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  1. Tango

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    @ReX is still around :D
  2. Tango

    Fluidity - My First Map - Boom format

    looks neat :D great job releasing mate, it's awesome to see you doing some mapping too!
  3. Tango

    Escalation Titan [GZDoom, 6 maps]

    make a dropbox account! dropbox is free, ad-free unlike mediafire, and gives you the ability for people to download a file directly without having to actually open a separate page
  4. Tango

    Gods&Guardians - Classic 6 map episode (v.0.99)

    this looks killer mate!
  5. @ReaperAA speaks the truth, I just meant splash damage - sorry for the confusion D: it's immune to splash damage in the same way that cybs and masterminds are in vanilla, as ReaperAA notes. this is not the case for the diabolist in supercharge, but unfortunately I had to make the diabolist here immune to splash damage because otherwise it could blow itself up with its explosions, which seems pretty unfortunate. there's a very easy workaround for that in zdoom though, so I didn't have to make that concession in supercharge thankfully! unfortunately GZDB doesn't seem to parse dehacked files at all like it does for decorate in all the zdoom-based map configs, so it's a mixed bag here. the diabolist shows up properly sprite-wise but is still named the archvile, the SS guy looks like his usual self, and the mastermind looks and takes up just as much space in the editor as its vanilla self with no sign of the dark cardinal at all. if you'd be interested though, I'm pretty sure I could easily throw together a modified Boom configuration for GZDB-based ports that you could put in your Configurations folder, which would properly display and name everything. if you end up using Minicharge and would like to have something like that, let me know and I can put it together and throw a download up in the OP as well for the whole world to enjoy. to clarify, this wouldn't replace any existing configuration, it would be an entirely new one based on the existing Boom one. they should be exactly the same, so just one type of chaingunner overall. I ended up using most of the SS guy's dehacked frames elsewhere, so just replacing him with the chaingunner meant that the SS guy technically still exists (as a chaingunner) but doesn't need any extra frames. they're not in Minicharge by default (though I did include a few of them in FNUDM3), but yeah you could definitely nab whatever from Supercharge and put em in your own Minicharged resource wad! if you end up doing that and run into any issues converting the PNGs in Supercharge to palettized images for Boom, feel free to reach out and I can lend a hand there.
  6. I meant to play this updated version when you sent it to me a few days ago but wasn't able to get to it, so I'm gonna post feedback from my latest playthrough here instead :D really liking the changes you made overall - the (sky)lights you added are very helpful for contrast, though as I mentioned I think you could still take those one step further. can't wait to see the next one :D
  7. aha I appreciate you pointing this out, I had never given the colors a second thought but it does feel backwards. I'll try reversing them and put that change into the next release, cheers boris! cheers mate, really appreciate your feedback as always. I will do some more playing around with supercharge as a mod in other mapsets before I make any changes, as I feel pretty good about the balance of things right now. though maybe the AR is just a bit too strong still :| if i do anything to the shotty I would consider a slight reload speed buff, most likely. you make a good point about the cyb, that is a frustrating aspect of the monster sometimes. I would be very cautious about making such a change because it seems like a very delicate thing to balance, but I'll be thinking about this one. I'll add the rocket beep toggle back in a future version though :D
  8. Tango

    Doom Struct Java Library 2.0.0

    well shit, this is an amazing effort mate!
  9. yes! apologies for not mentioning this in the OP before this, thanks for asking :D
  10. this is intentional, though one could definitely argue whether it's logical. I considered at one point making the radsuit grant immunity to tortured soul poison, but the reason I didn't go through with it is that I used damaging floors all over the place in Paradise (and therefore radsuits as well in places) and didn't want to neuter the monster in half of my encounters that I built there :(
  11. updated OP with v2.0. this update is focused on QoL stuff for mappers. here's a changelog: added proper brightmaps to the Haedexebus. begone, foul decorate "Bright" keyword! added a proper pickup sprite for the pistol. this won't be used/visible in 99% of cases, but any mappers wanting to do something like start the player with an empty inventory and provide the pistol as a pickup can now do so (thanks @Jimmy for the suggestion) added dynamic lights to all of the new light actors (hanging lights, candles, torches) gave the new light actors their own category colors for editors, so that they don't appear with that ugly default brown category color fixed the imp so that it's no longer invisible on its first frame (ie when set as a dormant monster). thanks @Alper002 for pointing that out!
  12. this was hella fun when I playtested it, definitely recommended :D
  13. indeed I really like that about it too... so I suppose maybe I'll keep the big HUD as-is? perhaps a new HUD could replace the small one, though I have grown fond of the compactness of the little one, and the health bars. my main motivation for wanting a new HUD is that, especially for the upcoming Mapwich, the big HUD doesn't show ammo counts for the scrap gun, and total ammo counts for weapons like the shotgun and assault rifle aren't very clearly displayed. maybe I'll try to just do a custom big HUD specifically for Mapwich, or see if someone else on the Mapwich crew wants to? not sure. in any case, as a better-than-nothing solution in the meantime, I've added total ammo counts for all ammo types (including scrap ammo) to the automap HUD, so that at least players using the compact HUD can quickly check the automap for their total ammo counts if they like. additionally, I like the suggestion of adding a toggle for map states. I think the mod I poached the big HUD from originally had this but I removed it, so I'll see about adding it back in if I can do it as a toggle. thanks once again @Spectre01 :D thanks so much :D very glad you're enjoying. that sounds like a lot of ground to cover haha, definitely let me know how that goes! ========== I just updated the OP with v1.9, here's a changelog: added death sounds for the spider mastermind projectile, both when it hits a target and when it hits a wall fixed a bug that prevented imps from doing a melee attack added a unique cacodemon pain sound added a unique, orange-ish decal for scrap attacks (the player's scrap gun, and the spider mastermind's attack) upped the Cacodemon's mass a bit, so wont ping pong around so much after getting hit in the air I was not able to replicate the issue that you mentioned @Spectre01 with cacos being immune to barrels. I made a test map and surrounded em with barrels and they all blew up with the barrels just fine. however, I did notice some weird seeming inconsistencies with cacos and diabolist attacks, where sometimes the cacos were apparently immune to the diabolist explosions when a caco was in a space small enough for it to be unable to move itself. I wasn't able to replicate this when testing with hordes of cacos flying around and taking diabolist fire, but it was weird and unexpected, so I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for more weirdness like this and see if I can eventually diagnose anything
  14. Tango

    PSX DOOM Megawad: Fall of Triton Remake - TRITON II

    screenshots look lovely! the colored lighting is a really nice effect, particularly those shots were it's a subtle yellow-ish tone
  15. are you loading the newhud wad file from a zip file? I dunno if that might affect it. I'm running the wad like this and it shows up (keep in mind it replaces the big hud, not the mini hud):