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  1. theJF

    Ultimate Doom Megawads and Episodes

    I made these a while ago and I'm almost certain they are episode replacements for ultimate doom. E1 Sons of Ares E4 Apokalypsis Good day!
  2. theJF

    Your Ultimate Doom WAD Recommendations - (Round 2)

    I have mixed feelings about Apokalypsis but, if you did like that one, you might enjoy Sons of Ares. It's an E1 replacement by the same author. Who may, or me not, in fact, be me. (It was me).
  3. theJF

    IronEagle Competition 40: Apokalypsis

    Hey I remember this one! A perfect opportunity to indulge two of my favourite things: nostalgia and narcissism. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1285292425 I died on E4M1. Not embarrassed at all. Thanks Mr Pegleg for this trip down memory lane.
  4. In a box somewhere In the attic is a Binatone tv master mk 10. Haven't seen it for 20 years so i don't know if it works. I doubt it. Was quite good fun until the Speccy came out.
  5. In the shareware doom1.wad hangar, in the inaccessible outside area by the green armour room, is an unobtainable stimpack with its ambush flag ticked. (thanks to SiFi270 who a few posts down mentions that this is in the original 1.0 version of the doom1.wad. I forgot to say that...)
  6. If you just want to make your own wolf levels then try HWE (Havoc Wolf Editor, if memory serves). Together with ECWolf it's pretty simple. More advanced things like changing graphics or sound I don't know about.
  7. It depends. If you're introducing a cyber demon to your parents then I'd say anytime after the first two weeks of dating. Or after the second shag; whichever comes first...
  8. theJF

    Most favorite level from Episode 3

    All of the levels are my favourites, except for E3M1, which is awful. But my most favourite is of course Mt Erebus. I still have the distant memory of playing it for the first time and thinking "this map is not like the others."
  9. @Liberation Thanks for spotting the mistakes with the secret sectors. This will go to idgames in the next day or so. Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for playing. Episode 2 is tentatively planned for the 25th anniversary but I'm a lot slower mapper than Mr Peterson... And with that I will stop bumping this thread ;) Thanks to everyone who played. Have a safe 2018 people.
  10. Thanks for the demo MH. And thanks for playing.
  11. ----------Edit Begins---------- I was advised to update this post with the idgames URL for this mapset: idgames link (There were a few minor changes to the one linked below, on doomshack) ----------Edit Ends---------- Happy New Year. Here is a vanilla Episode 1 replacement for Ultimate Doom. It's called "Sons of Ares": Download Here are some screenshots: Imgur images IWAD: doom.wad Ports Tested: Chocolate Doom 3.0.0, GZDoom 3.2.4 Difficulties: Yes. Balanced for pistol starts. Pretty easy because I'm a bad player. Multiplayer: Yes but untested New Resources: No Bugs/Glitches: Drawseg overflows in E1M8. Big thanks for scifista for demos and feedback and to doomkid for doomshack files
  12. Thanks anotak this has become my preferred map editor. Maybe I can make some suggestions here? Checking Things for errors could report if no difficulty flags are set? In the dialog box listing sidedefs with missing textures it would be nice to be able to select all and apply the default in one go, rather than one by one. Is there a way to make a hot key to set selected texture x-offset to zero? Have ten files in the most recently used list under "File". Thanks again!
  13. When making a multi-level wad/mapset I have a separate wad file for each individual map and I use the "Save Map Into" menu command to assemble them all into a single "master" wad file when they are almost finished. Is it possible to make a batch file that will invoke DoomBuilder2 via the command line to do this in one go, as it is tedious to open and "Save Into" 9 times to make an episode? Thanks
  14. Take it easy dude. There's no rush. I appreciate the work you're doing. Good luck with the family/personal things.