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  1. Tango

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I remember seeing shots of this map eons ago! I really love your style, this looks awesome. the scale and theme reminds me of a map I played by an old Doom Connector buddy named Since5, ahh. great shots :D
  2. I follow this account on twitter called 140 Seconds VGM, who today posted this track called Solitude from the game Kaze no Notam, which I'd never heard of before. I've not started listening to the rest of the OST yet, but damn if I don't love this one track already
  3. thanks so much @donevan427 :D yeah in hindsight I think I should have done a better job balancing the lower difficulties in Paradise to make it much less slaughtery or challenge-oriented in the later maps, but such is life. but I'm glad to hear you had a good time in the bonus maps! @thelazyqdude you're a saint, thanks so much :D @marcinszwede thanks mate!! good question. I'm focusing mainly on mapping right now, so supercharge updates have been slow. there are a few things I'm very slowly working on with supercharge - like some monster damage buffs and some possible new monster types - but it's going at a snail pace because I've been focusing on finishing this current mapset I'm doing. at the very least, there will likely be a minor update in January, but we shall see!
  4. Tango

    Bridgeburner's 24 hour New Years Eve stream

    please tell me you have these backed up on the cloud somewhere in case of a random hard drive failure
  5. Tango

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    use dropbox or something, make backups!!!
  6. a very belated thank you to everyone who's weighed in on the AR! it's been really helpful to hear everyone's opinions on the feel and balance of the changes. as far as AR damage and clip size go... I think I am still leaning toward keeping it as-is. weaker though it may be now, I just enjoy the full-auto nature of it a lot more myself, and I'm also ok with bringing the overall damage of the AR down (it was pretty bonkers before, compared to vanilla) if I can do so without making the gun feel unfun or particularly weak. still being able to one-clip a mancubus (even if it requires all bullets hitting) feels sufficiently strong to me I think, and I really like the combo flexibility that the auto nature affords you. as far as the spread goes... I think I'll give the first few shots a bit tighter spread, but my feelings are pretty close to boris' there in that I think making the first few shots pinpoint accurate would devalue the pistol a lot. I will definitely play around with it though, and I am very grateful again for everyone's feedback! oooo that would be awesome. I'm definitely thinking about porting the minigun over - at least to give mappers another tool to work with - and making the mastermind drop it on randomized would be perfect. I'll think on this one for sure :D I am certainly gonna add in the quad damage powerup though, maaybe the railgun too. the additions Aurelius made in Ar Luminae are so well done! I am unfortunately unable to think of a way I could make this a toggle :( the way terrain splashes are done is a totally different system from all the weapon and monster behavior, and it doesnt seem to support the same sorts of toggles. on the next version, I can see about at least providing a separate wad to load on top of supercharge to disable this. the next RC of Mapwich 2 (whenever Bridge releases it) will have a custom OTEX-based classic style HUD with the scrap ammo count in there, but I think adding the custom counts in there for all wads generally will be tough to do well. the variability in status bars across wads means that constructing an expanded ammo panel that looks consistently good or sensible will be basically impossible :( however, in a future version I might add a toggle to just turn on a supercharge-specific, custom version of the classic HUD that does include all the new ammo counts. we'll see though! the only things to note when you're playing supercharge with custom level sets is that you should load supercharge last in the load order. so if you're playing with Speed of Doom for example, load SoD first, then supercharge. otherwise you're good to go! just beware that any mapsets with their own built-in gameplay changes may have varying levels of brokenness with supercharge, but it depends on how extensive the changes are.
  7. >>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD IMP <<<<<<<< (last updated: v1.0 - 12/12/2020) GENERAL INFO: Every monster is now an imp REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with GZDoom 4.0.0 and up, Zandronum 3.0 and up, and ZDoom 2.8.1; earlier GZDoom versions or LZDoom may also work, but are untested Requires a Doom IWAD to play (doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, etc.) Probably will not play well with other mods or mapsets that have significant gameplay tweaks GIFS: MONSTER INFO: NOTES FOR MAPPERS: CURRENT TODOS: MODIFYING IMP AND USING IT IN YOUR MAPS: MAPSETS USING IMP: None yet GAMEPLAY MODS BASED ON IMP: None yet (no hard feelings printz)
  8. Tango

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    wow that is a name I have not seen round here in a long time :D the maps look incredible!
  9. hmm it seems to be working to me. what happens when you try to download exactly? does anything happen? does the download fail?
  10. this looks so good, the tan brick + blue sky is such a great theme!
  11. ah good question. the new spread is now always 3 for both horizontal and vertical spread, which is the same spread as the middle shot in the old burst. I am considering messing with making the spread slightly tighter to start and spread out a teeny bit more the more you shoot successively, but we'll see if I get to that or how I like it
  12. the fabled version 2.7 is finally here! here's a changelog: added a new weapon in slot 5, the Stomper. the Stomper is a micro missile launcher that is exceedingly high damage (up to 400 on a single target if all missiles hit), but has limited range to compensate if you are itching to use the Stomper in a real map built for it, I highly recommend you check out the recently released Ar Luminae. it is not only an unbelievably fantastic map, but also prominently features the Stomper in some sections!! the weapon spawns alongside the rocket launcher in Ultra-Randomized mode, and is also dropped by the Cyberdemon in this mode. I still intend to flesh out a much better randomization mode at a later date, but this will have to do for now added new AR sprites, courtesy of Ultra 64! with some killer edits by @Aurelius changed the AR to be fully automatic, but with a clip size of 30 now instead of the previous 45 added some golden recolor sprites for the megasphere, with a pickup flash much like the soulsphere's fixed the plasma rifle projectile dynamic lights only being present 50% of the time (thanks @Spectre01!) added dynamic lights to the player rocket explosion sprites added a new SSG firing sound (you can switch back to the classic sound via a menu toggle though) reverted the pistol firing speed back to Paradise v2 days; it now fires as fast as you can press the key again (thanks @Daerik) buffed the Chaingun damage from 11 to 13 added a new player rocket explosion sound buffed player rocket impact damage from 112 to 116 this means the rocket will now cleanly kill a mancubus in 3 direct hits, rather than leaving it with a measly 12hp added some trail and explosion effects to player rockets I wanted some effects to make the rocket feel more powerful, without being too visually intrusive. I would love to hear any and all feedback on this fixed the errors in UDB that had to do with some keys and the megasphere missing dynamic lights @RonnieJamesDiner actually did 100% of the work for this, I can't take any credit. praise be to the RonMan ======== ok, apologies to everyone for taking so long to respond to everything. I am very grateful for everyone's feedback on the AR and all the bug reports!! I admittedly was pretty surprised to hear positive thoughts on the burst AR @Spectre01 and @Firedust haha. I think one of the reasons I originally made the weapon burst was for exactly the reason you mentioned Spectre01, that I wanted the weapon to feel less like just a bad plasma rifle. but once I put the new AR sprites in, I tinkered with having it fully auto with a smaller clip, and ended up really liking it that way. I'm still not quite 100% certain I'll keep it this way in future versions, but I am really liking the change so far personally. I'd love to hear others' thoughts though! I appreciate the candid feedback haha. I have been wanting to completely redo the small hud though, but it's just not been quite at the top of my list. ideally, I want to make a hud that has larger numbers, still has the colored bars for health/armor, shows all the ammo types, and shows time remaining on powerups when held. someday soon I'll get around to it hopefully! I've been intentionally using less translucency lately because I am realizing I don't love the way it looks, but I'll see if there would be an easy way for me to add a toggle for some of these. fixed, thanks for reporting! I'm still undecided about barrels though D: admittedly this wasn't intentional at first, but I have grown fond of it :D this very likely does have to do with the fact that I removed soulspheres and megaspheres from ammo tallies. I'll look into this for the next version yeah this one seems unfortunately unavoidable unless I take out the deep water effect :( for now I think this one is enough of an edge case for me to leave it I removed the pinpoint accuracy of the first two bullets because I didn't like that it made tapping the most optimal way to use the gun. with the new viability of the pistol, I felt more ok removing the ability to be accurate with the chaingun since there's no cost to a weapon switch anymore. but! I did just buff the damage to 13, so I'd be curious how that feels now. I honestly kind of regret adding the chaingun now, but I added it because I wanted the option to have a full-auto weapon instead of the burst AR sometimes. and now the AR is back to full-auto, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I do have a solution for this that I cooked up at one point, but haven't gotten around to adding it to Supercharge because it's kind of ugly behind the scenes. I'll think about adding this though haha, that is an unfortunate, unavoidable side-effect of the monster bodies being launched around in certain animations. I have not encountered a way to fix it, so for now I think we are just stuck with monster corpses floating on top of torches sometimes haha. but I'll take another look at a fix in case I missed anything before PHEW