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  1. Hope you're doing okay, Widow. I haven't forgotten about you. Please keep us updated when you can.

  2. Merry Widow

    No sympathy needed, just venting

    Oh, I know I'll be ok in the long run. Stuff like this happens to a lot of ppl who don't deserve it. I reserve my sympathy for those I know who need .it.
  3. Merry Widow

    No sympathy needed, just venting

    I've been sick off and for few months and have had trouble walking very far. Yes inspections do suck ass. Landlords know I haven't been great lately, but don't believe me. I'm not the only one facing this bullshit. A few others are also.There's a nurse 5 days a week, but she brushes ppl off. NO worries tho.That's public housing for you. The building itself is about 50 yrs old. I'm not going to do anything stupid. Whatever happens, will happen. So cheers to everyone and thanks for replies. If I pass on, hope I stink up the place.
  4. Merry Widow

    No sympathy needed, just venting

    Well, looks like I may be facing eviction at the end of Feb. Don't know yet. An inspection was done on all apts where I live. I didn't. Asked for help but was refused. Never mind been ill off and on. Have not been able to do much, but have tried. I'm old. I don't mind that. I have helped ppl out when needed, some have helped me. I don't need any money or anything, or sympathy. I don't feel sorry for myself. There are others worse off, they are the ones I feel bad for. Will I survive? Probably. I sure as hell won't give up easily. There's just about always hope somewhere. So,never give up. Simply do the best you can. Most of all, best of luck to everyone.
  5. Merry Widow


    Why can't you try it? The map you already made was fine. Good luck if you do!
  6. Merry Widow

    what do you do for work? how does it make you feel?

    Retired. But make decent money doing craft work. Sometimes putting a hard drive or programming a laptop. As long as they provide the legal setups.
  7. Merry Widow

    is blood actually as good as people think it is?

    well, it's an escape from reality for a while. It's an ok game.
  8. Merry Widow

    What're You Watching On TV, and How? (Cable, Streaming, etc.)

    Just plain old tv antenna since cable contract was removed. I do have their excuse,was everyone is streaming. Whatever. I dont watch tv that much. Mostly movies.
  9. Merry Widow

    What does a visitor in your home to annoy you?

    Yeah. After my husband died the woman next door accused me of trying to steal her old man. She denies it now. She recently remarried and moved 2 floors down. She was made to apologize. But as I said, most people here are nice. It's more the people that don't live here that are the problem. We now have cameras everywhere which is great. I almost never ask for help tho. Last time this woman claimed I was some place I wasn't, good old cameras.
  10. Merry Widow

    What does a visitor in your home to annoy you?

    I live in Vermont, USA. A a small 400ft apt. Been pretty happy with it. And I have heard Germany is a beautiful country. The state I live in is fairly rural, but pretty nice. Having a small store across the street helps too, since I can't walk far. Used to love walking. I guess you already know I'm 73 yo so there's that. I get looked at weird sometimes b/c I'm a gamer. I love playing Doom. Thank you for replying, you seem very nice.
  11. Merry Widow

    What does a visitor in your home to annoy you?

    I do answer the door to friends. They know to say who it is before I answer. I will also help anyone if they really need help. Like food or something or an ambulance. But when some tries to come in without knocking, it's considered rude. I've had some one try to break in seveal times over the last12 yrs. It's happened a lot around here. One of the times I yelled I wouldnt do that if I were them. Most people here are very nice tho. Kids are allowed to live now too. Pets also. And while a few visitors are weird, they are also friends. I consider myself weird. I like crocheting bugs and snakes and stuff. Designing and making beaded jewelry as well. It supplements my income as I've been widowed since 2019. I usually try to to be polite. What do you do?
  12. Have you ever had some one come to visit and they do something like switch tv channels or get into your stuff? I've had one tha used to shove my craft projects aside and ruin them. Another would actually switch tv channels. The oddest one came to introduce herself ok, then told me I cannot cuss and do whatever else she didn't like. Entitled maybe? Told her to leave. I almost never answer my door now. When asked why, let's just say I like my privacy ... a lot. What do you do?
  13. Merry Widow


    I'm very proud of you. That looks nice. At least you can make maps, I can't.
  14. Thank you Roadworx. 

  15. Merry Widow

    GERARD.WAD - My First Doomworld Release!!!!

    And you could have been more polite. No offense intended. @Bomberboi, really do wish you good luck with you mapping. I'm gone.