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  1. Boondorl

    doom episode 2 :(

    E3 has some pretty...questionable levels in it. E4 is where it becomes too incohesive for me. You can bump up the gameplay without sacrificing aesthetic and level cohesion. Many modern Doom level designers have basically perfected this, even when limiting themselves. E2's low variety is easily the biggest problem with Ultimate Doom as a whole: the lack of mid-tier enemies. Doom 2 added a ton of them and the SSG to help out which made the gameplay so much more satisfying. Your mid-tier options in Ultimate Doom are...the Cacodemon. That's it. That means the other biggest bads you could throw out are the Baron (absolute crapload of health, only used rarely), Lost Souls (basically a slowly moving wall), and Pinkies/Spectres (both incredibly easy to kite unless backed into a corner). It's why I consider Doom 2 to be a near-perfect gameplay expansion since it so masterfully filled in a lot of the gaps without just recreating the Imp 5 times with more health. If only its levels weren't so rushed... E2 serves as a nice breather, though. E1 is about kicking ass and taking names, E2 is our hero's defeat and his journey though Hell, and by E3 you're back on your feet and ready to blast your way back to Earth. I don't know what's going on in E4.
  2. If someone doesn't like Brutal Doom solely because Mark is a neo-Nazi, that's their prerogative and there should be zero stipulations attached to it. A person is more important than the art they make.
  3. Boondorl

    What version of the BFG 9000 do you like best?

    The only thing I don't like about the classic BFG is how unclear that mechanics are. That and the fact that it completely annihilates any reason to use the Plasma Rifle, but that's an easy enough fix. Maybe having it shoot 360° out of the player would help, that way it can still shotgun but doesn't leave more casual players confused as to why it never seems to hit anything when they turn after firing.
  4. There's like a million versions and I'm not sure which to add into the game since I'm fine with any of them. Which one is your favorite?
  5. Boondorl

    How would you rework partial invisibility?

    The Arch-vile is an interesting one for sure. I currently have it set so chance to attack is based off range to target. I find it works well since at half of his normal max range he only has a 50% chance to attack, and it only gets lower from there. Other tweaks I've already done: Revenant missiles no longer lock on. Accuracy is based on range from target. The further away they are, the more inaccurate they are. Beyond 1040 map units they stop attacking at all. The nice thing about this is that at close range they're almost perfectly accurate which is good because the RNG at close range can make it really hard to dodge normally. Enemies no longer rapidly change directions but will pick a direction when starting an attack and fire at that angle. Melee attacks no longer cause enemies to freak out since they always hit anyway (same with the Arch-vile). For enemies that fire continuously, tracking speed is based off distance to target until eventually they lose track and just fire in bursts instead. Alert range is significantly shortened and based on the angle to the target. The further to the side they are, the shorter the alert distance is. Touching monsters and shooting still alerts them because that just makes sense. Other changes I'm interested in: No idea what to do with burst enemies. Maybe just treat them the same way as continuous enemies. Tracking based off line of sight where the cone depends on distance to target (e.g. if the target leaves the cone of sight for the Arachnotron, it'll stop tracking until the target walks back in. The cone gets smaller the further away the target is). This would likely go alongside the new inaccuracy system where, if a target is outside the cone, the enemy will choose a random direction in hopes the target is in line of sight there. For enemies that have combo attacks, let them switch from projectile to melee only if the player is in their line of sight. Using line of sight to determine whether enemies should instantly see the target during an attack if they drop partial invisibility when outside of it (this is mainly useful for burst and continuous enemies).
  6. Not really a secret that this power up is bad, mostly because it's only useful against hitscan enemies. The random turning when attacking throws the player off because 99% of the time they just attack in a completely different direction anyway. Melee is also not affected by it at all despite appearances (same with the Arch-vile). I find not moving is the best way to make use of it which is counter intuitive to Doom's gameplay, but makes sense when looking in the context of "people were playing this on DOS with only a keyboard." Given the way shooters have evolved, though, it's aged terribly. Doom has two different types of missiles: Hitscan (instant, has to autoaim at any monster between the caller and its target) Projectile And six types of attacks: Continuous (enemy will keep firing until target is out of line of sight or dead) Singular Burst (Mancubus and Cyberdemon style attacks) Melee Arch-vile (explosive attack that cannot miss unless the target gets the fire off themselves) Combo (whether the enemy's attack is melee or missile is based on how close the target is when the function is called) All of this in mind, how would you guys rework partial invisibility to affect these things?
  7. Boondorl

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    The splash damage can even hurt other Arch-viles and the Arch-vile that summoned the flame itself. Demons can't target the Arch-vile but the Arch-vile can still target them. The logic is that the Arch-vile is the healer of the group and it wouldn't make sense for other demons to kill it since the Arch-vile can just resurrect a demon after killing it anyway.
  8. Let's assume we're using Doom 64's Lost Soul since it's an actual enemy and not a moving wall. If you're not sure what the difference is, they nerfed its health from 100 to 60 but made it attack like crazy. Classic Pain Elemental: Macho baby arms Shoots a single Lost Soul Can be blocked making it entirely useless N64 Pain Elemental: Mullet straight out of hell Two mouths for double the Lost Soul spam Blocking Lost Soul spawns causes absolutely massive damage to those unfortunate enough to be close by On one hand, I like how much larger of a presence the N64 one has. Getting close is dangerous and Lost Souls need to be dispatched of quickly if you want to survive. Given the cramped nature of Doom's hallways, though, it can lead to a lot of infighting due to walls blocking spawns. From a player perspective that's great, but from an enemy balance perspective it can be a bit limiting. On the other hand, I really like how unique the classic one is in terms of play style. No other enemy requires you to hug its face as much as the Pain Elemental does since there's never a reason to get out of melee range once in it. While it makes them underpowered when alone, they can be a total pain when in groups. One big downside is that they're too easy to block, even unintentionally. What do you guys think?
  9. Boondorl

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    I'm not a big fan of the DoT either, but I could see it being reworked into a new attack. Use a Maulotaur-esque flame attack that, when it hits the player, knocks them up dealing a decent chunk of damage and applies a DoT. It divides the total damage the Arch-vile normally has among the actual impact and a slow burn that gives the player time to find some health (or use an item if you have some kind of mod that has those). Would be pretty neat on a new enemy, especially if you have different armor types to play round with like in Blood.
  10. Boondorl

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    Awesome thread so far. Some ideas I've gathered: 1. People like the line of sight attack, but there are some possible tweaks that could be made 1a. Remove the blinding effect (not surprising) 1b. Have breaking line of sight completely break the attack link between the Arch-vile and its target. Make the cast time shorter to compensate 1c. Make the flames deal damage 1d. Have the flame swap targets when the Arch-vile does (more of a quality of life change) 2. Other attack ideas 2a. Attack similar to Maulotaur's from Heretic 2b. Spawn pillars of flame around target to manipulate movement 2c. Some kind of melee attack to make them more lethal at close range 3. People aren't a fan of the quick retaliation and would rather it work like normal 3a. Allow demons to aggro onto Arch-viles 4. Up the pain chance a little 5. Subtypes of demons based off the Arch-vile 5a. Resurrecting only 5b. Line of sight attack only but enhanced Here's a more stat-based question: currently the SSG has about a 55% chance to cause pain when hitting an Arch-vile at point blank (I'm assuming each pellet rolls its own chance to cause pain here; someone correct me if I'm wrong). Does this number seem fair enough (given you can get two SSG shots in during the casting animation for about an 80% chance to stun) or should it be higher/lower? Another question: should Arch-viles still be able to kill themselves/other Arch-viles? It can't be done directly, but they aren't resistant to the blast damage from their flame attack. And a final question since I haven't seen it brought up: Arch-viles have a limited attack range. Beyond that range the only way they can attack is via retaliation (e.g. the player shooting them). Do you guys think this should be tweaked or is it fine as is? Current max range is 896 map units (16x the height of the player)
  11. The original Arch-Vile with its line of sight attack that blinds you is feeling a bit dated so I've been mulling over some ways to rework it and have been putting some ideas to the test. While the results have been ok, I'm not quite sure what direction I want to take it. There's been many different variations over the decades, from the handful of modded versions to the more vanilla Doom 3 style (and maybe this would be a better question to ask after Doom Eternal comes out), but all of them seem to have their own idea of what an Arch-Vile should do. Since I'm in a rut, I figured what better community to ask than the classic Doom community itself? So, assuming there are no technical issues at play here, how would you guys rework the Arch-Vile? Keep it the same, maybe with a few tweaks? Perhaps remove an attack or add a new one? I'm interested to see what the general community's thoughts are 24 years later.
  12. Boondorl

    Heretic's default terrain and custom flats

    Unfortunately the terrain types are hardcoded into the executable itself, so there's no way to assign terrain to added custom flats in vanilla without completely modifying the game (at that point you're better off just using ZDoom). You'll have to replace Heretic's default water flats if you want a water effect which comes with its own slew of issues (e.g. color palette, graphic format, etc.). If you're talking about vanilla Doom, it doesn't have terrain so it's impossible. Only Heretic and Hexen have it.
  13. Boondorl

    Heretic's default terrain and custom flats

    Figured it out. Heretic's default splash block is Water for water (go figure), so you only need to put terrain (name) { splash Water footclip (pixels) liquid } floor (texture) (name)in the TERRAIN lump.
  14. I'm getting into making Heretic maps and was wondering if there was a way to use the default terrain that comes with Heretic on custom flats. I have a custom water flat that I'd like to act like Heretic's normal water.
  15. Was curious as to what the go-to engine is for the best compatibility. I'm currently getting back into the mapping scene and am using Doom 2's engine, but was wondering if something like Boom would be better.