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  1. Infirnex

    Favorite Free Browser Game?

    It's no longer a browser game, so no. Ball Revamped was always my favorite browser game series.
  2. Infirnex

    Hatred - Is there a line that can be crossed?

    Jesus, I'm still getting email's about this thread? It's still going? There doesn't seem much challenge (from what I've watched as of now). The police don't seem as much of a threat as they should. Otherwise it's...well...meh.
  3. Infirnex

    Are Microsoft Office products the worst?

    This right here is the ONLY reason I still used Word. Otherwise I highly recommend LibreOffice instead, but it can be....finicky with doc files.
  4. Infirnex

    Alternate Names For Monsters

    I still call Revenants, Skeletons, despite knowing their true name for a very long time. Also, Pinkies. And Stealth Pinky.
  5. Infirnex

    Does Partial Invisibility really work?

    Yeah, the Blursphere is pretty...meh. It has uses for areas that are very hitscan heavy, but I don't recall any vanilla maps that have one placed in those situations. The ZDoom ports make it so you don't alert enemies on sight alone, bringing it a bit closer to the Ring of Invisibility from Quake, so there is that. Heretic's Shadowsphere is actually far better, not only keeping the erratic aim of enemies, but giving immunity to a lot of projectiles as well. It would've been nice if the Blursphere worked like that, but I don't think it would fit thematically.
  6. Infirnex

    Hardest game Enemy you ever fought .

    This. By the time you fight him in Nightmare and Hell, you have better equipment and better & more skills. On normal though he is the most bullshit boss in the game. Diablo is otherwise the hardest boss in the game (Baal doesn't pose a threat at all such a bad follow up). The reason I didn't say him is because Duriel is hard in a bullshit way, while Diablo is legitimately hard. Except the flame nova.
  7. Infirnex

    Hardest game Enemy you ever fought .

    Diablo 2. Duriel. Small area? Check. Permanent cold aura? Check. Super fucking fast attack? Check. Relentless as hell? Check. Early in the game? Check. Seriously. Fuck.
  8. Infirnex

    Hatred - Is there a line that can be crossed?

    Yeah, this derailed pretty badly. It actually warranted another thread. So that thread about GamerGate is here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/everything-else/70585-a-clean-analasys-gamergate/ I would prefer to keep this about Hatred. I'm surprised at how many are comfortable with the idea. It's definitely something that's trying to push what you can do in a game...but probably only for (bad) publicity.
  9. Infirnex

    Hatred - Is there a line that can be crossed?

    You can actually see there is police. Now how aggressive will they be is another thing. If you can walk in and light up a police station, I highly doubt they are gonna be a threat.
  10. Infirnex

    Hatred - Is there a line that can be crossed?

    If the game's target was Nazi's, everyone would probably praise this game. Well, besides the repetitiveness of it. I guess, for most, it "hits too close to home." Other games (sans Postal) don't really have people pleading for their life - if they are people at all. It's not like I think the game should be banned. Common sense should dictate that this isn't a game you get for your kid on Christmas. But I personally won't play it...just would be too uncomfortable for me.
  11. So here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrX7G-1xPLs (If anyone can tell me how to embed videos, that would be nice...) Hatred is a isometric mass murder simulator. That's a term that usually is referred to any game by moral guardians. Here, that's what it actually is. You are to kill as many innocents as you can before you go down. This is causing quite a shitstorm online at this time. It kinda makes you wonder if there is a line that can be crossed when it comes to violence in video games. I normally don't mind violence in video games...but this one makes me feel uncomfortable. Also, Hatred steals the Doom font for it's logo.
  12. Infirnex

    Doom With Less Gore: Helpful or Heresy?

    Map 25: Ketchup-Falls I disliked the GBA ports for multiple reasons. Gore wasn't one of them.
  13. Infirnex

    The quake players thread.

    I used to run WinQuake. It was rather annoying on Win 8.1 but I dealt with it. Truth be told the only reason I play with Darkplaces is because of the Ultimate Quake patch that is around the internet. Not that I can't do it myself, but I like the convenience. I've always been a bigger Quake 2 and 4 fan for...whatever reason. I run Quake 2 with KMQuake2 (for the same reason as Quake 1; ult. patch), and Quake 4 I run vanilla. Quake 3 I either play Quake Live or Open Arena; I rarely play Quake 3 by itself.
  14. Run in safe mode, then change some settings. I don't know what causes it, but safe mode fixes it. Blacklight Retribution is actually a mighty fine game. It is the 8th most played game I own (out of 250), and I don't regret most of it.
  15. Infirnex

    Chocolate Wolfenstein 3D released

    Chocolate Doom does support higher resolution, so this really doesn't matter that much. 320x200 is a pain to look at, no matter what. The rest is true, however. EDIT: I never tried Chocolate Wolf, but I just remembered that Chocolate Doom doesn't really give higher resolutions but rather upscales 320x200.