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  1. One very long level. It's a very solid map, good work.
  2. uhm...
  3. The more I play with it, the more I like it. my main concern was the hands being consistent with the other sprites, but that isn't a big issue. If you submit it again, i'll accept it.
  4. The problem with this is that it doesn't look like it gives enough light. In maps, the these lamps are placed in large light sectors, and it doesn't look like the dinky lamp on the top of this thing could give out that much light. The current lamp does look like it gives out enough light, and I think it's a good sprite that doesn't need to be replaced. I think effort should be concentrated on the assets which are not up to snuff, like the previous terrible tall tech lamp.
  5. These look good. Can you submit a pull request for these?
  6. It should do that by default if you use the github application. either way, all you have to do for that is type "git remote add freedoom"
  7. These look great, much better than the old "stick with a spencer's gifts orb on it" BTW, when you're converting the sprites to GIFs, make sure that you're using "#00ffff" (aka rgb(0,255,255)) for the transparency color. The ones you submitted had different values and the transparency didn't work in the built wad (I fixed 'em). I'm planning on adding PNG support to deutex in the near future, so we won't have to deal with the step of converting them to gifs anymore.
  8. To be clear, according to Freedoom's license, you have to include the copyright notice and the license for the assets that you used. The file is here: To make it clear that the entire starter pack isn't under this license, just name which assets you used at the top. You mentioned Map02, Map03, Map07, Map11, and Map28 in the moddb description.
  9. If your pull request gets closed without being merged, or if it had to be modified somehow, your fork will be out of sync with the official repo, and you can't automatically update it. This can lead to problems with future pull requests. To fix this and to reset your fork to the current official repo state, do this: open mobaxterm, go to your fork directory Type "apt-get install git", which will install the command-line version of git. type "git fetch freedoom master", which will retrieve the current version of the official repository. type "git reset --hard freedoom/master", which will reset your local copy to the current version of the official repo. type "git push --force origin master", which will reset your fork on github to the current version of the official repo. It'll ask you to type in your name and password, and it won't show you typing the characters for them. Just keep typing, it's getting it down.
  10. cool image bro
  11. Looks good, but I think it needs more shading around the edges so that it looks like it has volume. The screenshots make it look 2d and "pasted on"
  12. Looks good. Can you submit a pull request for this? use my guide
  13. Does anyone here have beefy hands?
  14. These look good. Can you submit a pull request for these? use my guide
  15. I can't find him on this board, period. Is he on the ZDoom board or something?