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  1. Hellbent

    Random Image Thread

  2. Hellbent

    The wad journal: record the time spent on doom

    In the history of video/computer game music, where does Sign of Evil rank? I'd say it's gotta be pretty high. My favorite doom track in all Dooms is probably Sign of Evil, followed by D_Victor, E1M7 (Demons on the Prey), E1M5 (Suspense), and maybe Into Sandy's City. Music from Wormhole in TNT gets honorable mention..
  3. Hellbent

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    Every once in awhile a cyberdemon will stomp into my dreams. I don't know that I've ever dreamt about an actual doom map or wad. A few months ago I had a dream where a giant bull turned out to be a cyberdemon and I was having a helluva time figuring out how to kill it without being splattered all over the walls.
  4. Hellbent

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    Yeah, but being articulate just sounds nerdy.
  5. Hellbent

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    This is quite sad for me as one of my favorite things to do on youtube is see which videos have the highest ratio of likes to dislikes (it is quite rare for a video to have a ratio greater than 100 to 1, but I think I did see a video with 1000 likes to each dislike. It's a real shame YT be removing this info from public view--- Oh, yay! Google chrome extension to restore dislikes! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/return-youtube-dislike/gebbhagfogifgggkldgodflihgfeippi
  6. Hellbent

    Welcome to Doomworld- Introduce Yourself!

    Hi there, I joined on June 2, 2000 and was very active on the boards off and on for much of the 2000s. These days I visit much more sporadically and I don't play Doom much anymore (play a lot of Angband instead). I used to play and map an inordinate amount, but I've only had a few notable releases (Greenwar DM was a solo effort, Greenwar II involved a very talented team of detailers, and DTWID was a community project I started). I'm thinking about making a map for Doom's upcoming birthday. Been too long since I made a map and I've been having tons of mapping ideas lately.
  7. Just vouching interest in your good Doom level design contest to kick off as that was the only Doom mapping contest that actually interested me. Utilizing the principles of good Doom and not trying to rehash iwad maps for the umpteenth time. Also because I'm confident I could give it a good shot of course! Don't need a graphics card for a prize personally though lol


  8. Hellbent

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    Yes!! There was something about that Soul Sphere taunting you that was so captivating. Was a long time before I figured it out, though (which made it all the more awesome when I got it). @RaguThere were disagreements among the game's designers about the direction the game should go. What you describe would likely be Tom Hall's influence--but he lost out to the more abstract take on the game that the team leaders pushed for that we know today. Masters of Doom is an excellent book that details the fascinating story behind the making of Doom.
  9. Hellbent

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    One I like to use a lot is 'don't look a gift horse in the mouth', but the thing is, if someone gives you a lame horse with missing teeth do you really want to spend money and time feeding and shoveling that horse's shit? No, you'd be better off without the 'free' horse. So, actually, you should look a gift horse in the mouth, because like bad volunteerism, it's better to not receive if the thing being given or offered causes more headache than if it wasn't ever given in the first place.
  10. Hellbent

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    Hah, I didn't even notice. I was going to say, though: I spent a fair bit of time trying to jump out of the window of the e1m1 green armor room for the same reason, Ir really wanted to get closer to those mountains!
  11. Hellbent

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    How much? Dang, I really shoulda looked for deals on Friday. Was it this one? (I hate that it only has 4 out of 5 eggs).
  12. Hellbent

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    My dad is the only person I've ever heard use the phrase "what's that got to do with the price of eggs".
  13. Hellbent

    Common phrases that are nonsensical

    I can't help crack a joke every time I think of that phrase or someone else uses it. (Sometimes it's just a look at the kitty that is purring comfily on the love seat), but what does any of this have to do with the price of eggs?
  14. Hellbent

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    My first impressions of Doom was that it was way too dark and grungy and visually inferior to the bright, vibrant colors of Wolf3D. Once I sorted out Gamma correction, saw that former humans could fall down stairs, and wrapped my hands around the rocket launcher, I couldn't get enough!
  15. Hellbent

    When did 'mob' come to mean 'monster'?

    Thanks Gez! Do you think @URROVA was referring to mobj and not a monster?