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  1. I haven't heard of such a problem with Legacy, but if for some reason it persists, just post a follow-up here so I can relay it to the other guys in the development team.
  2. Take out hitscan (bullet shooting) monsters first. A moving projectile is easier to dodge than a quickly calculated line.
  3. I wouldn't mind working on a MUD or some other type of multiplayer text game. I'm going towards a degree in Database Technology so I doubt I'll get into rendering theory and stuff like that. I live a few miles from Full Sail, but it's expensive, and the schedule is horrible. I unfortunately need to have a job while I attend school and it would be difficult there.
  4. I did the movie about Phoebus when he started his banning spree. I was going to do one about Jive, but never got around to it.
  5. Sounds neat, but I have M1 and Metal Slug, so it's kind of a waste to download. Sorry...
  6. I want to get into 2d game programming. I have some interesting ideas, but I can't produce graphics for crap.
  7. SNK and Capcom both made good games. But my favorite arcade games have been made by Taito and Jaleco.
  8. I never understood why people played Ninja Gaiden when there was Shinobi and Shadow Dancer.
  9. I don't care about the lost R&R posts, since like Doom_Dude said, they're mainly retarded anyway. But some of the posts on the Legacy forum were important. Granted we can get along without them, but it's a pain. Unfortunately people won't use the SF bug report/feature request. So we have to use the regular forum for that stuff.
  10. I thought NBA Jam was over-rated when it came out. My friends sat there and played it for hours and wouldn't play anything else. Of course the only basketball game I ever enjoyed was Arch Rivals...
  11. Just speculation on the forum thing. I just find it hard to believe that his password is discovered and there are no forum backups of any sort. I guess he's just a shitty webmaster...
  12. Right you'll have more bugs in the beginning, that's understandable. But hopefully the stable C++ version will be more stable than the current. The current source just seems kind of messy in some areas, especially where the hardware renderer comes into play.
  13. I just thought it was kind of odd that his password was compromised, then after everything is over he talks about the forum being a stronger community and better than ever. Yes, cataclysm can make people come together and such, but it sounds like he was counting on it. I hope Phoebus wouldn't destroy his own forum, but I wouldn't put it past his megalomania either.
  14. The game contains 1 episode, it says I have to order the rest? Is that like an expansion pack or something?
  15. I always thought that the FF series was over-rated. Not that the FF games are bad, it's just there are certainly other RPGs out there that are just as good or better.