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  1. grouchbag

    Old Science-Fiction Movies

    Robinson Caruso on Mars, Attack of the Saucer Men, The Twonky, Green Slime, etc.
  2. grouchbag

    Some screenshots of my new wad

    Great looking screenshots! Looking forward to playing it.
  3. grouchbag

    Why is the zombie's hair green?

    Perhaps they are the latest in those Chia Pets?
  4. grouchbag

    [Doom 2] Doom Blackjack Beta version 0.5

    This is one of the best! Beautiful and great gameplay. Kept me busy for quite a while. :D
  5. grouchbag

    Captain Powerf*ck WAD episode one released!

    What little bit I had a chance to play was a lot of fun...and hilarious as well. Great work! :D
  6. You are certainly welcome
  7. Mayb something like Cheogsh 1&2, Ultimate Torture? City of the damned? Verdammnis? Don't know if this will help or not. Others can probably make better suggestions. Good luck! :)
  8. Those screenshots are beautiful! Will play this weekend. great work !
  9. grouchbag

    Another Mod I made - Fields Of The Undead

    Ok, thanks. Those screenshots do look kind of nice tho. Don't much care for oblige, but I'm willing to give this a try.
  10. grouchbag

    Another Mod I made - Fields Of The Undead

    No screenshots? Boom, Zdoom, Gzdoom? Oh, oblige. Okay. No criticism from me.
  11. grouchbag

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    That would be great. I love stuff like this. Thank you! :D
  12. grouchbag

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    It's creepy, bizarre and FUN to play. Played it with the Backwoods mod, goes well with it. Tried it with a wad I didn't much care for, changed the looks enough to make different. Looking forward to the finished product. :D
  13. Fun, fun ,fun fun. :D
  14. grouchbag

    Tidus Titan Triumverate

    The screenshots look gorgeous! Keep up the good work and good luck! :D
  15. grouchbag

    Backwoods: WIP mod for Doom 2 New Build 11/13/2019

    I like this very much. Looking forward to the rest of it. :D