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  1. Major Arlene

    Why are recent Doomworld threads stupid?

    This assumes that people can actually see those status updates in the wild, as such, the website's kinda borked?
  2. Major Arlene

    Wisdom Tooth

    I had to get all 4 of mine removed because my mouth just literally doesn't have room for them. It's fine. I went under general anesthetic and woke up and had ice cream and put ice on my face. it's not a biggie, if the dentist is saying there's potential for them to cause problems then definitely get them removed sooner rather than later. but I'm also not a freaking dentist so maybe listen to them instead of asking randoms :)
  3. Major Arlene

    I bought an used PC, and it only gives black screen

    I'd have to echo this sentiment, a bit more labor intensive but at this point just as much effort has been put in to diagnose the thing.
  4. Major Arlene

    Is it just me who dislikes Spectres?

    that's the point of them :)
  5. yeah I guess it tracks someone would use AI to spit out dogshit box room after box room and call that a megawad. make something with your own hands.
  6. Major Arlene

    I bought an used PC, and it only gives black screen

    this may sound a bit obvious but is there at least some kind of cooler overtop the CPU? is it connected? when my air cooler broke on my PC during my move, it would turn on for a couple seconds and then shut right back off to prevent overheating. also try applying thermal paste to the top of the CPU. also try reseating your GPU & RAM. make sure all case fans are connected as well. modern motherboards are pretty sensitive to temps in my experience. I'm sorry but the "help" you are giving is not useful. if the computer doesn't turn on, as mentioned by others, you're not even getting to the BIOS screen. please re-read what the actual issue is before putting in random Google results.
  7. Major Arlene

    Will the next doom game release this year or next year?

    asking a bunch of people who don't have access to Bethesda's inner bowels isn't going to make a new game come out faster :) also, buddy, it's a fucking game, if I can be so blunt, there's a literal billion other ones you can play in the mean time.
  8. Major Arlene

    Will the next doom game release this year or next year?

    you can have a job and be excited about a Doom game, those are not mutually exclusive things anyways, the answer is no, don't count on it
  9. Major Arlene

    Other Map Editors

    Are you talking about official SDK's or third-party editors? If it's official SDK's it's often because the development teams of those games are then sent to work on other things, if it's third party editors, it's probably because the team working on it probably didn't have support. anyways, as Kinzie mentioned, most retro FPS games with an active community will have some kind of working map editor. ROTT: Ludicrous Edition packaged its level editor in so we now have the ability to make good ROTT maps.
  10. Major Arlene

    How many Doom mods/wads are there total?

    there's no definitive answers because of things like - as you said, decentralized hosting - there can also be duplicated hosting (I host mirrors of some WADs on GDrive as well as idgames) - WADs get uploaded to the internet basically every day, sometimes by people with audience and some with none. just assume it's a lot I guess
  11. Major Arlene

    Profile pages are frozen in December 1723

    yeah, ngl we're about 5 months into this issue with no word as to what is happening or when a fix is maybe on the way - I'm sympathetic to the fact moderation is working full time jobs on top of their jobs here but something needs to be done.
  12. Major Arlene

    Doomworld's thought(s) on Red Faction?

    I swear I did see someone on Twitter recently who did make some destructible geo physics work for GZDoom but unfortunately I can't locate the tweet anywhere :( I enjoyed Red Faction 1, I've also played some of the community stuff that's around which is pretty cool. Other than that I don't have too much attachment to the games
  13. Major Arlene

    What are some good ice/snow themed Doom levels?

    Freon DM is based around ice/snow.
  14. Major Arlene

    List of Doom engine standalone games?

    Hands of Necromancy 2 is in the works.
  15. Major Arlene

    is chillax the hardest wad out there?

    I mean, Sunder is right there
  16. Major Arlene


    Despite my own feelings about the project, I think it's kind of silly to expect everyone to react the same way or with the same intensity. You're not necessarily a broken person for not "getting" it. It does sound like you have "dev brain" a bit where you're admiring the project for technical reasons instead of the emotions it elicits, which happens to me quite a bit as well, having been in gamedev and adjacent spaces for the past few years. The same reason many of us make maps - for the sake of it, or simply as a challenge of ourselves to do something new, different, or difficult. I don't particularly want to derail this thread too much but as a quick example, I made a mapset with a few other people, which represents people's feelings & understandings about death & dying. I knew some people would just view the project as "just maps" and some would maybe understand what the project was trying to convey. But it was a challenge to put emotions & feelings into spatial manifestations, and it was rewarding when it was complete. I won't speak for Veddge, because I don't know them, but I imagine that was part of the reason he made it.
  17. Major Arlene

    Why do doom games take so long to come out?

    screaming crying throwing up because a slightly different VA isn't screaming "rip and tear" while he rips apart another demon-like creature in another iteration of hell honestly, I love Doom but I would be okay if we never got another game, especially with the mishandling of the DLC for Doom Eternal that now constantly makes it crash on my beefy PC build.
  18. Major Arlene

    feeling like a lot of folks are fairweather

    Okay, wow. I didn't realize there was more backstory here and if this is the treatment Meowgi is getting, I shudder to think what would be said to or about people more popular than him. This is really sad to read and yeah, I guess my next suggestion would be to not engage in this kind of behavior. Community and collaboration is valued on Twitch and doing anti-social things like this will be a swift way to make you unpopular. There are literally rules on Twitch about self-promotion and etiquette. Please follow them.
  19. Major Arlene

    feeling like a lot of folks are fairweather

    Life is also a lot different than what it was about 5 years ago. more people were home during the pandemic which means they had more time to watch streams, etc. you also have to be super consistent in your schedule and in a timezone that doesn't suck, Twitch sucks at telling me who's in what timezone so I can't tell what yours is. I had a very quick glance at your channel and a couple things stand out at a glance (I've actually unfortunately never caught one of your streams so I'm coming in fresh): 1. your streams are extremely short (less than two hours). not saying you have to stream full 8 hour days if you're not treating it like a full time job, but that's barely enough time for people to really get "comfy" with your stream. I don't know your situation ofc but if possible, try to bump that up to 4 hours if you can. 2. in a couple of your thumbnails for past broadcasts there's a giant gallon-size water jug sitting in the corner of your webcam and that's going to be enough to annoy anyone. there's a stream where it's there the entire time and even more of your webcam gets taken up by the jug and it's extremely distracting. it gives off a lack of care about people's viewing experience and that will make people click off. 3. in your trailer video you keep the same face the entire time that you're talking and it just generally sounds unenthusiastic? not unpleasant, but Twitch and Youtube also requires a bit of charisma/showmanship to keep people's interest. honestly I would suggest maybe ditching the webcam for now because your voice sounds genuinely pleasant to hear, plenty of Doom streamers also do this (KingDime comes to mind, you actually have a sorta similar cadence). 4. Get this out of your Twitch description. I know you're going through a rough time, but this is showbiz. It is okay to say that you're taking a break/hiatus while you sort out what's going on with your channel but this just screams frustrated, angry, and probably stopping sometime soon, so you're not going to fix your issues this way. 5. Maybe reduce your schedule to 1-2 quality streams per week. you are going to burn out quickly doing every day streams, even if they're short. speaking from experience :) 6. I will agree with the others that playing popular WADs may get you noticed more, but you may also find yourself a niche with people who enjoy older WADs. Above all, if you're not having fun (as it looks like is the case), you've hit burnout. Take a break, re-assess what you want from the community, re-assess what you want to do with your stream, and take a deep breath. Do it because you like it, if you do it to get popular you'll end up miserable. I've also experienced significant decline in my channel growth, and it sucks to see, but I just keep on doing streams once a week to share my progress on projects or play something fun. Make it fun and make it yours, don't chase what other people are doing.
  20. Major Arlene

    Games you never dared to play on hardest difficulty?

    all of them :)
  21. iirc there's an ACS script you can put in to fade music in and out, not a crossfade but would be less jarring than a hard cut (Ashes and My House are both GZDoom so this is useable). iirc @Bridgeburner56 has used this (and I've jacked it as well) for putting in more dynamic music into boss fights in our maps. it'd be very nice to have a proper crossfade if I'm being totally honest, to totally smooth over musical changes.
  22. Major Arlene

    how to stop decalcification as a femcel?

    honestly, I'm not going to sit here and try to psychoanalyze you, but I'm going to be blunt and tell you that tooth infections can literally kill you, which infection is likely what's happening if your teeth are hurting. go see a dentist. even if it's just like, once, do something to take charge of your health (capitalism also wants you poor, uneducated and unhealthy to make you a weaker victim).
  23. Major Arlene

    Arelene from the doom novels is real

    Ironically when I've namesearched myself I've absolutely run across this lawyer lol. It's not too common a name IRL these days
  24. Major Arlene

    Could GZDoom be on iOS

  25. yeah nah, just a bit of a sidebar. I think on further inspection it's more due to how each domain provider provides information, GoDaddy for example (I use them for some miscellaneous domains) provides pretty much all the information but not *my* information, theirs. anyways, yep. I don't think too much more needs to be said to Hakros other than "cmon, dude". just stop being weird, admit when the things you make are mostly not your own work, and people would be less inclined to be annoyed/suspicious about everything you make.