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  1. Some maybe do, but I definitely wouldn't count Duke among them. The first games were great, and Forever would've been justclike them if it wasn't for getti g stuck in development hell and changing direction repeatedly without anything solid in mind. Had the rights gone to a different developer that had a vision and knew how to handle it, things would be much better than they are. I'm not a huge fan of Duke, but it deserved more from my POV. At this point however, we're probably better with nothing I guess.
  2. seed

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Another huge letdown... I expected so much more since the sequel appears to be more appreciated than the original and I had plenty of fun with it, but if this is how the rest of NGMVMT 2 will be... I am not enjoying this at all (and that will be reflected in my rating).
  3. seed

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/sixhundredsixteen Starting Newgothic Movement 2.
  4. SW2 has some sort of random procedural generation, yes, but not exactly that. In each playthrough there are going to be things that will be different, but not to that extent. True enough, Gearbox wouldn't let someone else help them, precisely for the reason you mentioned, and we all know how that turned out. An overpriced, buggy remaster that only got a single patch and none of the expansions but a new Episode 5 instead. Supposedly, the patch never arrived on consoles. We'll probably never see them again, same for the sidescrollers since "anyone who was interested bought them by now". No shit, Randy literally said that.
  5. seed

    What are you playing now?

    Already played requiem, quite a long time ago actually. I'll check the other ones though.
  6. Flying Wild Hog proved such games can be modernized if you know what to take from them and bring some cool ideas in the process, just look at what they did with Shadow Warrior. Maybe they could've handled new Duke games too, as Gearbox proved repeatedly they don't really know how to pull that off. Very mature.
  7. Yeah, I've just browsed that topic to see what bugs people found and someone mentioned that BloodGDX is indeed capable of playing back demos recorded in vanilla, while they desync in NBlood.
  8. Is that so? The movie got actually canned and there's no more Duke stuff in sight? Not surprising to be quite honest, not in the case of games anyway, after how poorly Gearbox handled 20th Anniversary World Tour... it's probably better this way, rather than another half-assed remaster or entirely new project. Eh, there's Ion Maiden to look forward to.
  9. seed

    What are you playing now?

    Nothing specific to be honest, just something you find good and entertaining, be it slaughter or not, my mind is empty.
  10. seed

    What are you playing now?

    Finished UDTWID and going to start Newgothic Movement 2 soon. I have very mixed feelings about UDTWID... especially after playing the previous installments. I expected more fun and interesting challenges, but I spent most of my time dying in all sorts of ways to hitscanners, enemies teleporting or monster closets opening behind me, and so and so on. Glad I died where I did in my Ironman run, it didn't prove to be an enjoyable experience... But I'm also running out of ideas about what to play next. Any suggestion is much appreciated.
  11. It isn't very accurate since it's a recreation. If you want accuracy + quality of life improvements go for: BloodGDX, which is a reverse-engineered port combined with parts of the alpha source code of the game, has high accuracy, and plays back vanilla demos. Runs on junk Java. Or NBlood, fresh from the oven and derived from eduke32. Another reverse-engineered port, plays back vanilla demos, has high accuracy, multiplayer (although buggy at the moment), and does not run on Java. It might also be merged into mainline eduke32 in the future. Or it might not, that remains to be seen. Lastly, there will also be Nightdive Studios's remaster of Blood, but what features it is going to have an how accurate it will be is currently unknown. It will run on the Kex engine, which was used for projects like Doom 64 EX.
  12. seed

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Not going to lie, after the first 2 installments in the series I expected to have much more fun than I did...
  13. seed

    Random Image Thread

    @Roofi I can keep you company if you want.