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  1. Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    Thats bizarre, but most likely a algorithm bug. Weird things happen when yer glitched :P
  2. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP23 - “Down the Wrong Pipe” by TMD Darn unlabeled pipes! But then why would you jump down a man-sized pipe? Because you are a plumber of course! But how does plumbing in the mushroom kingdom work? They dont look like they function! And then.... .... Enough rambling. I guess ive gone a bit mad ever since my #(insert high double digit) death on this map. You are completely wrong on your pipe choice if you thought this was a breather based on the monster count (which TMD correctly guess). Nope, its a subterranean nightmare. It even starts out with a cramped fight too! And TMD doesnt turn down from there, as after the grounded dirt sections gives way to a void with scrolling... hills that have... eyes (lol mario is weird)(also the section is too cubic, artificial imo, detailing has potential but whats with the black textures mixed with a bunch of bright blocks? I think there are more "convincing" ways to make underground areas. Dirt cave is done nice enough). Very limited real estate and exposure to lots of dangerous enemies is where your grim reaper visits rack up. Thankfully, theres a moment for you to cool down if you can clear them. Exit stuff is kinda exhausting because i somehow dont have any ammo, and there are MORE archvile and barons. Fakeout worked because with a map this unforgiving of course you will jump at the first sight of a exit (another good guess TMD, i guess you should win something?). I guess TMD enthusiast will enjoy it? I dunno, im all over the place after this :P Some screenies:
  3. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    Gee @Benjogami, this is what people think when they hear your name ;) Also can it be made pretty please?
  4. WTF? weird new posts...

    I wonder why that bot advertised that stuff. Does doomworld get your mind in the gutter :P
  5. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP22 - “Chocolate Starfish Islands” by Benjogami An impression is left indeed. This level departs a lot from doom's normal conventions: its super linear linearness, friction combat returns and is used in spades, and perched revenants turrets! I think it just ticked off every fan of the classic doom's run n gun. But like map12 its incredibly well done. Three challenges, all revolving around how good you can control doomguy's feet. Ice is with the first two, with a small ascent with monsters taking shots at you (!!!) as a freakin savor, and actual fighting plus dodging plus fancy footwork with the latter. You then get to fight with the monsters, but stay sharp because its water that SLOWS you down. The final is conveyor belts disguised as rushing water shoving monsters in your face, and one more rev turret cuz you know you love them. The islands are really cute and smooth (nice curves mmm), and cool transition to the underground (which technically breaks the project's guidelines but who cares), topped with music change. A level thats hardcore to some, but a wonderfully executed different spin on the beloved game to me. A lovely nod to the nintendo hard platforming era too . Benjogami is one of my favorites now! Some screenies:
  6. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP21 - “Rainbow Road” by Scotty Sometimes simple, fast entertainment and exciting visuals is all you need. The arguably most famous map from the mario kart series gets quite a conversion to doom. Everything looks like its totally tripping on some really nasty mushroom, as it lives up to the name by having freakin colors everywhere, helped by generous doses of neon bridges, architecture and invul stars decorations. Everything meshes well, and that music track is great! Gameplay is not anything complex: three separate arenas, each with rather easy to solve encounters and crossfires. Its not dull tho, especially with the cybers in the distance, which you can later destroy ;) I do kinda wish i could fall off (like the hazard of the original level), but given the limitation, this is really good hectic stuff. Never expected it to be a short one, but hey it works. Some screenies:
  7. WTF? weird new posts...

    I dont think thats how "Irony" works, its more like "Deja vu" or something similar to it in this case.
  8. WTF? weird new posts...

    You never seen spambots before @grouchbag? Even though i wonder how they work.... Or whats in the mind of the person who set it up :P What irony @CWolf?
  9. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP20 - “Transformation Palace” by Argent Agent For the map20 checkpoint, we get one large, ominous and imposing castle from Argent Agent. Being very tall, having gloomy lighting and the pressure raising music (it actually sounds like a really intense dance track :P) is what makes the tension of this map. Beautiful too, bricks complement well with the checkerboard floor and torches, as well as having exquisite architecture. The map's namesake comes from its "transforming" gimmick, can really create some nice scenes. Im less than ethusiastic about its gameplay tho: lots of HR2-esque grinds, infighting not remedying a whole lot. Worst offender was the archvile stair climb, i would shudder to think of how may tries just to force myself through that place. The rest is very big spectacle fights, but sorely lacking in threat. For such cool visual and layout designs, gameplay is flawed. Not bad, but there are many areas that could have been better. Some screenies:
  10. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP19 - “Your Princess is in Another Fort, Asshole” by TMD Where are your manners! TMD makes a TMD map. Which means: tricky monster placement and plenty of exposure. And this map is all that: you gotta have to be precise, or you wont have a breath to catch. 86 monsters have never been so troubling with a mix of doom2 mid to high teir baddies (including Pain lost soul spawners!). Your environment hates you too: your combat zone is a brick fortress designed to murder you, as with every Bowser and koopaling hideout ever (seriously, i dont think they can live in their own house!). Its architecture helps the demons, and eventually its floor is nothing but boiling hot lava. Ammo must be used wisely too. Welp, at least its stark simplicity makes for decent visuals. More awesome analysis can be found at your friendly neighborhood @rdwpa Its an above average one. The ending is some cool stuff. Last catch up for now Some screenies:
  11. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP18 - “C’mon Peach, You’ve Got What You Want, Now Give This Plumber Cake!” by Walter Confetti I cant not see the title's typo in Dobu's opening post now XD Anyway, second meeting with Walter. I think there's less salt in me about map07, i eventually warmed up to some aspect of that map. Still, like this one, has interesting ideas but an execution that kinda lacks a little something. The beginning makes a good hot start, all them hitscanners really putting you under pressure. Everything after that was forgettable tho. Maybe the cyberdemon fight was decent, but then i skipped for the axe to see what would happen, and it just... ends. Bowser fortress theme is what really makes it memorable, complete with the track! But then it looks monotone and a bit dull. The gimmicks are a nice touch. Is it valid if i use the invul to get to the next part? I couldnt find any switches. Its really just on par with what i feel about map07. There are interesting points but ultimately not so enjoyable. Some screenies:
  12. The DWmegawad Club plays: Super Mayhem 17

    MAP17 - “All the Monster’s Teeth are Perfect” by Angry Saint If you dont like reading through a rant, i only liked the sorta hectic gameplay and only a few encounters, everything else is "meh" worthy I cant say i liked this tbh. The music and that really dumb sounding name (sorry but wat) is just foreshadowing my mixed feelings with this level. Gameplay designs are somewhat alright, theres a good amount of chaos happening, but obnoxious pop up and teleport traps just makes me not fully able to enjoy it. Visuals are random blocks thrown into each other, making a very disorientating look. Theres some wacky architecture thats way too "upbeat" for its own good. Invul star was a highlight, but like what dobu said as a final it doesnt live up to the rest of the map. This is obviously not one of your best efforts Angry Saint :/ Some screenies:
  13. My Phone is emitting very very odd sound

    Thats not really a way to dispose a phone :P On topic: follow what Myst.Haruko said. This is a game forum, not really appropriate to fix a phone. Have you tried searching the internet on this problem?
  14. Swedish musician Avicii has passed

    His music was awesome.... Ay, RIP mr Avicii One of my favorites from him:
  15. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Same question here as @Memfis here @antares031. And it better include a music track on par with AV map20's track too!