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  1. Jayextee

    Bright Falls [Heretic Wad]

    Neat map, although I feel all the challenge is in that initial dash to get armaments, then the rest is pretty boneless; save for those crushers that seemed way too tight to time an escape through (used the invincibility ring there). Maulotaur was no threat, I ran right past him. Don't be discouraged though, I loved the aesthetic and felt like it would be great as part of a larger episode. I think my favourite bit was the semi-caged Iron Lich guarding the crossbow (and, I didn't realise til later, access to the blue key) -- was a mad dash in and out to get the thing after having scouted the area as much as I dared with just the wand and gauntlets from a tricky-to-access area. Good shit. More Heretic's always a plus. <3
  2. Jayextee

    Do you think Plutonia is hard or unfair

    Ah, the No True Scotsman fallacy is it? I vehemently disagree though. The fact that Plutonia is a stern challenge the first time around is alone good enough reason to call it 'hard' even if it isn't the toughest. That this is mitigated through (over)familiarity with the maps does not retroactively negate it in any way.
  3. Area 51 is great, and probably the first non-megawad PWAD I played at the tail-end of the '90s.
  4. Jayextee

    Do you think Plutonia is hard or unfair

    I'm a big fan of Plutonia; and its two community sequels; and regularly show up in threads to champion it. This being said, I'm gonna concur with @Doomkid on calling BS. Okay, so it's not nearly near the apex of difficult DOOM wads, but Plutonia is difficult. And it is unfair and mean-spirited in places; y'all really going to tell me the coverless Archviles on MAP03 (just to reiterate, the THIRD FUCKING MAP OF THIRTY) don't wreck your shit if you aren't careful or you're having a bad day? Doubt it. But y'see, that unfair meanness is exactly why I think highly of Plutonia. I've likened it to an arcade game before; although a fair amount of the game can be theoretically beaten blind with reactions and skills alone, rote-learning the encounters and traps will help you a great deal. Indeed, it's to DOOM what The Lost Levels is to Super Mario Bros. -- without being Kaizo Mario. Or Okuplok. Whatever, man. You beat the other iWADs, it's the logical next step; and potentially a gateway drug to harder substances. But, oh man, is it good. <3
  5. As stated in OP: I know I'd personally *love* to be able to use Doom 2's bestiary and so forth with Ultimate Doom's episode format. There's something appealing about breaking up the experience into smaller self-contained chunks that just sits right with me; and apparently others too. Plus, aside from some textures, what does the original Doom have that Doom 2 doesn't? Really?
  6. Maybe the real Doom 2 was the Plutonia Experiment we made along the way.
  7. Jayextee

    Snapmap deserves more respect

    Just one in question here, "Play 5 published SnapMaps". The other two SnapMap related ones are to go through the tutorial, then create and publish my own SnapMap (ugh). Those and the multiplayer ones are the only trophies between me and a Platinum for the game... (unless the add-on trophies count? I doubt they should though)
  8. Jayextee

    Snapmap deserves more respect

    Incidentally, are there any decent SnapMaps I can play to fill out my D2016 trophies on PS4?
  9. Jayextee

    From where the "It runs Doom" trend originated?

    Amiga's had DOOM for pretty much as long as the source code has been open. I literally saw in the millennium playing that sucker at a friend's house.
  10. Jayextee

    From where the "It runs Doom" trend originated?

    I wouldn't say it was a trend as much as a common benchmark; it's said that the very process of getting DOOM to run on a device will determine in part its usability for hacking it to perform other tasks. I can see how in a way, it's a bespoke app with a very specific purpose and outcome that can be; to a degree; tested by eye. Of course it is just good goofy fun when someone sees their coffee machine has an LCD screen and thinks "I wonder if DOOM can run on this?". It'd play like shit, of course, but I suppose actually playing the thing isn't high on the priority list of such ports...
  11. Jayextee

    Why Aren't Nam And Redneck Rampage Mentioned?

    You think? I had this happen on the Scrapyard map multiple times in normal gameplay. No idea what happened here or why.
  12. I can't be bothered reading the many replies to this topic when IMO there's only one plausible answer to the question posed in the topic's title field: "Is no one else worried by the dangerous precedent being set by the moderation team?" Well, by rights its their forum and they can do what they damn well want. (Technically Linguica's, but he sees fit to entrust moderation duties to whomever he chooses, so... point remains) If you want to see the kind of thing being censored moderated from here, I'm sure there are other place. Internet's big. Not here though. Not in this house.
  13. Some legends I will never forget, ball shit snakes.
  14. Jayextee

    SHRINE II - A Total Conversion Mod for Doom 2

    Woah, how do you crank these out so fast? Also this reminds me to get cracking with the first Shrine, I love its aesthetic. <3
  15. Except for the part where it's Knee Deep In [non-vanilla sourceport].
  16. Oh, yeah. Just hit the 'change textures' and 'change music' buttons in SLADE and then apparently an explosion. I can't believe that wasn't already suggested. Sounds legit, if slightly dangerous.
  17. Jayextee

    Do you want to die earlier?

    Ah yes, good old nihilism. I mean that sincerely. Were it in good health, I could probably live for a thousand years and enjoy the fact that there would always be something to learn, something to discover, something new to experience, something to rediscover having all-but forgotten. I don't need a higher power or meaning for that, the world is full of joyous and beautiful things and if I live to be a hundred (which is a damn good age to live to!) there would still be so much I hadn't done.
  18. Jayextee

    Using secrets effectively

    I'm a fan of obvious but low-tier secrets. A glaringly-different wall-texture, opens up to award a small handful of blue bottle health bonuses? GIMMEGIMMEGIMME. I've put some of that kinda thing in a couple of recent maps of mine. IMO it's a nice generous gesture to the player to hand them at least one secret they're going to basically trip over, and ensure they aren't leaving the map with 0%.
  19. Jayextee

    What is your favorite Icon of Sin fight?

    I liked the twist on the idea from Doom 2 the way id Did, the goal was the same but there was an additional layer of abstraction, a mini-puzzle in achieving that end.
  20. I didn't know I wanted BTSX on console nearly as much as I clearly did and do. Excellent work, all involved. <3
  21. Jayextee

    |Share Your Music|

    I make games, and write the soundtracks for them too. Sometimes I end up with a whole-ass soundtrack that otherwise would go completely unused so I release it as an album. Here's a recent example. It's themed around computers and computer hacking, tunes are short without many repeating segments (I had looping versions ready for the game I eventually never made).
  22. Jayextee

    Most obscure Doom fact you know

    Revenants have two distinct personalities, randomly-defined at spawn. They're either Angry Dooty or Calm Dooty (names not official). Angry Dooty fires homing projectiles 75% of the time and Calm of Dooty only 25%. Also it's this that breaks demos in vanilla.
  23. Jayextee

    I fucking HATE self-depricating jokes

    Count me in as being resolutely against self-depreciating jokes. They're about as useless as I am.
  24. Jayextee

    What's the consensus on The Master Levels?

    I will echo this. Best map of the lot. Given that I think his three Evilution maps some of the strongest in that, and my general love for Perdition's Gate, I'd say I'm a fan.
  25. Jayextee

    What's the consensus on The Master Levels?

    For the most part, they're terrible. I found myself wall-humping and navigating entirely by automap way more than should be necessary; and combat often wasn't satisfying enough to be the payoff for that. Some are okay. Notwithstanding, putting a mandatory (not secret) channel of access behind a damn fireplace happened more than once, fair warning and all. I played these via the PS4 port for the trophy and, lemme tell ya, I wasn't sick of D_RUNNIN til then.