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  1. Well, i can send that to a friend who has a real SuperCPU and he could test it against the real thing.
  2. This already should use a reduced resolution as it is using multicolor mode, thus giving you a whooping 160x200 pixel. There are a bunch of other problems that will haunt you with this setup. Foremost, every time you need to access the normal C64 RAM the SCPU has to slow down to 0.98 MHz. And as Maes already mentioned, no chunky graphics mode. The bitmap mode in the VIC2 reuses the char modes circuit, meaning that in memory your picture is interleaved 8 times, meaning that starting from the top it looks like this in reality: 1x1 1x2 1x3 1x4 1x5 1x6 1x7 1x8 8x1 8x2 8x3 ... 16x1 16x2 ... and so on. And the icing on the cake is the dreaded badline. Every 8 lines of picture the VIC2 takes over the whole system to rebuffer color and sprite information. From the readme: So, yeah, i bow my hat to AmiDog who ported that.
  3. Close enough for being usefull and a great achivement. Now all it needs is some sort of texture selector and alginer, the rest can wait. :) See here: I can still use the shortcuts, so its not a big problem. Will try to make a nice map with it next week or so, currently i have enough work for two of me. :/ You know you want that too. And geometry edit, not only sector height but line placement too, right inside the 3D view. But i think THAT feature would take awhile to develop and i am not 100% sure if it would be so great to use. Even Autodesk decided that you first make a 2D model and then tell Inventor the height for 3D.
  4. \o/ Place that man a statue! Finaly a decend map editor for modern Linux! I can savely asume that the 3d preview is the real deal, ie, the real Doom engine for previewing? o.o EDIT: I found a little annoyance in Gnome3 (FB-Mode), if you fullscreen the editor the dropdown menu in the bottom bar where you select the mode gets drawn behind the taskbar.
  5. Someone checked what happens if you remove $CommercialWADFile? o.o
  6. @Tango: Me too, i had to doublecheck the headline.
  7. In his defence i assume that it was just an oversight, could have happen to everyone. The next version should had come with an internal blacklist that blocks doom.wad, doom2.wad and the others, tough. Maybe i write a Perl version of getwad some day, just for the heck of it and having a FOSS version of it. With a blacklist, of course. Main problem, even Joe Average could locate the "my @blacklist = qw("doom.wad", "doom2.wad" ...etc...)" and edit it. ;)
  8. YMMD =]
  9. Nope, the devs only seem to be loved like athletes foot. (Beliebt wie FuƟpilz, for the German readers.) I thought that was /b/... Seriously, you have multi-player gaming communities with far less drama, but they tend to be boring as hell. So choose, do you want it interesting with a few idiots or boring?
  10. internetseriousbusiness.jpg =] BTW, i still want a clear and objective answer from the devs why ZDaemon is not open source.
  11. BTW, this reminds me of a little picture...
  12. @ZDaemon-Devs: I just want one thing answered from you folks and just from you, what would you have to loose from releasing the source of 1.09 and onward?
  13. I can compile zDoom on this machine, so why not zDaemon? Linux != BSD ;) Anyway, its just what i learned from other admins with year-long experience, you don't place 32bit on a 64bit server as it can cause trouble. I guess if i want to run zDaemon on my server i'll open it in a VM just to ease my mind. Ah, ok. Tought you use some stuff that only, for whatever reason, works with 2.6 as you explicitely give out a 2.4 binary.
  14. And _thats_ the reason why i would want a source release. Installing 32 bit libs on a 64 bit server is bullshit^10 and everyone who does that should not own a damn server. Its a crutch and possibly even a security risk. As is just supporting 2.6 kernel, even if my server could provide that.
  15. [nitpick] Wasn't there something about Doom being GPL and, IIRC, even the older licence telling you to release the source? If we always pick on *that other port* about it we can't leave out ZDaemon. ;) [/nitpick] Nice release, tough. :)