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  1. Medal of Honor: Airborne was a quality singleplayer experience with a questionably terrible multiplayer that had spawn kill as a selling point. Bit of an odd anomaly that one.
  2. I'd say you were spot on.
  3. MAP08 og TPBM.wad was a map by me for me. Edit, I hate hyperlinking on Xbox, that typo remains.
  4. Just pray the nukes don't drop anytime soon, those boys ain't fun boys.
  5. But I simply cannot due to emotional attachment I have developed for it.
  6. EDIT: lol already posted that, I'm a retard. I want to change mine to something more orange but I can't think of anything good.
  7. One of the reasons I don't play slaughterwads is because my hardware is so astronomically crap that I can't even fathom the basic idea of a stable framerate outside of any port that isn't PrBoom, we are talking 500mb virtual memory here. I'd like to give a low intensity one a go but the phrase "low intensity" is very debatable in its application.
  8. It is because they are a niche style of map that only a specific section of the community enjoy.
  9. Depth Dwellers beats Operation Body Count by a country mile for worst FPS in my books.
  10. Most people with the more... "interesting" custom titles are unfortunately banned, shame as I'm sure it would've been a hive of good stories.
  11. I have a 100% not gay no-homo totally platonic bromando manly straight deep unconditional lust man crush for the handsome hunk bro dude manly man known as Colonel Hoffman from Gears of War. Now there's a fine piece of ass great leader and a big burly beautiful boy seasoned war veteran who I'd engage in groinal combat follow into battle any time.
  12. I turn left a bit during the shotgun pump animation then correct my aim before I shoot again because I like the fact that it makes it look like a heavy forceful pull rather than just a regular pump.
  13. I don't do heights, anything involving me and being up high without windows separating the fall is a zero out of ten experience and I just get overwhelmed by fear if there isn't at least a guard rail.
  14. When I get mad Ilike to have fun with it and do dumb shit for cheap laughs from my pals (raises the spirits a little). There was this one real bad competitive match where I stopped playing, put the mic down, hung out my window and screamed "HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND" and calmly returned pretending it never happened (despite being deliberately heard by everyone). I thought it was funny at least. EDIT: That wasn't a rage quit, but I remember this one time I got rekt so hard I just left the game and then described 10+ ways in which to more gently fuck my ass using power tools, number 7 may surprise you.
  15. Last Call is a level I actually enjoy out of these 3 so I'd obviously pick last call. If Hell To Pay was actually included in Final Doom like intended however I'd pick that one, absolutely smashing.