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  1. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Anguish - Custom Doom 64 map

    Badass map, if this was in D64 when it came out it would have been one of the best maps in the game. It's really great.
  2. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Tomb Raider III No Loads No Meds

    And if you like Spyro, try Golden Souls 1 and 2, some levels specifically reminded me of Spyro.
  3. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Tomb Raider III No Loads No Meds

    Also Temple of the Lizardmen 1-3 is kind of similar, I guess.
  4. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Tomb Raider III No Loads No Meds

    Doom Raider exists.
  5. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Dude, Bloodstain is really good

    The only thing I didn't like about BS from what I played was the fact that the music was downsampled so much, the first couple of maps sound like an mp3 playing from a tin can.
  6. TheMagicMushroomMan


    I'm sorry too, I wasn't in a good mood earlier. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate between trolls begging for attention and legitimate users. But reading back now, I realize you're just excited about sharing your wad. I'd still probably recommend condensing your posts a bit, maybe edit your original post. This way, people will be able to see your most recent updates on one page. I'll play your wad later tonight. Thank you for being courteous my friend :)
  7. Sorry

    1. TheMagicMushroomMan


      It's okay my friend, please read the reply I wrote on your post earlier :) hope you have a good day and congratulations on putting so much effort into your wad.

  8. TheMagicMushroomMan


    The fact that you so blatantly spam and bump over and over again really pushes me away from trying your wad, especially after someone already asked you to stop doing it. You literally posted 58 TIMES in this thread about one wad.
  9. TheMagicMushroomMan

    How are you guys doing on this late night?

    6:00 AM Dealing with depression.
  10. TheMagicMushroomMan

    [GZDoom] Unfamiliar Episodes - Martian Fury Redux

    Forbidden question is forbidden. But I don't see any reason why it won't work, no new weapons or enemies.
  11. TheMagicMushroomMan

    A wild megawad appears

    Not really that great IMO. Feels generic and uninspired, though functional. Some annoying layouts and switch hunts. Unless you've played pretty much everything out there, you can safely pass on this one. Nothing you haven't seen before.
  12. TheMagicMushroomMan

    The Compare and ranking thread.

    I like Bioshock, the combat is fun and you can experiment a lot, but the combat is also very mushy. The story of the first Bioshock is okay, but I feel no emotional connection to anything. The protagonist I couldn't care less about. Andrew Ryan's backstory and motivations are interesting, as is the world in general, but again, without any real heart. The morals and ideas expressed in the game are pretty much bargain bin Ayn Rand material, and Rand was a terrible writer. Both endings of Bioshock suck, as they try to establish a moral connection at the last minute, and they come across as forced, cliche, and corny. The choices the player makes in the game are the definition of black and white morality. The final boss sucks, in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics, and leaves a horrible taste in the player's mouth. The hacking minigame is an annoyance. The game loses momentum rapidly after Andrew Ryan is done for. What Bioshock has going for it is its atmosphere, but even that burns out after the first half. But the game is still iconic and influential, and I play through it every now and then. Bioshock 2 had better gameplay and very slightly better moral choices. I never played more than the first four hours of Infinite, I hated the protagonist, the new art style was ugly IMO, and the combat had no weight to it. Seriously, the game is so much uglier than Bioshock and Bioshock 2. The water in the opening boat scene is trash, and water is the first thing you associate with Bioshock. The characters look even worse than the shiney plastic-haired people of Rapture.
  13. TheMagicMushroomMan

    this post does not make sense

    "I have this idea I started, finish it for me and send me a link!" But seriously OP, you'd get more help if you at least gave the impression that you're trying to learn. Or if you at least said please. Or posted in the right section.
  14. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Hdoom Camera Glitch on freedoom

    Not only that, but he admitted to using Hdoom AND has a irl profile pic... You got some balls, Hound, I'll give you that!
  15. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Why isn't there a REAL Hellraiser TC?

    I think the answer boils down to two things: 1. Not every franchise is going to be made into a TC 2. Not enough interest. Alien and Army of Darkness belong to two franchises that are still very popular, as to where the first Hellraiser film is the only one most people seem to like. I just lump Hellraiser into the same bunch of horror movie franchises that refuse to die, even if they probably should.