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  1. Very cool to see a project I belong to still alive and well. Thanks for the head up @Andy Johnsen I will be sure to check it out when I get a bit of free time! I have been itching to play classic doom after well over 10+ years.
  2. VinceDSS

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Ty was there since the beginning of Doom's modding days, starting with CDRom.com's Idgames folder. Without his meticulous archiving, many great mods would have been lost. Thank you Ty. RIP.
  3. VinceDSS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    FOV, HUD and always run do not bother me. However the mousewheel for weapons should not be allowed as it's an advantage over people using heretic.exe . Stick with the numbers for recording. Same goes with the crosshair, it should not be there.
  4. VinceDSS

    Alien Vendetta demos [-complevel 2]

    I will have to watch this, lol
  5. VinceDSS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    Its interesting someone is finally working on making a Heretic port that is compatible with the original heretic demos. That would be really handy for my Youtube channel and replace the ugly 320x200 videos! I am still not sure about allowing any ports for demo recording though. I would have to wrap my mind around this.
  6. That makes me think I have been away from Doom & Heretic for way too long. I should really get around to update Heretic-N haha. I Still have 3x Windows 98 PC around too, I will put them back together again and test vvheretic in coop.
  7. VinceDSS

    PL2: Mordeth Award contender finally hits the streets

    There are individual playthroughs of each map. I would not expect a full video playthrough like Doom2 or Plutonia 1, for the very good reason the levels are just too hard and too long to complete in one sitting.
  8. fx02, its nice to know you're taking over the compet-n ! However, how will you handle the many cheating possibilities people have nowadays to make a perfectly compatible demo in no time ? (prboom-plus, DOS emulator with save states and slo mo ...) Anders and Dashiva a few years ago were looking at restarting C-N with an entirely new port that would somehow prevent cheating. But it never came to completion. Maybe we could contact them? Also, one way to legitimize a demo would be to ask the submitter to also send ALL his failed tries as a proof he/she didnt use prboom-plus and save states. You know how many tries old school players like Sedlo, Vile, Anders, Ocelot and co needed to make one awesome demo :) => TONS.
  9. VinceDSS

    Heretic v1.3+ (fixes several problems)

    that makes chocoheretic rather uninteresting for demo recording, that mouse issue bugged me to no end.
  10. VinceDSS

    Heretic v1.3+ (fixes several problems)

    tentatively I would approve chocoheretic for nomonsters and speed demos. Maxkills would still need vvheretic as it shows the proper stats. As for inventory shortcut keys, I would have to say no as it differs too much from the original game where you had to manually select them. Only the tome of power had its own key (backspace). note : does chocoheretic also carries the demorecording bug that caused the mouse to turn one way more than the other ? (got fixed in vvheretic)
  11. VinceDSS

    Heretic v1.3+ (fixes several problems)

    as long as choco heretic doesnt run demos made with vvheretic/heretic.exe, it will not be allowed :) As for the inventory hack, what is that ?
  12. VinceDSS

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    switching to desktop can cause that? Because I did with most of the longer recordings. SDL cant be wrong, that's the one coming with the build (started a new directory from scratch)
  13. VinceDSS

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I re-recorded it with the same settings and I didnt do it this time. It doesn't seem reproduce-able. Someone just reported that the damage doesnt show on my 30nm too , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfijpjvS9Q8 . I guess I should use glboom with MSI afterburner, at least I know this doesnt use the screenshot code. edit : this stops showing damage/pick up after a while too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ljvd0fpB-bY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip93S3mOzms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rg4d6HrsIk I am sure it happened to others as well
  14. VinceDSS

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    here's my CFG: # Doom config file # Format: # variable value # System settings process_affinity_mask 0 process_priority 0 render_smp 0 try_to_reduce_cpu_cache_misses 1 # Misc settings default_compatibility_level -1 realtic_clock_rate 100 menu_background 1 max_player_corpse 32 flashing_hom 0 demo_insurance 2 endoom_mode 0x5 level_precache 1 demo_smoothturns 1 demo_smoothturnsfactor 6 # Files wadfile_1 "" wadfile_2 "" dehfile_1 "" dehfile_2 "" # Game settings default_skill 4 weapon_recoil 0 doom_weapon_toggles 1 player_bobbing 1 monsters_remember 1 monster_infighting 1 monster_backing 0 monster_avoid_hazards 0 monkeys 0 monster_friction 1 help_friends 0 allow_pushers 1 variable_friction 1 player_helpers 0 friend_distance 128 dog_jumping 1 sts_always_red 1 sts_pct_always_gray 0 sts_traditional_keys 0 show_messages 1 autorun 1 # Dehacked settings deh_apply_cheats 1 # Compatibility settings comp_zombie 0 comp_infcheat 0 comp_stairs 0 comp_telefrag 0 comp_dropoff 0 comp_falloff 0 comp_staylift 0 comp_doorstuck 0 comp_pursuit 0 comp_vile 0 comp_pain 0 comp_skull 0 comp_blazing 0 comp_doorlight 0 comp_god 0 comp_skymap 0 comp_floors 0 comp_model 0 comp_zerotags 0 comp_moveblock 0 comp_sound 0 comp_666 0 comp_soul 0 comp_maskedanim 0 # PrBoom-plus compatibility settings comp_ouchface 0 comp_maxhealth 1 comp_translucency 0 # Sound settings snd_pcspeaker 0 sound_card -1 music_card -1 pitched_sounds 0 samplerate 22050 sfx_volume 7 music_volume 7 mus_pause_opt 2 snd_channels 8 snd_midiplayer "fluidsynth" snd_soundfont "TimGM6mb.sf2" snd_mididev "" mus_extend_volume 0 # Video settings videomode "8bit" screen_resolution "1280x720" use_fullscreen 0 use_doublebuffer 1 translucency 1 tran_filter_pct 66 screenblocks 10 usegamma 3 uncapped_framerate 1 test_interpolation_method 0 filter_wall 3 filter_floor 3 filter_sprite 3 filter_z 2 filter_patch 3 filter_threshold 49152 sprite_edges 1 patch_edges 1 # Mouse settings use_mouse 1 mouse_sensitivity_horiz 10 mouse_sensitivity_vert 0 mouseb_fire 0 mouseb_strafe 2 mouseb_forward 1 mouseb_backward -1 mouseb_use -1 # Key bindings key_right 0xae key_left 0xac key_up 0x77 key_down 0x73 key_mlook 0x5c key_menu_right 0xae key_menu_left 0xac key_menu_up 0xad key_menu_down 0xaf key_menu_backspace 0x7f key_menu_escape 0x1b key_menu_enter 0** key_setup 0x0 key_strafeleft 0x61 key_straferight 0x64 key_fire 0x9d key_use 0x20 key_strafe 0xb8 key_speed 0xb6 key_savegame 0xbc key_loadgame 0xbd key_soundvolume 0xbe key_hud 0xbf key_quicksave 0xc0 key_endgame 0xc1 key_messages 0xc2 key_quickload 0xc3 key_quit 0xc4 key_gamma 0**7 key_spy 0**8 key_pause 0xff key_autorun 0xba key_chat 0x74 key_backspace 0x7f key_enter 0** key_map 0x9 key_map_right 0xae key_map_left 0xac key_map_up 0xad key_map_down 0xaf key_map_zoomin 0x3d key_map_zoomout 0x2d key_map_gobig 0x30 key_map_follow 0x66 key_map_mark 0x6d key_map_clear 0x63 key_map_grid 0x67 key_map_rotate 0x72 key_map_overlay 0x6f key_reverse 0x2f key_zoomin 0x3d key_zoomout 0x2d key_chatplayer1 0x67 key_chatplayer2 0x69 key_chatplayer3 0x62 key_chatplayer4 0x72 key_weapontoggle 0x30 key_weapon1 0x31 key_weapon2 0x32 key_weapon3 0x33 key_weapon4 0x34 key_weapon5 0x35 key_weapon6 0x36 key_weapon7 0x37 key_weapon8 0x38 key_weapon9 0x39 key_nextweapon 0xeb key_prevweapon 0xec key_screenshot 0x13c # Joystick settings use_joystick 0 joy_left 0 joy_right 0 joy_up 0 joy_down 0 joyb_fire 0 joyb_strafe 1 joyb_speed 2 joyb_use 3 # Chat macros chatmacro0 "No" chatmacro1 "I'm ready to kick butt!" chatmacro2 "I'm OK." chatmacro3 "I'm not looking too good!" chatmacro4 "Help!" chatmacro5 "You suck!" chatmacro6 "Next time, scumbag..." chatmacro7 "Come here!" chatmacro8 "I'll take care of it." chatmacro9 "Yes" # Automap settings mapcolor_back 0xf7 mapcolor_grid 0x68 mapcolor_wall 0x17 mapcolor_fchg 0x37 mapcolor_cchg 0**7 mapcolor_clsd 0**0 mapcolor_rkey 0xaf mapcolor_bkey 0xcc mapcolor_ykey 0xe7 mapcolor_rdor 0xaf mapcolor_bdor 0xcc mapcolor_ydor 0xe7 mapcolor_tele 0x77 mapcolor_secr 0xfc mapcolor_exit 0x0 mapcolor_unsn 0x68 mapcolor_flat 0x58 mapcolor_sprt 0x70 mapcolor_item 0xe7 mapcolor_hair 0**0 mapcolor_sngl 0**0 mapcolor_me 0x70 mapcolor_enemy 0xb1 mapcolor_frnd 0x70 map_secret_after 0 map_point_coord 0 map_level_stat 0 automapmode 0x0 map_always_updates 0 map_grid_size 128 map_scroll_speed 4 map_wheel_zoom 1 map_use_multisamling 0 map_overlay_pos_x 0 map_overlay_pos_y 0 map_overlay_pos_width 320 map_overlay_pos_height 200 # Heads-up display settings hudcolor_titl 5 hudcolor_xyco 3 hudcolor_mapstat_title 6 hudcolor_mapstat_value 2 hudcolor_mapstat_time 2 hudcolor_mesg 6 hudcolor_chat 5 hudcolor_list 5 hud_msg_lines 1 hud_list_bgon 0 health_red 25 health_yellow 50 health_green 100 armor_red 25 armor_yellow 50 armor_green 100 ammo_red 25 ammo_yellow 50 hud_num 2 hud_displayed 0 # Prboom-plus key bindings key_speedup 0x12b key_speeddown 0x12d key_speeddefault 0x12a speed_step 0 key_demo_skip 0**2 key_level_restart 0xc7 key_nextlevel 0**1 key_demo_jointogame 0x71 key_demo_endlevel 0xcf key_walkcamera 0x130 key_showalive 0x12f # Prboom-plus heads-up display settings hudadd_gamespeed 1 hudadd_leveltime 1 hudadd_demotime 0 hudadd_secretarea 1 hudadd_smarttotals 1 hudadd_demoprogressbar 0 # Prboom-plus mouse settings mouse_acceleration 0 mouse_sensitivity_mlook 10 mouse_doubleclick_as_use 1 # Prboom-plus demos settings demo_extendedformat 1 demo_demoex_filename "" getwad_cmdline "" demo_overwriteexisting 1 # Prboom-plus game settings movement_strafe50 0 movement_strafe50onturns 0 movement_shorttics 0 interpolation_maxobjects 0 # Prboom-plus misc settings showendoom 0 screenshot_dir "" # Video capture encoding settings cap_soundcommand "oggenc2 -r -R %s -q 5 - -o output.ogg" cap_videocommand "x264 -o output.mp4 --crf 25 --muxer mp4 --demuxer raw --input-csp rgb --input-depth 8 --input-res %wx%h --fps 35 -" cap_muxcommand "mkvmerge -o %f output.mp4 output.ogg" cap_tempfile1 "output.ogg" cap_tempfile2 "output.mp4" cap_remove_tempfiles 1 # Prboom-plus video settings sdl_videodriver "default" sdl_video_window_pos "center" palette_ondamage 1 palette_onbonus 1 palette_onpowers 1 render_wipescreen 1 render_screen_multiply 1 render_interlaced_scanning 0 render_precise 1 render_aspect 0 render_doom_lightmaps 0 fake_contrast 1 render_stretch_hud 0 render_patches_scalex 0 render_patches_scaley 0 sprites_doom_order 1 # Prboom-plus emulation settings overrun_spechit_warn 0 overrun_spechit_emulate 1 overrun_reject_warn 0 overrun_reject_emulate 1 overrun_intercept_warn 0 overrun_intercept_emulate 1 overrun_playeringame_warn 0 overrun_playeringame_emulate 1 overrun_donut_warn 0 overrun_donut_emulate 0 overrun_missedbackside_warn 0 overrun_missedbackside_emulate 0 # Prboom-plus 'bad' compatibility settings comperr_zerotag 0 comperr_passuse 0 comperr_hangsolid 0 # Prboom-plus launcher settings launcher_enable 1 launcher_history0 "doom2.wad" launcher_history1 "doom2.wad|C:\Games\prboom-plus-\doom2.wad" launcher_history2 "doom2.wad|C:\Games\prboom-plus-\av.wad" launcher_history3 "" launcher_history4 "" launcher_history5 "" launcher_history6 "" launcher_history7 "" launcher_history8 "" launcher_history9 ""
  15. VinceDSS

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    This one looks solarized because the palette is stuck on item pick up ... that's why I posted it there. It only goes away after like 4 mins. It happens with solo demos as well. Now I realize most of the recordings I made have such issues... check some out. I wonder if its because I used prboom instead of glboom. I toyed with wide screen before but found the long videos take an awful lot of space and need a lot of time to upload. I may go widescreen for short movies and 4:3 for very long demos.