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  1. TheUnbeholden

    Project Brutality 3.0 Neural Upscale (Completed!)

    Weapons download link is down.
  2. That minigun :D Someone has been playing Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter for the inspiration :)
  3. TheUnbeholden

    Quick Rant

    What about BDJ or Painkiller's Project Brutality or Brutal Hellfest? They can't all be bad.
  4. TheUnbeholden

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Doesn't work.
  5. TheUnbeholden

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Could you fix the links to the Wad and Texture downloads?
  6. TheUnbeholden

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 50 Shades of Graytall & Erkattäññe

    Isn't there like some older wads that you are planning on megawad clubbing?
  7. TheUnbeholden

    Bloody Rust (Now on IDGames)

    Its not up to us to help a mapper improve. In cases of community projects its upto the lead to make a decision that is best for the map pack, not for individuals within the community. Plus I don't see why it has to be this project. Look at this another way, when someone criticizes someones product, is it that persons obligation to teach the creator/developer how to improve their product? No. The first priority is towards warning consumers about what they are getting into. That's the only criteria necessary to be a review. Sure you can make a case that the product isn't as bad as people say it is so a case of hyperbole, or that you where one sided and didn't cover the positive aspects in a case of bias. But in this case what is done is done.
  8. TheUnbeholden

    Prime Directive v1.01, and commentary video

    Your shitting me, I had to access the computer? I was running around the place for ages trying to find a key in the previous beta releases -_-
  9. TheUnbeholden

    Should Freedoom guy wear gloves?

    Wrong, He has gloves in every weapon sprite set except for the 2 MELEE ones. Thats 4 gun sprite sets. Pistol/Chaingun/shotgun/supershotgun. Thats called consistency yes. Player box art trumps in game player model IMO because what people think of when they picture Doomguy since we didn't really look into mirrors during the game. The reason they removed it from the melee weapons is probably just because it looked better (and perhaps doom guy doesn't want to get blood on them) and not because they couldn't decide on which route to take. ie not inconsistency. Lets just vote on it mate.
  10. Will there be a Doomworld database link? Noticed their hosting (requests) email address ain't working.
  11. TheUnbeholden

    Some editing softwares besides SLADE

    I've got Windows XP professional service pack 3, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Runtime, but I'm still getting the kernel32.dll error. Only the latest SVN builds work. http://devbuilds.drdteam.org/slade/
  12. Not a fan of the original, just seemed to be more of a re-creation in the exact same style and monotonous gameplay of rather the oldschool n64 games. I remember some of them being fun back in the day, but it doesn't really hold up today. Even with Doom-like arsenal. Mainly because it lacks the charm those games had with characters like in Spyro the Dragon, the speed of Sonic, beauty of environments or RPG elements of Castlevania SOTN, crash bandicoot jumping around on crates gimmick, or the tougher combat & puzzle aspect the first 3d Zelda. Here its just some generic coin hunting around a big levels (if its like Mario 64 or Donkey Kong Country I don't know since I didn't play them). If the levels had something going for them besides fighting plants and finding coins, if it was tougher (and not in a generic way like those plants that act like meatshields), if there something more to it all besides running around alot, I'd give the sequel a crack but otherwise I just see this is nostalgia for those that don't remember that atleast the old n64 games had 1 or 2 things going for them. All I can do really is compare it to newer doom mapping projects, and this doesn't come close to architecture or speed in gameplay. In fact weapons 5, 6 don't kill as fast as original Doom and generally I find it takes longer to plow through enemies.
  13. TheUnbeholden

    [WIP] DemonSteele

    Isn't that conflicting with the new change for the uppercut? --edit Ah I see so you charge it but have to let go, I gotcha.
  14. TheUnbeholden

    Alkylation Episode 3: Negenthropy (WIP!!)

    Are those screenshots supposed to be so incredibly tiny like that? or did you accidentally link us the thumbnail?
  15. TheUnbeholden

    FreeDoom Logo & Ultimate Logo

    Well I've helped make a logo for Brutalised Doom and Hexen Redux so might as well see what I've got to work with and have a crack at it. Examples of the stuff: http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/24/23682/2360329-dos_hexen_950.jpg http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/24/23682/hexen-redux-large.jpg https://imageshack.com/i/nrqhzgj