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  1. It plays friendly with xev, and I own over 12 computer, those being laptops, towers, tablets, and so forth that are all running Linux minus the tablet and 1 Tower which is on Windows, though as I said, I never have this issue under Windows. I believe it is Linux SDL related.
  2. All of my mice act the same, yes. EDIT: I am noticing that DarkPlaces (Quake port) also has issues with the fire button...
  3. I have had this issue with both Wheezy and Jessie
  4. I have noticed that under all three source ports in Linux that the left Mouse button (maybe right too, I've not noticed), locks during game play so that the player will not stop shooting. Other times it makes it difficult to start shooting at all. I have not noticed this behavior under Windows, only Linux Mint/Mate 64 and 32 bit distros, 18.1 and 17.3. Under Wine, again, this does not occur.
  5. Thanks!!!
  6. I am looking at the ZDOOM command list and don't see an option for Co-Op. Is this not a feature?
  7. Bookmarked, thanks!
  8. Thank you!
  9. How in the world do I get this to work? I downloaded all the lastest files off of MODdb, read the info on, tried to grab GzDOOM 2.2.0 but it does not exist in the archive. Tested D4D against ZDOOM, Zandronum, and GzDOOM under Linux and Windows but failed with multiple errors. This used to work for me, but no more. What gives?!
  10. So I am back to work on my Odamex project and am using GzDOOM Builder as the editor. I create my map files separate, and since I am doing a TC, all my GFX and Sound resource files are kept in a separate wad file. Occasionally I will find an error in my source file and will update it with Slade (while GzDOOM Builder is closed and the wad is not in use). Ironically after I save, if I try to test a map using that resource file, it will show the old contents, but if I load everything by hand directly through Odamex, then everything is up to date as it should be. The file is the same file, so I am not understanding how it can be doing this.
  11. Updates are always great news, though I'm sad to see that I still can't exit DOOM with a controller. :/
  12. That's awesome none the less. Good to see DOOM on every OS under the sun if possible! Speaking of which Wolf 3D recently got a port to the Color Gameboy. ZDOOM has been fixed for the Pi, project is go again.
  13. I am an idiot. Wrong switch. Also I installed Chocolate for future cross testing. Sorry.
  14. Lastest Source of Crispy, just installed Today, running on Mint Linux Mate Sarah 64bit, up to date.