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  1. The character of Duke Nukem, specifically the character himself, isn't a parody. The world itself clearly is but the character of Duke is delivered so deadpan sincerely that I think they forgot what whacky shit they just put him in.
  2. "He didn't do anything" Inappropriately messaged a minor using Twitch DMs, Twitch themselves acted and showed the evidence. Defence given was "well we didn't do anything" ???? Go off I guess.
  3. Another "online personality" outed as a predator, my oh my how absurd, anyone would think they all worked at the BBC... Guy was a douche, now he's just more of a douche.
  4. mrthejoshmon

    Defaulting to Ultra Violence is terrible, and here's why

    You know, it is almost like picking hard mode is going to be the hard mode. It is your fault if you go on UV first and then eat shit immediately, UV is there to kick your ass, it is hard mode, it's got more enemies because it is the challenge run. In the originals (mainly console ports) HMP is selected by default because it is default. Play the default setting first, the only person judging you is your bravado (and if someone else judges you then they're a loser). Stood by it for years, always will do, play bloody normal.
  5. mrthejoshmon

    The first Wolfenstein 3D mod

    That just led me down a rabbit hole of NSFW Wolf 3D mods. Never underestimate the lengths fellas will go to whack it.
  6. mrthejoshmon

    What makes 0/10 game? Examples?

    O have only played 1 0/10 experience in my life and that was a 40k FPS game by the name of Warhammer 40k: Fire Warrior. Big brand license game, another "Halo killer" (remember them?) that was set to be the PS2's answer to the Bungie original, and one of the biggest disasters I have ever completed. I cannot fully explain why Fire Warrior is as bad as it is, but here's what I got. One of the very first examples of a large company (GW) doing the "Me too" trend chasing, then vomiting out a half baked pile of shit with 0 effort. Literally attempted to be a copycat of Halo, not even joking it is actually absurd the lengths they went to try this. From the exact same health system to the same weapon system to the bizarrely similar main plot points, yet it wears a goofy moustache and glasses to poorly hide itself and tries moving it out of order like I wouldn't realise that I'm just playing Pillar of Autumn but instead halfway through the game. It's the cheapest, cobbled together without care thing I have ever seen, there is no music all game (with very little ambient sounds, not even Marathon 2 levels of background audio), the sound effects are literally the stockest of stock sounds (buttons literally make phone dial sounds) and there are so many lazy designs and texture fuckups that I don't even think an art pass happened (and if it did holy shit). Bugged as fuck with constant progression loss. The plot is a GW plot, despite being about the Tau and the titled Fire Warrior the plot is actually about Ultramarines. Worst gameplay, unfun and cheap. Later levels literally spawn instant kills in front of you, no jokes it actually places them in your face. And so much more. It is a cheap and nasty cash in, nothing of value and not even entertainingly bad, just straight up soulless trash that deserves its obscurity and ridicule. It is a game I am 100% convinced nobody wanted or knew how to make and I do not get why GW is so allergic to just making good things.
  7. As a child me and my brother used to call them piggies or pig monsters, quite simply because on the Playstation version they sounded a lot like pigs. Being pink helped with that too I guess.
  8. mrthejoshmon

    I Can't Get Excited About (AAA) Games Anymore

    Ubisoft Sketchy as fuck I meeeaaan... - Ubisoft are quite possibly the worst offenders for making AAA look as bad as it does, them and EA responsible for most shit (remember online passes made to combat 2nd hand sales?, those 2 fuckers) that made everything objectively worse.
  9. mrthejoshmon

    If Doom 2 happened in real life, would we win?

    I'm fine. The demon horde approaches my position, England Setting foot upon her his Majesty's grand fortress, the demons realise something is wrong The demons realise this island is of little value and nothing good is here They leave England wins by default Didn't even need to use my state sanctioned fully licenced butter knife.
  10. mrthejoshmon

    how would you rate your mental health?

    Sorry, I forget it's free where I come from and the rest majority of the world (is it also free in Europe? NHS do a free service here in England) isn't as fortunate. Also depending on the therapist, some might be grifters but genuine professionals know what they are doing and my life is so much better.
  11. mrthejoshmon

    how would you rate your mental health?

    I say enlist in therapy today, I thought it would be terrible but actually it is fantastic and helps immensely.
  12. This is the most Flash game looking game to never run in Flash.
  13. It was easy to piece together that each difficulty corresponded to how extreme the title was, also my dad explaining what they said and meant helped so I basically cheated this exam. I was way too young (to die) and often I think about how my only memories as a child included Doom existing in some capacity, wonder what effect early exposure had on me.
  14. mrthejoshmon

    Gears of War : E-Day trailer (2024)

    Gears 4 was painfully mediocre for me and filled with characters I couldn't stand (except maybe Del). IMO Gears 5 is bad, very bad, have like 3 hours in it, that's basically nothing compared to even the amount I put in Gears 4, hell I played Judgment more.
  15. mrthejoshmon

    Gears of War : E-Day trailer (2024)

    I'm number fucking 2, God I loved Gears of war before 4 and I hope this is a return to old form (it probably isn't).