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  1. VylePhinder

    Cacowards 2013 nomination thread

    Do you know where you are? Almost all of the big-shots here don't know how to NOT be condescending (especially Memfis and Esselfortium, and I know I'm not the only one who's noticed :) ). Sry, just being honest. Their insecurities prevent them from communicating any other way. Which is why I am taking a break from this community indefinitely, after the responses I got from my last post, which I made only with the best of intentions. I will just go back to playing all of my favorite wads and cutting from my dooming experience the worst part of it, which is sadly the DoomWorld community (or more specifically, the ones that run it). It's really kind of sad because you guys consistently discourage newcomers from the Doom community and that's just bad for any community that you actually want to "grow." But, I will gladly keep playing Doom and posting anonymous reviews, doesn't bother me a bit. Okay, I'm done ranting now, I will now quietly go away, so write your hate posts to this message and share them amongst yourselves, because I assure you, I will never see them. Also, I'd like to throw in another vote for "Stardate 20X6" because it was well done, original, and I need to at least attempt to try and validate this, my final, post.
  2. VylePhinder

    [WIP] Crossfire - gameplay mod

    A very valid point, although from what I can tell (albeit, not much from a simple video), it seems like it has strong potential to be able to do this. In any case, you're right that makes a huge difference.
  3. VylePhinder

    (ZDoom) The Ultimate Icon of Sin

    Dude, Doom has needed this for a LOOOOONG TIME! I can't wait to see the final product, as those pics look AWESOME! Also, the ideas that went into this seem very well thought out, I mean, an anti-BFG shield is a great way to answer the issue of giving the boss too much HP or letting him die too quickly to the BFG. I plan to use this mod to the fullest to replace any of my favorite megawads where the level 30 boss is an icon of sin (provided it's compatible with said wad, of course). Mark, I freaking love how purpose-driven your projects are. Godspeed, Sir! and I can't wait :) Three questions: Compatability with Brutal Doom? Will the anti-BFG shield be there for all difficulty levels or just not in the easy ones? Does your program detect/replace the Romero head for execution or does it know based on textures or something (forgive me, I know nothing of doom building/scripting)?
  4. VylePhinder

    [WIP] Crossfire - gameplay mod

    Yep, this mod just hit first on my "interesting upcoming projects" list :)
  5. VylePhinder

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thanks You! That's a good one. I liked the different last boss, and I loved the music in it (it's a rarity to find both FF music AND Castlevania LOI/COD music [Eonomous Machine Tower, I believe on map 24]). Anyway, thanks for this! Anyone else, are there anymore? preferably less than 32 levels, with varying themes a little more, hopefully. Also, no Icon of Sin last bosses, please. Thanks Again!
  6. VylePhinder

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find a good slaughtermap that is preferably less than 32 levels, and has some kind of last boss other than an icon of sin or at least some kind of grand finale other than yet another large wave of creatures. I tried Shai Tan's Luck and it is a good wad, for sure, but the final level lags on me and I think the finale is an icon of sin, so that's kind of bland. Speed of Doom is great too, but was looking for some others, but don't really know any more. Any help is definitely appreciated -----EDIT----- Oops! Did I mess up? This doesn't qualify as "a specific wad" does it? Sorry if not.
  7. VylePhinder

    Where does GZDoom and Skulltag Save Your Game?

    Okay, thanks Phml, except I tried one new save in GZDoom and saved it with the name "Cheogsh" (guess what I was testing it with :)) and it called the new save "save0.zds" so, I don't know. But with Skulltag the named save (as in, not the auto saves) that I have doesn't show up as a ".zds" file, at all, but the auto saves from Skulltag do. Weird...
  8. I apologize if I didn't post this in the right place. This place seemed as good a place as any other option, plus I didn't want to make the alleged baby Jesus kill a kitten :) I am trying to clean up all of my doom related files and organize them, but I want to preserve my "Doom2TowerDefense.wad" save game, because I am about to reinstall both GZDoom and Skulltag. I also would like to know where GZDoom saves its games. I thought that they both saved them to ".zds" files but I don't seem to have near as many ".zds" files in my GZDoom folder as I do saved games. Also, I can't seem to find any ".zds" files in my Skulltag folder, at all, so it seems my original assumption is in err. Any help is very much appreciated, and thnx for your time! EDIT: Well, it seems that I am seeing the four "auto.zds" saves but not the save that I named. Is it stored in a different place?
  9. VylePhinder

    "Climb up to the top" type maps

    This is the first thing I thought of when I read this question.
  10. VylePhinder

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    What do you mean by "it's a slight bump"? Just curious. I can't figure that one out :S
  11. VylePhinder

    Cacowards 2013 nomination thread

    Tried to do a quick browser search (ctrl + F) of the page for it and didn't see it, so if it hasn't been nominated yet, I think Temple of the Lizard Man 3 should be a shoe-in. I have completed the whole thing and it is not only ambitious, it's intuitive and the quality is top-notch, imo.
  12. VylePhinder

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    Thanks for that! On another note, I just finished it, and I could go on and on about all the little (and big) things that I feel make this wad so great, but I suppose I can spare you the diatribe this time and just say: I waited, eagerly, for this to come out ever since the first day I knew it was to be released and it far exceeded my expectations, which were kind of grand to begin with :) I just love it when I find a tier 1 wad like this. I had a ton of fun and will gladly replay soon!
  13. VylePhinder

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    Wait... when you say "all" other monsters in the game... what about the "smoke monster" I fought a few stages back. Seemed like the only way to get past him was to run... am I mistaken?
  14. VylePhinder

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    LOL, I could have sworn it was going right through them **
  15. VylePhinder

    Temple of the Lizardmen 3

    I have made it to level 14 so far (the area that you first see the black fog elementals with the red eyes, that hop at you and keep you moving), and I must say this is a masterpiece, imo. This has to be a shoe-in for a cacoward doesn't it? I know (so far) the levels have been a tad linear, but to me this is a good thing and increases the enjoyability for me. A lot of doomers are all about the non-linear levels, but I always feel like the level is too tedious if it is too non-linear and kind of, too hard to systematically navigate, I suppose. But that's just me on that one, guess I enjoy that sort of systematic approach. No doubt about it, though, the aesthetics, gameplay, story, and innovation (and I stress innovation, because all of those ideas for those creatures and those puzzles are really well done) are all top-notch! And none of this says anything about all of the things I haven't seen yet! This was definitely a monumental undertaking and very well worth the wait! Best TOTLM yet (and that's saying a lot)! As far as I'm concerned, they just don't get much (if any) better than this. Freaking awesome job! P.S. those black fog monsters w/ the red eyes, is there a way to kill those or is that the point, to keep you moving?