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  1. Tango

    Rayzik's Birthday Gauntlet

    Fun stuff. Visuals, gameplay, music selection, it's all there :D
  2. Tango

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I know this one is a bit old buuuuut.... @Rayziik any chance we'll get to see this megawad anytime soon? :D
  3. all of Lutz' Doom II Hellscape was like that for me. so goddamn beautiful
  4. this is an awesome idea. @Pegleg would you consider adding an empty template to the OP (in a spoiler maybe) with bolded item labels? to facilitate easy copy paste of the prompts, and the bold for easy scanning for readers
  5. would definitely be in support of migrating to a different domain name, as that sounds like a tough spot to be in. I think some of the serious suggestions here are more recognizably doom (and therefore maybe a better choice) than others though. for example, I think non-doomers will be much more likely to recognize 'iddqd' than something like 'phobos anomaly'
  6. startan3.org does this mean Bethesda has reached out requesting the site change its name???
  7. updated OP with beta 7. changes: thanks to a great suggestion by @Lazorinc, Cyber Barons now drop two rockets on death. this behavior can be toggled in the menu (Options -> Paradise Options -> CyberBarons drop rocket ammo), but is enabled by default. map restart not required to change the behavior; the setting is checked every time the monster dies, so changing the setting will take instant effect causing the Cyber Baron to enter its pain state with the chainsaw causes instant disarming, regardless of the monster's HP. this means the chainsaw is now sort of a specialized tool against Cyber Barons for making them less dangerous, at the cost of needing to get up in their face in order to hit them with it the Scrap Gun is now properly in slot 4 (thanks @Rathori) made some minor fixes to map02 - 04, but nothing the player will notice probably (minor cosmetic things, mostly) fixed the game's startup title (what you see at the top of the small window when GZDoom is booting up) to read "Paradise" instead of my previous temporary title of "Beachy Beach" map02's ammo hasn't been touched at all, so I'm curious to see if anyone else encounters issues with it. I was able to get through it tonight on UV somewhat comfortably (had to dip into bullet ammo a lot though), but I'll continue to keep my eye on this as I/others test
  8. Tango

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    lots of awesome stuff on this page, including you @NaZa :D @Lorenz0 I love the look of that. the catwalks make it look like a really interesting space to move around in
  9. man I am a total dumbass when it comes to properly testing changes. thanks @Rathori, will fix that later today
  10. updated OP with beta 6: removed a good chunk of the blood/gib code. the only visible difference is that there is no longer any dripping ceiling blood, but otherwise everything else should be the same from the player's perspective. I'm using a modified version of Ketchup and there are a lot of code paths/actors that are never actually spawned, so I did my best to remove some low-hanging fruit. there is still a lot of extra code in there that's quite disorganized, but I'm not too keen on trying to surgically remove that stuff anytime soon fixed the berserk for real fixed those stealth cacos in map02 on HMP and up. those were supposed to be regular cacos still intend to take another look at map02's ammo balance, and very likely add rockets as dropitems for cyber barons (maybe with a cvar to allow you to turn this off).
  11. lol what the hell that issue keeps happening even though I'm not touching the player starts. will fix and reupload posthaste, thanks for pointing out! @Lazorinc what difficulty setting were you playing on map02 where you ran out of ammo? the suggestion of cyber barons dropping rockets is a good one though, I will very strongly consider that. thanks so much for the kind words though :D edit: updated OP with beta 5: contains fixed player starts for map03 fixed the berserk icon in the new HUD fixed map01 not having damaging nukage whoops I will also do some more testing of map02 and see where ammo can be adjusted.
  12. Tango

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    I got this review on one of my old maps: and I've been a revenant-hater-hater ever since
  13. updated OP with beta 4. changes are: added small secret to map01 fixed up secret rewards in map02 cleaned up automap in map02 fixed the berserk normalized fist damage moved scrap gun to slot 4 (and added a note of this in the weapon's pickup message)
  14. haha okay slot 4 it is then! aha good call, thank you! yeah I will change that up. I'll also try to add something more substantial to map03 for a secret or 2. I guess if any map can justify meaty secrets, it would be that one
  15. thanks so much for the kind words and feedback @Rathori! very much appreciated. yeah, I feel that. I'm not sure how I feel about making UV easier on map03 yet, but I will definitely think about it now. I tried to make map03 on UV just a wee bit out of reach for me, but not insurmountable. I think again though I underestimated how much it takes to adjust to the new changes (notably the scrap gun in this case). I've only got one map for the scrap gun though, so I figured I would just go all out with it haha. I think it would be easier to justify this map being this difficult if it was one of the last maps in a larger set, but as it stands, it leads to a big difficulty spike, as you note. will definitely keep in mind some minor balance changes for map03 though. :DDDD this has happened to me too actually :( but I'm not sure the most elegant way to solve this. putting it on 2 or 4 seems kind of weird given those are bullet weapons, and 5 is a no-go because I don't want the player to accidentally rocket themselves trying to get to it. maybe slot 2 makes the most sense after all? hmm that is weird. what HUD were you using? I should probably have mentioned that the wad comes with a custom hud, which should appropriately show all primary and secondary ammo counts (see Marlamir's video here). I am not sure if the default vanilla hud is equipped to handle secondary ammo counts in ZDoom at all, but I admit I haven't looked into it and have only be focusing on the custom hud thanks for noting this! will make sure this gets fixed so things are a little more elegant you are correct! I want to turn the PG into something more exciting and mechanically demanding, as I have grown to find the vanilla PG somewhat boring. what is currently in the wad now is just one iteration of what I was working on, but not one I would consider a success. I want to explore turning it into something like the shock rifle from UT, which rewards timing and aiming a bit more, but I haven't gotten there yet as these maps don't even make use of the PG. no :( there was one but I cut it out as it was part of a small area that I blocked off during rebalancing. I'm generally not really sure how to treat secrets because I'm not sure how to use them without throwing off the balance I'm looking for, but maybe I'm just being too stingy