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  1. Oh, you mentioned Max Payne above so I thought you were referring to it, as it does have its own issues nowadays.
  2. Have you tried the FixItAll pack? It's one of the must-use packages for the original Max Payne as far as I've seen due to sound issues and crashes on modern systems. VSync also needs to be enabled to prevent game-breaking glitches.
  3. seed

    The Doom Community is Metal!

    Ya, metalhead here too if it wasn't obvious by now, for starters :p . But I originally started with certain bands former colleagues from school listened to, such as AC/DC, Metallica, Hammerfall, In Flames, that kind of stuff. Much later on, though (I think around the time I was 14 or so) I discovered Dimmu Borgir through someone, and shortly afterwards I found myself digging really deep into black and death. I admit that initially I could not really appreciate those 2, and I'm going to say extreme metal is definitely an acquired taste, it isn't for everyone and it isn't easy to get into, it took me plenty of listening to the likes of early Dimmu, Darkthrone, Bathory, Mayhem, Emperor, Immortal and so on until it eventually managed to grow on me and I started appreciating it properly. Despite those being my favorite genres, I also like thrash, speed, doom, heavy, and other music genres as well (dark ambient, (neo-)classical, dungeon synth, country, folk music, synth stuff, and more), and despite what the common misconception says, liking metal has actually nothing to do with liking Doom in my case. In fact, I'd much rather have something else to listen to when playing Doom, such as ambient music.
  4. seed

    Forum- ranks / titles...

    Or make seriously cool stuff that's deemed as very noteworthy.
  5. seed

    What is something about doom that you absolutely hate?

    Play an older version of Doom then ;) .
  6. There's that growl the enemies make sometimes which is present in those games as well.
  7. The majority are stock sounds as far as I recall, because of this, some of them, such as the door sounds, can also be heard in movies. I think PSX Doom, and by extension Doom 64, feature custom made sounds as opposed to stock sounds, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. seed

    Forum- ranks / titles...

    I think Post Hell technically still exists too, as I'm sometimes still seeing it mentioned in notifications for topics that get trashed by the time I check them out, but hidden.
  9. seed

    youtube rewind 2019.

    For some reason this reminds of those "when does Armageddon come" and "times music/movie genre/franchise was thought to be dead" thingies. Armageddon is by far the funniest, it sees a new date almost every year and I keep missing it :( . Boo hoo.
  10. seed

    I want PrBoom+ 16-bit wav support.

    GZDoom is not "pure" insofar as some things are different compared to vanilla and it has all the bugs fixed. Being less accurate (physics primarily) means it's not demo compatible as well - GZDoom demos desync in vanilla, and are not compatible even between different versions of GZDoom (say, you record a demo with version 4.2.4, then it's going to be compatible only with that version). Still, despite not being a port for purists, it's still quite close to the original game if you don't mind a change here and there which you probably won't even notice unless you're intimately familiar with a more conservative port. Also pro-tip for you - ignore the "ultra purists" folks who throw around remarks such as "GZDoom is not Doom, it's a heresy/travesty". For some of those even using resolutions higher than 640x400 means treason. Run whatever ports suits your needs and preferences :) . At any rate, if accuracy really is a show-stopper for you, you can try Eternity, Chocolate Doom, PrBoom, RUDE, and Crispy Doom.
  11. Here's a cool update for the Dam, from the FB page:
  12. seed

    What the heck is this source port?

    A joke port ofc.
  13. Red. Sorry for the length... it's ok if you listen to just a bit of both.