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  1. If you're a one-person gamedev outfit looking to not spend entire years on your assets, cutting out floor/ceiling/sky textures and streamlining the mapping process into a mere grid is a very appealing one, I gotta say. As, you know, a one-person gamedev outfit. ;)
  2. Can confirm, am Jayextee. ALL MY YES RIGHT HERE. Can't wait to see what gimmicky concepts you come up with using the Doom 2 bestiary! :D
  3. We're not in the 1990's anymore, I'm sure I can download a three-figure-MB mapset to enjoy it with nice music without many problems. But then, there are all sorts of enhancements (I play a lot of WADs in GZDoom with Smooth Doom and PSX sounds) to freshen up the experience, high quality music doesn't go amiss with these - nay, I would argue it complements them.
  4. I have some erroneously-timestamped files that claim to be from 1980 somewhere. Ignoring those, the oldest files on this HDD are my old DOOM episode, Murderous Intent.
  5. Just an FYI about using this with Voxel Chibi Doom (I presume, I didn't test it solo) -- E1M8's 666-tag action doesn't occur when the Barons are killed. Methinks the voxel Baron is missing a death pointer.
  6. Same, except with the aforementioned American Pie: A bit too intense for the map it's on (Lunar Mining Project, one of the better maps IMO -- not saying a lot given TNT.wad as a whole) but I legit fire this up to listen to sometimes.
  7. D_AMPIE is for me the worst, and I judge entire HQ music packs on whether they've actually made the fucker listenable or not.
  8. FreeBikeshed.
  9. Make said switches both crush a barrel in a void sector that will each kill a Commander Keen, 666-tag the door. I know you're specifying ZDoom scripts here, but there's a vanilla-compatible fallback just in case. EDIT When I had suggested this, it was not known exactly what OP was going for; which turned out to be Doomsday/Hexen. I think. ;)
  10. SLaVE.wad is recognised as an IWAD by 3DGE, so I'm told. Which is academic until the thing's out, I guess. ;)
  11. Given that in the UK arcades weren't really a thing unless you lived in a city or coastal area back when, my first arcade game was the Atari 2600 version of Centipede; a version of the game I still hold in high regard considering the machine's limitations. First actual arcade cabinet -- I honestly can't remember. It may well have been as late as Street Fighter II Champion Edition, which was the point upon which I leapt onto that particular franchise (one of my favourites; in fact, top three with Sonic the Hedgehog and Doom).
  12. I'd played console and 8-bit home computer games for years by the time I finally played a PC game. It was Scorched Earth, a turn-based thing that (to my mind as a teenager at least) made Worms redundant upon release. Trying to come back to it as an adult, it's clunky as fuck and I don't know how I even managed to judge the shots, but somehow I did. And the later (and REAL TIME!) Death Tank Saturn game/Easter egg totally blew both out of the water, but still...
  13. I just status'd this, but hey ho. That meme I'm so sick of seeing lately that I had to draw a comic for five hours of it.
  14. Got a crap joke you want to spend five hours telling? Draw it as a comic!


    1. bzzrak
    2. Jayextee


      The other side in question there is the afterlife. Chicken was suicidal.

    3. bzzrak


      Are you telling me that I opened up ms paint to illustrate a joke that I didn't even understand properly? Damn.