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  1. Catpho

    DBP17: Alone

    Alone is a 9 map limit removing episode for Doom 2 by various members of Doomer Boards. Shout out to @xvertigox for his first DBP as project lead, and @gaspe and @Jaws In Space for their DBP debuts! Download (RC2) Screenshots: MAPLIST 01 "Derelict" (xvertigox) 02 "They Mostly Come At Night" (Phobus) 03 "Come Get Your Asses Kicked" (jawsinspace) 04 "A_TT__P26" (gaspe) 05 "The Goddamned Walls" (Dmdr) 06 "Anywhere But Here Again" (Joe-Ilya) 07 "Alone In The Shadows" (Hardcore_gamer) 08 "Game Over Man" (xvertigox) 09 "Alien Resurrection" (Big Ol' Billy & Glenzinho) Previous projects: Previous Downloads
  2. Catpho

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    @Walter confetti Hopefully soon! I imagine only the signal 11 issue is holding back the final release. More on that here (also edited the OP):
  3. Catpho

    Amalgamation, MAP01 Complete

    Nice! I've been playing your cool Nova maps so it would be interesting to see how far you've come since then.
  4. Catpho

    what are some funny doomworld incidents

    The like buttons were once health bottles instead of soulspheres. (Un)fortunately, the silhouettes of health bottles looked like a certain hand gesture.
  5. "Did you know that Ass Demons are one of the leading causes of death for cybernetically enhanced demons over 3,000 eons of age? That's why prevention is key! Come by the UAC medical labs and we'll have our 'crack' team of researchers examine that sweet cyber booty. If we find any of those pesky colon critters, we can send our specially trained microscopic space marine medics in. Of course, if our boys get turned into possessed zombiemen, we might have to take more... drastic... measures. Don't worry, though, Mars has universal Hell-th care!" Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy is a limit-removing medical documentary of the various doctors and nurses from Doomer Boards, led by Big Ol' Billy. With 11 levels of carnage, it's the biggest, baddest and grossest DBP adventure yet! Shoutout to the two members making their DBP debut: Hardcore_gamer and dmdr! NOTE: We've been dealing with a very odd, very inconsistent bug in PrBoom+ causing Signal 11 crashes on some (but not all) testers' setups. Please let us know if you encounter this error on PrBoom+ (-complevel 2) so we can track this sucker down once and for all! Edit: Please go to this thread if you can help: Download (v0.99a) Screenshots MAPLIST 01: "Complications" (Big Ol' Billy) 02: "If It's Yellow..." (Big Ol' Billy) 03 "Ad Asspera Ad Asstra" (Dmdr) 04: "Baphometic Butt Cramp" (WalterC) 05: "Kerplop!" (Big Ol' Billy) 06: "Lumbar" (Scrangus McBrickdad/Jaxxoon R) 07: "The Runs" (Vertigo and Zedonk) 08: "Voided" (Dmdr) 09: "Intestinal Altitude" (Glenzinho) 10: "Distending Carnage" (Hardcore_Gamer) 11: "Rumours of Tumors" (Big Ol' Billy) 12: "Healing Nicely" (Big Ol' Billy) Previous projects:
  6. Fuck Global Warming... This is Hell is a limit removing episode by various members of Doomer Boards, led by Joe-Ilya. It features eight maps of earth on hell and the introduction of a couple new and so-old-they-are-new members. Welcome (back) marines! /idgames Screenshots: MAPLIST: 1 : My Little Hell by Naza 2 : NV by Joe-Ilya 3 : Emerald Flowsion by Glenzinho 4 : Flaming Fury by Grain 5 : Demon Castle by Redead ITA 6 : Heatstroke by bigolbilly 7 : Broken Shrine by an0n/anonimvio 8 : Obsidian Recreational by Joe-Ilya & Vertigo/xvertigox Previous projects:
  7. Catpho

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    MAP01 - “Outer Base” by Shadowman You can always depend on Shadowman to make a beaut. The custom textures here are tastefully applied, with dark, grimy metal/brick hybrids combined with verdant trims to bring this overgrown hellspawn-infested base to life, or rather into a pretty tech tomb. There are many cool bits of detailing, such as how the floor tiles are sometimes replaced with patches of grass; I'm always weak to those :P All in all a cool environment for some straightforward shotgun-panic gameplay, with the RK shenanigans being the standout (and yes switches not animating is a Doom mental hazard). I'm amused by all the E1M1 homages because there doesn't seem to be any reason for them to be there. Cute. One screenie:
  8. Looks awesome! I'd love to see projects designed specifically around this!
  9. @Plusw I wonder if you put your music up somewhere? The tunes in Unwelcome are a good listen and are a standout in a cool wad, so i'd love to see more!
  10. Decent snack. I think i skipped a part of the map during the teleporter trip in my FDA :P You have a really neat visual style, so hope to see more! grandhalls_cat.zip
  11. Catpho


    Yes, please Also the 9th shot has been my phone wallpaper for a year:
  12. Catpho

    The DWIronman League dies to: 2017 Collection

    Wow, I just played this two days ago! The pressure is so ON!
  13. Catpho

    DBP14: After the Fall

    The (probably) final version is up! Besides the usual bug cleansing, there is a bonus map courtesy of Joe sliding in his Zedonk collab minutes before the deadline. There wasn't enough time for proper playtesting, so it couldn't make the main lineup. The map is pretty though, and worth a jaunt with carryovers! Just remember to read the sign before thinking about crossing the street ;) Feel free to report any remaining oddities!
  14. Catpho

    DBP14: After the Fall

    After society's fall hell's children reign over our lands, but their kind only knows chaos and disharmony. Servants of evil turn on their evil brethren tearing them limb from limb and place their spoils on display, while others sacrifice their own flesh to bring suffering and destruction. Pregnant bellies ripe of demonseed threaten to overwhelm resistance, but the tide is turning, and it's time to rise again and reclaim the cities, forests and mountains. After the Fall is a limit-removing episode made by various members of Doomer Boards, featuring 7 maps of explosive Doom action and monsterless credit maps. This month's project is a sequel to Fall of Society, both led by Glenzinho. DBP14 also marks the debut of two enthusiastic newcomers: @Zedonk & @xvertigox! Download (RC1) (old) Download (RC2) (old) /idgames (Final) Screenshots: MAPLIST: 01. "Run to the Hills" -- glenzinho 02. "The Winding Canyon" -- Zedonk 03. "Relentless Misery" -- Vertigo 04. "Collective Unconscious" -- Scrangus McBrickdad/Jaxxoon R 05. "Last Porno Shop" -- DoomCureDave and Big Ol' Billy 06. "Escape From Doomberg" -- glenzinho 07. "Illusion" -- glenzinho 08. "Contusion" -- glenzinho 09. "Epilogue" -- glenzinho 10. "High Rise Girls" -- Zedonk and Joe-Ilya (BONUS) Previous projects: