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  1. Thank you, will try it this weekend. :D
  2. Would that be the one that says thrill ride?If so, that's the one I bought.Hope it's the right one?And thanks for the heads up! :)
  3. Just bought on GOG the other day.Am going to try it out this weekend.
  4. Downloading.Screenshots look great!
  5. Hey, that looks pretty nice! :)
  6. To me, if it's a good game I don't care what color(s) it is.
  7. Arctangent, you seem to be a decent person.I am a vegetarian.Meanining I don't eat meat or animal products.I have nothing against anyone who eats meat.So let up, please.Have a nice weekend everyone!
  8. Well for me it has a different meaning.I don't like anything that's sweet.
  9. Hate milk, honey too sweet, eggs?I'm a vegetarian, I said.And I loathe plain tofu.I like my veggies a lot.New vegetarian recipes are interesting.Fresh from the garden is great.One thing I hate the most is oatmeal.Eeeewwwww!!!!!!Love spicy stuff, especially on a salad.Hope this answers your question?
  10. I'm a vegetarian, but I'll try almost anythng new as long as it was never alive.
  11. The seller did have good ratings.Even tho I only got 3/4 of a refund and had to pay return postage, I just thought it best to let it go, lesson learned.The tablet quit on me the same day I got it.I returned it the next day.But like I said, the seller wanted a 5 star product review, as well as seller review.Getting emails for this for almost a month, I reported him to Amazon.At first I told him no, but after getting 3 emails a day for nearly a week, I had enough.No more emails.For the most part, I generally do leave good reviews. This all settled now.Bought an 8 in Fire tablet.Maybe not the best, but at least I'll be able to see better with it.Close enough.
  12. People.But it does get pretty funny. Left a 1 star seller review, along with a warning not to let this seller or any other to coerce you.Guess I'll stick with my fire tablet a bit longer.
  13. LOL But to pester me for almost a month?And say the product was great?Still odd.I can understand wanting the 5 star reviews tho.I did block this guy.Btw, only got 3/4 a refund.And had to pay return postage.Soooo no review. Lmao Where I live, some people are so greedy they'll take anything if it's free.But most of them around here really are decent.
  14. Earlier this month I bought a tablet from Amazon.Okay, then the tablet up and died on me, so I sent i back and got a refund.No problem.But now, the seller wants me to give a 5 star seller and product review.Finally reported him.Anyone else ever had this happen?Seems weird to me.This isn't really a rant, still just thinking whatever....(mods, if I'm not allowed to post something like this, it's okay to delete this pos)
  15. Good! Shows you have good taste.