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  1. mrthejoshmon

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I actually wonder how short form 30sec below content keeps people watching. Having been trapped by Shorts (that the YouTube app pushes, hard, even booting straight to them sometimes) occasionally I wonder. Perhaps it leaves you barely entertained so you immediately seek further content, which also barely scratches that itch, then another then another... Never truly satisfying that itch to keep you hooked. I'll have to look into it some more, see how far the research goes.
  2. If my liquid sector is going to damage you, despite being previously established as safe, I like to tell the player with little details: It has been a while since I last did that though.
  3. mrthejoshmon

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    Hot take, but, it is fucking garbage. I think this was the most definitive answer to the least required question in the world. You knew the answer before you asked, the answer is somewhat universal to anywhere not invested into TikTok.
  4. mrthejoshmon

    Quake II Remastered

    The addition of objectives to complete (and keys/objects you can easily miss to complete said objective) easily contribute to the "I'm lost" factor, more so than entries prior.
  5. We be thinking bout if Doomguy's sexlife is real but my brothers in Christ you should really think about making yours real first.
  6. mrthejoshmon

    Quake II Remastered

    So, I've done all of them apart from Call of the Machine (on that one now) and I would like to say Yes, yes you probably will eat those words, you are probably going to be upset by even just the mention of medics when you get to Call of the Machine. - As an unrelated side note, I wonder if Juggernaut can be made to work with the remaster... Not like I actually want to play it, mind you, curiosity if anything, might try it.
  7. mrthejoshmon


    Always wild to see someone dox someone over what is perceived to be an ARG, reminds me of the classic event of the "meatsleep" ARG getting reported to the FBI (and.. Anonymous, apparently?) great work ya fucking idiots. I've been lingering around ARGs and the culture for a long time now and multiple times the line gets crossed, I think it was "seventy broad" that got an actual police investigation (then they just rolled with it, fuck it) then there was recently an event where one of the fellas doing an ARG even got reported for terrorism because of it, if I can bloody remember the name I will post it (think it was "Junku Jensui"? Think it was that one). The problem with ARGs is that they blur the line as an actual addition to the narrative, MyHouse isn't as much an ARG as it is more of a one and done actual story just told in the same medium, there is no investigation outside of what is presented to you and no further narrative rewards for finding out where the fucking house is but due to the way it is presented it has unintentionally dragged people into a frenzy trying to figure out more than they need to/should. Not the makers fault, some folks are just a wee bit terminally online and don't know what is good/should be done anymore.
  8. mrthejoshmon

    What are you?

  9. mrthejoshmon

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    I'm sure that the terminally online will still pay for it, being a somewhat fairly adjusted individual (sort of) I will not be paying for the privilege of taking part in the literal worst forum known to man. Giving SA vibes lmao.
  10. Ok kayfabe off. I'm mocking you because come across as an elitist who isn't worth an actual meaningful interaction, feel free to argue your points but you'd certainly be more pleasant to talk to if you weren't so condescending. G'day.
  11. Had a lot to say, just deleted it because can't compete with this incredible wisdom. You got me sir, I am the skill issue, that's absolutely hit the nail on the head.
  12. Solid points, wonderful to see Fistful of Frags brought up (wondeful game, really scratches that itch). I want to also add more to the rail shooter part, and yes I am absolutely in agreement with it. Having played them, the emphasis on moving quickly and sticking to an established route for specific items and weapons leads to feeling that you are just on a rail waiting to react to something and bhopping to the location in the exact same path in the exact same rhythm absolutely saps the fun. You mainly just follow your route, wait for s to appear and then repeat, gets mighty cumbersome after a while.
  13. I want to get the Quake editor up on the go but I am so painfully mid at 3D mapping that I hate to even look at the editor. I get so frustrated at my lack of skill when it comes to making 3D environments but I so want to do it.


    Enough self pity, improvement:

    Do you fellas know of any good starting points I can use to help myself improve making levels in 3D?


    Anything, tutorials, advice, methods of research, documents ect, any and all. I don't expect to get good overnight, over a week, maybe even months.


    Thank you.

    1. OniriA


      I think the best way to learn it fast is by watching videos (or livestreams) of other Quake mappers while they map. 

      I'm not shure how different Quake mapping is to Doom mapping but I think Mapping in UDMF format in Doom can give you a good feeling for 3d leveldesign aswell, as you can mess with 3d floors and other effects.

  14. Struth. No fancy techs, no bullshit backflip 360 rocket jump shit, just get the gun and bloody shoot em, cowboy style. And I say this coming from a place where I grew up playing things I really shouldn't have like Quake, Painkiller and UT. The fast paced shooter is always where I'm home but I found that whilst a bhop mess is always a giggle (Anybody talk part in Opposing the Bar the other day? That was a blast), I prefer it when I'm not having to focus on my momentum, trajectory AND accuracy like I'm piloting a ship. I find strategic quick decision making is so much more fun when it doesn't involve manually catapulting yourself but it will always have an appeal on it's own.
  15. mrthejoshmon

    What were the first Pwads you've ever played amd completed?

    First I played? Nazi Auferstehung First completed? Nazi Auferstehung Favourite of all time? Certainly not Nazi Auferste-hungmyfuckingself Quite possibly the worst start to the scene, miserable, maddening and lazy, vivid memories of aimlessly marching down SLIDGE produced rectal tracks made to vaguely resemble corridors with poorly aligned swastikas half cut off by the sector height as clashing artsyles battled for supremacy of who stuck out the sorest, wonderful days wish I could live them again. Followed it up with Aliens TC though so you can thank that for single handedly recovering my interest, leading eventually to my career as the 15th best mid as fuck TNT mapper (it's a real cutthroat competitive scene).