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  1. I get a lot of nostalgia from the first two PWADs I ever played, Area 51 and Realm of Chaos. Both of which were instrumental in inspiring me to get into mapping; they each looked rough enough around the edges to appear achievable and like a thing I could do myself. EDIT Yo @Steve D -- whatever happened to Realm of Intensified Chaos? You ever finish that?
  2. Catoptromancy, if it'll save you a ton of ballache just forget MAP12. Can scout for a replacement if we really need to. Also, checking in to say: taking a little downtime at the moment from this. As far as I know we've no hard deadline, so a break every now and then to eliminate the risk of burnout seems apt; especially given that this isn't my only creative project. If I'm not active for a while, know I haven't ditched FreeDoom.
  3. Same. Actually, the 'likes' I get from just humble Chocolate Doom screenshots of my maps of late have been quite the boost; helping to keep back the (unfortunately, quite regular) "why do I even bother" thoughts and giving a little positive reinforcement that I'm making some neat stuff. Likes. No amount of millions of the things will cure a little boy's cancer on Facebook, but they can be a small-but-necessary self-esteem boost for an unsure creative.
  4. I missed it from the first time it changed, way back. But actually, I really like the current software and look (zoomed out to 90%, I admit).
  5. Doom has made me incredibly intelligent. Although I'll happily disregard claims of better spatial awareness, resource management, risk assessment and that old chestnut duo of reactions plus hand-eye coordination, it has helped out immensely with my vocabulary. Or to be precise, streamlining it to just two essential words - the only pair of verbs I'll ever need in any situation. Indeed, by the year 2020 I hope only to be able to loudly grunt the words "rip" and "tear". Such a noble ambition.
  6. Also this. Overhead map view can be quite pleasing when working to vanilla detail limitations; there's something quite soothing about the semi-minimal aesthetic here.
  7. I status'd these, but still. Small vanilla E1 map I'm about to fill fulla monsters -- going to see if this doesn't end up a full E1 replacement of maps comparable to the size of the IWAD maps.
  8. Small vanilla (but, of course) E1 Doom map I've been pecking at is taking shape. Might be looking at a partner episode to The Becoming if all this goes well.





    1. Pavera


      Cool! I really like the third screenshot. Good sense of scale, with tall and low ceilings establishing the height of the room.

    2. Liberation


      looking good!


  9. Make My Project For Me [Community Project]

  10. Look, we all know who the superior cacodemon is. :P
  11. Blue Linguica sausages.
  12. The "I'm not dead" update. BP still high, I am now wearing a monitor for 24 hours to get an average to see if it's a cause for concern. This thing is like having a Gameboy strapped to my side, attached to an armband on the other side; and is labelled "SPACELABS Healthcare" so I'm basically walking sci-fi right now. I am a robot with hypertension.


    1. traversd

      Yikes. Did it come with Pokemon Red,  Blue, Green or Yellow? ;)


      Hope things improve soon for you!

    2. bzzrak


      Darth Jrrr indeed.

    3. Battle_Kirby


      Question is... can it run Doom?

  13. If demo playback is affected by a thing the MAPINFO specified (the given example was intermission text), is there any harm in disabling such a change when -record and -playdemo are used? I don't think the demo scene would mind missing out on a wee bit of story, like.
  14. If string literals are in there, I have no problem. I admit to have no knowledge of BEX or whatever, but am definitely interested in adopting to a universal MAPINFO format. Move along, I guess, nothing to see here. ;)
  15. Question still stands in a way; either the string reference or "plain text in quotes" should be parsed IMO.