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  1. where'd you go :(

    1. TravyB


      I just completed a butchers apprenticeship, actually. When I'm not working 6-7 days a week I've just been relaxing, picking up Doom every once in a while but not building too much. I tried making a few maps but they didn't go much of anywhere. That said, I've been thinking a bit about voodoo dolls and want to experiment with those.

  2. Tango

    [Question] Install mods to Zandronum.

    your best bet would be to use a launcher like ZDL or DoomLauncher (which has a thread somewhere here on the forums, but I'll let you dig for it)
  3. Thanks for the like ;)

    1. Tango


      no prob, hope you keep posting maps :D

    2. NoOne


      If there's positive feedback sure, if not, well ya kna ;-)



  4. Tango

    GZDoom Darkness Gradients

    you might also find this comparison image helpful: the brightness gradient here goes 8 units at a time/per line here - so you can really see how flat the lighting is in the "standard" and "bright" modes edit: apparently "dark" is the default mode, which has a really steep dropoff once you start getting down there in brightness. so if you change that to something with a more uniform dropoff (I use "vanilla" these days which was added in one of the newer GZDoom versions, but imo "software" is also quite good), you'll probably start to see something that more closely matches your expectations
  5. Tango

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    editor shot for a map I recently finished:
  6. that is some jaw dropping sector work, my word
  7. Tango

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    this looks cool as hell! so neat to see this sort of theme-within-a-theme. I love those laser chandeliers :D
  8. Tango

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    this looks cozy as hell! I love blue sky themes like this, and everything you've done in this scene looks fantastic damn this looks excellent. really love all the geometry details - feels very different from your usual stuff
  9. Tango

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    I can tell you nothing excites me more than Lutz working with a metal theme. this looks amazing!
  10. Tango

    A noob question here...

    you definitely can do it this way yeah! but, it is prone to getting borked with gameplay mods. it's not too difficult to inadvertently make a replacement Thing in a gameplay mod replace the old one without properly transferring any pickup/death actions. most mods probably do it properly, I reckon, but it still feels like a safer bet to go with lines for me
  11. Tango

    A noob question here...

    here's the way I have usually been handling this with ACS when working in UDMF format: Set up the line to activate the trap. This line will call a script, be triggered when player walks over, and be repeatable Set up some lines around the key, which will activate another script to signify that the player has gotten the key Set up the scripts using the script editor in UDB (F10 is the default hotkey I think) If you're not familiar with scripting or any sort of coding yet, it might be helpful to just write out the logic in plain language first, like so: Then, turn that plain stuff into real scripts
  12. Tango

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    I've bounced around various maps in this since release, but finally gave map12 a proper go this weekend and had an absolute blast. definitely one of my favorite maps in recent memory - absolutely love how many fights feature the horseshoe-shaped arena but with such different setups that it all feels so unique
  13. thanks for pointing this out @Codename_Delta! @kalensar is definitely right that mods don't account for that, but in this case it's more of an oversight than anything. it is admittedly going to be low on the priority list for me, but I'd love to implement a fix for this. with the added firepower of supercharge's weapons vs vanilla, I think it's probably not warranted to have double double ammo for the reloading weapons on ITYTD haha I can't think of an easy solution off the top of my head though, outside of just removing double ammo from ITYTD, which I don't want to do. but I'll think on it!