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  1. Vandoom

    Central Disposal

    on my current map i think spent too long on the lighting in this one room... (using UDMF format) but damn
  2. Vandoom

    Central Disposal

    kay think i'll make it single rockets rather than boxes, (i just hate archies so much) and the FDA i couldn't get to run properly, pretty sure you did better than run into a corner and shoot at a pipe until and imp killed you!
  3. Vandoom

    Central Disposal

    My second public release now linked here, Built In DB2 tested with Gzdoom, based off vanilla doom 2 engine, should be compatible with most versions of doom, Jumping and crouching are encouraged but not necessary and if you find it a little easy play it with Brutal Doom or Taggart mode or wh/ever. hope you guys enjoy and i'd love to see a play through. build took about 8 months from concept to finish with a Shit ton of procrastination. Have Fun! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79740655/central_disposal.wad
  4. Vandoom

    DOOM Lives! Teaser trailer inside.

    That chainsaw in Wolfenstien N.O... lot of effort gone into that beefy looking thing... i predict a return in the new Doom
  5. Vandoom

    Doom Marine Fan 'art'

    Doomguy fires a rocket launcher from the hip!
  6. Vandoom

    Doom Marine Fan 'art'

    fucked up forced perspective smoking rocket launcher
  7. Vandoom

    Doom Marine Fan 'art'

    bit of doomyness
  8. but Avoolz! you didn't claim your prize! John romero will personally make you his bitch!
  9. Well done Avoozl! who guessed (or knew) it was E3M3 Pandemonium!
  10. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79740655/SS/Screenshot_Doom_20130727_012427.png thanks to steeveeo for popinting me right with Images
  11. I'll post a few more if this is popular enough, Today's Screenshot is From THE ULTIMATE DOOM can you guess which level? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79740655/SS/Screenshot_Doom_20130727_012427.png
  12. Vandoom

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    hehe i see what you did there
  13. Vandoom

    Jeff Hanneman, guitarist of Slayer died at 49

    i hear it was brought on by a spider bite unbelievably! he was supposed to get spider powers not liver failure! :(