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  1. Tango

    Alternative Gameplay Modding?

    I reckon they probably just mean something equivalently flexible as zscript but in a client/server multiplayer port
  2. what a wonderful set! I only played the first 3 maps proper, but the other two look amazing and I can't wait to sit down and play map05 proper because it is a looker. I continue to really admire your encounter design - your maps are one of the first I go to when I am struggling to come up with high monster count encounters. also gotta callout @Psyrus' midis, they are so good
  3. Tango

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I want to live in your screenshots ;__;
  4. Tango

    Share Your Sprites!

    I am actually quite fond of the red bits you added, I think it looks great!
  5. Tango

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    those look amazing! the texture/material layering work is really superb, it all looks beautiful
  6. the OP has been updated with RC1 at last! changelog: Cleaned up automap on all but 1 map Made a slew of bugfixes across the maps, mainly to prevent easily cheesing some encounters (ty @ginc!!) Added proper skill description to Ruin mode once unlocked (per feedback from @YoshiTheMage) Slightly nerfed the strength of one super secret (which so far only @TJG1289 has managed to find, it seems) Fixed looping on some midis (done entirely by @Phoenyx tysm!!) I should maybe warn that I haven't had time to do a complete playthrough of the set on this version, just a lot of idclev and idclipping around to make sure nothing's broken. everything seems ok, but I'll get to a full playthrough soon to make sure it's free of showstoppers. next update will be RC2, not sure when that'll be though. I have a handful of half-finished easter eggs I would like to add - just a matter of finding the time and motivation ========= all that aside, thank you all so much for the feedback :D really can't stress enough how much I appreciate it all. the reloading definitely isn't to everyone's liking, and I've gotten similar feedback in the past. I totally see where you're coming from - but I love the reloading minigame so much and the weapons are all balanced around it, so I have no plans to change it myself. appreciate you giving the mod a shot at all though! great feedback, thanks for this! I initially had more of a description for Ruin, and a wad comparison, but scrapped them for some reason? I've added it back in though, so once you unlock Ruin you can see a slightly expanded description, with a reference point too watched about half of these so far, really enjoying it :D I'm really, really glad the structure of everything resonated so much with you though. can't thank you enough for all the kind words and for the recordings ;_;
  7. Tango

    Double Aught [Doom 2 Single Map]

    those shots are my kind of cozy doom, looks excellent!
  8. haha that is some silver lining indeed! I think Icarus' video is the cause of the traffic spike, which I am not complaining about haha. but really frustrating dropbox imposes such a limit in the first place. I had no idea it did so 🤷‍♂️
  9. super cool, thanks for nothing dropbox. sorry for actually using your service!!!! seems like dropbox has stopped throwing a fit now, but I have added a google drive mirror to the OP. thanks for reporting yall ========= I am slowly chipping away at some bugfixes for the next version which will be RC1, just been taking a nice break from dooming lately ;_; I really appreciate the reports @ginc, they are immensely helpful! I am deliberately vague about the map quantity because of all the secrets, but you're looking at less than 10. in the next or next next version I will include a proper readme file with all the songs listed!
  10. Tango

    What’s a theme / setting you’d like to see in PWADs?

    one step further: Crucified Dreams but singleplayer
  11. Tango

    [cl9] [/idgames] Black Diamond

    those are some incredible shots!!
  12. ah this looks fantastic! the last screenshot in particular... beautiful stuff
  13. @c0mbolynch you are much too kind, thanks so much :D yes of course! post away, and I am happy to link to your post in the OP. sounds like really cool stuff! heretic-style weapoms mod sounds slick, looking forward to seeing that
  14. OP has been updated with beta 2! I am exceedingly grateful for everyone who has played so far, and for all of the bug reports and suggestions. I've been able to fix I think everything that's been reported so far? I still have a few small changes in my mental todo list, but nothing major. the next version should be a release candidate, I expect! which will probably be in a week or two. rough changelog: Disallowed vertical rocket jumping Buffed minigun by decreasing windup, and allowing action out of cooldown sooner Fixed bugs across nearly all maps - 100% kills/secrets should be doable without cheats Overhauled several fights in Ruin mode to be more distinct from their non-Ruin counterparts Increased resources in a few places to reduce the chance of unwinnable situations Added hub return portraits in what was previously a point of no return (including on Ruin mode) Made the BFG harder to obtain early in Ruin mode so as not to trivialize the set if obtained as early as possible I wanted to do a more detailed changelog, but I just finished playtesting for nearly 4 hours and I can't be bothered anymore 🙃 note that updating will break any in-progress save, so I would wait to update if you are mid-run. if you plan to tackle Ruin mode but haven't yet, it should be pretty close to its final form now, so definitely use this beta over the last one! =============== you're the first to mention this, glad you found it haha. I think I actually need to make that thing slightly less beneficial than its current state hah. appreciate the kind words, thank you so much :D re: your question in the spoiler, the answer is the latter! the latter of the latter, rather can't thank you enough for these!! (and to everyone else who has streamed/recorded, it's a pleasure to watch) I think that's a totally fair assessment! but, personally I'm quite fond of that aspect of it - for me it's always a fun break from the rest of the maps where I can run around guns blazing and just enjoy gibbing monsters left and right haha. fair enough though! and yes it is a looker, I love how much of an adventure it ends up being too
  15. really appreciate the kind words and all these bug reports :D in my local build I have fixed all the bugs mentioned so far, and also took both the suggestion from @Velvetic and @SiMpLeToNiUm. I've also redone a few fights in ruin mode to reduce rng and make them more distinct from the regular versions - should have that out as the next beta this weekend!