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  1. usually when someone says "who even cares about xyz," I don't think the first interpretation of the question is going to be "someone please kindly explain if there is an audience that might care about this issue"
  2. I've been steadily working on adding gibs and altdeaths to everything in my personal resource pack, and recently added this skull bouncing to the revenant's altdeath. the skull makes that really satisfying skull bouncing sound from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which makes it feel awesome to kill one of these things :D gifv: alternatively, here's a video of the same thing so you can hear the sound
  3. when does it say access denied? when you have made the changes to the pk3 and try saving the pk3? the only reason I can think of that would cause this is if you don't have proper permissions for files inside of e:\terminus\gzdoom. maybe try moving the pk3 to your desktop and fix and save the pk3 there and see if it still tells you access denied
  4. which of the sprites posted are actually using the nueral upscale? is it just the first zombieman shot with the shotgunner in it for comparison?
  5. I remember seeing shots of someone sometime in the last few years who was working on an absolutely massive map before. I think it looked a bit like a 1024 map since it fit within square/rectangular boundaries, but was absolutely huge. does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  6. looks pretty neat :D level system sounds great! I think something like that has been pretty rare in doom
  7. I think the instructions you are looking for are here: basically if you want to upload to doomworld, you will need to use an FTP client to upload. the process is all detailed in that thread, but you can certainly post here again if you run into issues or have other questions. if you want to post something temporarily for people to download and playtest so that you can gather feedback, you can also upload your .wad or .pk3 files to a hosting service like Dropbox or Google Drive. however, someone recently PM'd me with this same question and it took me a few minutes to figure it out. I think we could make things much clearer; the situation with the sticky threads in Wads & Mods is imo pretty unclear. of the 3 sticky threads that pertain to posting wads: - "New to posting maps? Read this first!" talks about what information to include when you're posting a map to download, but says nothing about how to actually put a map up for download or where - "/newstuff and /idgames FAQ - READ THIS" has a title that I think is pretty unhelpful if you're unfamiliar with doomworld. if I'm a newcomer, what is /newstuff? what is /idgames? I understand the thread title says "READ THIS" but if I'm new and come here looking for an answer as to where and how I can put a map up for download, nothing about this thread title suggests this is the place I need to look because /idgames and /newstuff probably mean nothing to me. also I didn't even know /newstuff was still going until I just checked, since the front page of doomworld is no longer news and I haven't visited the news section of the forums since probably before the forum update - "Archive upload process changes" seems similarly unhelpful for two reasons: 1) the information contained in there is over 4 years old and therefore is just part of the upload process now, not a "new" part of the process, and 2) if I'm new and looking for a how-to on posting maps, I could easily see not knowing that the "archive" is what we call the place where we upload doom maps I think it would make most sense to have something like "How to upload and post Doom maps and mods FAQ" be the top sticky thread in this forum section, which could then be broken down into sections covered by the current 3 threads we have now: where can I upload my wads, what is the idgames archive, what do I need to know when posting wads to the forums, what is /newstuff, and whatever else needs to be covered. might also be worth answering "how do I get started making my own maps and mods" in there too, even if it's just linking to another thread in the Editing section or something
  8. do statbar hudfaces for daisy exist?
  9. you could try making some near-copies of maps that you admire/have a significantly different style than you maybe, just to get a feel for doing something different
  10. thanks :D that map is some small speedmap that I'm in the process of detailing
  11. I have spent all goddamn evening trying to get this Streets of Rage 2 font working in gzdoom and have finally gotten it, after hours of toying with paint.net and gimp and imagetool. phewwww
  12. looks great. the third shot, with that bold red sky and the yellow roof lights up against it, looks especially awesome. cool to see you around again!
  13. those look wonderful. did you make these for a specific project? or were you just intending to release a texture pack?
  14. love the atmosphere of that 4th shot with the gstone pillars. looks awesome with the ceiling all covered except for those gaps in the center
  15. something that has helped me a lot in terms of mechanical productivity has been not only learning a few essential DB hotkeys, but also doing some key rebinding of my own so that I almost never have to take my right hand off the mouse. most notably: ctrl+d to start drawing ctrl+shift+d for delete space to pan around the map instead of using arrow keys ... and probably a few others. changing delete was huge for me though, that was the biggest reason I ever took my right hand off the mouse. space to pan and ctrl+d to draw might also just be GZDB defaults anyway. but those, plus the texture-related shortcuts in 3d mode (like shift clicking to select all adjacent surfaces of a single texture), are big productivity boosters for me.