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  1. My first effort is a speedmap of sorts: https://twitter.com/Jayextee/status/1179012985660067841
  2. Well, I think I have my resource .wad put together for what is going to be tomorrow here in the UK. I anticipate confusion and derision about some of my bizarre choices/ideas here. ;)
  3. Low-key just gonna use this to generate maps for one of like a half-dozen projects I shouldn't have started without finishing shit first. May have to roll a die to decide which exactly.
  4. Jayextee

    Mapping in Doom before Doom Builder

    WadEd refugee here. Was kinda like DOOM Builder. Kinda; if saving in the drawing mode corrupting your entire WAD was your cuppa tea. Or 90-degree angles sometimes inserting a zero-length line for no reason turns you on. Or having a very small amount of DOS memory to work with, limiting your sidedefs to barely over a thousand. Or... (etc, etc) I do not miss WadEd much.
  5. Jayextee

    Screenshots with or without weapon?

    I generally take weaponless screenshots in older ports by switching from pistol to fist and pressing the key in the brief moment between them when neither is visible.
  6. One of the first things I did was to try D4V in GZDOOM, using my own episode The Becoming; and that is an Ultimate DOOM episode. It spat an error out at me, but I just typed in the console 'map e2m1' to get started. Had a blast.
  7. Wait, 32 maps is less than 27? Because that's how it was. The original non-Ultimate DOOM had less maps than DOOM II. That was the thing, DOOM II was supposed to be bigger in every aspect (and it was).
  8. Jayextee

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    I unironically love the aesthetic and wonder when an Atari 2600 DOOM TC is coming next. <3
  9. Jayextee

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    Probably because M6 isn't, y'know, the opening two stages of the episode. It's alright where it is, fam.
  10. Jayextee

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    E4M1 has a sane amount of health pickups on HMP. I'm just throwing it out there.
  11. Jayextee

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    Sorry, E4M2's a masterpiece and definitely the best thing about the episode. Although @Pegg -- you're not wrong in the hitting-like-a-truck part of that. ;)
  12. Jayextee

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    If you're playing a console version and want dem cheevs, it's not. But otherwise, well, isn't the very concept of videogames as entertainment media by its very definition optional? You wanna give it a miss, give it a miss.
  13. Jayextee

    let's stop calling them "things"

    Candleabra: <lights a cigarette on itself> This fucking gig, I swear. <takes a lengthy drag> "Pay per word, you'll make a killing" my agent said. <exhales a plume of smoke> Motherfucker ought to be fired. Shotgun: Hey, that's upsetting! I get fired like, all the time. And neither of us are doing any killing. [Doomguy enters, humps every wall] Doomguy: UNF UNF UNF UNF UNF UNF Candleabra: Y'see that shit? <stubs cig on a nearby barrel, igniting the top -- and somehow rendering it inert to damage now; jerks candle in Doomguy's direction> He must be the son of some chick the producer's banging. --- Yeah. Something like that.
  14. Jayextee

    let's stop calling them "things"

    Doomdads. A portmanteau of DOOM and doodads. Going through every instance of 'thing' in the source code of every tool since the 1990's and replacing it with 'Doomdad' should be trivial enough to take about half and hour, who's up for it? Community project.