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  1. I play it a lot on the Xbox and I am a competitive player, I usually land in only diamond though. My main used to Pharah but they are way too squishy for how big the hitbox is right now so I go mainly Soldier I usually end up playing every attack character though.
  2. I'm addicted to the Free to Play game Warframe and can't stop.
  3. Action. Anything beef. Winter holidays. Good old times bonding with my best pal during summer as a kid, we've known eachother for years. A good 2 to 3 years wallowing in pure silent loneliness, self hatred/doubt and suffering whilst being locked in my own little "cage" of my own little making, however this "cage" has just resurfaced... 21 Just jeans and a selection of bad T-shirts. I don't have a particular one, I'd say synthwave for now. Nightcore, just die. Right, right? Getting my ass rekt so my nose is 45 degrees elsewhere. Games because life sucks. Not hating what I'm doing, I have a low success rate. Everything is grey and I hate it.
  4. I regret to inform you that I do indeed believe that you are actually in a coma and we are just extensions of your subconscious. WAKE UP
  5. To help cope with something, I occasionally write really bad edgy poety ironically in my down time and then make fun of it with some buddies. I feel like a moron for doing so but it is actually kind of fun, they are often cryptic little stories no one but me gets so I also use them to vent secretly.


    Here is one we had a real hoot with:


    Lunar, my pale moon

    You were taken so soon

    Without your light

    I dare not fight

    Thoughout this new shroud

    I am consumed by a cloud

    Of peerless unending agony

    For my moon has abandoned me.

    Why are you so far,

    Oh my dear sweet Lunar?

  6. The Durandal chapter artwork from Marathon 2.
  7. Quake 3 comes to mind...
  8. The problem with things like this "challenge", be it a hoax or legitimate, is that much like a killer it will inspire some twisted fuck into becoming a copycat who will shoot for their chance of infamy or evil. I imagine the Blue Whale events outside of the birthing grounds of this hoax (Russia, supposedly) are copycat events.
  9. As much as a fanboy of 2 and Future Perfect I am I have to agree that TimeSplitters 1 is awful and I absolutely despise it.
  10. I've noticed it with my shity maps, there was a time back when I was making maps like itwas.wad, temp.wad and the middle maps of that failed TPBM shit I was doing where I wasn't miserable and actually pour time and effort and care into those maps, then leading up to now everything just got plain, generic and brutish as I became miserable and entire maps and projects were just axed for being such primitive unforgiving brutery (the later levels of TPBM and anything I released in late 2016 reflect this). Now I'm actively trying to fight this but change remains to be seen.
  11. At the college workshop I butcher fix vehicles in there is a posh little whiney boy named Ben, me and Ben are friends yet he annoys me greatly with his complaining about "diagnostic test plans are just pointless red tape" because he's an idiot who can't grasp basic wiring diagrams and "I hate how nobody helps" despite him becoming infamous for having others (mainly me) do his work for him. To cope with his endless drivel I've started taking sick enjoyment in sabotaging his work so he has an awful time where he doesn't know what is wrong yet I (and others) do and then I fix it infront of him in seconds whilst revealing what it was in a sarcastic manor, I also like to make him look stupid when he has done something deservedly stupid. It sounds horrible yet everyone thinks he deserves it and believe me he does. This one time he "fixed" a 2002 Fiat Punto's radiator by poorly seeling it with electrical tape of all thing and half arsedly sliding the radiator hoses on. He claimed that he had pressurized the system to check its integratory, this was obviously bollocks and tutor had none of it. The tutor asked him to test it again in front of him, Ben only pumped it up to 0.1 bar and said it was done (it is usually 1.3 bar on a Punto I think) which is then where I stepped in and exclaimed "Ben this is at least a 1.0, not a 0.1" and then took over the pump and vigerously pouned the pressure up. At about 0.6 bar the entire "fix" tore asunder and spewed coolant everywhere which he had to mop up (Of course because he is a lazy shit I mopped it up 3 hours later), I turned to Ben with a crooked evil smirk and said "you got a leak, boy" in a southern accent as I, him and the vehicle were drenched in coolant. He was mardy about him not being able to shadily sneak another bodged job in all week.
  12. WOOO 4
  13. Alright, Walter you got E1M7 then.
  14. Fonze is still in (thanks Fonze) so bonnie will get E1M7.
  15. Just some weird shit, it is back on track.