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  1. Oblige gave me "Devoured by the Furniture" in a mapset, what a title.
  2. I've just finished Deus Ex and Dragon Age: Origins and now I'm playing Witcher 3. I'm actually blown away by the quality of these 3 games (especially Deus Ex, I was actually upset when I finished that as I wanted it to keep going).
  3. I'm not exactly doing great but on the friends front I recently severed connections with a couple of them (I'll use the term "friend" almost like a passive aggressive jab towards said people, they're actually complete scum and I'm glad to be rid of them), I am lucky however to have some very good friends close by who also noticed how utterly monsterous those others were and were very supportive and helped immensely when I decided to cut the dickheads out of my life. I don't like doing things like this as friends are very valuable to me and I hate the idea of not being liked but these "friends" were actually a fucking drain on me, I love interacting with people yet these "friends" actually made me dread interacting with people. To quote one of them, unironically and seriously: After a year or so into our "friendship" he revealed that fact, that I'm little more then a fucking jester. This was just after he reduced a close friend of mine to tears (after he basically said the same thing but worse after constantly sexually harassing her for ages and she asked him to stop, "fuck your feelings, I'll sexually harass you all I want because I think it's funny", for context), I decided to take the role of neutral for that engagement because I saw both as friends, I diffused the situation and achieved an outcome preferable to both sides yet now I see I should never have done that, I should've picked her side and denounced that monster. I'm so sorry, it haunts my thoughts every night. You see, I think my problem is that I make friends too easily and are too trusting with said "friends", I end up caring for and liking a lot of people and for every good person I give a shit about I also find and see myself just as caring and sympathetic towards complete fucking monsters. I have so many regrets, so many faces I wish I didn't know, so many bad things I just accepted because they were my "friends", yet I've been turned on and betrayed by them and people just like them almost annually. I've always questioned it (the whole reoccuring event), I've often wondered if I'm to blame. Maybe I'm not stern enough and don't question people's actions enough, maybe I'm bad at judgement, maybe all this time I've been the real monster (either I'm literally the bad guy or I'm bad by letting these absurdities and evils occur, doing nothing can be just as bad as taking part after all), maybe I feel though it's wrong to push my morals onto them, maybe it is wrong to do that... I can't stop questioning it. There's more I want to say but this has already deteriorated into nonesense, so all I can say at the end of this is to not be afraid of making friends but also be careful who and what you align yourself with, if you feel as though they are bad people then I'd recommend ending your attachment to them ASAP as it'll just hurt harder later.
  4. I don't really like Plutonia but The Twilight (MAP15 slot) in particular really slotted me one, I really don't like it and was "The Twilight" of nothing but my god damn patience.
  5. Yes, that's exactly what I meant. Infact, I pretty much took the idea from the Game Awards.
  6. I think ModDB should have a continuous mod of the year for constantly evolving/updating mods and mod of the year for mods at gold stages or new creations from that year, that way mods like BD can still get the number one whilst also the mod of the year can go to newly created and finished mods to prevent 1 old mod released years ago from getting 2017's award. If that makes sense, think of it as "Mod Of The Year" and "Best Running Mod Of The Year". But that's just my opinion.
  7. I'm beginning to think you aren't being sincere.
  8. Fallout, obviously.
  9. Doom 3 is very dependant on the sound design (being an action/horror hybrid) and is a completely flat experience without it. The other Dooms however you can disable the music and have yours play over it.
  10. An end to my misera- Fuck, joke's gone. - Nothing worth going into about real life so vidya garms shit will do. I'm actually watching out for Anthem due to Destiny 2 being the same piece of shit highway robery as Destiny 1, I'm remaining somewhat hopeful yet also intensely skeptical as it is EA and EA ain't exactly smart. I'm also hoping Bethesda actually announce something I give a shit about at E3, I also hope Skywind makes some headway. Black Mesa should have Xen ready this year and I adore classic Xen's aesthetic so I can't wait to this interpretation (I hope it's completely still wierd, mystical and alien and I most definitely hope they keep the classic healing pool audio so I can stare out into the nebula listening to it). That's all I can think of right now.
  11. I'd love to do anything constructive, I already know I won't so I make no promises.
  12. Interestingly enough, an overly harsh judgement system designed to quell the chaos of a post apocalyptic shithole where 95% of all punishments are death right on the spot doesn't seem compatible with the current day because, get this, the world hasn't ended yet. I'm also sure a hardcore 666 brutal death metal police force with a licences to kill at their own discretion who carry round hardware capable of mangling entire blocks are a great way to start and solidify actual 100% totalitarianism and fascism so be very careful what you wish for.
  13. That is a bad idea, a very bad idea.
  14. I've already adressed that fact and are fully prepared to admit that my original post was pretty dumb. What I originally thought of the situation (somebody made a mistake being held at gunpoint) was wrong and it appears that the situation was actually a person who made a mistake after being issued orders that were not only almost incomprehensible but also barked out of an assault rifle dead set on ending him if he didn't comply, of course he panicked and messed up as the officer himself in this instance clearly didn't know how to handle the situation to begin with.
  15. Reviewing the raw footage, I have to agree. His orders were all over the shop, you'd think he'd know how to handle the situation with the necessary precision to disarm the situation effectively. It was evident that the, quite frankly retarded, orders issued in terms of movement were unclear. A simple "on the ground, hands where I can see them" followed by a covered cuffing would have been much more sensible and wouldn't have ended in the guy making the unfortunate mistake he did during the ordeal. It's a shame really.