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  1. Thats frickin amazing :D
  2. From what i see from the stream,its just a part of a series of Exuviae maps,and its name is Frozen Exuviae.
  3. I think there is a airplane segment in Mandrill ass project(tho its a unconventional one),and one in e4m9 of ultimate doom in name only(a wip,but you can play it)
  4. These tracks make me feel like im playing a twisted version of earthbound/mother 3 :P
  5. Im so slacking off this thing,might not make it :P Better wait until realm of shades then,i havent played that yet. Ps:Btw,is 40oz banned? I saw that on his profile.
  6. lel,first dw iron man,quite a introduction to my awesome playing skiilz :P(only got to map02) Here it is(prboom+ ver 1):
  7. Hey poncho,how did you know who made which level?
  8. these 2 arent really obscure,but they are definitely good and weird!
  9. This is too much of a general question,please dont ask it here :)
  10. Im playing maximum doom and maps by cameron newman .These maps are real gems :P
  11. Hey Memfis,is this the axis.wad you posted in 2011?(cause the link you sent has died)

  12. Then really have to play it :P
  13. What map is that?
  14. Well,if you say so,ill keep my hopes up!