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  1. these look sweet :D I think Cybernity was posted on the doomer boards before right? that name sounds familiar. in any case, thanks for releasing these, much better to have them out here than hidden on your hard drive!!
  2. updated OP with the final final final version!! only change I made in this version is a correction to the green armor pickup message; thanks DabbingSquidward on the ZDoom forums for pointing that out. huge thanks to everyone who played and provided feedback! I will be uploading this to the idgames archive shortly. I've been toiling away on a set of maps that is the continuation of Paradise (previewed in the outro map), so for anyone looking for more stuff like this, hold tight for a few more months :D
  3. updated OP with beta 12, which is hopefully the final version. I will probably go ahead and just upload this to the archives tomorrow. if anything critical comes up, I can always upload a new version to the archives, but for now I think this ought to be good to go. summary of changes: fixed the player being able to run out of bounds in the start of map03 adjusted map01 on HNTR/HMP so that there is a berserk pack at the start, to top you off after the initial diabolist fight changed the plasma zombie clip drop to a "half" clip, with 5 bullets instead of 10 (as is the case in the vanilla game). pickup message for half clip accurately reflects that you get 5 vs 10 replaced the default doom HUD with the new one, so that you have to use the new one (default doom hud was broken with this mod anyway)
  4. Tango

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    everyone's skills start somewhere mate. if you truly want to make maps, I say go for it! if you are able to enjoy the process, you will continue to do it and improve over time naturally. I kind of forget the effect that negative comments have until I'm the one actually releasing something, and I'm not sure how to get around this. but! there are a lot of supportive folks here that would applaud your efforts every step of the way, myself included :D
  5. Tango

    The Secret Energy (Boom level, /idgames)

    late to the party, but finally got around to playing this. loved it. really enjoyed the environment and all the battles. and all the FF7 midis make it that much better :D
  6. Tango

    Crimson Wood

    excellent visuals with strong texture usage and lighting, and great encounter design. awesome map :D
  7. Tango

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    thanks mate! yeah for sure, that's definitely a risk. what I'm thinking I'll try is just some additional layers of green rock to transition between the height of those insets to the height of the main area, but even that might be too much. we'll see :D
  8. Tango

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    (still working on ceiling detail, ignore that little green nugget at the top of the column in the center)
  9. Tango

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    not an in-game screenshot, but a few years ago I started working on a javascript project that could find and download images from doomworld threads. the intent was that I'd have an automated process to constantly watch and scrape the Post Your Doom Picture thread, save image metadata (like author, date posted, post id, etc.) to a db, and make all the images and data available via an API. then one would be able to, for example, build a small site that allowed you to favorite/rate different images, so you could curate your own gallery of doom inspiration screenshots over time. and maybe the service could have some image processing built in so that you could filter pictures by color, etc. I didn't get much further than getting downloads actually working, which is pictured here. but I revisited this code this weekend for the first time in years to update it to work with the new DW theme. I would really like to, at the very least, catalogue/preserve both of the Post Your Doom Picture threads, as well as this one, and save the metadata to a SQLite db for now or something, so that I could later turn it into a proper API. more and more images seem to be removed/404'd from their hosting services in these threads every day, so the longer I put off downloading what's left, the smaller the pool of findable images gets D:
  10. yes! greenwar 2 is one I would love to see in singleplayer. there are a lot of great looking maps in that set in both the mayan/gothic theme and grungy techbase theme, and I would love to play a full collection of maps like that in singleplayer. UDM2, UDM3 and UDMX are other sets that come to mind when I think of maps I would most like to see converted, though I'm not sure those qualify as "less fortunate." Dynamite DM would be sweet too, if only for the Villa map whose charm I think is quite unique
  11. Tango

    Game Engine Black Book: Doom

    I didn't even know the Wolf3d book existed, I'm really looking forward to this though. very excited to be able to get a physical copy in my hands
  12. I wouldn't echo the same concerns as OP necessarily, but I have definitely noticed a lot of cool DM/CTF maps with nothing quite like them in the singleplayer realm. there are a lot more cases in the other direction no doubt, though. but 32in24 has a ton of cool maps that I would love to see expanded into singleplayer, and I am really fond of old ctf compilations like stctf/uctf, zdctfmp, etc. and would love to see singleplayer analogues of much of the maps in those sets, with the same music and everything. I would absolutely love to play singleplayer versions of all the Exl and Izm maps from stctf
  13. Tango

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    that looks awesome mate, I love the aesthetic!