play. Mark's Maps are a collection of single map affairs that aren't too obtuse or difficult at all, one or two stray from the regular design but they are rather forgiving and user friendly. Easy recommend. And, of course, how could I forget Icarus? Icarus is an amazing experience, fairly difficult in some places (comparatively to the rest I had mentioned) but nonetheless well worth your time. I believe these should be vanilla, but it wouldn't hurt to use a limit removing port. If you're finding yourself overwhelmed by the incredibly high quality (yet incredibly hard) newer wads released, then it could always be worth going back and playing older releases.
  13. Another vote for The Sky May Be, if we are going to leave anything behind I would want it to be as incomprehensible as possible. Special mention to this wad, that will give em something to think about.
  14. mrthejoshmon

    What's the best way to indicate a locked door without keys?

    One thing I like to do is use the Blue light texture, have a 1pixel sector on it set to "glow" at maximum light level and have the switch preferably in visual range also marked by the same lights. Another thing I did, most notably in my NOVA 2 map, is use the signs from the Doom Alpha to mark doors and related switches. Another alternative I am exploring is a screen that changes after the switch is pressed: We'll see how that goes
  15. mrthejoshmon

    What is your opinion on weapon wheels in video games?

    They are convenient, especially when they slow the game down, to make a choice on what exactly I feel like shooting something with. When you've played Doom and Quake ect for so long it stops being about optimal playing and more about "how do I want to play?". Weapon wheels are great for the indecisive murderer uhming and ahing over how they want to reduce the target to hamburger. They're also great for when I'm playing like a clumsy dumbass after a long shift at work and can't hit the right keys. I struggle to see the occasional hard umbrage towards them unless they actively replace the scrolling/number selection methods. Is it a hardcore gaming thing I'm too casual to comprehend?