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  1. https://www.pcgamesn.com/doom/expansion-pack-bethesda
  2. I am proposing a vanilla Doom episode 3 replacement project based on e3m3: Pandemonium. The idea is that people try to make a wad similar in characteristics to E3M3 but with original layout and secrets. Here are the characteristics of E3M3 as I see them: Small rooms/areas (claustrophobic even) large, atmospheric secret areas. cubbyhole secrets to a minimum secret areas that are accessed in creative ways (note, there are no secret doors--directly opened or remotely--in e3m3, but there are 6 secret areas) creative, original, memorable areas -- No Homages!! an utter lack of long hallways funky/twisted texturing claustrophobic gameplay hellish areas overall, not too big windows into other areas (including secret areas) very few doors--easy navigation through the map few safe places to hang out. fair amount of damaging floors, but no extensive regions of slag or slime. e3m3 level of detailing the occasional trap, but nothing too evil creative but non-ornate architecture compact map design How you bring these elements into your map is up to you. The best nine submissions will be included in the final wad, to be decided in some consensus way. Since this is a Hellbent project, exit doors are not allowed to be key-locked and keys are not allowed to be on pillars and monocromatic texturing will not be tolerated. Single rooms can be monochromatic for effect, but half your level cannot be wood and the other half be marble. This ain't e4, yo. This is a Petersen Enterprise. If this piques your interest in the least, go play e3m3 as your first step to participating in this project to see and experience what an e3m3 map is like. The original Pandemonium has the following notable statistics: Two Blue Armors All weapons but the Plasma Rifle Two barons Fun fact: Petersen often put the BFG and Soul sphere near each other in areas of extraordinary danger.
  3. Hellbent

    What are you listening to?

    My stranger music submissions for the soundtrack for the upcoming Strange Things season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsl15zAC_a4 https://youtu.be/z7-yTQ528aA
  4. Hellbent

    What's something about Doom you absolutely love?

    The snort and thud sound a demon makes when it dies.
  5. Hellbent

    Feeling Old?

    Same. I rode 95 miles on Sunday so I guess I'm not feeling very old! The only time I feel old is when I drink alcohol. I pretty much can't drink anymore, except vodka and tequila. All other alcoholic beverages make me feel like I've entered the upsidedown, and watching Stranger Things makes me feel young again (just 8 more days till the new season!).
  6. Hellbent

    Traveling faster than light

    Correct me where I'm wrong, but my understanding is that the closer an object approaches the speed of light the slower time goes by for that object (known as time dilation). If speed is a measurement of distance over time, then wouldn't an object traveling very nearly the speed of light effectively to those stationary be traveling much faster than the speed of light due to the relative effects of traveling near the speed of light, thus making interstellar travel feasible? Does anyone know how this works? If light travels 299,792.5 kms per second, how much does time slow down for me if I manage to travel 200,000kms per second? What about 250,000kms per second? 280,000kms per second? 295,000km per second? 299,780kms per second? There must be a simple hyperbola equation that lets you plot the time dilation for different speeds approaching c. One last point: Does light, being the only thing that is able to travel at the speed of light, not experience any passage of time? Is it therefore ageless and timeless and therefore actually traveling infinite distances instantaneously?
  7. Making a single map from this piece of art is a tall order. The question is, how do you break up such a task into a multi-person project? (Because, honestly, no one would be insane or ambitious enough to tackle this solo). Maybe you could break up the mapping into color codes: One mapper to draw the big purple corridors and the thin blue ones surrounding them. Another to draw the combination of the dark blue and regular blue ones. And another to do draw the gold ones. But this isn't a great solution either since each mapper would have to wait for the previous one to finish before they could start (unless each person were to build their part in separate wads and then you were to overlay each person's designs into a single wad). 4-sector.wad anyone? If this were to be done with only 4 sectors, what do you think the sector heights and widths should be? One possibility could be: purple sector: floor:0, ceiling: 512 (I'm thinking these corridors would be 256 wide) Thin dark-navy blue sector: Floor:-32, Ceiling: 96 (I'm thinking these would be between 40 and 56 wide [the diagonal portions]) Thin blue sector: Floor: -56, Ceiling: 152 (I'm thinking these would be 24 to 33 wide [the diagonal portions]). Gold sector: Floor: 96, Ceiling: 288 (you'd use arch-viles to get up here) (These generally could be about 128 wide). Maybe Doomworld needs another competition wad like 10sector with some worthwhile prize for the effort. Judging would be based on how cool and creative the wad is but just as importantly how closely it adheres to the "blueprint" of the image:
  8. Max and Lewis are currently tied on points with only one race to go! The tiebreaker is currently in Max's favor (I'm not sure why; I don't know the rules on that). Did you watch the racing this weekend? Today's race was as scintillating as yesterday's sensational qualifying!
  9. Hellbent

    Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

    I'm new to Formula 1 and I don't really have a vested interest in any one particular person. After watching a couple seasons of Drive to Survive I was sort of starting to root for Red Bull to dethrone the Mercedes stranglehold on the sport. So when I learned in the middle of the season that Verstappen was up on points I decided it might be fun to watch the final races. But all I saw was Lewis outdriving Max every race (I guess I tuned in right after Merc got a new motor). I really wanted to see these two have closer battles in the final races, but still super exciting racing in the latter stages of the season, and honestly I could hardly breathe for the entire final lap of today's race; I've never really experienced that before while watching a sporting event. I think the decision should stand; it's just not how I wanted Max to win. I wanted him to outclass Lewis and I don't understand why the race wasn't closer. Max's qualifying lap on the soft tires made it look like he was going to lead the first 15 laps, but he had a bad start, and even though he was on the soft tires couldn't catch Lewis up (!) after he attempted to pass Lewis only to lose more ground to him. This was quite disappointing, and I don't really understand it. It was also disappointing after seeing Checo do an amazingly heroic job of bringing Lewis back to Verstappen only to see Lewis then increase the gap again. For a minute there, it looked like Max might bring the gap back after his second tire change, but he didn't seem to move through the lapped traffic quite as quickly as Lewis (he was gaining on Lewis up to that point) when he needed to his gap to Lewis to really start dropping. While I wanted Max to win, ultimately I wanted the best driver to win today, and Lewis always seemed to have this in the bag, so to bring the two racers back together for the final lap just didn't seem right to me (especially since Lewis was on crap tires at that point). And as breathless as I was on the final lap, I couldn't help feel bad for Lewis; that it wasn't a fair way to lose the championship (or at least, the race). Redneckerz: after watching replays of the Silverstone crash, I can't really fault Hamilton on that one; or at least it doesn't look like a blatant foul on Hamilton's side. If the roles were reversed and it was Max being aggressive (as he always is) then Hamilton likely would have yielded, but when it's Hamilton being the aggressor Max isn't likely to yield, then that's what happens. But, yeah, that's a lot of points to lose in a split second! Anyway, I think Max deserves the championship, I just didn't care for how today's race was decided. :-/ The stewards definitely haven't been consistent throughout the season.
  10. Hellbent

    Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

    Yeah, I have mixed feelings on the outcome. Personally I'm leaning towards feeling the stewards took too many steps to ensure the race doesn't I understand why they do this, but I'm not really sure it's the right thing to do.
  11. Hellbent

    What's a map you never get tired of playing?

    I just tried that map. Pretty cool, I was having fun until a hell knight didn't die when it "should" have and plasma'd me dead. I might give it another go; I do like that midi a lot. Now that I think of it, I don't think there is a custom level that I play over and over, though I have played Alleycat.wad quite a bit as it is probably my favorite custom level, as it has great gameplay and a very economical use of space and has Doom 2 levels of detail. For me it is the quintessential doom map and I would love to play more maps like it. Not sure what level I play the most from Doom 1, but map10 is probably my favorite level to pistol start and play repeatedly from Doom 2. Not sure why that is, maybe because I find it easy to navigate while having really fun gameplay, whereas most doom 2 maps have annoyances in the navigation department. But map24 was a level I played a lot as well as it has a very unique and distinctive sense of place and atmosphere that is unlike anything else, really, and it also has really fun gameplay, especially the first half of the map. EDIT: I used to play Map16 Suburbs a lot as well as it also a really fun pistol start challenge. I also replayed Map23 a whole bunch (for same reason: super fun pistol start challenge, and one of the less annoying maps to navigte) and citadel a lot because it has interesting secrets. To slightly lesser extent I played The Pit a lot as it is probably the most epic early doom 2 level (lots of really cool set pieces in this map), but I find the map a little more tedious to replay as compared to Refuelling Base and Suburbs. I replayed Map20 from pistol start a lot, too; the open world-map was appealing to me as well as the cyb/spidey set piece. Map15 was for a time my favorite Doom 2 map as I liked the castles in it and the way the map was sort of split by a river and that sort of LOTRy feeling when you enter the yellow key door (I think it was yellow key, not 100% sure on that now), and the secrets were fun. But over the years and decades it's always refuelling base that I'm happy to play again and again, whereas lots of other doom 2 maps I enjoyed replaying for a stint, but did not revisit them all the time.
  12. Hellbent

    How do you personally play doom?

    The mouse action on earlier versions of zdoom (zdoom version 2*) is just phenomenally awesome; and modern versions of gzdoom or any other versions I've played on just are not as good. So I prefer to play in zdoom versions 2*. Since I got into Roguelikes in 2013 (umm, just Angband really) I no longer save when I play doom, which means I don't play much doom because I lose patience after dying a lot to replay levels. I should probably play on HMP but I have such a psychological hang up with that difficulty setting that I am not playing it as the level was designed to be played.
  13. Hellbent

    Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

    Qualifying Results: Redbull p1 and 4 on qualifying. Mercedes p2 and 6. Redbull starting on soft tires and Mercedes starting on the mediums. Redbull's hand sort of forced to soft tires when they got a flat spot on one of the medium tires. Verstappen so cool and collected for a young man in position to take his first championship, when he was talking about his flying lap and taking pole. Pretty cool to see. Hamilton says he couldn't beat Max's time, that he had just about as clean lap as he could; but, interestingly, he didn't mention that Redbull used slip stream to get the fastest lap (Max slip streamed Perez on his flying lap). Also cool to see Lando Norris of Mclaren get third. How will Redbull starting on soft tires play out with Mercedes starting on Medium tires? Is Mercedes at the advantage towards the end of the race? Whatever the case, I think Verstappen is going to set a blazing pace out of the gate and hold off Hamilton down the stretch.
  14. Hellbent

    Linedef type: Save game?

    I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier (and maybe it already exists). Is there a port that has a Linedef type (or Sector type) "Save game"? This would be awesome. I don't play Doom much, and I no longer use the save command (stopped using it regularly over ten years ago). Not saving means I play even less Doom than I would otherwise because I can't be bothered to replay the same area over and over. There is the timed save wad, but it's too easy to abuse and it's distracting since you can see the counter counting down and it's always in the back of my mind: "when is it going to save next?" --also it doesn't know not to save when a barage of mancubi fireballs are about to smash your face. Now a map designed with save points hidden in the map would allow seemless play of the level. If you die, and you didn't make it far, no biggy, you'll start at the beginning because you didn't trigger a save point in the map. But if you did get far, then you will automatically load the last save point. And since the save points would be placed by the map designer, you (ostensibly) wouldn't have to worry about the game loading your last save at bad points as the designer would (ostensibly) be wise enough to put the save point in a safe place on the map. The port could also have a toggleable feature that would allow you to turn on/off messages that tell you you've saved (same way the many ports tell you when you've found a secret area). Anyway, I would LOVE to see this implemented into GZdoom. :D Surely I'm not the only one who thinks Doom desperately needs a good answer to the slippery slope of scum saving?
  15. Hellbent

    Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

    Oh yeah! Shoot. Added now.
  16. Hellbent

    Random Image Thread

  17. Hellbent

    The wad journal: record the time spent on doom

    In the history of video/computer game music, where does Sign of Evil rank? I'd say it's gotta be pretty high. My favorite doom track in all Dooms is probably Sign of Evil, followed by D_Victor, E1M7 (Demons on the Prey), E1M5 (Suspense), and maybe Into Sandy's City. Music from Wormhole in TNT gets honorable mention..
  18. Hellbent

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Every once in awhile a cyberdemon will stomp into my dreams. I don't know that I've ever dreamt about an actual doom map or wad. A few months ago I had a dream where a giant bull turned out to be a cyberdemon and I was having a helluva time figuring out how to kill it without being splattered all over the walls.
  19. Hellbent

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    Yeah, but being articulate just sounds nerdy.
  20. Hellbent

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    This is quite sad for me as one of my favorite things to do on youtube is see which videos have the highest ratio of likes to dislikes (it is quite rare for a video to have a ratio greater than 100 to 1, but I think I did see a video with 1000 likes to each dislike. It's a real shame YT be removing this info from public view--- Oh, yay! Google chrome extension to restore dislikes! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/return-youtube-dislike/gebbhagfogifgggkldgodflihgfeippi
  21. Hellbent

    New around here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hi there, I joined on June 2, 2000 and was very active on the boards off and on for much of the 2000s. These days I visit much more sporadically and I don't play Doom much anymore (play a lot of Angband instead). I used to play and map an inordinate amount, but I've only had a few notable releases (Greenwar DM was a solo effort, Greenwar II involved a very talented team of detailers, and DTWID was a community project I started). I'm thinking about making a map for Doom's upcoming birthday. Been too long since I made a map and I've been having tons of mapping ideas lately.
  22. Yes!! There was something about that Soul Sphere taunting you that was so captivating. Was a long time before I figured it out, though (which made it all the more awesome when I got it). @RaguThere were disagreements among the game's designers about the direction the game should go. What you describe would likely be Tom Hall's influence--but he lost out to the more abstract take on the game that the team leaders pushed for that we know today. Masters of Doom is an excellent book that details the fascinating story behind the making of Doom.
  23. Hellbent

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    One I like to use a lot is 'don't look a gift horse in the mouth', but the thing is, if someone gives you a lame horse with missing teeth do you really want to spend money and time feeding and shoveling that horse's shit? No, you'd be better off without the 'free' horse. So, actually, you should look a gift horse in the mouth, because like bad volunteerism, it's better to not receive if the thing being given or offered causes more headache than if it wasn't ever given in the first place.
  24. Hah, I didn't even notice. I was going to say, though: I spent a fair bit of time trying to jump out of the window of the e1m1 green armor room for the same reason, Ir really wanted to get closer to those mountains!
  25. https://www.doomworld.com/search/?q=mob Have a gander at the above search query. Half the uses of 'mob' are to mean 'monster', with one example so unequivocally, incontrovertibly so: URROVA replied to rd.'s topic in Doom General I first noticed this use of 'mob' to mean 'monster' over on Angband. And I finally decided to make a thread about it. Then I was curious if it was being used elsewhere: and lo and behold, Doomers are using 'mob' to mean monster as well! How long has this devilry been going on for?? @Gez