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  1. Hope you're all right.

  2. Catpho

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Happy birthday Doom and grats to its community! I don't want to jinx anything, but i honestly would be fine if all the years after this never reach this level of quality output or enthusiasm again -- maps, midis, art, social media Doom stuff like review videos or streams, etc.; goes to show how ridiculous the productivity has been (though the momentum train is still chugging along for the foreseeable future!). Would it be a stretch or premature to declare this year one of the peaks of a Doom silver age1? To close things out, some phrases that feel satisfying to say, especailly if you've been a long time fan: Cacoward-approvedtm mapper Pavera! Along with his award-winningtm episodetm. Mapper2 of the Year Tarnsman! Double special-mentionedtm (two years in a row no less) mapper Big Ol' Billy! Ok, the last one not so satisfying, but you can't have everything :D Also i kid, great to see the expanded 21. Great Doom maps are just too much, so glad to see the panel constantly yielding to the output haha P.S.: A short but fruitful (this is underselling it) regin @Not Jabba. I don't think there will be another Doomer who can claim to have written the community's most important essay for quite some time. 1 The golden age, in my mind, is the mid-90s with its unbeatable sheer output. An actual Doom historian can correct me though. The silver age would be 2018 - now, by the way 2 Nostalgia's sake
  3. Catpho

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Great to see a passionate shoutout, but there were quite a few words for it! (Look at the sidebar) Edit: Fist bumps @Obsidian
  4. Hello Madam Catpho, I hope everything's going well over in Catpho-land.  I feel good and purple this Holiday season so far, and was hoping to extend the blessing to you.


    Also, random imposing question: do you mind if I borrow a copy of your genome? - For research and theory-crafting purposes, of course.  It will help develop a Crispr-Cat-9 enzyme that I will shelf for a rainy day, while I sort out various existential issues plagueing me (or keep it as a nuclear button).  After all, you never know when you have to unleash an army of infinite Catpho's, or Thanos-snap someone into a fluffy cat.  Rest assured, I'm not one to get too carried away, though.  (probably a weird topic to discuss openly)

    1. SuperCupcakeTactics


      If you feel you need an extra layer of security for the Crispr-Cat-9 it would be an honor having the enzyme's protective case hand-cuffed to my left wrist (the one that isn't possessed by the Creature from The Stars). The Egyptian hieroglyphics I bare there will shield the Crispr-Cat-9 from any psychic or ethereal threat. A Pharaoh's blessing, if you will.

  5. Catpho

    Excellent Visual Themes You’ve Never Seen In Doom

    Have you, by any chance, tried MAP40 from DMP2017?
  6. Awesome, i've been on this exact trip a year ago. Here are some sources i think will be helpful in discovering lost gems: - Doomworld threads: - 32 best mappers (circa 1998) on John Bye's website (index where you can find Bye's fav levels too) - Ricorb's list of great doom maps - Doomworld users dropping reviews for stuff that really should be known more: Very tempting for myself to drop in once in a while :) Have fun everyone!
  7. Catpho

    Gez has a custom title :D

  8. Catpho

    Why'd you choose your title?

    No one on Doomworld was feline enough
  9. Catpho

    SuperCupcakeTactics' Imperial Emporium - AUGER;ZENITH

  10. Catpho

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths (RC2 released!)

    Only from DBK (Da Biggest Keys) 4 lyfe!
  11. You should make a proper thread to find interested people @Kappes Buur! This thread is small so i don't think your amazing resource will get much exposure here :) Oh, and thanks for the post @NiGHTMARE! I intended to leave you last, because i heard somewhere that you were preparing a pack that compiles all that you've posted in the thread. Saves a lot of clicks for me :D
  12. @fabian Checked it in dsda doom 0.19.7. In dsda doom it looks the same as my first screenshot, but leaves no artifacts on the stat bar unlike in woof.
  13. The automap looks like this for some reason while playing Full Moon on 6.1.0 (Haven't check other wads):
  14. @smeghammer Sure! Sorry for the late response :P A short post to link to blazing dust's cool doom 2016 textures. I'd post more but i forgot to save the other links, so another time perhaps :) Remeber to click the links for download and more! Spoilers are only examples. BLλZING_DUST 07/15/2018 - Doom Slayer related textures 07/15/2018 - More textuers: Wood, Doors, Mountains, Doomguy's face 11/14/2018 - Window