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  1. I never quite finished this when I picked it up a few months ago, so I'm just finally making my way through it again. I think this is the most impressively designed set of maps I have ever played; there's an incredible consistency and quality of detail throughout, with tons of memorable scenes and a really excellent atmosphere. these maps are so fucking cool
  2. I think I actually ran into the same issue recently, with Zandronum specifically. every few seconds there would be a brief but significant frame drop, which is an issue I haven't had on other ports (GZDoom). is that the same thing you're experiencing?
  3. that looks excellent :D I really love the geometry of that room here's another shot from the beachy map I posted a shot of a few pages back:
  4. a full megawad is a huge effort, awesome job :D shots look great!
  5. oh my, I wonder what th0r is up to these days. was this like, ~10 years ago?
  6. whoops that was a typo in the title. thank you so much :D
  7. Hi, does anyone have a copy of wdl2014b.wad or know where I could find it? I don't play MP doom ever so I'm not sure what the usual go-to is for tracking stuff like this down, and I was unable to find it all my searches D:
  8. those space skies look incredible
  9. I really love the look of that. seaside gothic castle, with that bright blue sky, makes for a really cool atmosphere I think :D the checkered tiles go really well with it all
  10. that looks excellent :D I really like the color scheme. I remember years ago seeing you post some shots of a hell map with a really awesome red + black combo using SP_HOT and probably some black rock texture. do you remember the map I'm talking about? did that ever get released?
  11. this will be your downfall
  12. :D awesome, so glad to hear you still have them. any chance of releasing them? :p
  13. Yeah this stuff has special significance to me; I would love to be able to dive back into my post history in its entirety, and get to see again what the community was like those days. I'd love to go through the topic of the failed Skulltag coop community project too. @Mechadon do you still have the maps you made for that project? I remember this really cool gigantic spaceship map you made, and then another one that was called Belphegor's Crucible I think? edit: going through the spacedm5 thread would be swell too 8)
  14. maps with "jungle" textures and vines are always favorites for me. the green episode in Scythe 2 is my favorite example of this, and Resurgence had some stellar vine maps too