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  1. Hellbent

    Random Image Thread

  2. Hellbent

    So...? then.. how did it get there?

    In the video James Campbell said the plane didn't crash there. But he doesn't say how it got there. Was it assembled there? was it driven there? was it flown and landed there? Surely you agree such an explanation is warranted? I mean, it's not terribly obvious to me how a plane ends up in the middle of a forest.
  3. Am I just stupid or is there a glaring piece of explanation missing from this video that James Campbell (or the editors) decided wasn't necessary? Do other people find that when they are reading an article (often a news item) about something bizarre or unusual the level of explanation in the article is wholly lacking? Or am I the only one who (frustratingly) experiences this on a regular basis? Here is a great example: https://vimeo.com/281242068. I would love other's insights on this. Watch the whole video and tell me it's not at least somewhat puzzling the lack of explanation to it? /sigh.
  4. 'Riding' implied a bike ;p
  5. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Here is the strava segment that Grazza did. Averages 8% grade, which is pretty steep. Similar to climbs they do in the Tour de France. That must've been killer, Grazza! Quite the elevation to be biking at. Did you train much for the ride? My ride was nothing compared to yours. Mine had 4 short little hills over a much greater distance and half the elevation gain; not to mention I ride around at 1000'. I want to do some big climbs soon, though. https://www.strava.com/segments/8399276
  6. I had a leg-rippin good ride tonight. Was 77 degrees. Was fun riding into the gloom of twilight as I was climbing an ever diminishing dirt road to nowhere. Rode 36.5 miles, averaged 17mph and climbed 2700+ feet.
  7. Hellbent

    What are you listening to?

    Delicate by Taylor Swift. I miss Doom. I miss Doomworld. Keep on keeping on Doomers.
  8. Hellbent

    How to form a plan in chess?

    I just had some pretty fun games in chess. I hadn't played in a really long time. I totally agree with your statement about the early-mid game doldrums. I have no idea what to do in the early game. I remember studying a little on chess.com and developing some early game strategy at one point, but there definitely was a large period of my chess "career" where I'd just do my best to get through the early game. A lot of time I'd just focus on creating as many supported developed pieces as possible: either get my bishops out with knight supports, or try to get my knights in the center of the board supporting each other (or next to each other supported by pawns). Other times I'd try to to fork his king and rook, but soon realized this was a cheap pipe dream that wasn't really smart to chase after, but something to keep an eye out for while developing pieces. Often I would look to trade to make the game easier (less pieces, less confusion). Other times, I'd get a real kick out of games where it was like 10 swords all drawn on 10 different necks in a circle (like in the movies). As I was saying, tonight I just finished playing some chess for the first time in a really long time against an otherwise smart enough opponent who was prone to some unnecessary blunders and didn't plan turns ahead; but made some pretty cunning plays from time to time (especially when he was on the back foot). Second game I was pretty even but I fell behind when I foolishly allowed him to get my rook with his queen. But I focused on position and was was a bit clever in getting pressure on his king with my queen. He failed to remember the importance of his bishop as a support in keeping pressure on my king with his queen when I tried (successfully) to divert his attention by putting his king in check with my queen with what largely was an empty and pointless check (all he had to do was move his all-important bishop back to position after blocking the check-- since I had to pull my queen back to a center file in order to defend against imminent mate). I flipped the tables on him when I managed to snooker his rook in the corner with my queen, mirroring my side of the board, when he tried to get creative with his bishop instead of just bringing it back again. I continued to take my time with my turns and slowly outplayed him as I slowly ensnared his queen that was still in the corner from taking my rook early on. And then it finally happened; I encroached on his queen and he had no escape. Once he saw he could no longer save his queen he immediately went on a "hail marry" offensive, not even bothering trying to take the best piece he could with his queen. I scoffed at his pathetic efforts, laughed and derided him. I just couldn't control myself, I had superior board, an impenetrable wall of knights and pawns protecting my side of the board--a veritable fortress, and so I mostly ignored his developing knight and took his queen. Two turns later that developing knight forks my king and my queen! I was royally forked! I was still up on material, but rather flustered from the very surprising fork (I thought he was aiming for my king, not my queen), and I then made some late game blunders and he surprisingly came back to win it. Third game: Very early on, my opponent got his black pawn one square from Queenage. I wasn't too worried about it though, given the state of the board. I made some more bad moves and he didn't capitalize on them for some reason so instead of falling even further behind I took out one of his knights, and several turns later had all his minor pieces and he only had one of mine. He definitely had some sloppy moves, though he did gain some positioning and nabbed one of my rooks. He then pinned my ever important bishop to my queen (my mistake): my bishop was holding his pawn-to-queen square. I was threatening checkmate with a knight in position to support queen-to-king smother mate. But suddenly his pawn was threatening to not only dash my checkmate dreams but totally turn the game around. If I took out his newly queened pawn with my bishop, his queen (threatened by my pawn) would take out my queen, putting me in check! So I had to sacrifice my rook to take out the new queen, which meant by bishop would continue to protect what would now be my rook and his queen would not be able to put me in check. He put me in check with his rook (unsuppported: a sacrifice to get my king one square forward so he could put me in check with his queen) but my bishop was simply able to block the check and he then didn't see any other option so pulled his queen back, but wasn't able to block the smother-mate threat that was never neutralized. Anyway, pretty amateurish games, but definitely some flourishes of creative play to keep things interesting.
  9. Hellbent

    How are you doing?

    It's really cool to see so many familiar old timers still posting on these boards. Sorry to hear some of you with real struggles. God, life was hard from age 15 to 24. My 18th year was the most challenging of my life. Looking back on it now the dark places of the world's soul that I traveled to was a little bit like how Gandalf must have felt falling deep within the Earth, dragged down by the Balrog of Shadow and Flame. These days I am not haunted by the tumultuous and scary aspects of my youth. Life is great, without any crazy ups and downs. The only real thing to complain about was that a knee injury several years ago skiing in the woods prevented me from hitting all the amazing powder that buried the northeast all March long. Kind of want to blow $500 on a really good recording setup for to start recording some of the song seeds that I'm always creating but never do anything with. Also want to buy music making software like Reason but am intimidated by the learning curve. Would also be fun to record Let's Plays (Angband is so much fun; been playing it way too much) and maybe some other comedy/thoughtful/interesting youtube content. Been watching a lot of flat earth videos lately which is pretty amusing as it turns out a flat earth is much more defendable than I ever imagined it could ever be (which is pretty cool as a thought experiment, and pretty fascinating). But don't misread me, just because many of the arguments are interesting and maybe seem plausible, I very much believe the Earth is a globe.
  10. I couldn't find an animated gif of it, but it's the one where a looney tunes or some such cartoon character is burnt to a crisp, and the outline of his charred body retains its shape for a second before it collapses and disintegrates into a pile of ash. Where did the building go? Quite a nifty trick!
  11. Hellbent

    What happened to blogs :(

    Don't know a better place to record my dreams so here goes another I just woke up from: I was on a hiking trail, but it wasn't a normal hiking trail. It lead to a place of magic and wonder; or more accurately, it was a place of magic and wonder. Or slightly more specifically, it was a spiritual path (quite literally). Though it was a real, physical trail, it was actually some kind of portal to another place, a very good place, one so much richer and possibly even dimensionally deeper, that if I could reach it, there would be all sorts of amazing things there (physical things? spiritual?). But in order to walk on the path safely, and not be washed away by storms, one had to be spiritually evolved (for lack of better term) (or maybe somehow committed) enough to take these sacred trails; yes, there was at least two trails I was aware of (and I would later learn there was a network of trails). There were many other people walking them, and I started to walk on one, excited by the wonder its destination was playing in my mind (I was somehow able to "see" [more like, perceive] the promising richnesses deep into the trails), but shortly after I begun I had a premonition that I wasn't ready. Similarly a "vision" came to me that the rain storms would take me, washing away the trail and/or me, not necessarily into oblivion (but maybe), but definitely the potential to be injured and/or lost (physically, spiritually). So only just having begun, I had to make the somewhat disappointing decision to turn around. I knew it wasn't the end all/be all, but, rather, just that I wasn't yet ready at this point in time to attempt the trail, though I wasn't sure what I needed to do to become ready. Sometime later, (maybe even just hours, or maybe a day) in my contemplation of the dangers and the wonders to be discovered along the way (the specifics of which were still murky to me) I saw an opening, or, more accurately, I hoped for an opening, that the storms had passed and I'd make safe passage. But this wasn't actually based on a premonition; I hadn't had anymore premonitions, but rather, I think it was just based purely on a desire and impatience to walk the trails; to discover their richnesses that somehow were playing on my mind. I remember sort of making up in my head that, yeah, the storms farther down the trail had probably now passed, and it was probably now safe to travel: thoughts that were conjured forth by an eagerness to walk the trails. As I walked again down the trail, this time a fair bit further (maybe an hour or two) feeling the richness of the trails as I progressed, so that I was beginning to get excited as I made my way further into uncharted territory in this new realm of wonder, I experienced another premonition that only doom and gloom awaited me (in the form of terrible rain storms that would wash me/the trail away, but only me, mind you, the others on their own personal spiritual paths would not be affected). So once again, I turned back. I'm not sure how far I had traveled on the trail before turning back, but a fair way, certainly. I wasn't actually sure the way back. As I mentioned, it was a network of trails, but energetically I could sense which way lead deeper into the enchanted realm, and which way lead back to ordinariness. On my way back people were talking of storms that were kicking up, and, sure enough, soon the ground was falling way, I was falling through a debris field of dead and broken trees and tree branches (some of which were also falling, along with boulders). Other people seemed concerned or worried as they were falling, trying to navigate the odd storm, trying not to get crushed by falling debris. I wasn't really afraid, though. I found I was able to go with the flow and navigate the chaotic bedlam, and I somehow knew I just had to ride out the storm and I would eventually wind up back where I started. Eventually I navigated my falling way through the large, falling debris field and was back at the beginning of the trail, where I was presented with the choice to enter the trail again (probably not a good idea) or return back to the very mundane, ordinary world back at the parking lot. I remember asking some other people what my options were about where to go, (though I somehow knew, but I hoped maybe there was some other option I was maybe missing), but no, they answered in a sort of "I think..." kind of way, "you can take the trails, or you can walk a short way back down that way", passed the small, old, worn, wooden barricade, to the parking lot. I think the dream ended with me choosing the mundane, but probably correct choice at that very moment in time. A bit disappointing, but, there's always another day, and better than winding up lost and/or dead. **** Some analysis of the dream: while I seemed to have been correct in having a premonition about a storm that would sweep me away if I attempted the trail before I was ready, I must have not actually had a real idea of what kind of storm would befall me, and probably just assumed rain since I didn't actually know and didn't actually have a premonition about specifically what kind of storm there might be. It's hard for me to describe what richnesses lay deeper into the trails, but the trail I was on was clearly magical, it even shimmered with nuggets of different colors in places, denoting that it was actually a special trail. I was only concretely aware of one other trail that initially ran parallel to the one I was on. The other was wider, shimmered less with nuggets of colors promising wonderful things, but still, it was leading in the same general direction as the the other, it's just that the narrower one seemed to me to hold even greater promises than the wider one. Like the other dream posted in this thread, there was a sense of awe and a sense of looking forward to something exciting, something novel, something otherworldly I hadn't actually ever seen or experienced before. Something almost supra-this-world. Not that I'm big on dogma, but I wonder what spiritual work or meditation is required to successfully traverse the trail(s)? I remember at one point wanting to talk to others about how they were able to take the trail, but I knew it was a futile thing to ask, that for each person walking the trail was a personal thing, and that whatever answer they gave me would be meaningless to me since each individual had a unique, spiritual reason for being able or not able to walk the trail, or on which trail they were able to walk on or chose to walk on, or which way to go when the trail crossed another. I remember I had gone to the trail as a hiking trip with some other people (friends? certainly not close friends if they were in fact friends; it's only very fuzzy the people I was with; they were likely acquaintances or work colleagues). I'm not sure if any of them actually walked on the trails or not; I feel like the others didn't feel it was safe to attempt the trails due to the possibility of storms. As I was typing this up, I kept mistyping 'trail' as 'trial'; is my subconscious trying to tell me something?
  12. Hellbent

    I'm about to buy this gaming laptop

    I suppose it could be a desktop. The layout of my room isn't really that ideal for a desk. I was gonna play on my bed. But if it ways almost 8lbs. That could be pretty uncomfortable. You're probably right, I should probably just get a desk and desktop.
  13. Price seems good for what you get, but I wonder if it will be super loud or unstable. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834234455&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC-_-pla-_-Gaming+Laptops-_-N82E16834234455&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpMLOBRC9ARIsAPiGeZDzcVlvlz5zCfDIbQ8RtO4OKS_ZIjgCy9onngSKdNPSD3DhRKwSaUkaAslqEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Feel free to point me to a better laptop for the price point before I impulsively buy! Thanks. :) Hmm... never mind, seems cheaply built. Looking at Alienware now.
  14. Hellbent

    What's your worst Rage Quit?

    Last summer I was so pissed when the connection to the arena match dropped in Hearthstone that I accidentally threw my laptop across the room and it crashed through the glass drawer at the opposite end of the room. My friend, whose room I was in a the time, was none too happy.
  15. Hellbent

    Ol' No Name (4-map set)

    You lost me at monsters teleporting in. Cheapest trick mappers resort to. It's WAAAAYYYYY overplayed and ruins maps left and right. Otherwise the first map is awesome and the start area is fantastic.