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  1. would you be willing to post your pk3? someone ought to be able to track down the issue if you do
  2. I find watching doom playthroughs on youtube/twitch pretty great for mapping inspiration, in a way that's slightly different from playing them. without being in the driver's seat yourself, you sometimes only get ~80% of the full picture of what it's like to experience a map. sometimes the player in the video already knows how to break down a fight to make it look easy so you miss some combat nuance, or they don't take the time to fully explore the structure of an area in the way that you might. this "missing" 20% understanding in your mind opens up room for your brain to fill in the gaps and generate ideas that are riffs on what you're seeing, so even if you try to emulate exactly what you're seeing in the video, your recreation will likely end up distinct enough to have its own merits (that's what I've found to be the case anyway)
  3. ey thanks for the reminder! been meaning to add this. I just added Breakpoint to the OP, as well as In The Shadow of Chaos by @Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur. thank you all for continuing to make kickass stuff for supercharge :D ooo that sounds like an awesome concept - I love the idea of a weapon with multiple functions like that. I'm doubtful that I'll add any more weapons to supercharge itself, but after I finish my current project, atm my aspirations are to branch off of supercharge with a fully new arsenal. so I may well steal this BFG concept for that...
  4. Tango

    [GZDOOM] BREAK// POINT// - FINAL [now on /idgames!]

    Supercharge has specific Things for mappers to override those - both the weapon and the chaingunguy variants - so that mappers can force one or the other in sets where they've been balanced specifically for one of the two. so I reckon that's what's happening here
  5. Tango

    [GZDOOM] BREAK// POINT// - FINAL [now on /idgames!]

    goddamn this looks so sick!
  6. huh, thanks for catching that @ginc! definitely not intended. I think some of the other weapons used to have the same issue, so apparently I overlooked the RL. I will make that fix and roll it up into the next version
  7. Tango

    Music Identity Request.

    I don't know the track name off the top of my head, but it's definitely a song from the Chrono Cross OST
  8. Tango

    VALIS (32-Map Singleplayer Megawad) [betaV2]

    the OP mentions these maps are Doom in Hexen format, so I reckon that'd be the big showstopper
  9. do things still break if you put the wad file directly in the root of the pk3? that's the strategy I've been using, and it generally seems to work ok edit: doing things this way means you don't have to break up your maps into separate wad files inside of the pk3/maps folder, you can just stick the whole wad in the root double edit: these maps look cool as hell :D
  10. hell yea, those maps look kickass Ethan! updating the OP
  11. Tango

    Let's Go Caving

    I will forever sing the praises of Lutz' cave work in Hellscape:
  12. it's a multiplayer-only secret area that's supposed to require a yellow skull that's only present in multiplayer, but I messed up and forgot to make the access switch actually require the key D:
  13. Tango

    Share Your Sprites!

    what still remains to be done here? it looks pretty well complete to me, but I must be missing something. great work btw :D
  14. ey thanks for finding the fix here! I'll add this stuff in the next supercharge version