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  1. TheMagicMushroomMan


    It figures. It really sucks that some people don't understand the concept of respecting other people's boundaries. Just because a guy made a game based on some aspect of his life (from what I gather) doesn't mean that his life is a game. Doing something cool on the internet turns you into a contestant on The Truman Show. When you're stalking people to satisfy your need for More Sweet Lore Theories, you need to unplug the router and get a life. It's not acceptable to stalk people just because they're popular or because they made something popular. And the reasoning always amounts to "well, if they didn't want to be stalked they shouldn't have made themselves popular!". I wish they'd go back to their old hobbies, like shipping Sonic characters or making DeviantArt posts of Jeffrey Dahmer. Or better yet they could fill the vacant hole in their life by using the internet for playing video games and learning to masturbate to something that isn't someone else's life.
  2. TheMagicMushroomMan


    I was gone when this wad got popular. What's going on here? Are people doxing the author or playing detectives in some quest to "dig deep into the lore" or some shit? If so, that's pretty pathetic.
  3. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Cacodemon Sprite Origin

    It's just an image someone made by fucking around. It's actually rather poor looking in my opinion. And what the fuck is a pogger anyway.
  4. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Boomshoot Best Practices Poll - Results (for real this time)

    I mean, what exactly are we supposed to say? Most of these questions have already been talked about in-depth many times over. A survey with very general questions and short answers from half a dozen people doesn't provide much insight. There's no link to a petition (I'm guessing that's what the broken link is supposed to be) and I believe you are confusing a petition with a survey anyway. And why can't you just make a thread on Doomworld about these things? Why do we have to go to another website when the whole point of Doomworld is to talk about Doom?
  5. TheMagicMushroomMan

    What are you?

    i am who i want to be and i wont let the haters silence me. i am the face you see at nite that haunts you when u want to sleep. i am a king and kings never die. so hold your tongue or i will sentence you.
  6. TheMagicMushroomMan

    I feel ostracised from the community

    Here's a little tip, I don't want you to take it the wrong way. In order for you to make friends here, and for people to engage with you, you have to engage with them first. You don't really have that many posts, so most people aren't going to recognize you unless you created something super noteworthy. You don't have to even map or do anything important, just stick around and talk to people more. You'll build up a "reputation" although that's not really what it is, a better term is "recognition". Just participate more and you'll do okay methinks. Maybe learn what a megawad is, or the fact that you can't kick in DOOM, before you start dropping advice for other people.
  7. TheMagicMushroomMan

    how to kick?

    You can only do that in the SNES version of Brutal Doom. Sorry everybody is giving you sarcastic replies.
  8. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Random Image Thread

    This is a totally real conversation that really happened. I know because it was on reddit. And that Doom meme is just roflmao r/doom fans are just so funny man I don't even know where to begin.
  9. TheMagicMushroomMan

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    Look at that top hat, I oughtta smack that thing off your head. Punk-ass. You think you're a real pimp, huh? Huh? Answer me motherfucker. 2/10 And put some fucking clothes on the next time you challenge me.
  10. I just wanted to say that I found this thread to be educational even if it was based on an incorrect assumption. Rare to see a thread where the OP says "thank you" when people explain why they're wrong instead of getting an attitude. I didn't know anything about the PSX Duke games, so it's one more thing to add to my small book of knowledge.
  11. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Doomworld Merch?

    Does it come with matching underwear? Am I supposed to wear underwear with this?
  12. If it's running that bad, I'd imagine you probably don't have a dedicated GPU, and probably a poor CPU. For the price of buying an XP rig, you could buy a cheap GPU that will be good enough for most maps, and probably upgrade your processor as well.
  13. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    A lot of games and movies must have the same plot if all it boils down to is "evil attacks, protagonist fights back". That's a basic premise, not a plot. There are people that care about the plot, otherwise we wouldn't have people discussing the plot of Doom Eternal. To be blunt, I think the amount of lore shoved into the game is completely unnecessary and a lot of the writing sounds like something a DnD nerd wrote on a napkin, but some people like it.
  14. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Doomworld Merch?

    You can just make your own for relatively cheap.
  15. Hey, to respond to what you said. you're right, I could've worded it closer to my thoughts, stereotyping something that people do based off of past experiences is bad. It just gets me frustrated when people say the same three things about doom 3 over and over again. I see where you're coming from and hope to use this as a future example and me to improve


    1. TheMagicMushroomMan


      It's okay Biz, I'm sure I've probably made the same kind of post before. It probably wasn't necessary for me to even reply to that post you made because you weren't singling out a specific person anyway. Most of the time when I see people say "you haven't even played it", they're trying to shut down the conversation by calling the other person a liar, but that's far from what you were doing. I don't know if you're a Zelda fan, but I had someone use that argument against me not too long ago when I said that the depths area lacks unique content, which is a better example of why it bothers me. There have definitely been times where it's obvious that someone hasn't played/watched something that they're complaining about, and it's usually in cases where the person is parrotting the same common complaints other people have made, so I can understand where you're coming from. Based on that thread, some people hate Doom 3 more than I realized and I could definitely point to some posts that came after yours as ones that are more deserving of criticism lol. Thank you for responding to me though, I appreciate it and I could have worded my post better as well.