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  1. Nictendo

    Doom Streams

    Maximum Doom - The Madness Continues https://www.twitch.tv/nictendo
  2. Nictendo

    Doom Streams

    Tormenting myself with Maximum Doom WADs. We've all been through Hell, right? How bad could this possibly be ... https://www.twitch.tv/nictendo
  3. Nictendo

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    This by far. After my initial NM playthrough, Hell maps were the ones I found myself revisiting the most. I just so thoroughly loved everything about them compared to the UAC tech bases.
  4. Nictendo

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    I need this to be an actual thing. That was amazingly well executed.
  5. Nictendo

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    I can understand paying homage to your favorite classic FPS games, but to make a game who's entire identity is to point out its own similarities to said games is a bit of a mistake. I'd much rather see them do what we saw in Serious Sam or Painkiller. It's quite possible to make a new "classic" FPS and still innovate. They aren't mutually exclusive. I imagine it will still be a decent/fun game on its own when it releases, I just hope future marketing isn't going to rely on nostalgia baiting exclusively.
  6. Nictendo

    Name one thing Doom 16 is missing

    Revenants that are a viable threat. Additional things: - Imps that aren't overpowered/overused - Armor that works properly (doesn't just act as a second health bar) - Proper community/mod support (expanded beastiary and weapons that balance nicely with the originals? HELL YEAH. Valiant feels like a proper Doom 3 if Doom stayed on its original engine.) While it was a fun standalone experience, it is as I feared/imagined it would likely be. New Doom just doesn't/won't have the lasting appeal of the classics. I did enjoy the aesthetic (particularly of the Hell levels, they stand out to me as being much more fun/visually interesting/Doom-like.) My biggest issue with New Doom as alluded to is the general weapon/monster balance. I like the idea of the alternate fire/weapon mods, but for just about every weapon, you only ever pick and stay with one (explosive shot for shotgun, stun bomb for plasma, siege mode for gauss cannon, etc.) I found myself struggling to find the ideal use case for most of the weapons because between the gauss cannon and SSG, it made just about every other weapon redundant/useless unless out of ammo, in which case, just quickly use a chainsaw to fill yourself back up. In the classics each weapon has a very specific use case. Even the single barrel has perks over the SSG for lack of spread/faster firing rate on single targets. The best thing I could say about New Doom is that the new mancubus (mancubuses? mancubi?) is amazing. It was cool that it had distinct Hell/tech variants, a feature I'd love to have seen explored further/better in New Doom.
  7. It's more just a function of the analog movement of a control stick as opposed to the digital movement of a keyboard. It wasn't intentionally patched out, but rather a side effect of the nature of the control scheme.
  8. Nictendo

    Doom songs transposed from minor to major

    The Pit reminded me of Styx.
  9. Nictendo

    Any good jokewads?

    I've always enjoyed mock2.
  10. Nictendo

    Potential new Freedoom logo

    Any chance you could realign the second E? The fact it doesn't form a perfect line with the other letters is bugging me. I also think that the infinity symbol would be better without the texture. I also see a few pixels out of place on the bottom arch of the M, on the left side. Other than these things, neat idea okay execution and it definitely looks much nicer without the ink smudges.
  11. Nictendo

    Texture resizing and you

    I think he is referring to the fact there really wasn't such a thing as a "pixel-art game" at the time because that was just a limitation of the time, not a choice.
  12. Nictendo

    Texture resizing and you

    Although, when streaming Doom, trilinear filtering helps the encoder out. It will result in a higher quality/more viewable stream, even at low bitrates.
  13. Nictendo

    About Skills/Difficulty

    As long as it's not the artificial "difficulty" where enemies become bullet sponges, everything should be fine.
  14. Nictendo

    Kaizo doom

    I did enjoy it, but what I can say is that due to the heavy randomness of Doom, it doesn't work well for a Kaizo game in this form. A part of the beauty of Kaizo Mario is that it's more of a puzzle game. All the challenges are pre-determined and rely on the player's execution rather than factors out of their control. In this regard I'd consider something like Arch-Vile Jump or CyberDreams to be more Kaizo-like as they place the player in otherwise deadly situations that they have to solve using the mechanics of the game. That said, I would enjoy seeing this concept explored further. Thanks for the map!