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  1. I cannot create big arenas or sections and be satisfied with the results, I never like making big open areas because I get too caught up on the small things and spend way too long on them and I also have no idea on how to balance gameplay for them.
  2. My job is cool and good surprisingly, I like everyone there, fluoxetine is keeping my thoughts under control and everything is surprisingly chill right now seeing as though I was staring into a noose only about 3 weeks ago as my world fell apart...


    I'm scared it won't last but I'm not going to just give it up without a fight, there's actually hope now.

    1. TakenStew22


      You okay man?

    2. mrthejoshmon


      I will be fine.


      thank you for your concern though.

  3. mrthejoshmon

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    As a primarily console player SnapMap was the best and closest thing I had to an editor to use at my disposal, with the removal of SnapMap and the focus on mods this means that console players will be severely restricted (maybe even completely severed) from using, enjoying but most importantly creating custom content for Doom Eternal which for people with shit PCs like me was a major draw of SnapMap.
  4. You're purposefully misinterpreting what I am saying. The zeal is not in the post but instead in the amount of times you've rushed in to defend, you never miss an opportunity to rush in and say "oh you're just bad" whenever anybody complains about what you you like and get into endless arguments, in fact that is what just happened. It's telling that my post wasn't even directed at you, it never was because I have never played anything by you (because I'd probably hate it), yet you still had to defend yourself over it because whilst indirect in nature, it was like reading a mirror for you, wasn't it? Also, showing an example of where you weren't an asshole doesn't mean you don't act like an asshole. But no, continue to run around in circles unaware of how much of a dick you look, someone else will have to call you out on it because frankly you clearly aren't worth arguing with.
  5. No you don't say people who can't complete certain maps are bad, instead you sit there and cannot resist calling people bad when they mention that they don't enjoy the niche concepts you enjoy (slaughter maps being one of those concepts), you less defend particular maps and instead defend these niche concepts themselves with zeal (which you already did in this very thread). You know the concepts are also widely unpopular, in fact didn't you say your maps are purposefully sadistic and horrible to most players and filled with purposefully frustrating gameplay? Why are you surprised people are calling them unfair and bullshit when you literally designed them to be that way? I'd argue that a good player WOULD call that shit out for being as such.
  6. You see, some of what you said makes sense but then I get a little confused at the part where you declare that what you do isn't arrogance. I get that "outspoken critics" of slaughter wads aren't going to enjoy your work, yes, you don't have to listen to them, it'd be incredible however if you didn't keep referring to all of them as bad players because they don't enjoy your little niche (which is something you do almost all the time), I assure you that many decent players don't enjoy slaughter, stop defending it as the Holy Gatekeeper of skill.
  7. Like I said, it's hard to describe but I'll try (for clarification, when I say "you", I don't mean you): It's more commonly seen in gameplay mods by newbies than it is maps (shining example would be SquishyBrick's "gameplay mod" that was just hundreds of recolours). Two examples would be when something is made that is either clearly low effort garbage but held on a pedestal because the author thinks "I made it, I like it, I put effort in, therefore it is great" (and the author is unwilling to accept that it might not be so "great" and will not listen to your feedback) or where a map is awful to play but was designed with a gimmick that the author believes excuses the poor design, believing that the map is good because they pulled off their bizarre gimmick (albeit at the cost of gameplay, which really should be the primary focus of making a gimmick map not insufferable, it's great that you made your 50 revenant platforming rocket only map made of only Zimmer but it plays like a weekend in a minefield). "Isn't that just confident design though?" I'd say there is a fine line that is (still very noticeable) between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is having faith in your design but arrogance is the exaltation of your design. If you are confident you are willing to further alter it to make it better, more enjoyable because you want that, you want to make good things, if you are arrogant then you dismiss grievances because "that's my style" or "you're just not good enough to handle (insert obscene shit here)" or better yet you then make the grievances worse because you're that much of an insufferable dick ("that's my style XdDDD") and you truly believe what you've made is good and cannot be better and it is everyone else who is wrong. Another arrogant design is making insufferable garbage on purpose just to be dick and then standitting up on your high horse when people turn up and say "well this sucks" as you prattle "well if you don't like it then you are (x)", you literally designed it to be hated and I don't like you (you're devastated I'm sure). "Why Josh, these people are just doing what they enjoy, just let them have fun, nobody cares what you think, truly the arrogant dick is you!" , yes the irony isn't lost on me, however I'd like to me the argument that when you upload anything to be consumed then people will judge it, you are not above that, you should expect that.
  8. I think that of all things I hate in maps number 1 has to be the air of arrogance that transfers off of certain people into the maps they make. It's hard to describe but you know it when you see it, things like old Glassyman maps come to mind, I usually separate the artist from the art but this is where they intertwine. Best part is that I'm sure these maps I reference are made by people fully aware of themselves, that just makes it worse.
  9. mrthejoshmon


    STOP! You violated the law, pay the Court a fine or serve your sentence, your stolen wads are now forfeit.
  10. mrthejoshmon


    What the hell is that ammo count? Jesus Christ that is a bit overwhelming right?
  11. mrthejoshmon

    So I tried Out A Doom 4 Mod...

    I'm not sure that is how that works, that's like saying you've played Blood but you actually just played ZBlood. They're noticeably different.
  12. mrthejoshmon

    Thoughts on Blood

    I personally don't get along with Java because it seems to be remarkably inconsistent with memory usage and will jump from smooth to clunky at complete random. I'm more than willing to accept that it might be my "hardware" doing that though. And that is the major problem I have with Blood, it is the only FPS game from the 90's I can't run reliably (that actually includes Alien Trilogy, believe it or not).
  13. mrthejoshmon

    “Doom: The Fake Outrage”

    I actually decided to preform some "investigative journalism" (time wasting) and go and look for the people who were apparently offended by this on Twitter (the actual shithole this always comes from)... That ended well. What I found suggests that there indeed was people that were offended, more importantly it also suggested that there was like 10 of them and they're the people you don't listen to anyway because they have nothing valuable to say and 95% of all discussion on this is people complaining about like 10 people complaining, excellent. Examples: https://www.gamerevolution.com/features/418045-doom-eternal-mortally-challenged-joke-offensively-boring (in which somebody looks too far into the "deep" political and psychological effects of said joke and even begins to question their own over-analysis, marvellous). You get a small amount of stupid shit like this dispersed inbetween people complaining about the fucking cryptids I was looking for and the horde of memes, great job sticking to your cause and all but I'm not sure your 1 person boycott will absolutely slaughter sales. Shit was hard to find you know, although there was a few posts by some people who all straight up admitted to being unmedicated schizophrenics on their profiles who had a whole named and documented community running around in their heads, not going to take them seriously and definitely ain't going anywhere near that. Bottom line is that this was blown out of proportion and like 8000 people dogpiled like 10 people, lame controversy 0/10 I wasted my time.
  14. mrthejoshmon

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    Yeah but if we're specifically talking Doom the multiplayer for Doom 3 wasn't very good. Quake Wars multiplayer = good Doom 3 multiplayer = tacked on and not good (Probably should've blamed the game and not the engine, my bad).
  15. mrthejoshmon

    If Doom had a Battle Royale mode??

    The TTK (Time To Kill) in Doom 4 multiplayer was quite high compared to classic Doom making it more viable for "Battle Royale" gameplay, however seeing as though the game itself was clearly never built for this kind of shit I also see it being a painful and horrendous experience due to player movement and interaction with the environment. Classic Doom has an incredibly low TTK (most deaths being instantaneous) making for a potentially infuriating experience, the player movement would also make the entire situation horrendous too. The only real potential is in Doom 3's engine and well... Do I even need to explain why that is a bad idea? Battle Royale does not work with everything, this is one of those instances where it does not work, another example of this not working would be Battle Royale Quake (please God no).