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  1. More wild speculation about the future of Doom modding

    I actually do want to see a more advanced SnapMap happen, SnapMap had a lot of potential and I was left both impressed yet also disappointed. If SnapMap "2" were ever to come to fruition, I would like to see a more varied and broken down cell module selection that allowed styles and sets to be integrated almost perfectly with a dedicated module detail prefab selection that offers various selections of decoration sets (I.E a selection of barrel/crate placements/arrangements, placing each one is cumbersome and slow despite SnapMap being all about being streamlined mapping) that can be placed at a mapper's will throughout the map (rather than the single item placement/gameplay clutter module option system in play). I would also like the addition of, a basic version at least, model modification for placed items/enemies (I.E editable colours, sizes, pitch/yaw, model variation like skins/damage ect), a higher active AI cap based on size/complexity/density of areas, the inclusion of functional boss monsters, marine AI (with friend/foe settings), the ability to import multiplayer games as "clips" which you can then edit the camera/effects for easy production of shitty frag montages and finally a dedicated Mars surface tileset. I think I would like that, yeah that'd be nice.
    1. beast


      That was an excellent review for what looks like a train-wreck of a map. Your humor makes for a great read!

    2. KVELLER


      Haha that was awesome. You've got talent :)

  2. Brave man, it is quite the monumental task... Emphasis on the mental.
  3. What exactly makes Doom mapping so appealing?

    I've always been... "Creative"... And Doom has been a long standing passion of mine, it is the only logical conclusion that I would begin mapping for it when I finally got the tools (mapped for literally anything I could do, spent ages perfecting "maps" on Worms World Party like a moron back in the day) It's also convenient talented people took to making incredible tools for it that were easy to use and other talented folks took to making tutorials for them, very user friendly tools and tutorials are the lifeblood of mapping communities. edit: just noticed this was OT, nevermind
  4. (Changed Topic) Should More Doom Engine Games Come To Console?

    I think everything should have console ports if they can do it, what would be the harm in it?
  5. Is Far Cry really as hard as people say it is?

    It's so much easier in co-op, the game feels way too hardcore for it's own good and prioritises combat emulation over fun, making it very niche.
  6. Is Far Cry really as hard as people say it is?

    You can't play it like a conventional shooter on harder difficulties, you need to be cunning in your approach and careful with your moves, every gunfight could end in seconds before you are even aware of it starting. Also, if you like tough games try Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, 1 bullet and it could be all over.
  7. Half-Life

    I have played Opposing Force more than Half-Life itself, it's great. One thing I used to love doing were "NPC wars" in Half-Life 2 (on the PC version, obviously) where you toggle the AI (ai_disable) then spawn in a horde of Combine and whatever force I want them to fight, toggle notarget and watch em fight after I turn AI on again (the ai nodes/pathfinding in HL2 made this amazing to watch). (fun fact, using ZDoom I do the exact same thing between marines and demons using summonfriend and summonfoe commands)
  8. Just won a low level Xbox Doom 2016 tournament, feels good.

  9. There's a Doom 2016 Xbox FFA tournament I'm involved in today, I'll be using the advice and knowledge posted here to try and keep my cool. Although the participants are from all over the globe, so bullshit will ensue.
  10. Doom 2 - Rescue of Earth

    Those maps look auto generated, are they? They just seem too modular and coldly designed to be man made. No offence intended, just curious.
  11. The only time my hot garbage has been on stream the streamer was just "eh" about them or, amusingly, miscredited the map to someone else, allegedly on purpose to give them praise instead of me (I don't think they like me). I do however enjoy reading reviews that complain about high difficulty, all one of them, that one amuses me because of the extremely contrary notion of it being hard whilst being right next to one that said it was too easy, that makes me smile because it reminds me that humans are playing my bullshit and seeing completely different things.
  12. Well that's certainly a much cleaner, elegant and straight forward analogy. Still hurts though.
  13. A feeling I'm all too familiar with, to quote a friend "like fighting a tsunami with nothing but your face and backup from Team Special Education", which is exactly how it feels TBH.
  14. Not that anyone cares, but the Defiance 2050 closed beta starts on the 20th for previous Defiance players who signed up, I actually am looking forward to it, for the first time in ages I don't have doubts in my head, I loved Defiance and will love this.