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  1. MSPaint will always be remembered, from joke pics to quick doodles born of boredom it was a nice and easy tool to use to mess around with. R.I.P
  2. I stopped watching after Matt's run as Doctor, I should really catch up with it. As for the whole female Doctor thing I for one don't see it being anything bad and as an interesting plot point they could mess around with the idea of the Doctor being unrecognised by former friends/foes due to how dramatic the change was (which is something I felt should've been common throughout due to regens).
  3. It is the only game literally everyone owns... ...And I'm sorta good at it, not really good but sorta.
  4. Played through it UV a few times but didn't like it that much, the later levels just get real damn cheap in their combat.
  5. England East Midlands.
  6. Thanks Youtube.
  7. I have but one map left to finish before I quit mapping (possibly for a while or forever, time will tell) however I lack the conviction to keep it up and develop it further.


    I had plans to release all my graveyarded maps all at once as a little "hey, you finish what I couldn't if it pleases you" kinda thing after this last map but I'm thinking I should just release the maps with my last map unfinished within them.


    Any opinions? Should I bother?

    1. Dragonfly


      Or, like most of the other doomers who claim they're going to quit, come back in a few months and pick up where you left off with a renewed interest.

    2. Fonze


      It would be interesting to see if anybody finishes a map; sort of a shotgun-collab :) so on that note it'd be cool for you to put some of them out there, but I'm totally with Dragonfly on this: come back in a few months with renewed interest!

  8. I know who my ideal partner would have been, without giving much away they would have been cool and collected whilst also being driven yet focused and planned... My polar opposite they were.
  9. You Are Literally The Worst Guy, You Know That, Right?
  10. I hate mandatory damage sector exploration but love the tension and planning it brings into a map like Limbo.
  11. I was going to give this one a look in to see if it held up but it turns out it isn't out on my console of choice, which sucks.
  12. Playing through Borderlands 2 as melee Zer0, it is one hell of a hard build, I'm level 41 and just got to Sanctuary on TVHM.
  13. I'd honestly say it was the mega shit-trash "creepypasta" wads that had a strange yet (thankfully) short influx of garbage maps and weak scares or "myhouse" wads that were the "cancer of the Doom community" myself, but whatever.
  14. I generally don't like the non-FPS Sam games as they generally have nothing going for them outside of general weirdness.
  15. Sorry to just do this but I'm cancelling this whole thin under my management, just 1 more failure under my belt. You can take your maps and music and do as you see fit with them, hell somebody can take over this project if it pleases them so but for now I quit Doom mapping altogether. Sorry, yet it was inevitable.