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  1. seed

    why is getting opengl a pain

    Indeed. I remember from my potato that for a while it was useful while it was still new-ish, but slowly afterwards the performance degraded more and more as the drivers were optimized more and more for the new hardware that was coming out. This can also happens with age, past a certain point the hardware will be just too old to be able to squeeze any more life out of it.
  2. seed

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    This prompted me to recheck, and you are indeed right, dang. Seems I've (we?) been misinformed all this time. Changing the video mode to GL in the software exe does indeed change just the output. It's otherwise still Software. This is different from the GL exe, where it actually changes between the modes.
  3. seed

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    No, the render can be changed in both executables, and both have their features and limitations. GlBoom has bugged transparent projectiles and a textured automap. PrBoom doesn't have it, but has working transparent projectiles.
  4. I could be wrong, but I think it works the way it currently does because adding proper high res support may be too much work to do, I'm surprised we even got what we did honestly. Some heavy work would be required to get that done and working well - more than #include "widescreen.h" for sure.
  5. seed

    Doom 3 on switch.

    Yeah, it's the BFG Edition alright:
  6. seed

    why is getting opengl a pain

    Indeed, goodness grief. That laptop is basically a rock and dead-end for anything more advanced and demanding. That's also an 8yrs old driver wtf.
  7. Azarath this time around, though I'm not too keen on them, it's that kind of black/death I'm not really into. Curious choice BTW, I was almost certain you'd go for the Dissection clone :D .
  8. seed

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    With D3 he did make a mistake, that being the fact that the combat is still RNG-based. It's not, D3 has no RNG and uses locational damage instead. With Q2 I see no problems either - and I'm not fond of it either.
  9. I know, I can usually deal with it, and it's not the poor man's pathfinding in some games that bothers me as much as it is the fact that I may also have to wait for thdm before entering a new area. I really do not understand how some developers didn't think about this small oversight.
  10. ^ Also this. I mean ffs just teleport them to my new location and be done with it. This is extremely frustrating if their AI is complete shit...
  11. seed

    Source port tier list

    That depends on how you look at it. I speak in no-one's name, but perhaps "hardcore" wasn't the right word I was looking for, I was thinking of "people more dedicated and involved in Doom than those simply looking for a way to play it in HD" - no, not something like speedrunners either. Wait, it has? What? How did that come? I'm not going to say anything about your points since they're all fair and good, I was more curious about this part. And second person mentioning the "pro-tip" part. People actually took it serious? I certainly hope not.
  12. seed

    Is there an ideal FOV?

    All depends on what feels right to you. I personally use a FOV of 100 in Doom and the Build games, 90 makes me feel enemies are too close to me.
  13. seed

    why is getting opengl a pain

    Yes quite... it's GZDoom after all, and SoftPoly 2 was designed mainly as a solution for non-GL3.3 compatible hardware. And also to fix the mistakes of the predecessor, which was buggy, but that is entirely beside the point. Even if OP can indeed run it, it more than likely won't be worth it. Pro-tip: It's actually more taxing than the old Software render that GZDoom used to use once, and naturally more than that of ZDoom. A number of people complained about performance degradation back when it was first introduced.
  14. seed

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Yeah pretty much. That was just an example of course, to better illustrate where it is most effective - and that is huge maps with tons of activity. If Software gives you better performance than GL, that sounds like underpowered hardware. It's normally the other way around. BTW the renders can be changed in both executables, but GLBoom+ also has a textured automap which does not exist in Software. Also, transparent projectiles only work in prboom_plus.exe, they're glitched in the other.
  15. seed

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Of course it's not, and it can never be. Nothing looks like Software except for Software. As for advantages, mainly much better performance, perfect for extremely busy maps, like slaughter ones.