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  1. Dark Side from Duke 3D will always stick with me as the greatest example of horror and sadness mixed in at once for any 90's FPS game, I actively turn off Duke talk for this map just to get what I consider the "full experience" of it.
  2. I've said it multiple times but: Nazi Aufestehung 32 SLIDGE generated hot garbage maps with stolen music, sprites, sounds, textures... And to top it off the wanker packaged the thing worse than a sandwich made by a shotgun and has its own ".exe file" (a shittily renamed ancient version of ZDoom) that you run it off so you have to copy DOOM2.wad then paste it in the same folder (which is confusing because there is about 4 different butchered versions of Doom 2 packed with it) just to get an experience like being punched in the nuts by a toothless biker who's made of misaligned swastika textures and Third Reich Half-Life Stukabats. JOW.wad Do you hate yourself? Do you honestly loathe the concept of enjoyment? Why are slaughtermaps looked down upon? If you answered yes then JOW.wad is for you. JOW.wad would like to remind you that everything is worthless, unending tedium is your life and there is nothing you can do about it, you live a slave to others and you're sick of it, all your time is wasted time until the inevitability of death strikes you down; bitterly old, crushingly alone, darkeningly insane through tireless repetition and hysterical in your own terror is how you go out. You see, I'm convinced JOW.wad is art representative of this depressing lifestyle and outlook on life, it perfectly mimics the crushing downtrodden members of our society and their void of emotion they refer to as "daily life", a parasitic entity that consumes hope and happiness just to let them survive... Actually no, the maps are just terrible and make military bootcamp seem like fucking Disneyland, you'd think they were made by a program designed to simulate storage room space and shelf alignment with how bland and uniform it is and you'll contract tinnitus from the overuse of arachnotrons who are active 100% of the time yet lost in another hellish square maze of the exact same room. 0/10.
  3. English East Midlands common limey scum is what I am, a horrendous existence of borderline poverty and council housing on the fringe society of villages surrounding Nottinghamshire, a true English life.
  4. Yes, because in a 1 on 1 life or death fight the first thing I do is try to tame and domesticate my blood thirsty opponent... Seriously, sack up and shoot the not even cute monster dogs
  5. "Bork, bork, BARK, bork" - A dog from Quake when his motivation was questioned.
  6. "A nerd?" "A node, Raiden." I will never forget or forgive that.
  7. I play Warframe on Xbox alot. I believe I'm mastery rank 18, I've got a few prime frames (Ash, Saryn, Trinity, Rhino, Mag, Oberon, Banshee, Nyx, Nova, Volt, Valkyr, Frost, Nekros and Vauban, I might have others but I don't remember). My favourite frame has to be Saryn as the survivability and damage potential make her a perfect middle ground, my favourite primary is the Braton (prime) due to the adaptable and all purpose powerhouse that fucker can be (even got a slash/frost riven for it that sacrifices zoom), my favourite secondary is the AkLex Prime (a right pair of monsters they are) and my melee choice is the Destreza rapier. I don't play as much anymore but when POE launches I'll be all over that shit.
  8. This one, this one is my favourite of this year and I highly recommend it to you and everyone else. It's been a while since a mapset put a smile on my face but Revilution ticks all my boxes.
  9. Aren't .pk3 files just basically .zip files filled with multiple .wad files most of the time? If so couldn't you just extract the content from within the .pk3 and run them all at the same time? I've never tried it but I'm sure you can do that.
  10. In my life I've only ever seen a few actual anime that I didn't hate, those are Hellsing, Golgo 13 and Evangelion. I really don't like anime but those 3 were actually really good (especially Golgo 13, love that art style) and were actually tolerable to watch for me where as normally I just can't stand anime (which speaks volumes of those three's quality). Also, watching Fist of the North Star drunk with your bromandos is the best thing ever.
  11. The current global suicide pandemic is all very bleak, especially the horrible situations going on with youths in China (where it is so bad they actually have suicide nets in suicide "hotspots" like apartment complexes that have a high population of young factory workers and students). It is a topic I'm genuinely upset about yet there's little I can do about it.
  12. This is actually a really upsetting story; a child (12) is suicidal, he wants to kill himself, he actually tries to kill himself, he survives (in an undoubtedly worse condition) but kills someone else by accident and now will have to live with that, the person his suicide killed wanted to help people struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression... I almost don't believe it just on how fucked this entire thing is, just wow.
  13. You ever get sick of doing nothing important for literally nobody all the time?

    1. MrGlide


      Nope, as a father of 3, a husband and helping my father who got hit by a car recently, I get tired of having a jammed pack schedule. Sounds like you should remedy that though, as it seems to me to be an understandable feeling.


  14. It's a must to have an over bearing constant ambient sound, any other sounds will keep me awake and it is horrible.
  15. The very existence or even the concept of "Daisy's Destruction" existing is something I didn't shake off well, it actually terrifies me that people can do things of pure almost indescribable evil and parade it on here like its some kind of fun and it also horrifies me that abhorrent people would look for it for satisfactory purposes... It is harrowing, to put it mildly.