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  1. I suppose it could be a desktop. The layout of my room isn't really that ideal for a desk. I was gonna play on my bed. But if it ways almost 8lbs. That could be pretty uncomfortable. You're probably right, I should probably just get a desk and desktop.
  2. Price seems good for what you get, but I wonder if it will be super loud or unstable. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834234455&ignorebbr=1&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-PC-_-pla-_-Gaming+Laptops-_-N82E16834234455&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpMLOBRC9ARIsAPiGeZDzcVlvlz5zCfDIbQ8RtO4OKS_ZIjgCy9onngSKdNPSD3DhRKwSaUkaAslqEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Feel free to point me to a better laptop for the price point before I impulsively buy! Thanks. :) Hmm... never mind, seems cheaply built. Looking at Alienware now.
  3. Last summer I was so pissed when the connection to the arena match dropped in Hearthstone that I accidentally threw my laptop across the room and it crashed through the glass drawer at the opposite end of the room. My friend, whose room I was in a the time, was none too happy.
  4. You lost me at monsters teleporting in. Cheapest trick mappers resort to. It's WAAAAYYYYY overplayed and ruins maps left and right. Otherwise the first map is awesome and the start area is fantastic.
  5. I still haven't read the bloody thing! I just ordered it on Amazon. 5 frickin stars with 301 reviews. Can't wait to finally read it. :D Well said OP. I agree with you wholeheartedly. For me Doom is still one of the greatest games of all time and the roadmap for other companies to follow.
  6. HP?
  7. A little bit more on the dream. It started with Mica, Tara's son talking about this mystical and ominous mountain that he heard tell of adventures, or maybe he had been to this mountain himself? By some odd turn of fortune I somehow was part of a group of people heading to the mountain. This was very exciting and a little scary. This was such a strange mountain, such an ominous, bad-ass place. Not in the same way Everest is, as this place wasn't as high and had no snow, but it was much much stranger, extremely mystical. As we were winding our way through and up the mountain, I began to feel how special the place was. We eventually reached the top and I was suddenly alone. The others had gone on their own, each following their own idea of the adventure they were seeking on the mountain. In my aloneness, all I could hear was the brooding reality of the mountain echo in my being: complete silence. I started to descend, and found that fear was not necessary. The mountain was alive in its own, alien way. The slope had started out gradual, and the trees were short but relatively thick, though very few leaves on them. Quickly the slope pitched, the tree thinned out and became sparse and suddenly I realized the slope was vertical, but instead of hurtling out of control into oblivion, I, like a tiny insect crawling down a wall, was easily navigating down the impossibly steep slope, in complete control; I was now part of the mountain's unique reality. I was skiing, slaloming between the trees with mastery and ease, though no skis were on my feet. There was no snow; quite the opposite, the surface was black, as if made up of very smooth, short, compact moss, charcoal gray instead of green, like the surface of the Badlands, or as if a giant dragon had scorched the entire mountain. But it was the nature of the reality of the mountain that was so captivating. Where was this unique realm? Where did it come from? Had others in dream form or otherwise experienced anything like it? Was this an experience completely unique to myself and to my life-journey? Why had I had this experience?
  8. No, just me posting what I would otherwise have posted in blogs. Wicked cool dream, though. The mountain was basically a combination of Mount Washington, Mount Shasta, Uluru and the Badlands, all of which I been to, and climbed, except Mount Washington, oddly. Then it was as if a giant dragon scorched the entire mountain, leaving it a blackened, mostly barren wasteland. It was one of the most atmospheric dreams I've had. Its atmosphere was so unique, so distinct, so unlike anything I've ever experienced or dreamed of. I wish I could articulate what that atmosphere was, more than just saying it was brooding, ominous, barren, because there was a weird sentience or consciousness or reality to it. Like as if I had entered another spiritual realm. What was that cosmic, mystical reality I had entered into on the back of that crazy mountain? How had I been opened up to it? Why did it exist? Where did it come from? Has it always existed? Who else has visited? Had I entered some strange portal in my sleep? I don't do drugs. Is this the kind of experience authors like Michael Ende or Madeleine L'Engle have that lead them to write their fascinating and profound works? I sooo want to incorporate the dream experience into a fantasy novel. I started writing a fantasy novel 13 years ago and continued with fits and starts and got 4 chapters done in about a year or two but then never did any major progress on it ever since. I think the dream world can be so much more interesting than real life. I really want to dwell more on that peculiar, fascinating atmosphere of the mountain; its reality; its mysterious consciousness, the essence of its sentience, its most basic quality, which I seemed to only be able to perceive, the way a blind person who can only make out colors and light, but not shapes, may glean the qualities of a camp fire from its warmth and glow only, but know nothing of its licking flames or the quality of its ravenous carbon consuming ways, or its belching, noxious smoke.
  9. There's this mountain... dark and mysterious. Overhearing stories about it sends tingles up my spine. Strange tales; dark tales; legendary tales. Where is this ominous, yet mystical place? Was it even real? Could it be? Dark slopes, smooth like black lichen, clean swept of any dead branches or forest debris. Trees wind hewn and small, sparsely strewn across the vertical landscape. Incredible heights, but no snow. A semibald carapace of dark mystery. I wasn't even sure I wanted to go. But then, there I was, at the top of this mystical place, solitude exploding perfect silence; omens echoing through the silent nothingness. A dark playground, brooding, beckoning, and holding secrets beyond human imagination or comprehension. A place more mystical, spiritual? yet more alien, more foreign than I had ever dared dream of. What world was it from? Why was it here? What Earthly planet was I on? What far-flung cosmic corner of the universe had I mysteriously transported to... or had transported to me? None of these were questions I was asking myself when I was suddenly at the top of this mysterious and magical place; too much in awe for questions. I felt it could end me in an instant if it so cared to, and yet I felt I was entering into some strange relationship with a great mystical beast; some kind of understanding; unspoken, unthought even. And then I began to move slowly across its strange, barren landscape, and suddenly I was skiing down its vertical slope, somehow not falling away at impossible speed, completely in control as I glided across the dark, smooth surface, swishing between the trees, my feet in direct contact with the strange black surface, no skis or boots, only, perhaps, some magical slippers on my feet. What was the meaning of my sudden, seeming mastery of this magical, otherworldly place? And then I suddenly realized my soldiers probably had deserted. I had fallen asleep and had not solved the issue of feeding them. I debated a few seconds and then wrested myself from the magical dream. Only a dream? I logged in to see that 5 seconds ago nearly all of my 1300+ elite, hard won Demon Horrors, Traveling Knights, Elite Warriors had deserted.
  10. As someone who is a risk take and loves storms. If I was anywhere near a coast of Florida I would be getting the F out. I keep reading new stories of people who are hunkering down; have fun when 9 feet of storm surge and 150mph winds take your home away. No amount of preparedness and supplies matters when that happens. The Keys are absolutely F'd. Oh, and as far as the hurricane being picked up on seismographs, Mexico just got hit by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. Also, I see ads pop up for donating to Harvey victims, what about all the poor Irma victims who've lost entire islands?
  11. Well this was interesting... I was watching cycling videos on youtube (because #TDF) and suddenly doomguy's mug appears in the lower right of the screen. :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-WIetMfWGeRkEOdgm2Ti4w KOM = king of the mountains.
  12. I like your ideas; they're creative and a lot of them I can get behind. But not sure why you want to make zombieman tougher. If you make blue armor -30% instead of -50% then what do you do to green armor?
  13. I think seeing a demo of it running on a computer in a local computer store early in 1994. I think it was February or March when I played the shareware for the first time (but it may have been as late as April) and I remember the excitement of waiting for the registered floppy disks to come in the mail.
  14. I like Hearthstone and D&D type games. I'll be your friend.
  15. Source?