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  1. It's all right, thank you, I got it figured out via the Haiku threads.
  2. Breeder

    PS1 DooM music converted to MIDI grab here.

    Dead link Edit, worked second try. Odd.
  3. Breeder

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    The long awaited Blood 5, and if sales go well he'll make 3 and 4?!
  4. Breeder

    Doom Clone "Gloom" Source Code Available!

    Wow! Didn't know about this till now!
  5. Sorry, it was not my intention to be shifty, just relatable.
  6. You like that? Ya, all the kids are putting their home directories inside of boot these days... ;) Actually, I am running Haiku Beta 1. It is the spiritual continuation of BeOS. I was asking my questions in relation to a Debian set up because that is what I generally use, at least while I've been waiting for Haiku to get to a reasonable state. This way I can hopefully learn what these errors are talking about, and perhaps learn to fix them. I also just learned about a tool called Haikuporter, which is supposed to ease the process of porting code from Linux to Haiku. https://github.com/haikuports/haikuporter
  7. That produced a bit more in depth error. If I were on Debian, I wonder what it would mean. "~/crispy-doom> make -C textscreen make: Entering directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/textscreen' Making all in fonts make[1]: Entering directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/textscreen/fonts' ./convert-font small small.png small.h ./convert-font normal normal.png normal.h ./convert-font large large.png large.h make[1]: Leaving directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/textscreen/fonts' Making all in . make[1]: Entering directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/textscreen' CC txt_conditional.o gcc: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and multiple compilations Makefile:467: recipe for target 'txt_conditional.o' failed make[1]: *** [txt_conditional.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/textscreen' Makefile:487: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1 make: Leaving directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/textscreen'"
  8. Thank you much!!! While I've got you here, what might this mean? "make: Entering directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/src/heretic' make: Nothing to be done for 'all'. make: Leaving directory '/boot/home/crispy-doom/src/heretic' make: *** No rule to make target '../textscreen/libtextscreen.a', needed by 'crispy-heretic'. Stop."
  9. I can compile Chocolate & Crispy DOOM, but I have no idea how to also produce Strife, Heretic, and Hexe binaries as well. What steps do I have to take, presuming I am under Debian Linux.
  10. Breeder

    Haiku OS support

    Haiku Beta 1 has recently been made available. All pre-compiled programs can be downloaded through the included Haiku Depot application. Within it you will find a release for Retroarch, which contains PrBOOM, and Chocolate DOOM. Retroarch seems to be very unstable at the moment, though Chocolate DOOM runs perfectly fine! If you turn on support for development files in Haiku Depot, you can grab all the files required to compile Crispy DOOM also. To compile Crispy, I had to use the following commands. setarch x86 ./autogen.sh ./configure make I believe Odamex should have all the dependencies it needs in Haiku, but I can not get it to compile. Zdoom seems to lack 2 or 3 dependencies yet, and GzDOOM and Zandronum may not be work tackling until we have accelerated hardware support for OpenGL. I also believe that PrBOOM and PrBOOM-Plus should also compile, but alas I am getting no where. On a side note, Hexen II, Half-Life, Aleph One, Quake 2, etc. are also available from Haiku Depot.
  11. It plays friendly with xev, and I own over 12 computer, those being laptops, towers, tablets, and so forth that are all running Linux minus the tablet and 1 Tower which is on Windows, though as I said, I never have this issue under Windows. I believe it is Linux SDL related.
  12. All of my mice act the same, yes. EDIT: I am noticing that DarkPlaces (Quake port) also has issues with the fire button...
  13. I have had this issue with both Wheezy and Jessie
  14. I have noticed that under all three source ports in Linux that the left Mouse button (maybe right too, I've not noticed), locks during game play so that the player will not stop shooting. Other times it makes it difficult to start shooting at all. I have not noticed this behavior under Windows, only Linux Mint/Mate 64 and 32 bit distros, 18.1 and 17.3. Under Wine, again, this does not occur.
  15. Breeder

    ZDOOM Co-Op?