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  1. How about Mock II: The Speed of Stupid?A good funny joke wad.Can't think of anymore right now.
  2. Nope, I have no problem.I would call it a sense of humor.:-)
  3. Personally, I find Doom very relaxing.So much so, I almost fall asleep while playing.Your opinion if you like?And yes this a dumb thread, but I'm curious.No one has to reply if they don't want to.Also, have a pleasant day!
  4. Ah!Now I can play more.Thank you Jaska! :D
  5. Why thank you kindly! :-)
  6. It certainly is....
  7. He's sick and tired of those f**king monsters.
  8. Rip, DemonSphere.You will be missed.
  9. Not me.But would you?
  10. I like all their dying sounds, but the funny noise the caco makes when he dies is my fave.Sometimes the imps sound like a bad bellyache, and the pinkies always seem like they are bitching at me.
  11. I like this.Downloaded and will play later.Cheers!
  12. I'll admit I do like a slaughter map or set once in a while, but for the most part, it's a lot more fun to be able to explore my surroundings as well.
  13. IMO it's a game and a good one.That's all I need to know. :)
  14. Beautiful or gorgeous doesn't do it justice.All I can think of is to agree with Mr. Trotl.Wow!
  15. Need Health, it is just an observance on my part, that's all.I appreciate the replies, so I'll say my curiosity is satisfied.And thanks for your replies as well.Have a nice evening everyone! :D