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  1. Ditto. Always appreciate folks like you and hawkwind.
  2. Catpho

    12 Maps I Loved This Year

    It's by RonnieJamesDiner. Rest of the credits are found in the OP. Cool write-ups. Lists are good, espeacially when there are rationales behind them.
  3. Really cool looking screenshots there!
  4. Catpho

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    playing on the lastest dsda doom. Some problem with the sky texture?
  5. Catpho

    2023 Cacowards

    This time in the Doom community will go into myth. To feel completely content with the present state of a medium you love is an incomparable feeling. Saying this now as proof that it isn't just nostalgia talking in that distant future. This community is the best gift possible for a game that's still getting namechecked three decades later. Glad to see the archivists getting love. Half of my Doom wiki activity is literally just pestering them.
  6. Nice April fools joke.
  7. Catpho

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    Wanna thank @Kinetic for listing El Inferno's map here as one of their favs in that memorable maps thread. I was already pretty receptive to playing more Inferno maps after sampling Dance on the Water (up to map03, which is taking time for obvious reasons), and this is as great as promised. The end sequence isn't as demanding as I've come to expect from this author's levels, but it's still quite cool anyway and acts as a neat bit of catharsis after a rather grueling sheepdog exercise.
  8. Belated complete playthrough (minus one portal apparently!) on Tough, Beta 1: Boring secret hunting video: Part 12 Sunken Sanctuary: Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16 Iron Blue Intention: Part 17, Part 18 The Old Earth (cont.): Part 19 Eye of The Cosmos: Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23. Tough is just right for me to breeze through the set without feeling like I was steamrolling it (I tried Ruin and I shudder to imagine Fall Arborea being my introduction hah, bullish UV player I am). Difficulty balancing is top notch here, at least with Tough :D I dunno man, I might like it even more than Paradise, and I already thought that project would be a dream career-capper for many, a culmination of your previous tinkering to make the best of Doom's arcade-y side arcade harder. Maybe it's that the fights themselves are better, with great showings from both the ol' reliables and the new guns (on both sides). It felt like playing one of those Ribbiks (his more "conventional" slaughter stuff at least) and Wilou wads at their most inviting, a niche where things are elaborate and demand attention but you just kinda felt like ramming everything at full speed anyway. Maybe it's the surprisingly effective hub structure and the candy trail of secrets tying it together: I've never been happier to find a berserk pack or a minigun, and that's not to say that sometimes you can link yourself to another part of the map from some separate world. It's somehow an addicting and stylish way to link what are disparate levels together: it keeps the actual size and length seem manageable despite the continuous nature of the arsenal, which makes it really hard for me to put the wad down as there always felt like something was happening — I was always accomplishing something, and I was accomplishing them fast. That kind of thrumming momentum is a perfect compliment to the combat style you've been practicing with Supercharge. And of course they look beautiful: it's the most earnestly crafted big broad video-game-y environments, where certain popular tropes of certain gameplay-first doom maps (and some non Doom stuff) are sculpted with the utmost gravity (the guest maps are kinda their own thing imo, but of course that's the point and they are great too). This is rounded off by a bouncy, buoyant soundtrack; you can't stop while listening to those tunes really. Fine job from everyone involved. Probably going to be one of my major references for Doom as a big ball of energy for years to come, and with the amount of content in here, I'll be revisiting often.
  9. Catpho

    Best videos for altered consciousness viewing

    ^ You can. Just press edit on your op and the box containing the thread title can be edited.
  10. Catpho


    It is my moral obligation to post in this thread.
  11. As shown in this video: Strangely enough, the fade works fine when I set it to windowed mode. I wonder what is happening here? I'm playing on the latest devbuild. Edit: It seems to only happen when I set the res to 1400 x 1050, 4:3. On Legacy Fullscreen at 1280 x 960, the fade also works correctly. It seems that this is the root of my problem?
  12. Recorded a blind play of @Ravendesk's map31 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), but it's been so long I forgot all the details :D Cool map, tons of memorable use of floor scrolling in fights, platforming into all the corners of the landscape for secrets is dope. It's saying something that your later maps look even more impressive, even if their popularity seems somewhat limited by your somewhat quirky taste, as with the case of a lot of challenge map admirers (their loss, ofc). Can't wait to binge em, and hope that you'll get the players you deserve.
  13. Well, I'd love the fix, but your call cb. Thanks for the troubleshooting guys.
  14. Hi, cool mapset. Just a small hiccup from my end: any idea why my dsda doom would display the sky in map13 like this? I checked brainfreeze's max and it looked normal, so I assume it is a my end thing. Pinging the author @cannonball to see if he can help :P I use pretty much the default software settings on dsda, if that helps.