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  1. phantombeta

    [Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] Achievement Ideas? (p13)

    Uhhh... You're deadnaming her. Randi's name is Marisa Heit now.
  2. Oh yeah, something I'd like to add onto the pile of "this ain't the first time he's done it" accusations - he also took the entirety of WildWeasel's Nazis! as a base for BoA. And gave no credit originally, nor did he ask for permission. Agreed. Pretty pretty please close this thread, keeping this thread open serves no purpose other than making quite a bit of the people replying look bad because of very angry and impulsive replies. (also, it's pretty sickening to see how many likes that post with the "KYS" comment got :\)
  3. Does this thread really need to stay open? The accusation has been made, there was definitely plagiarism going on there, which is super shitty, but people seem to be mostly just screaming at (and past) and/or flinging shit at each other in these last few pages :\ The only thing I see being accomplished here now is random people in the thread starting to hate and think of each other as assholes or scum. The fact that someone who seems to be a regular and/or an established member of this community literally just told someone else to kill themselves is both horrible and frightening IMO. My only criticism of the OP is that the way it's written is too aggressive and angry. That tends to get the people reading angry and riled up, which IMO pretty much ensures things will devolve into pretty bad drama and shitstorm. (Which it already seems to have, based on these last few pages) No, never. Don't plagiarize things, one should always follow the wishes and/or licenses of the author, and strive to give correct, full credits for the things they've used.
  4. Jeebus fukken crust... I thought this was an internet forum about Doom, not a kindergarten. Apparently I was wrong. :|
  5. He did that because said menus were causing problems where outdated mods would have incorrect or missing options, and it's very likely that there were people reporting that as if it were a GZDoom bug. He also added a system that added custom options back onto the menus, so it isn't even a real problem anymore. This, meanwhile, is easily fixable by mods, and breaking it would involve fucking up several mods that were doing things perfectly right for no good reason. Graf might be strict, jaded and maybe even somewhat rude, but he most definitely isn't an idiot.
  6. He most definitely won't. This mod is a gross hack to force a specific playerclass. There's no way in hell he'd add it to GZDoom. Very unlikely. To do so, Graf would either need to set modding back by several years, or hardcode it to this specific class name - which would get circumvented pretty easily by simply changing the class name. Graf isn't an idiot so I doubt he'd even try to do either of those.
  7. phantombeta

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Sorry, but this is wrong. Deprecation does not, has never and will never mean removal. There are no plans by anyone to remove the old filters - doing that would only break old mods for no benefit at all. If the old filters aren't working right now, then that's a bug and should be reported as such in the ZDoom forums ASAP.
  8. While you can't check the MAPINFO value, is it actually necessary to do so? The mapper already knows they want the player not to jump and crouch, so you may as well just print the message if either sv_allowjump or sv_allowcrouch is enabled, no? Those are also "server" CVars, so they're trivial to check*. * (If you don't know how to do it already, to get the value of a server CVar, you can simply use its name as if it were a constant)
  9. They aren't passive aggressive at all. Not sure where you're getting that from, considering they I meant it to look more friendly... If anything, I feel like your own replies to me are rather passive aggressive. Not sure why you'd act like that towards me, considering I have literally never talked to you before in my whole life. :\ Perhaps, but I feel like players would be more bothered by suddenly being stopped mid-gameplay instead of being notified on game start.
  10. Not really. That'd override any mods' playerclasses, which is what it's supposed to avoid. This works regardless of the mods loaded, and only triggers if it detects that the jump-blocking class is in use - otherwise, it does nothing. Sorry, but I'd rather not. If the player is loading a file named "UnblockJumpingAndCrouching.pk3", it's safe enough to assume they don't care at all whether or not the map will be broken by jumping and crouching. You could also make a script of your own that tells the player that jumping and crouching is not intended on game start. That way, users get notified no matter what any scripts do to override your blocking. ;)
  11. Hi :) UnblockJumpingAndCrouching.zip [edit]Added a v2, might be slightly more robust[/edit] UnblockJumpingAndCrouching v2.zip