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  1. mrthejoshmon

    Favorite "Creepy" Map?

    That Caco got me real good, the fact that it usually makes one hell of a damned noise but just sits there immobile just staring you down with a creepy smile before trying to suddenly remove your face, unintentional horror at its finest. The track for Geryon spooked me solid as a kid, I actually thought it was coming from outside my window because the music starts so subdued and seems to deteriorate into the sting at a moments notice.
  2. mrthejoshmon

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    Seeing as though animals have been conditioned to react in certain ways to stimulation such as colours and sounds, I do believe we indeed could get them to play at least a basic watered down version, but again it would seem almost evil and barbaric to force an animal to go through this level of extreme conditioning for something so trivial and worthless.
  3. mrthejoshmon

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    Wolfenstein is a series that I think could benefit from co-op and I am glad to see it finally realised, I need more co-op games... ... And friends, that'd help too.
  4. mrthejoshmon

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    It's 4am as of now and I'll just say it was worth staying up for that reveal alone. Arachnotrons, Pain Elementals, Archviles, angry looking worm monsters... I hope SnapMap returns with those fuckers at my disposal.
  5. mrthejoshmon

    Developing your Mapping Style

    It's a lot easier to have your style identified and told to you by others than it is to find it yourself. Everyone has quirks in their designs that allow you to identify who made what, they do not notice these quirks themselves and thus will subconsciously put them in, if they are aware of something specific they do and try their hardest to focus on that particular aspect then it actually comes across as obnoxious and forced. I feel it is harder to map in a set style than it is just map and let the style just happen.
  6. mrthejoshmon

    Who's hyped for Fallout 76?

    We don't know enough, June 10 will reveal more and confirm our worries/hopes.
  7. mrthejoshmon

    Your thoughts on the Wolfenstein series

    They're alright, I'm a bigger fan of Return To Castle Wolfenstein and 2009 over TNO/TNC, I really like the melding of sci-fi and occult with classic WW2 presentation that the previous 2 are really good for.
  8. mrthejoshmon

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    Rather than go on about more "modern expansion packs" (because a 45 page manifesto about "why Fallout New Vegas is the greatest game ever" and "Why The Shivering Isles for Oblivion is one of the greatest things of all time ever made" is something no one wants from me) I'll just stick to older "classic" games. Best: Half-Life: Opposing Force, easily the best part of the original Half-Life, clearly our experiences were different in every conceivable way and that is a shame. F.E.A.R: Perseus Mandate is an amazing campaign with great gameplay tweaks and beautiful atmosphere/set pieces, I really enjoyed it. Morrowind: Bloodmoon, Jesus H Christ this one is glorious, so much more to do and see, so much more equipment and weaponry to use and the addition of that werewolf mode... A glorious expansion indeed and well worth it (and I was on the Xbox original version, the PC version is even better apparently). Worst: Duke Nukem 3D: Nuclear Winter, I make it a habit of playing this one every Christmas, not because I'm feeling festive but because I fucking hate myself. This expansion is arse, it looks like shit and has garbage levels with the world's worst ever snowman based enemy who exists just to give you motion sickness, 0/10. Duke Nukem 3D: Duke it Out in DC, I get the impression that the expansion packs for Duke 3D are arse (outside of Caribbean), this one is incredibly dull and underwhelming with some real garbage level design choices later in. The Sims: Making Magic, I really love it when instead of going to work my sim decides to unleash some ancient bloodcurse that dooms everyone in the house to eternal misery, thanks Gonglegarth (he probably did it out of spite for the name I gave him). It's a fun expansion but it can royally end you in an actual playthough if one of your more stupid inhabitants gets "creative", making it quite the hazard (otherwise I wouldn't of even mentioned it).
  9. mrthejoshmon

    John Bain (TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit) Dead at 33

    It's always sad to see someone go, especially someone you are familiar with and recognise, it's like the world is getting smaller before your very eyes. I hope it wasn't painful and I am glad he didn't spend it alone, he also left behind quite the legacy and will indeed be immortalised by it (so there's that small comfort at least). Goodbye and may you rest peacefully TB.
  10. mrthejoshmon

    The big fat thread of what phone do or did you have!

    Samsung Galaxy Ace gt-s5830i, unreliable and prone to the dreaded "emergency calls only" error, I have 3 of them due to the cheap cost and fickle nature of them and the third and final just got the emergency calls only error. Rather than replace it I'll upgrade this time, unreliable piece of shit.
  11. Crank (and by extension Crank 2), the Crank series is some real messy hot garbage even for an action fan like me yet so many action fans love it, really fucking blows IMO. Sharknado, I love really shitty films but Sharknado has no right being one of the "great" shitty movies people hail it as because it tries too hard to be said amazingly shitwank film, "great " bad films are never intentional and every second of Sharknado was just unrelenting pain disguised as failed irony.
  12. mrthejoshmon

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    I really like Vega from Doom 2016, the cold and calm yet almost menacing way he talks over the MP gameplay perfectly complements the chaotic carnage. I'd say the same for the Origin announcer in SnapMap as well but he's hardly used. Also, not so much as an "announcer" but I like how the bosses in Warframe will radio in during their missions and taunt you, my favourite has to be Jordas: About 1:58 is where it starts.
  13. The funny thing about all this is that simple discussion about slaughter maps usually ends up looking more and more like OG Brutal Doom discussion every single day. Can't wait for the "slaughter maps are overrated" threads... Because that'd be impossible because it has already happened.
  14. mrthejoshmon

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I think all of RAGE could've worked in co-op rather than just those "wasteland legends" missions.
  15. mrthejoshmon

    Rage 2 leaked?

    Good god that looks horrendous. It looks like a sequel to APB, Jesus Christ.