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  1. Catpho

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    Since the original 10 Sectors was a competition that ended with selecting a top 3, I wonder what the club thinks is the top 3 of Mayhem 2020. Just for fun, of course. I'm less interested in a "objective best map ranking" and just wanted to hear some opinions :)
  2. Nathan Lineback will not be pleased.
  3. Catpho

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    RC3 is up! Changelog: -ZDoom fixes and horizons -Maps are connected with the corresponding vehicles -Dehacked fixes and additions -Blue pistol and chaingun muzzle flashes -Fixed some stray red pixels on the recoloured numbers and letters -MAP02 fixed -Demos added
  4. Catpho

    How do you get someone to play test your WADs?

    There are dedicated channels for playtesting in The Joy of Mapping and The Hellforge discords. @HAK3180 plays and records maps. Posting on Wads and Mods is good too, but you'll have to be patient (and a bit lucky) to see feedback there. There are a ton of wads uploaded in that subforum, so it's not an uncommon sight for a wad to not be bumped for a while. These are not the only ways to get feedback. You can occasionally bump into some cool playtesters just by conversing in the Doom community :)
  5. JXC

    Will there be an Asian themed DBP?

  6. Catpho

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    @InDOOMnesia Gimp is a powerful editor, but if you just want to quickly make simple collages then i recommend trying BeFunky (You don't need to make an account). The selection is more limited, but it's easy to use and has fulfilled all of my DBP screenshots needs :)
  7. Hi. I tried to play Survive in Hell (the wad is Boom-compatible per its own testimonial, and runs fine in PrBoom+ and GLBoom+) with this port, but for some reason the executable just won't load the wad or open at all. No reports, no feedback (unless there's a crash log somewhere). I've already checked for typos. I also tried dragging the file, which works fine for other Boom wads such as UAC Ultra and Jenesis but no luck with Survive in hell. Would be grateful if someone can help me out.
  8. Catpho

    DBP27: 10 Day Vacation

    10 Day Vacation is a Doom 2 limit-removing episode from various members of Doomer Boards. In this installment, project lead Joe-Ilya has finally found the perfect solution for summertime fun during a raging pandemic: playing Doom at home, of course! Download (RC3.1) Screenshots: MAPLIST: MAP01 : "The Title" by 40oz MAP02 : "Birdemic 3" by 40oz, Supercupcaketactics, Chaingunner MAP03 : "The Slayover" by Bigolbilly MAP04 : "Resort To Violence" by joe-ilya MAP05 : "Blue Sea" by Zillah MAP06 : "I Poisoned The Water Supply" by A2rob MAP07 : "Gran Jota" by Zillah MAP08 : "Bungalow Brawl" by 40oz MAP09 : "Praia De Icarai" by Glenzinho MAP10 : "Credit Roll" by joe-ilya Previous Projects: Previous Downloads:
  9. Catpho

    Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP (Development Thread)

    @Doomkid While waiting for Billy to respond, maybe you can check this out for some leads:
  10. Catpho

    [Doom II][Limit Removing] 180 Minutes Pour Vivre

    Let's conclude E1 "Pour une Vengeance": Wilou cites Hunsager's iconic "Nemesis" as inspiration, and it's not hard to see the similarities: familiar Autumnal color scheme, and a journey that takes the player to the heart of a sinister sanctum casting it's foreboding aura to surrounding quiet streams. However, whereas "Nemesis" was intricate and sprawling, Wilou's tribute is the opposite being compact and streamlined. "Vegeance" feels like a distilled and idealized version of the Alien Vendetta experience, offering varied visceral monster-dense encounters complemented by a sight-seeing adventure. The highlight fights are the custom monsters who punctuate the map's most climatic moments. The new Heresiarch sports an intimidating shotgun blast of fireballs and arachnotron projectiles, but it can be worked to the player's favor as an unparalleled monster infighting machine which Wilou gleefully demonstrates. The Nightwatch Cacodemon is much more involved here than it was in previous maps, but still a relatively simple matter to disposed off as long as one is strong with the ancient art of circled strafing. Another enjoyable piece from Wilou. "Triléthal": JC and Oxyde blend the aesthetic of Greenwar II, BTSX and Espi to create another gorgeous techbase. The gameplay, however, was not really my favorite. It begins with some relatively inconsequential gunfights, up to the point where the SSG is obtained where it rudely greets the marine with a cyberdemon. The surprise really doesn't last as the demon is easily out-maneuvered and the monster blocking line will take care of the rest. The map's best encounter is the mancubi (mancubuses?) and archviles team up, creating a tense scramble to remove enough enemies for space or die. A bit uneven for my tastes. By the way, what's with blue and yellow key doors? I appreciate inaccessible areas for world-building purposes, but the plasma rifle and unused switch suggests a different story? It leaves the map with an abrupt feeling, i feel. "Où Est le Berger": FranckFRAG busts in and takes 180mpv into lunatic overdrive. The main playground is stunning to look at, dominated by a nightmarish megastructure that channels the otherworldly vertical dimension found in some of Tourniquet's best works. It is simultaneously juxtaposed and complemented by nightfall gloom, as if the lighting acts as a tenuous anchor to reality. The highlight of the map's build-up is the exploration. Navigation through the structure feels haphazard and dangerous, yet feels positively liberating as one can make deft-defying jumps from walkway to building (i loved that you can jump into the window to access the shotgunners + barrel room instead of using the door). The combat in this part is rather casual if only slightly harsh. However, Franck's an author to make their boot felt. The main course is armies of hellspawn filling up the ground floor, marking the mapset's first true slaughter scenario with style. The trick here, i feel, is to not panic and run around triggering everything on the map, but instead hold your ground. Staying around the initial area and thinning the horde gives you space to catch your breath. Immediately after that, i went for the cove on the right. The cluster of demons there had no archvile support and was painlessly slaughtered. Doing this provided enough space to alleviated a lot of stress from the fight. With memorable visuals and a great cathartic fight, this is certainly one of the mapset's strongest levels so far.
  11. Catpho

    Vanilla/Limit Removing Mods with Custom Textures

    @whybmonotacrab For DBPs released in 2018 and 2019, i highly recommend you check out reviews done by Not Jabba (2018 and 2019). As for those released December 2019 onward, it depends. The Big Ol' Billy led installments are often the most inventive and ambitious, so you should at least check out The City of Damned Children (Noir and Steampunk themed, loosely based on a French movie), Occult Secrets of the Third Reich (Wolf 3D themed), and A Doomer Boards Christmas Carol (good ol Christmas joy). If you want modern, highly polished and streamlined sets that are extremely Doom-y, you should check out Umbral Platinum and Spaceballs: The Sequel: The Quest For More DBP Maps (Yes, you heard that right: a Spaceballs Doom wad!). If you are looking for something more traditional but spicier, try Evil Egypt. Dungeons and Demons (DnD-inspired) is also a good choice for those seeking only lighthearted fun. Like greenery in your Doom maps? Biotech is Godzilla might be up your alley. If you want something more lovecraftian, Dead but Dreaming has got you covered, if you can stand to play on the Nightmare skill setting (or ignore this altogether by playing on UV, but this difficulty is less polished here). Be sure to embark on the Fall of Society sidequest if you like the krew's work!
  12. Catpho

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    @Turin Turambar You could open the run box and use the -respawn command line. This will not include the doubled ammo, however, as that is exclusive to Nightmare and ITYTD.
  13. Catpho

    1000 Line 2 CP - Completed

    I'm sad that i don't have much time to do an extensive write-up, because this megawad has some of my favorite levels of the year. Well done Liberation & Co.! Oh, and there's a possible texture misalignment on Map22 (found in the latest Crispy Doom), in front of the exit room:
  14. Catpho

    Other doom forums

    The Czech Doom forum Wilou is talking about is liquiddoom.net. I did a brief dig into Cezch Doom history, and it turns there was once a thriving Czech Doom community centered around speedrunning and multiplayer in the 2000s. Seems nearly all trace of them has disappeared, unless you go to the internet archive, of course. Some links for the curious: idoom.cz, doom5.cz. Someone more knowledgeable can shed some more light into this.
  15. Catpho

    DBP26: The City of Damned Children

    RC3 is up. Idgames version coming soon! Changes - minor balance changes here and there - addressed Joe's comments (Joe also gets a testing credit!) - *perfect French* ... hopefully... - fixed a potential (if unlikely) softlock on MAP10 - fixed notes on MAP10's music that would stick in some MIDI setups among other (minor) things!