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  1. Awesome, i've been on this exact trip a year ago. Here are some sources i think will be helpful in discovering lost gems: - Doomworld threads: - 32 best mappers (circa 1998) on John Bye's website (index where you can find Bye's fav levels too) - Ricorb's list of great doom maps - Doomworld users dropping reviews for stuff that really should be known more: Very tempting for myself to drop in once in a while :) Have fun everyone!
  2. Catpho

    Gez has a custom title :D

  3. Catpho

    Why'd you choose your title?

    No one on Doomworld was feline enough
  4. Catpho

    SuperCupcakeTactics' Imperial Emporium - AUGER;ZENITH

  5. Catpho

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    Only from DBK (Da Biggest Keys) 4 lyfe!
  6. You should make a proper thread to find interested people @Kappes Buur! This thread is small so i don't think your amazing resource will get much exposure here :) Oh, and thanks for the post @NiGHTMARE! I intended to leave you last, because i heard somewhere that you were preparing a pack that compiles all that you've posted in the thread. Saves a lot of clicks for me :D
  7. @fabian Checked it in dsda doom 0.19.7. In dsda doom it looks the same as my first screenshot, but leaves no artifacts on the stat bar unlike in woof.
  8. The automap looks like this for some reason while playing Full Moon on 6.1.0 (Haven't check other wads):
  9. @smeghammer Sure! Sorry for the late response :P A short post to link to blazing dust's cool doom 2016 textures. I'd post more but i forgot to save the other links, so another time perhaps :) Remeber to click the links for download and more! Spoilers are only examples. BLĪ»ZING_DUST 07/15/2018 - Doom Slayer related textures 07/15/2018 - More textuers: Wood, Doors, Mountains, Doomguy's face 11/14/2018 - Window
  10. Catpho


    Cuppy, this project is the grooviest of grooves. The first 3 maps are some of the most fun, most charming, and most beautiful levels i've played in a while. EDIT: Not exactly a bug, but immersion breaking: in map06, at the rainy alley just before you go into the underground base/statition, when you lower the lift the rain on top of that lift gets pushed down as well, making that rain "lower" than the surrounding downpour:
  11. Catpho


    Hands down @SuperCupcakeTactics's most ambitious DBP yet, so congrats to him and the crew. May i suggest posting some screenshots? The minimalist OP is selling short 21 maps of unqiue neon-soaked goodness, i feel :)
  12. Catpho

    Which is better? Cats or Dogs?

  13. Catpho

    [WIP] EPOCH - The Xasermap Mixtape Megawad

    Quite a substantial remix of Matryoshka Citadel! Eager to see the full package.
  14. Some mouth-watering artwork from @Doom_Dude (there maybe a pack somewhere? I vaguely recall but it might be just me :P). Stoked to see the Vilecores (and other projects) eventually :D Remeber to click the links for download and more! Spoilers are only examples. 11/4/2018 - Brick wall texture 11/6/2018 - Face, stone wall, moss, red stuff 03/19/2019 - Doors, lifts, flats 03/23/2019 - Door 02/02/2020 - Marble face variants + door 02/02/2020 - Stone faces 05/20/2020 - Bricks 05/31/2020 - Doors & Pipes 06/04/2020 - Grey7 variants 06/06/2020 - Gray/Green flats, vents & a door 06/07/2020 - Walls, doors, flats 06/09/2020 - Wall & Pillars 06/09/2020 - Teleporters, metal strips & grate 06/11/2020 - Doors 06/11/2020 - Scratchy bricks 06/12/2020 - Stone/Temple walls and flats 06/13/2020 - Door1 & Marbface + Door1 combo 06/14/2020 - Crackle variants Neat transitions of above crackles by DooMAD 06/15/2020 - Crackle flats 06/19/2020 - More crackles 06/25/2020 - Romero asset inspired floor 06/11/2020 - exit door and platform frankentexture 07/14/2020 - Doors 07/15/2020 - Walls, flats, pillars, strips inspired by a wall by Gifty 01/22/2021 - Rocks