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  1. I'd played console and 8-bit home computer games for years by the time I finally played a PC game. It was Scorched Earth, a turn-based thing that (to my mind as a teenager at least) made Worms redundant upon release. Trying to come back to it as an adult, it's clunky as fuck and I don't know how I even managed to judge the shots, but somehow I did. And the later (and REAL TIME!) Death Tank Saturn game/Easter egg totally blew both out of the water, but still...
  2. I just status'd this, but hey ho. That meme I'm so sick of seeing lately that I had to draw a comic for five hours of it.
  3. Got a crap joke you want to spend five hours telling? Draw it as a comic!


    1. bzzrak
    2. Jayextee


      The other side in question there is the afterlife. Chicken was suicidal.

    3. bzzrak


      Are you telling me that I opened up ms paint to illustrate a joke that I didn't even understand properly? Damn.

  4. 200 minutes of /vr/ was proportionately-shorter than its sequel. ^^;


    1. Jayextee


      Does this mean a 100 minutes would be just under an hour long? HMMMM.

    2. geo


      I don't know how you could score so terrible compared to the par time. You disappoint me :-)

  5. > no-saw November This is all year round for me. Usually. > no-save November If playing the IWADs (Plutonia excepted), ditto.
  6. @rdwpa Fuck, I've been rumbled! :D
  7. A friend got me this shirt as a slightly-late birthday present. Also, is me.
  8. This is precisely it. I can remember liking the two maps (even if they might be pretty-cramped, as was my mapping style back then) and lost them to time/old computers, and given the relative lack of Heretic stuff in /idgames thought they may be a nice, if dated, addition. This is already way more than I expected, many thanks in advance even if searching is ultimately fruitless. :)
  9. 2001, I believe. I was quite prolific then, it would appear. This was before burning myself out on the ill-fated Murderous Intent 2 in 2002 and then my long hiatus.
  10. Well, that sure was a ride. 300 minutes of /vr/ weighing in at under 300 minutes completion.


    Nice. I mean, as patchy as a community speedmap compilation can be expected, but nostalgic in a way. Reminded me of mid-'90s megaWADs.


    1. galileo31dos01


      Almost three hours? Is the mapset so short or you speedrun it?

    2. Jayextee


      It's short, given that it's a series of speedmaps.

  11. HOLY SHIT, I AM IMPRESSED YOU REMEMBER! I would, Ikea Effect and all that, but I didn't know if they made a blip on you. Username would've been this one, or shortened to 'Jxt' perhaps. As I remember, filenames were merely lavacity.wad and cistern.wad (if I recall correctly, about 80% sure I have) if that helps at all.
  12. Hey @Jon - longshot here, but would you happen to (for some reason) still have two Heretic maps I made (and I remember you played, and told me you liked back on IRC) circa 2001-ish? Lava City and The Cistern, if that jogs the memory. I don't suppose so (of course), but whilst you're here and we're talking old WADs... ;)
  13. I made a status update some months ago to this end. Reiterating for thread: Murderous Intent (2001) - seven techbases. Too cramped, shitty implementation of difficulty. No Hope For Life E1 (2001) - E1M3 is mine. Again, too cramped (I had a poor perception of space, I think). Way too homagey. Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #2 (2001) - MAP10 and WTF, this is poor. Looks okay for a speedmap of the time, plays like ass. Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #3 (2001) - MAP05, better than the above (kinda) and I like the traps. But why did I forget ANY health? DoomCenter Episode 1 contest (2001) - E2M6, which I reused/edited a little for Sinister Intention. It's my map, I'll do what I want. Sinister Intention (2012) - seven techbases (familiar? :P) in which I effectively forced pistol use against all low-tier enemies. Ugh, WHY? 100 Lines (2013) - several maps are mine, check the readme. I enjoyed this project enough to crib together my own episode. 900 Deep in the Dead (2013) - one map cribbed from the above, full E1 replacement. Am still proud of this, actually. Switcheroom 2 (2015?) - MAP01, a mashup of sorts between the first and last maps of DOOM 2. Eh, not bad. Nex Credo (2016) - 11 DOOM 2-styled maps, a mixed bag. Some of the better maps being used (with permission) for FreeDoom currently. The Becoming (2017) - still being worked on (RC1 tho), but some maps here I really like. E2M5 is probably my best ever IMO. FreeDoom (?) - On top of Nex Credo supplying some phase 2 maps, so far I have created a new C3M1 for phase 1. Unlike some others here, there's no hesitation on my part to admit I made some poor maps back when. It's okay to me, because seeing that there's been a progression in my craft makes me feel good.
  14. If there's any justice in the world, they'll do every colour scheme from the game and it's pot luck as to which you'll get. And I wouldn't mind that.
  15. Well. A better thing to ask is if there's monster-changing sprites or DeHackEd/DECORATE/etc work going on. I'll play it as intended, but I've been on a serious Smooth Doom kick lately, so... ;)