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  1. xxbio Warfare11

    Doom for Doom64

    New link
  2. xxbio Warfare11

    Doom for Doom64

    I was talking about the first comment haha
  3. xxbio Warfare11

    Doom for Doom64

    Is that Sarcasm and okay well im going to finish the map afterall and ill press f5 to take not shitty screenshots.
  4. xxbio Warfare11

    Doom for Doom64

    Im just screwing around and decided to make e1m1 playable in Doom64 EX http://s1057.photobucket.com/user/Doomguy115/slideshow/D64%20v2?sort=3 new link better quality another room
  5. xxbio Warfare11

    Playing Doom as a kid.

    First doom I played was doom64 and I was right around the same age (5). I remember not ever being able to get past level 6. so id reset the system and keep playing until map 6. never new the name of the game until i could read. always thought it was army of darkness cause of the boomstick and chainsaw and well deadites (zombies/imps) Then i got doom for gba and played that all the way through probably over 30 times.
  6. xxbio Warfare11

    Runninn and gunnin wads

    Sorry you're right totally not like quake I meant quake two. Not the whole map but like some parts like certain environments like battling in that silo after you get past the cyber demon and hell nights+revenants. And of course the entire quake themed room with the electric fences haha. But no the gameplay is very solid very fun. Got hooked when your first weapon was the chainsaw and just running cutting down imps and zombies. Amazing enemy placement I agree. I was mainly talking about the scenery and stuff was Quake like and didn't totally feel like a regular doom
  7. xxbio Warfare11

    Runninn and gunnin wads

    non stop action. may not be classic doom feel, more like quake not just cause of textures. but wow, awesome and fast paced thank you for the recommendation.
  8. xxbio Warfare11

    Runninn and gunnin wads

    Just a quick question, For a while ive been looking for some wads that are strictly action oriented not so many puzzles. Ive played several wads Such as Mori 1 and 2, Scythe, AV, Deus vault 1 and 2, Reveire, Tei Tenga,LOS, mars war. Ive played more but these are just ones Iv'e played recntly. But just today I ran through one of my now favorite wads titled Redemption, the Ultimate Doom E1 replacement. That wad had me just running through blasting and through hell-spawn the whole time and it wasn't a huge beautiful map set either they were fairly average looking but focused more on game play with out the whole Hexen feel of finding lots of switches and not knowing what they do. Just beautiful classic doom action all the way through. Are there any other wads that have that feel and epicness?
  9. Any time I clear a close quarters room full of cacos and barons with the super shotgon feels pretty badass.
  10. xxbio Warfare11

    Doom builder 64EX

    Yes I made sure to do thay. Still nothing
  11. xxbio Warfare11

    Doom builder 64EX

    When editing in doom builder,(specifically for doom64EX)I seem to have trouble with placing enemies on my map. I can place objects, but monsters will not appear in game. It shows the monsters in the editor but when I test the map they are just not appearing. things Ive tried to fix the problem: Made sure to start the game with monsters. They are set for every difficulty. Reloaded the resources. Could this just be an issue with the program or doom engine? *using doom64EX 2.4*
  12. xxbio Warfare11

    Another pc problem....

    So I recently got a newer PC a week ago. It has windows 7 professional and its a gaming PC. But my problem is that out of nowhere I get a blue screen error. Now I thought that maybe it was a driver problem. So I uninstalled my graphics card driver and then reinstalled it. Along with a few others. The blue screen still shows up. So then I run a memory diagnostics test. The test came up with nothing and said there were no errors throughout the test. The blue screen seems to show up randomly. even when just sitting on my desktop. Any advice?? Also I have the mini dump files if anyone wishes to view them?
  13. xxbio Warfare11

    Greenday (1991-1994)

    I too really liked dookie -nimrod, it was a little more angry and energetic.
  14. xxbio Warfare11

    Greenday (1991-1994)

    Anybody listen to their first 3 albums(1000 hours, kerplunk & Dookie)? If so what are your thoughts?
  15. xxbio Warfare11

    Last time playing Doom?

    Yeah figured I'd ask. I played through doom1 today and thought it had been far too long.