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  1. Let's Be Revealing

    A bullet helps too.
  2. How do YOU speedmap?

    Not all of us! I have probably only gone through a fraction of what you've made, but I liked what I played!
  3. Jovian Palette

    The flatscreen technology of today makes DOOM too bright. This WAD is an attempt to bring our favourite game back into the CRT-induced darkness from whence it came. The Jovian Palette, or JovPal, is a palette and colourmap replacement which is quite similar to the terrific PalPlus, by Sigvatr. One could say that my attempt is a different take on the same subject, and it has languished enough in solitude on my hard drive since I made it back in 2014. Why should you get it? It makes DOOM look better - and darker - without sacrificing the really bright colours. LINK
  4. Jovian Palette

    Yeah, JovPal functions in any GL port that still makes use of the palette. I just tried it with GLBoom-plus, and it worked fine.
  5. Jovian Palette

    It works well with GZDooM, but I'm not sure about the others. The effect should be noticable right away though, so feel free to try.
  6. Jovian Palette

    Thanks. I'm glad you like it. Could I perhaps interest you in some brain damage as well?
  7. Runnin_D

    RUNNIN_D is the blast! Guaranteed to knock KDiZD out of orbit. Perfect for any home invasion.
  8. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    That's much better! Thank you for taking the time of typing up an actual response instead of a hostile three-word dismissal. Of course you lot aren't evil, and there is indeed no such thing as a place where everyone agrees with one another. Disliking or even hating people is fine, as is voicing one's opinion of the same, I think. It's a discussion forum, after all. However, a certain demographic "makes a hen out of a feather" whenever certain topics crop up. They also like to voice their opinion as often as possible, and once confronted about their bullshit, it's the shitty three-word dismissal routine. The very same routine also appears without prior confrontation, because "empty barrels rattle the most". In short, I'm sick of seeing it. It is always the usual suspects. Trash comments, trash opinions. And you better agree with the thrash too, otherwise you are instantly at the same level as someone that had the same type of mustasche as Charlie Chaplin. No arguments needed. One could easily think that the certains have no lives and spend all their time on a shitty forum instead of making new content or playing the damn game which said forum is supposed to be about!
  9. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    If you can't detect the problem, you are most likely part of it. I'm starting to wonder why you haven't switched your cat for an anime girl yet.
  10. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    I hoped things would have cooled off a bit since my last visit, but no. This entire thread is really fucked up. I haven't seen anything like it before, to be honest. It's like a hateful choir of ignorance and petty hypocrisy - a reflection of society today. I find it unfortunate that this site turned to utter trash; I used to like it when the main topic of the day was DOOM.
  11. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Please elaborate on my large opinions and on how this forum hasn't degenerated into whining central over the last twelve months.
  12. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Is this Whineworld - for all your sniveling needs, or is this Doomworld? Congratulations, Sergeant_Mark_IV!
  13. Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Congratulations to the winners, and may the next year bring us even more DOOM!
  14. And I can attest that on my 286, which has 4MB RAM, it is warranted to run Wolf3D in the smallest window possible to get a fluid framrate. Doom would probably not get a fluid framrate at all, but that of course depends on what map is played.
  15. What about quality control? They were professionals creating a game, and I'm sure that if the rest of the team didn't think that a certain map or idea would work it would be scrapped. So the focus is on making something that would "blow people away" ...in a relatively brief timeframe. There is also the fact that they were first with making maps for Doom, and that alone makes the maps better. The IWAD is the foundation of all PWADs.
  16. RUNNIN_D

    Stop! Lift your gaze from the screen and take in your surroundings. Close your eyes. Now imagine the same scene with the Running from Evil midi roaring through your mind. That’s right. It can happen. You are just a couple of clicks away. RUNNIN_D enables you to load up any map of any DOOM IWAD and instantly feel the soothing tunes of D_RUNNIN. Or why not fire up Heretic, and dish it out against D'Sparil with the majestic D_RUNNIN melody drowning out everything else? Hexen is also covered. Ever thought that Baratus was an Ettin-punching man and a half, but that his theme song sure wasn’t? Not a problem anymore. What about Strife, Chex Quest or Hacx? All D_RUNNIN, all the time baby! And that’s not all! Two additional files are also included; an mp3 full-length version and a short wav file, suitable for sound effect work. Ever dreamed of making the ringtone of your phone D_RUNNIN? That dream just came true! Have you given any serious thought about replacing every single sound effect on your computer’s OS with the sweet initial riffs of D_RUNNIN? Well, now you can! Screenshots, you say? No such luck, but here’s a link for you. Just replace every instance of “free” with “D”, and you’re good to go. Or why not load Map01 of DooM II for the real deal? Or go play some shitty "my first map" attempt with all sectors set to brightness 192, it works too. Anyway, if you still aren’t on board then something is wrong with you, but don’t worry. There is no excuse for not running from evil at all times. Have a few examples of real-life situations when D_RUNNIN would enrich and diversify your life: Playing an atmospheric WAD where the author's music choice really compliments the architecture and pacing? D_RUNNIN! Playing another game than DOOM? D_RUNNIN! Out on the range with your shotgun? D_RUNNIN! Shopping for groceries? D_RUNNIN! On a tedious, twelve-hour drive? D_RUNNIN! Getting hitched with your cousin? D_RUNNIN! Getting mugged in the park by some addicts? D_RUNNIN! Hunting down said muggers with a chainsaw, because WWDD?* D_RUNNIN! *What Would Doomguy Do? RUNNIN_D is always the answer.
  17. RUNNIN_D

    Heh, I couldn't resist. I remember that you were all about BD earlier. How come you made such a turnaround from loving the modification to not doing it, though? If you don't mind me asking.
  18. RUNNIN_D

    For all our sakes, you probably shouldn't tempt me. Sleeping through the game when you can Run From Evil? That's like playing DOOM without BRUTAL DOOM!
  19. RUNNIN_D

    Hey, your love for the tune was a major source of inspiration, Maru! You know you want it! Your keyboard might say no, but your body says yes.
  20. Doom 64 - 20th Anniversary Extended Edition Soundtrack

    Bought it, loving it. Good luck with future endeavours, Aubrey!
  21. Jovian Palette

    Glad you people like it. Yes - Consider this WAD an approximation. Making it look like it exactly as it actually would on a CRT monitor would, you know, require the use of a CRT monitor. Heh. It goes a long way towards that objective, however.
  22. Jovian Palette

    Mine is a bit different than the original, but yeah, the palette is the major change. Not sure I agree about the grey part, but I'm not saying you're wrong either. It was difficult to get it right.
  23. Countdown to Destruction

    For space-enthusiasts: In just a few hours, the Cassini-Huygens space probe is expected to meet its end in Saturn's atmosphere after a mission that has lasted two decades. Link: https://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/
  24. Haven't you figured out yet that he makes maps like back in the nineties? You know, before you were born? Go for the dark and desolate type first, Nicolas! Scifista said the "why" well.
  25. I agree, on both counts. Aliens, or possibly the directors cut of Alien3 should have been the definitive end of that franchise, I'd say. I also think that only the first Half-Life was any good - even though it had the same story as DooM (teleportation experiment goes wrong; monsters invade). HL2 was "all right" and nothing more. Freeman's transformation from a survivor to some sort of saviour didn't sit well with me. Episode One and Two were a little better, but far from "mindblowing".