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  1. These look really good. Could you submit a PR for these?
  2. oh, neat! I like those better than the current ones.
  3. Yeah, from the looks of things, most of the stuff he lists is already in there; either way, the link to the archive with the source code is broken.
  4. This is interesting: "Default insertion point set to (width/2,height-5) because that is what is used for wall patches and that is what these really are." Is that true?
  5. That's interesting. I'd be interested to see a diff between that and the last official release. (4.4.902 or something)
  6. oh, that's not a new function, that automatically happens during -extract. It just recognizes GL_nodes in the level data when extracting them. I noticed in the latest version of Oblige that it always generates GL_nodes for each level; if you previously attempted to extract Oblige wads with deutex, it would not retain that data.
  7. I just tested this new build on windows, and when using -overwrite -extract, it does work.
  8. Hey, if you wanna take a crack at it, be my guest ;)
  9. kop9000: Good news, we just created a new build. I added in some special features (like detecting GL_nodes) and your first suggestion to make working with oblige easier. I took a look at implementing your second suggestion, and it looks like that will require some serious architecting to get deutex to build without a WADINFO.txt. However, it should not be difficult to script generating a wadinfo.txt; just get the directory contents minus the extensions and put them into a text file.
  10. This map is awesome! It plays really well and it looks great! A few pointers: Can you change this switch to be modal (i.e. once it's on, it's always on)? It's annoying to have to keep going back there to open the door. I'd change these to be either zombies or shotgun guys, right now these things don't pose much of a threat This room is too much of a shootin' gallery. It's too easy for the player to just hang back and pick off the cacos and worms. I'd add something that's threatening the player from the back, like teleporting in some shotgun guys behind the player. It would create more player engagement. I'd add something that's a bit more of a 'tell' that this is a secret, especially since it contains the only rocket launcher on the map. Also, it checks out in visplaneExplorer, and it seems to be vanilla-compatible (though it does crash when i'm idclipping around, but I don't think that's an issue).
  11. It's currently broken in the latest release, we will release a new one soon that fixes this problem.
  12. It's cool, I just did it.
  13. BTW, Voros, could you look into adding proper GZDoom/GL_node level support to deutex? It crashes when I attempt to extract then recompose a wad that has glnodes.
  14. Hell if I know! Alls I knows is I fixed it!
  15. Writing the wad doesn't read WSafe, it reads from clobber. Just setting clobber to CLOBBER_YES fixes it.