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  1. Makazi the Hyena

    Inscrutiny 2 (Single level for Ultimate Doom)

    The first playthrough of one of my maps to be made in demo format, yay :D Haha. Seems like most players get confused by those red closets at the start, lol; they're just player spawns. Really good job on skipping past the first pinkie, and good work getting at the soulsphere, medical room, and red key room secrets. Though I noticed you repeatedly looked at the open door to the upper ledge (near the red key room) and kept walking past it. If you had gone out there you would have gotten access to another plasma gun and a cell charge pack. You had me REALLY worried when you got momentarily wedged between the light on the wall and the torch in the baron room; thought you were going to find a way to softlock the map, haha. Also, regarding the baron, he stood no chance, lmao. I also thought it was cool when you got the berserk pack after the red key secret, then used that to save ammo by punching pinkies and imps (and even a caco!). I think in my next map I should put the berserk somewhere not hidden, so players can then utilize fisticuffs more effectively like you did. Also I chuckled when you ran past the final encounter. Thanks for recording your playthrough ^^ It was fun to watch. Yeah the switches were a bit overkill. I think in my next map I'll save them for things like large doors and bridges, and let small doors be open normally. Thank you for playing :D
  2. Makazi the Hyena

    Inscrutiny 2 (Single level for Ultimate Doom)

    Ah man! I'm sorry you had such a bad time with it, lol. There are definite issues in the first one that, in retrospect, make it frustrating to play through for sure. This time around I was more aware of the things like the map being too dark and even tried to include more ammo and health. I was aware that the ammo was still sparse, which is why I added the weapons shelf in the imp room and the plasma gun both on the skull switch ledge and another plasma gun with some ammo, and a chainsaw, in the first column that the cacodemons come out of outside (which unfortunately you weren't able to get to due to getting softlocked, sorry about that!). I also didn't design every encounter with the intent of the player immediately being able to kill every demon, and some encounters (such as the first baron) are just meant to be run past. You did have the right idea, though, when you later got him and the cacodemon to infight each-other. Again it was pretty apparent that where the player was supposed to go wasn't obvious after hitting the skull switch, and I really should have just put a yellow key in the level, which would then open the door that opens the outside. It was a bit disappointing to watch you actually run past that open door the first time around, lol. I didn't telegraph that area very well. To avoid the softlock, I should have had the switch which closes the door be a one time switch, that way once the player is free from the area, they can't accidentally close the doors on themselves again. Or maybe a switch in the monster closet just before the door. Anyway, I'm sorry you had such a bad time with it. I hope the experience doesn't put you off of my maps completely! I still appreciated you going out of your way to make a video. Thanks for the feedback. :) Also you're under no obligation to put yourself through it again, but I've just uploaded an updated version of the map which adds a little bit more health and ammo, and fixes the softlock issues. Thanks for the feedback! I've uploaded a new version which fixes the main softlock issue, as well as a few other miscellaneous things.
  3. Makazi the Hyena

    Inscrutiny 2 (Single level for Ultimate Doom)

    I'm really glad you liked it ^^ Yay, the first play-through! :D Thanks for posting. I actually laughed when you saved before the baron room; don't blame you, there! Good job on getting the medical room secret. You can thank my girlfriend for that one, as when she was playtesting she said that one of those panels should open a secret. Also great work getting that soulsphere secret near the start! I was surprised when you were able to get the blue key without using the switch, but I've been playing Doom for long enough that I should have known it would be accessible by running at it with the right angle and speed, lol. Good work getting it. Now, I feel really bad that you ended up not being able to get the secret near the red key room despite trying for it for so long. :( I also saw that you saw the BFG, haha. That's a 'timed' secret and is pretty tricky to get to. Thanks again for the video. It was fun to watch!
  4. Makazi the Hyena

    Inscrutiny 2 (Single level for Ultimate Doom)

    Thank you for the review! :D And yeah, there's not a lot of ammunition; not every enemy can be killed, but some of the secrets have ammo that makes it easier to kill more of them. I'll definitely have to consider ammo balance a bit more the next time around. Good point about getting a bit lost at the end. In hindsight, I probably should have had a yellow key switch next to the door that opens the bars to the outside, and then put that key up on the ledge where the skull switch currently is. That way it would have been apparent where the player's supposed to go next. Another thought I had was adding some demon closets to release new demons into the map to guide the player -- but considering the amount of enemies there already were, I didn't think it was the best idea, haha. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah that door is designed to shut behind the player so they're protected momentarily from the baron and other demons in that tunnel, haha. There's a switch a bit further ahead, in the dark room with the imps having their date (candle on the table), which opens that door back up and also opens a side room in that dark corridor that leads to the blue key.
  5. Hello again! Been a while, lol. This is a sequel to my 2019 map, Inscrutiny, which was my first return to mapping after 14 years of absence from the scene. I actually started this map back in 2019 shortly after releasing the original, but left it shelved for a long while, only working on it for a few minutes here and there over the course of the last three years. More recently I've gotten back into Doom again, and I decided to go back in and finish this one up. There's five secrets, and the music is custom made as usual. I also took the main criticism from my last wad and also made it overall less pitch black, though there are still some dark areas, haha. This was designed for vanilla compatibility, and was tested with Chocolate Doom 3.0.0, 3.0.1, and Crispy Doom 5.12.0. Haven't tried it with Zandronum or GZDoom but I imagine it'd work fine. There's some differences between the difficulty levels, and there's spawns for up to three cooperative players. Also this wasn't really designed for speed-running, so I'm not sure what the lowest possible time would be, but with skipping most of the secrets and running past some enemies I was able to get a time of 5:06. It was designed for Ultimate Doom, the iwad is doom.wad, and the map is E1M1 -- same as the original Inscrutiny. Hope you like it :D EDIT: I've updated the WAD to give the player a little bit more ammo and health, and I've fixed some of the issues. Full changelog: Screenshots: inscrutiny2.zip
  6. Makazi the Hyena

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Contrary to the new games' treatment of the Doom guy, Doom isn't supposed to be about being the ultimate badass; it's about being a lone survivor fighting against the odds.
  7. Very hard hitting. I like all of it; really no complaints aside from maybe the chord progression starts to feel a little repetitive after a while, but that's more of a personal preference than anything. You keep the song interesting with the layers of different instruments and melodies, and the whole thing is really enjoyable to listen to.
  8. Makazi the Hyena

    Big Bad Demon Blues - A MIDI

    Really funky. I like it!
  9. Makazi the Hyena

    Makazi's MIDI Corner

    Bumping because I uploaded a new song. Henceforward, songs will have a preview on Youtube so you can hear it before you download.
  10. Makazi the Hyena

    Makazi's MIDI Corner

    Hey folks, I figured I'd start a thread with my custom MIDI tracks on it. I'll continue to keep this updated whenever I release a new song. You can use these in your own maps if you want, so long as you credit me and link back to here. Cheers. :) New song: Hivemind Unlimited Darkness Eyeballs Beyond the Starlight Moonrock
  11. Makazi the Hyena

    Diagonal linedefs are longer. Is this normal?

    Ah, I see! Thank you. :)
  12. Pretty much as the title says. I'm trying to make a perfect hexagon, but the vertical/lateral lines are shorter than the diagonal ones. I don't really recall this happening before, but it could be that I am excessively doltish today, lol. The lateral ones are 64 units, the diagonal ones are 91. I'm on GZDoom Builder and the map format is Doom in Doom format; square size is 32 mp. If this is ordinary behaviour, is there a way around this so that all sides will be even? Thanks in advance.
  13. Makazi the Hyena

    Been away from mapping for 14 years; finally made something

    Don't worry about it, man; I don't mind. :) Next map will be brighter for sure. Also awesome video! I don't know if you saw my comment on Youtube, but it's really cool to see someone play my map. Also, the lift that you have to run to that you couldn't figure out, there's a
  14. Makazi the Hyena

    Been away from mapping for 14 years; finally made something

    There's really something about software rendering that makes darkness look beautiful; at a distance, it's almost as if certain aspects of the textures become limned by the shadows.
  15. Makazi the Hyena

    Any intense/atmospheric wads?

    Probably my favourite WAD of all time: City of the Damned: Apocalypse