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  1. Doctor Nick

    BLOODICIDE ~ 8 Levels for GZDoom

    This wad is great, I really enjoyed it. It's well designed and I liked a number of the balance changes. A few things: - I do like the use of echoes in parts of it. For instance, I loved it when the reverb maxed out right as crusher finished crushing the pinkies and the music cut out, that was a great moment. Other times, it can be a bit much; I'd just say to be strategic about where you use it. - The Baron of Hell has a projectile speed of 40. This is way, way too fast; combined with the three-way spread, getting hit is essentially unavoidable if you're closer than 30 feet. I edited the Baron projectile speed down to 25 in my game, and the Baron's became more manageable while still being challenging. - If a monster's mechanics and stats vary significantly from the original, then I'd recommend changing the sprites to reflect that. I found myself falling back into muscle memory when dealing with the Barons and Hell Knights which lead to me dying a few times. Same with the enhanced Mancubuses in later levels; I kept wondering why they weren't dying to 4 double shotgun blasts. Realm667 has a number of sprites that you could use. - I love the new weapons, especially the new chaingun, but I can't help but miss the plasma rifle. Perhaps it could be included as well?
  2. Doctor Nick

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Below by @Belleth
  3. Doctor Nick

    A classic "I made a wad for the first time"

    Wow, this is your first WAD? It's great. We will watch your career with great interest.
  4. I was just wondering about this! I thought the first one was excellent, and I was wondering if there were gonna be any additional episodes. I'm excited to play this!
  5. Doctor Nick

    Paradise v2 [FINAL VERSION 8/22/2019]

    I'm losing all my weapons and armor when I exit a level in the normal campaign, is this supposed to happen?
  6. Doctor Nick

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    This WAD fuckin rooooooocks. I love how it perfectly replicates the feel of the original DOOM episodes while being original. I've already beat episode 1 and 2, looking forward to episodes 3 and 4.
  7. Compare the opening to Doom 2016: To the voice from the trailer: The voice is NOT Samuel Hayden. The voice isn't even close. I assume it's the Seraphim, as described in the Doom Slayer logs. Edit: confirmed by Marty and Hugo here:
  8. Doctor Nick

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    The guy narrating the trailer is the same guy who narrated the opening dialogue ("They are rage") in the previous game. I assume it's the Seraphim, as described in the previous game's Slayer logs.
  9. Doctor Nick


    ...maps of the Doom 2 addons? Did you take maps that other people have made without their permission?
  10. Doctor Nick


    sure you can. where's the download link?
  11. Doctor Nick

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    @Amuscaria Would you grant an exception for the shotgun sprites to be released under a Creative Comments By-Attribution license? If so, we can totally use his shotgun for Freedoom.
  12. Doctor Nick

    anyone up to a H-Freedoom

    You can use and reuse the sprites of Freedoom according to the BSD license. This essentially means that you can use the assets however you wish as long as you give attribution. So, you could totally make an H-Freedoom if you wanted to. SHOULD you do it?
  13. Doctor Nick

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    Unfortunately, when it comes to copyright law, that doesn't really matter. If you create something starting from an already existing source, it is considered a "derivative work", no matter how much you've changed from the original. We have to be pretty strict about these things, since this has been an issue in the past. I think the new chaingunner guy looks really good. Would you be able to upload the individual files for him?
  14. Doctor Nick

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    I was talking about the chaingunner guy sprite that you did? The shotgun does look good, but I'm not sure from what it was based on. It looks similar to the shotgun in Brutal Doom, and if that's the case, it can't be used. Please remember that submissions to freedoom need to either be 100% original, or derived from other BSD-licensed media (like your chaingunner guy, which is based on the already existing chaingunner guy)