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  1. marineController

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    You may want to try using cndoom for gliding. It has some extra code added to the end of G_BuildTiccmd that improves low resolution turning when recording demos :)
  2. marineController

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Mystery solved: From prboom-plus p_mobj.h:// killough 9/8/98: changed some fields to short ... short reactiontime;
  3. marineController

    Replacing Sprites in Vanilla Plutonia

    The problem is because FIRE is a sprite identifier (the sprites are defined by an array of 4 character strings). FIRE* clashes with FIREBLU* and ROCKA0 clashes with ROCK in plutonia's IWAD due to the extension of S_START/S_END to include all non-sprite lumps between them. So the solution is to rename any sprite name / lump name clashes and include the renamed sprites in the PWAD. e.g. Copy and rename the sprite patches to the PWAD: FIRE* to AVFR* and ROCKA0 to DHRKA0 and add the changes to the DEH file: Text 4 4 FIREAVFR Text 4 4 ROCKDHRK
  4. marineController

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Unfortunately the demo also desyncs when played back with vanilla (in DOSBOX at least) at the same point.
  5. marineController

    Shotgun Symphony -- E1 -- Public Beta

    Just finished some more testing. I enjoyed the playthrough especially the later maps. I think these problems are still in the latest version: SGNSYM141 E1M4 Sectors 126, 203, 338, 344, 345, 346, 347, 407, 619, 620 have nukage but don't damage. Having more than 1 computer area map prevents 100% items. E1M5 Line 2953 looks odd (when the door opens), upper unpegged. E1M6 A lot of sectors (approx. 100 or more) have nukage but don't do any damage. I can post a list if you want. E1M7 Line 2351 (entrance door) alignment looks off. The player can fall into sector 244 and get stuck. Line 6239 (light) alignment looks off. Sectors 58, 60, 281, 467, 529, 530, 541, 544 have nukage but don't damage. Line 2633 bleeds into floor (perhaps change light level of sector 494 to 145). Sector 819 doesn't open (cl2), line 4219 needs to be removed from the door sector. Having more than 1 computer area map prevents 100% items. E1M8 Sectors 426 to 431 and 433 damage the player. Sector 489 doesn't lower (cl2). Blocked by thing 238 (perhaps move it +8, -8). Sector 402 doesn't raise (cl2). Also due to thing 238.
  6. marineController

    Shotgun Symphony -- E1 -- Public Beta

    Just finished some testing (with the first version), here are some things you may want to check: E1M2 Things 149, 150, 151, 152, 153 are blocking each other. Line 739 has an SR special but no sector tag, looks like the special should be zero. E1M3 Has 3 player 2 starts and no player 3 and 4 start. Thing 241 (Teleport Destination) is not present on easy skill. E1M4 Has 3 player 2 starts and no player 3 and 4 start. Lines 1999 and 2004 have specials but zero tag. E1M6 Lines 1263, 1264, 1265 and 1266 are marked 2-sided but have no back side. Lines 4923 and 4938 have no front side. Side 4528 references missing texture 'TANROCK5'. E1M7 Sectors 283, 284 and 887 have no area. Line 4635 has two sides but not flagged 2-sided (see sector 887). Thing 443 (Former Human) has no skill flag set. Thing 832 (Former Human) is blocking thing 501 (Sergeant). Lines 3295 and 3389 perhaps should be WR just in case. E1M8 Has 3 player 2 starts and no player 3 and 4 start. Thing 260 has no skill flags set. Sides 3766, 3812, 3821 and 3849 reference missing texture 'SNOW01'. Hope this helps. I had a quick go on E1M1 and thought it looked pretty good so I will also do some more testing with a playthrough later.
  7. marineController

    NOVA: The Birth - v1.1 release now on idGames!

    Testing with version Nova_Jan_20_Beta.wad. Maps with zero length reject: 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 16, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31. An all zero reject is preferable to a zero-length reject. Some stuff I found during a playthrough (up to MAP19 so far): MAP07 - The mid textures on either side of sector 288 bleed through the floor (software rendering). Sector 160 - the secret can't be triggered due to the line action clearing the special when activated. MAP13 - Line 427 looks odd when the floor lowers, maybe uncheck lower unpegged. Sector 167 is tagged 12. MAP14 - Things 221 and 222 can jump up in the air when the stairs is activated (complevel 2). Sector 480 - the secret doesn't get triggered because of the step up to the teleporter. MAP32 - Sectors 525 and 526 don't lower (complevel 2). Things 111 and 116 can jump up out of reach (complevel 2). MAP16 - Things 81 (RL) and 715 (Backpack) can jump up when line 611 is activated (complevel 2). Lines 2493 and 2499 bleed through the floor (software rendering). MAP17 - Sector 1009 is very thin, the secret doesn't register unless you cross over it slowly. Sector 29 has tag 3, after crossing line 173 the door can't be opened (complevel 2). MAP19 - Sector 1226 doesn't lower (complevel 2).
  8. marineController

    Switcheroom (coming very soon)

    @scifista42 E4M3 - Line 545. Sorry about that I should've double checked. DM Starts on Monsters - It's probably something that few people do but deathmatch with monsters on single player maps can make for an interesting variation. Being stuck in a monster at the start of a new level is a problem for this playstyle. However, having said that when this does happen during the game it can be both extremely annoying (for that person) and highly amusing (for the other players). Zero length segs, duplicate seg vertices - I was referring to the data inside the SEGS and VERTEXES lumps. I don't think it matters anyway.
  9. marineController

    Switcheroom (coming very soon)

    Just finished a playthrough, a lot of fun, here are some more things I found while testing: E1M1 - You can get trapped in the exit room if the door closes. E2M6 - Sector 58 doesn't lower (vanilla compatibility) - blocked by monsters. E3M4 - Sector 45 doesn't lower (vanilla compatibility) - blocked by monsters. E3M9 - Thing 377 blocks movement (vanilla compatibility) - perhaps change this to the non-blocking version (type 61). E4M2 - Sectors 16, 19 & 22 don't lower (vanilla compatibility) - blocked by monsters. E4M3 - Line 545 - Perhaps change S1 to SR so that the area can be re-entered without getting trapped. E4M4 - Line 1229 has a missing lower texture. E4M5 - Sector 37 damages the player. Sector 203 has tag 9 (linked to a lift?), perhaps it was meant to be special 9. The player can fall down the gap at 557, -788 and get stuck. The BFG in the exit room seems to be unreachable. E4M7 - Lines 1076 and 1078 looks a bit odd when the lift lowers. @Magnusblitz To build the reject just set / select appropriate settings for the nodebuilder.
  10. marineController

    Switcheroom (coming very soon)

    Hi, just did a quick scan. The main problems I found were: As has been mentioned above, the following maps have zero length reject data: E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M7, E1M8, E1M9, E2M1, E2M2, E2M3, E2M4, E2M5, E2M6, E2M7, E2M9, E3M1, E3M2, E3M4, E3M5, E3M6, E3M9, E4M1, E4M2, E4M5, E4M8 An empty / 'all zero' reject lump of the expected size is preferable to a zero length reject. E3M3 - Side 522 references missing texture '-CKRED1' E2M2, E2M5, E3M1, E3M7 - Have zero length segs and duplicate seg vertices (nodebuilder issue). E3M4 - The yellow key is not needed, the yellow door opens without it. E4M1 - The red key isn't needed, the red door (sector 93) needs the blue key to open it. E4M2 - Line 1012 (S1 Door Open Stay) has no sector tag. E4M9 - Sectors 305, 307, 308 have less than 3 lines. Also this map has 2 player 2 starts and no player 3 start. Other minor problems: Maps with DB starts (not a problem due to skill flags): E1M4, E1M5, E4M5 E1M1 - Thing 87 has no skill flags set. E2M1 - Thing 49 DM Start on Cacodemon. E2M9 - Thing 87 has no skill flags set. E3M1 - Thing 51 DM Start on Imp. E3M5 - Thing 180 DM Start on Sergeant, Line 243 has a special and tag but is not linked to a sector. E4M3 - Thing 336 DM Start on Sergeant. E4M5 - Thing 394 DM Start on Demon, Lines 1485, 1488 and 1490 have special and tag but are not linked to a sector. E4M9 - Thing 330 has no skill flags set. I will try playing through it if I get the time. Hope this helps.
  11. marineController

    Nex Credo [RELEASE]

    Hi, while testing I found a couple of things that may cause problems: MAP02 Thing 152 (DM Start) on top of Former Sergeant. MAP06 Line 1699 (SR Lift) has tag 30. MAP08 Lines 2004, 2010, 2012, 2014 are W1 monster teleports. MAP09 Has a DB start (not really a problem). Edit: Just finished a playthrough. Great job. A couple more things I found: MAP03 Thing 230 (Imp) - It stayed behind the cylinder and was hard to shoot. Maybe if it or the cylinder could be moved slightly. A similar thing happens with the Lost Souls near the exit (on the West side), there were a couple stuck behind the cylinder. MAP05 Sectors 299 and 311 are marked secret but don't seem to be accessible. MAP06 There is a slime trail visible from -6347, 4410 (prboom-plus). The final intermission text seems to be too big and doesn't display some words (prboom-plus). Hope this helps.
  12. marineController

    Favillesco Alpha Episode: Amalthea's Apostasy. Released!

    While testing I found a couple of things: On E4M1 sector 141 has tag 1 (the same tag used by the donut) this causes an invalid memory access with vanilla doom. On E4M3 side 968 has middle texture '-3'. Some of the DM starts are on top of monsters: E4M1 thing 8, E4M2 thing 15, E4M4 things 23, 28, 50 and 56. The sky looks slightly off where it tiles. Hope this helps.
  13. For another gross hack that's only compatible with vanilla / vanilla emulating ports, you can remove the block list header which will save 2 bytes for each block list entry and ironically fixes the blockmap bug whilst breaking source ports that have implemented fixes for it.
  14. marineController

    Any reason why one would want a light level above 255?

    Light levels greater than 255 appearing brighter only applies to horizontal walls (East - West on automap). This is because the reduction in brightness that is normally applied to them (by fake contrast) is being removed.
  15. Oops, both of those items (stuck HK and DM starts) should have been listed for MAP20, sorry about that.