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  1. Just to interject, I'm not sure it's those new barons you have to kill. Due to them being fucking rocket-sponges (and me saving cells to eventually BFG the boss) I aimed at anything but those and the teleport pads were still revealed to me after a while.
  2. Teleport pads at the corners of the Overlord's 'cage'. Be alert, their coverings come off momentarily.
  3. YES! I was halfway thinking about the Exhumed/Powerslave music -- I have it on an old computer somewhere from when I was sorta toying around with making a 3DGE version of the whole thing.
  4. Okay. It's working. open EPIC2.WAD in SLADE either delete DEHACKED lump or (as I did) rename it to something save EPIC2.WAD open MOD4EPIC.WAD edit DDFLANG to paste the following block of text to the end Map01Desc="01: entrance"; Map02Desc="02: voodoo"; Map03Desc="03: black magic"; Map04Desc="04: sarcophagus"; Map05Desc="05: abu garab"; Map06Desc="06: revived bones"; Map07Desc="07: hell guard"; Map08Desc="08: karnak temple"; Map09Desc="09: mystery"; Map10Desc="10: goldmine"; Map11Desc="11: the tower"; Map12Desc="12: alien ship"; Map13Desc="13: mebius"; Map14Desc="14: orion's belt"; Map15Desc="15: astral base"; Map16Desc="16: DNA replicate"; Map17Desc="17: hologram"; Map18Desc="18: gunman"; Map19Desc="19: escape"; Map20Desc="20: anomaly zone"; Map21Desc="21: shore dream"; Map22Desc="22: mummy zone"; Map23Desc="23: oasis"; Map24Desc="24: hentiamenti"; Map25Desc="25: per nefer"; Map26Desc="26: luxor"; Map27Desc="27: ammut"; Map28Desc="28: ogdoad"; Map29Desc="29: mortuary"; Map30Desc="30 amenthes"; Map31Desc="31: osirion"; Map32Desc="32: the harbour"; level7text="The ancient catacombs turn out to be\npopulated with unthinkable creatures\nfrom Hell and the putrescent remains of\npeople raised from the dead by the Mages'\nmystical rituals. Roaring and moaning,\nthey roam in search of the next victim.\nUncountable treasures may be hidden\nsomewhere deep underground, but that's\nsomething you find hard to think about\nat the moment; what you want is to get out\nof here, fast. Perhaps those fiery Mages\ncame here not by accident... wonder what\nthey want. And these portals that throw\nyou around hither and thither among\nthe ruins, where will they take you?" level12text="The picture has become clear. The alien\nintruders are searching the ancient ruins\nfor some artifacts that may have been\nhidden by their distant ancestors, in\norder to join them together and with the\nhelp of their power take possession of\nthe Universe. You are the one to\nsubvert their plans! Sinking into the\ndepths of outer space on the alien shuttle\nyou ponder how differently yesterday's\nmorning walk among the ruins could have\nended. At home over a cup of coffee, or\nover a few beers with friends at a bar.\nSomething takes shape on the radar's screen\nhmmm... looks like a space station." level21text="The aliens are over and done with,\nbut what's this? Have you died?\nOr maybe you just dreamed it all up?\nHow nice it would be in Paradise now!\nAn imaginary Paradise... whose flip side\nwill always be somewhere nearby." endgametext="Magnificent! The source of evil has been\ndestroyed and the dead have returned\nto their sarcophagi. There, in the depths\nof the crypts, their remains will stay\nas a reminder of the mysterious forces\nconcealed within the Universe.\n\nSome day they, too, will dissolve in time\nand become the dust on the roads\ntraveled by the heroes of future\ngenerations." level31text="Excellent! Hmmm... well, maybe not really.\nEverything seems to point to the fact that\nyou picked the wrong portal. What is this?\nA time sinkhole? Last time you checked\nthe pyramids looked completely different...\nhowever, few people can afford such\na sightseeing trip, so keep right on!\nLet's see sights the way they were created.\n" level32text="Well, this is just great!\nTo pick the wrong teleporter twice\nin a row... now this starts to look\nmore and more like someone's evil scheme.\nThere's only one thing to cheer you up:\nit seems that you have made it out of\nthe past in one piece." ...of course, save the lump and MOD4EPIC.WAD and we're good to go. So yeah, hopefully I'll be able to enjoy this. Never got around to EPIC2 before now... @Impie Thanks for the suggestion, but ripping all the music from YouTube (converting to .OGG?) and putting it all into a .wad seems to be a bit more effort than I'm willing to put in for this. I'll grit my teeth and tolerate the midi, then.
  5. Okay, I try to run this but 3DGE asks for the -v135 command line parameter. Fair enough, I made a .bat file with that. Now it asks for a -v129 parameter; and if I change it, asks for -v135 again. :/ [edit] Wait a sec, the problem's with epic2.wad itself. The mod alone works fine with -v135. @Coraline -- I've also had this problem elsewhere with PLUTONIA.WAD as the IWAD (I wanted to play through with CeeJay's Doom Forever, because it's excellent). Any idea why this may be happening? [edit 2] Okay, so I had to edit the #VERSION in edge2.wad's LANGPLUT (and LANGTNT) lumps, both IWADs work now. epic2.wad still gives me the -v129 error on its own, yet contains no DDF lumps. There is a DEHACKED lump containing some text replacements, is this the problem?
  6. Whilst I'm downloading; is there a high-quality music replacement at all for EPIC 2? Midi with 3DGE is on the nasty side...
  7. I'll have to agree, but I admit it's DAT ACCENT and little else. :P
  8. I'm in your status feed. I shall stalk you until I get noticed, you adorable lil cacodemon.

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      You're weird?



      ...I'm literally stalking your status feed. You aint got shit on me.

    3. Jayextee
  9. I have a pretty low-spec laptop and it runs fine at 1366x768 in GZDoom.
  10. HMP being the designed-for setting and UV being pretty much the same but with added 'annoyance' monsters is currently the way I do things. Hell, with the UV stuck monsters in the doom.wad IWAD, I'd say monsters for that setting were added without much thought and without (thorough, at least) testing.
  11. YES. GLORIOUS PINK-SKY DOOM. That said, I'm downloading but got to run an errand before I play. It's now my reward for doing so. :D
  12. I designed The Becoming for HMP, sure. And before that Nex Credo and Sinister Intention and Murderous Intent... in fact, I think only 900 Deep In The Dead was built with UV in mind, I've no idea why I changed my approach there. "Less monsters makes me feel like I'm missing out" makes me giggle though. MORE IS ALWAYS OBVIOUSLY BETTER AMIRITE.
  13. Well, I bring them up as an example because they totally confound expectations of the genre. In multiple ways. I mean, there's some rap I've really enjoyed over the years (a handful really: Grandmaster Flash from back when, through Coolio, Eminem, Del tha Funkee Homosapien etc etc; prolly some others I can't bring to mind right now) but holy shit did checking out Die Antwoord (like a lot of fans, this was fresh from seeing Chappie) tear my ears a new one. ;)
  14. How can you hate rap when Die Antwoord exist? Check out stuff like Happy Go Sucky Fucky (dat Streets of Rage 2 sample tho), Pitbull or Baby's On Fire. Fuck yeah.
  15. If we're tier-listing this shit: UNDERRATED TIER Alien3 TOP TIER Alien Aliens WATCHABLE TIER Alien vs Predator Alien Resurrection Alien: Covenant Prometheus SHIT TIER Alien vs Predator 2 Requiem I'll state that 'watchable' is basically a 4-way tie for me. None are really good movies, but all sorta enjoyable in their own way. And yes, I put Alien3 personally above The Big TwoTM because, fuck it, I really like the movie (that is, the Assembly cut -- theatrical is probably bottom 'watchable' or even sat right above AvP2 in the shit tier). Also Alien > Aliens because the psychological horror; especially first time around; beats out action for me, even though Aliens is pretty damned good action. Just don't watch the original Alien straight after Spaceballs. I once did. ;)