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  1. DEMOn

    what is your favorite wad editor of all time?

    DCK 2.2 and 3.62.
  2. DEMOn


    you miss the point, to do this, you modify and re-create the iso image of the first disk and burn a new one... right? This process doesn't have anything to do with the target OS necessarily. as always, the burden is on the user to act in a legal manner with their software...
  3. DEMOn

    timedemo and playability difference

    Carmack addressed that saying that the timedemo doesn't do any AI/realtime processing like real gameplay does. or maybe I misunderstand your post...
  4. DEMOn

    E4M4 TAS UV -fast Tyson Reality

    nice! thoroughly enjoyable.
  5. DEMOn

    Fatal1ty @ Quakecon

    Got to hand it to him; he has the RAW fps gamer talent... he's just 'good' with the rail, not great.... but Doom3 has no rail. ;) funny how when UT went to the tournament level, he went there and won too. His victory in UT and Doom3 really says a lot for his talent. His only real flaw is the ability to play on the run... if he can't be aggressive, he never wins. The tourney D3 demos looked like a bunch of gamers playing on the weekend, not 'pro' quality action. and the maps are like UT2003 meets Quake3 dm maps... boring, uncreative room-by-room stuff. ugh.
  6. the latest zdoom is 1.22... you meant to say the latest beta version.
  7. DEMOn

    Doom3 Recording Project Discussion.

    I have heard that some people do have sound in their demos, but maybe they are full of it. Even though I love quakeX dm demos and quake1 sp demos, I never liked the fact that the game plays differently for different systems... just doesn't seem right at all for keeping the recordings 'fair'. a Doom3 demo, ala SDA/other, would be cool to see... but then the game is so easy and enhanced movement is disabled, and it is so linear... maybe not. =/
  8. DEMOn


    (as HackNeyed said) install the game, then modify the exe. please let us know if it worked.... personally I think the msi modification is unreasonable and only advocates piracy. if you have a system strong enough to play doom3, you can install winXP and play it IMHO.
  9. DEMOn

    Old Doom in Quake 2 format?

    http://www.doomworld.com/sda/id/q2.htm (broken html page) This is before Generations was released and before Delaney ( http://ricebug.qeradiant.com/index.shtml ) did his excellent work.
  10. DEMOn

    RTC demos

    email me(or else I'll forget). opulent@cox.net
  11. DEMOn

    Who The Fuck is This??

    free willy!
  12. hard to say. Are the Administrator(or using an admin account)? What happens if you copy the files manually?
  13. DEMOn

    help with DCK

    for ease of replying, I will assume you have ms-dos6.22 installed and it functions fine. to run DCK, you need a working mouse, -- a standard dos mouse driver will work fine (assuming you have a ps/2 mouse, etc...) -- a DOOM engine Iwad that DCK understands, and you will probably need to modify the DCK gd files to reflect the dos paths to these resources. that's it. oh, and although DCK is still my editor of choice, save often because it crashes more than IE and Netscape combined. :)
  14. DEMOn

    Doom Wikipedia Article

    I hear you, but DOOM should be referenced in the Columbine write-up, not the other way around. You wouldn't want Vrack-style mapmaking tainted with annotations of 'mockery' maps that intentionally tarnish the quality associated with the real thing. I don't care how many copies of 'Eat it' sold, it doesn't deserve to be mentioned in Michael Jackson's life story. DOOM effected 100 million people; Columbine didn't really have anything to do with more than say 10,000 people. I doesn't deserve that recognition. I understand why it is there, I just don't agree with it.
  15. DEMOn

    Doom Wikipedia Article

    I don't see the relevance/importance of even mentioning Columbine in the description of DOOM. Other than that, it seems very well done.