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  1. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Weird WADs #2: Elements of Pain

    Hello again MancubusBalls. I would recommend adding some screenshots to your post so people will have something to look at and talk about and play with and admire other than your balls.
  2. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    -The episode select screen in DOOM 2 actually uses the same graphics as DOOM, but only in the DOOM 3 version of the original alpha due to a linedef overflow that occurs when launching an unregistered version of Ultimate DOOM. In the shareware version, this is only noticable in E4. -The songs that Metallica performed for the game are still used in many community .pads -When you hear John screaming Adrian's name at the end of the movie, it was actually dubbed in post-production. -WhackED was the first person to recieve the Mormeth award, even though he's actually a Buddhist. -The ingame compass was actually broken upon the game's release, and wasn't patched until after the Jaguar version of DOOM 3 was released. -Equipping the blue armor while over encumbered will not slow the player down. This is due to a rendering bug. -Sometimes when the chaingun is reloaded, a cartridge from the machinegun will fall to the ground. This only happens when the hardware rendering feature is checked alongside "show all details". -When flying the VISPLANE, there is a glitch that will cause the rendering engine to play the pistol firing sound repeatedly until a restart is performed. -NOCLIP does not prevent the intro video from playing, this is due to a bug with the .avi files the game uses getting corrupted due to a bad update. Sorry, I haven't played this game yet but I know a lot of trivia about it.
  3. TheMagicMushroomMan

    How does Scythe 2 compare in difficulty to other WADs?

    Good way of describing it. I'm by no means a DOOM God (I use a controller) but I managed to finish Sunlust and Scythe 2, with Sunlust being more difficult but still on the same page, just difficult in a different way. The first half of Scythe 2 poses very little threat. Sunder isn't even comparable and is made in a completely different style.
  4. TheMagicMushroomMan

    If I've beaten Scythe, can I handle Alien Vendetta? [derails]

    "I don't feel like doing any research so I'll hijack this guy's thread with a question that is only tangentially related to the topic instead." https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Alien_Vendetta "MAP01 and MAP02, designed to then-modern level design standards"
  5. TheMagicMushroomMan

    If I've beaten Scythe, can I handle Alien Vendetta?

    Honestly I found AV to be quite a bit easier than Scythe, and Scythe 2 is in another ballpark as far as I'm concerned. I did play Scythe before AV though, and didn't have much experience. None of them are insanely difficult by today's standards, but the last portion of Scythe 2 is the only one that gave me substantial trouble. The rest of Scythe 2 is pretty tame. If you're looking to bridge the gap between DOOM/DOOM2 and AV, you could always try Sunder, which is only marginally harder than E4M1.
  6. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    I've been looking at that picture for about ten minutes trying to come up with some kind of joke, but it ain't gonna happen. And there's a lot of material to work with there. I've never heard of this... uhm, person before, but at least now I know where Piper Maru's avatar comes from. That's been bugging me for a long time. Now it will bug me even more.
  7. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The first Christmas presents John Romero recieved were a basketball and a microwave. His father hid the basketball in the microwave.
  8. TheMagicMushroomMan

    How can I tell what opengl version a games' exe requires?

    What game is it?
  9. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    "Come to Micky D'mons and see the legendary Golden Archies. Try our new McGib and get a free Mancuburger or Big Cac! Featured on hit documentary "Supercharge Me!"
  10. Yeah, I can imagine. It's still a cool experiment, and I think even a seasoned mapper would have a hell of a time creating something that actually looks like a 3D Giger painting using AI artwork. Don't feel like I was knocking your skill, I was just analyzing it more as an artistic/technical experiment rather than a typical map.
  11. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    Demons are best eaten while they're still alive and kicking, and I get off on the pain they experience while I slurp on their guts. Grab a berserk pack and splatter some hellion against the wall and watch while I crawl around in a skintight leather suit sucking up chunks of gore from the unsanitary surfaces of a UAC military base. Everybody is talking about the big juicy ass of the Cyberdemon, but it's overrated once your taste has matured. What you really want to do is pull out his tubing and use it like a straw to suck out his insides. I eat SS Troops for breakfast while their dogs watch, then I use their primitive weapons to blow big chunks through the mouldy flesh of whatever dinner is in front of me. The best thing about killing things in Hell is the fact that everything is already cooked by the time it falls out of a body and onto the ground, but I perfer most things raw. Arachnoham is nice, but if I'm being honest it doesn't compare to sticking a hook into the brain of one of those ugly bastards and hanging it from the ceiling while I use crude machinery to bust up its legs like a lobster while its still alive and screaming at me. There's a lot of gooey, organic material hidden within the metal shell - meat dripping with some unknown acid that is easy to scoop out with a spoon. Cacodemon tastes good, the sludge inside one has a pleasant aroma. I have one that I keep in a barn, tied to a post with ropes around its horns. It always tries to get away, and sometimes it will pull really hard and rip off a horn or two - good for me since I've learned to enjoy the taste of the juice that spills from its pathetic red meatshell into the buckets I have positioned under it. I usually mix this slime with some baron eyeballs until it becomes a nice stew, then I add some minced Archie liver and stuff it into the corpse of a chaingunner for Christmas dinner. The legs of a Pinkie make for nice drumsticks once they're dipped in Baron Bile - which is made from their dung, which takes on a pleasing form some time around late August.
  12. Note - I don't have HacX, so I'm just looking at the screenshots: don't put too much stock into my reaction, in other words. Interesting idea for sure, but the fact that everything is all the same color makes it look more like a mass of random steel. I think using a sample of more sepia-toned artwork would have yielded better results and created a more unique, alien atmosphere. The complex textures do somewhat cover up the modest architecture, but from a casual glance it kind of looks like a standard mod with some custom black and grey textures. The last screenshot looks the best, but I think that in order to create an "interactive Giger-wad" there needs to be just as big of emphasis on architecture, not just texturing. For example, In the third screenshot all I see is a horde of pipes. Some textures don't really look well in terms of repetition, which is a hard problem to fix when it comes to AI textures that aren't going to be suitable to use in a game. Tough project idea to tackle for sure.
  13. TheMagicMushroomMan

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    The Arachnotron turns into ham when it dies.
  14. I thought for a second that your PFP was a mushroom with eyes and a mouth (AKA a face), and after looking at these portals I was convinced you were my long-lost brother. I really like these mind-expanding portals.