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  1. I did a quick run thru and I dug all of it.Beautiful maps and excellent gameplay.
  2. Great screenshots!Downloading to play later.
  3. Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid?
  4. I really liked the first one.I know I'll like this too.Good luck! :D
  5. I hooked up my laptop to my tv as well, with an hdmi.Talk about huge!Tv is only 50 inches, but wow!Sounded great as well.:D
  6. Yeah, I know. Also my 73 to sister has skin cancer, and this troll kept making fun of it. We stick to emails and phone calls now. At least she's ok for now.
  7. And that is whyI deleted my fb page.
  8. Lots of squirrels where I live.Both animal and human.The animal squirrels are much cuter, but some of the human ones think they are.I like the the real (animal) squirrels.
  9. This is very humorous thread. :D
  10. Interesting thread....
  11. Already nabbed it.Something new to try this weekend maybe?
  12. Thank you ShermanFromDeath
  13. Not only screenshots, but sourceport please?
  14. Random fact?I'm still me, 67 and happy enough.I also still like to play Doom a lot.That's all folks!
  15. I really like the tile pic.Looks great!