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  1. MisriHalek

    Wad Wishlist

    The Shores of ZDoom. Interception 2
  2. MisriHalek

    Let's make boss maps

    No feedback on my new map? The mediafire download link on the OP Wad with map01 & map06 for now.
  3. MisriHalek

    Let's make boss maps

    What about this? Added a new map map06. Difficult to unbalanced. I use freedoom so there may be missing textures, please report them so I can include them from freedoom. EDIT: Added a plenty of medikits and stimpacks. EDIT: Made a Mediafire link and decorated the boss arena a bit.
  4. MisriHalek

    Let's make boss maps

    Oh no! I use FreeDoom. So it seems that some FreeDoom textures are from Doom 1. Not Doom 2 compatible. Sorry, I'll try to fix this.
  5. MisriHalek

    Let's make boss maps

    What about the map now? Decreased boss health. Tweaked the boss attacks. Added light variation. Fixed pressing sunken switches bug. Some gameplay fixes. The download link is the same.
  6. MisriHalek

    Let's make boss maps

    I can get the point. I'll try to improve.
  7. MisriHalek

    Let's make boss maps

    Sorry for the ugliness of the boss and that no light variations. The level is like a shooting gallery because it is map 1 (Do you like a map with Cyberdemon and a Spider Mastermind in map 1?) The sunken switches in this map is made using SetLineSpecial. So when the switch is resunken, the special is removed by the sinking script. Anyway thanks for the feedback, I'll try to improve. I'll decrease the health of the boss a little. And try to add some light variations.
  8. Lets collect boss maps and make a GZDoom megawad with a boss in the end of each map. Here is the first and sixth maps (new from scratch, requires GZDoom) https://www.dropbox.com/s/rrquub01w6tln69/ExBoss.pk3?dl=0 Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/25a3wusple72tex/ExBoss.pk3 Mappers needed. Bosses may be models, sprites or mere decorate edits.
  9. MisriHalek

    3DGE Model Pack v1.1

    Very good. (Except for weapon 1st person models) I'd ask 2 questions How can one make those cool skins? May I try to convert this to GZDoom format?
  10. MisriHalek

    Unwanted preknowledge?

    Randomness is a very very good idea. Are there any maps till now designed that way?
  11. MisriHalek

    Jungle-themed maps/wads?

    S.U.P.E.R Natural
  12. Doom is an old game, so if u want to get new people into it I think the best way is to invoke their nostalgia and curiosity to know how FPS evolved from Catacomb 3d to the modern games. But I think there is something other than that. Hardcore wads. Because I don't think that there is any modern game has slaughtermaps.
  13. MisriHalek

    i'd like to script boss maps

    You could take some inspiration from Vergil's Claustrauphobia. There are about 4 scripted boss fights WITHOUT NEW SPRITES (except for the final boss).
  14. Sorry. This wad is made by a female? (The email has some QUEEN stuff?) It is obvious. This wad is very easy even for a beginner like me in the hardest skill! Needs (I think) some more difficulty But. The architecture is really impressive in most of places. Idea is very good. The new monsters are more than good (need more bosses). Only some difficulty is needed.
  15. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfpcb63adpc40g7/Boss.zip Not sure about vanilla compatibility Hoping to be final of Interception2 after some difficulty manipulation