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  1. Doctor Nick

    Finishing up PR 481

    Thanks selliott! I'll take a closer look this week.
  2. Doctor Nick

    MAP01 facelift

    I dunno, I think MAP01 is great as it is. It's simple, uncluttered, short, and it introduces a number of concepts gradually to the player as the map plays out. The secrets are deceptively simple; You see an armor on top of a pillar, tempting you. The player wonders how they get up there, they notice the stairs, they go up the stairs and they see the wall come down revealing the switch. They flip the switch, and the "aha!" moment of realizing that you just lowered the platform containing the armor. This is a great way of introducing the player to the idea that you may have to go through multiple steps to reveal a secret, and that it may not be in the immediate surrounding area. I think these kind of overhauls would be better suited to the later levels, where the player has a grasp of the mechanics and you'd be free to get a little more complicated on them. The contrast stuff doesn't really work if you don't use complementing colors, it just clashes and looks garish. Also, consistent use of textures for areas and clear transitions would make it look less clashing.
  3. Doctor Nick

    MAP01 facelift

    Lots of clashing textures and colors (blue on brown, bright yellow on grey), sudden texture transitions, and it's overall very busy. For a first level, we don't want to overwhelm the player with a bunch of information competing for their attention. The first level should be kept simple to ease players into the game.
  4. Doctor Nick

    Annie: Episode 1 version 1.1 released (11/8/2018)

    In the Annie boss battle, she can't hit you if you position yourself directly under her and shoot up. It makes it way too easy. I'd suggest implementing an attack to discourage this; maybe she could fall to the floor?
  5. Doctor Nick

    Haaslok's Art Thread

    The reason behind it is to avoid creating a derivative work. id made it very clear when this project first started that if Freedoom was too derivative, they'd act to defend their IP.
  6. Doctor Nick

    Freedoom app released on google play store

    Nicely done! It's totally ok to do all of the above; freedoom is BSD licensed and can be used however you like, as long as you comply with the license. We have no objections to using the freedoom name as long as you're not using it to advertise something completely different from freedoom.
  7. These look really good. Could you submit a PR for these?
  8. oh, neat! I like those better than the current ones.
  9. Doctor Nick

    DeuTex 5.1.0 is released

    Yeah, from the looks of things, most of the stuff he lists is already in there; either way, the link to the archive with the source code is broken.
  10. Doctor Nick

    DeuTex 5.1.0 is released

    This is interesting: "Default insertion point set to (width/2,height-5) because that is what is used for wall patches and that is what these really are." Is that true?
  11. Doctor Nick

    DeuTex 5.1.0 is released

    That's interesting. I'd be interested to see a diff between that and the last official release. (4.4.902 or something)
  12. Doctor Nick

    DeuTex 5.1.0 is released

    oh, that's not a new function, that automatically happens during -extract. It just recognizes GL_nodes in the level data when extracting them. I noticed in the latest version of Oblige that it always generates GL_nodes for each level; if you previously attempted to extract Oblige wads with deutex, it would not retain that data.
  13. Doctor Nick

    DeuTex 5.1.0 is released

    I just tested this new build on windows, and when using -overwrite -extract, it does work.
  14. Doctor Nick

    DeuTex 5.1.0 is released

    Hey, if you wanna take a crack at it, be my guest ;)
  15. Doctor Nick

    DeuTex 5.1.0 is released

    kop9000: Good news, we just created a new build. I added in some special features (like detecting GL_nodes) and your first suggestion to make working with oblige easier. I took a look at implementing your second suggestion, and it looks like that will require some serious architecting to get deutex to build without a WADINFO.txt. However, it should not be difficult to script generating a wadinfo.txt; just get the directory contents minus the extensions and put them into a text file. deutex-5.0.0-HEAD-w32.zip