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  1. Onto MAP19 of Valiant, officially farther than I got on Ancient Aliens (old laptop + ZDoom like really fucking chugged on MAP18 HMP) and I dare say Valiant's my favourite of the two. Ancient Aliens is still a beautiful work of art, but Valiant plays soooo well. How and why did I miss this back when?

    Oh yeah. Was put off by 'custom monsters'. Tsk.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Really though, these custom monsters aren't something that I think makes it feel "off-doom-ish". Paul picked them with a plan in mind, it really shows, in my opinion. If you're in the map 20 vicinity, you've still got a lot to look forward to, trust me. ;-)

    2. Jayextee


      Oh, the opening of MAP19 already makes me optimistic. Gotta take a break though, to avoid burnout. Shit's intense; it's why I like it, but also why I can't play for hours on end. <3

  2. I look forward to playing your upcoming map "The Universe is Probably a Simulation Because I Dunno Lol"
  3. What say teleporters to take the player directly to what else just happened?
  4. Depends which greens. DOOM palette has two sets; a saturated 'nukage' set of greens, and a less-saturated 'STARGR' set; the latter of the two are much easier on the eye and better for texturing IMO.
  5. If consensus on MAP15 is to throw it out, I'm fine with that; but given the work Catoptromancy's already done, I would prefer to see if it's salvageable at the very least. I didn't get to play it properly quite yet, but what I did play seemed a bit switch-hunty so I can see from where the criticism is coming.
  6. It's not Doomguy's helmet. The Internal Digital Music Uplink System (IDMUS) transmits soothing blues music (or calming heavy metal) to Doomguy's eardrums directly, stopping him from running around killing everybody. It's experimental, okay?
  7. Had to seek out MAP31 in Valiant because, well, it has a very similar aesthetic to my own SLaVE (attached image).

    Woah, that was a thing. I think I need a cigarette after that, and I don't smoke.


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Cyberwar is really a nice one. I don't remember how fast I was able run it, but despite its seemingly "odd" aesthetics, it is always good fun. Also: "Stars" from stewboy... :-)

  8. (Double post in error, please delete)
  9. Yes. Yes I do, thanks. :)
  11. Something something Latin language A description of the level's primary gimmick using obtuse and ostentatious vernacular A pun on an otherwise well-known title of any other medium, but themed around violence [predominant map colour] [synonym for death or murder] Some form of domicile, of the dead The longest word found when opening a dictionary on a random double-page spread Dead [x] Or track titles. But not Nine Inch Nails tracks because that's my hideously-original-and-not-ever-done-before idea so do not steal. :P
  12. Dubstep. I'm not even kidding. I want to hear the Doom II soundtrack with heavy beats, sick drops and time signature experimentation; the stock music is on average a little bit too laid-back for such a violent game, I feel. It's bizarre that some of my favourite tunes are the laid-back ones (Waiting for Romero to Play, Message for the Archvile, etc) but they don't really suit either the game or the way I play (reckless, fast-paced). I mean, I generally crave more heavy EBM/electro/industrial with my Doom anyway -- I love me some metal, but it's so ubiquitous when Doom's concerned it really does grate sometimes.
  13. Pretty much this. I still get minor annoyances from DB2 moving a bunch of things because I forgot to deselect them before tweaking some sector or line or whatever.
  14. Horizon? Isn't that where the sky meets the Earth? A good metaphor for aliens, then. Or angels; if in the plot it turns out Heaven was a lie. I like that.
  15. Without context, those two topic titles in that order are just... unfortunate.


    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      I guess they won't have to pay for burial space, but...