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  1. Guys why can't CPUs speak English instead of like machine code language? If it were proper words instead of all 1's and 2's like a binary code, surely they'd understand things better and there'd be less errors? :P
  2. Holy crap. I feel like someone coulda/shoulda warned me about Return to Hadron episode 2. Because it's really good. <3 

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Why ruin the surprise though?

    2. Jayextee


      I liked the first Hadron, enough to want to give the second a play 'eventually'. And honestly, it's so much better than the already-good first episode I can't even. <3

  3. Fuck. I'd be totally down for this if the 8 hours weren't coincidentally overlapping the time I plan to spend sleeping. Timezones innit. :/
  4. Bizarrely-warm feels right here, at the end of Realm of Chaos.


    I have rated this three stars. However, I feel like this megaWAD often gets overlooked despite what it is: a part of history. I came to it late, pretty much 1999/2000-ish, and was my first megaWAD personally, but I was always entranced by what I understood to be the story behind it; in a scene utterly dominated by the IBM PC-compatibles/DOS crowd and their (relative) wealth of tools, Macintosh DOOMers came together to show that they too can put together a full-length campaign for Doom II that wasn't going to let those DOS guys totally steal the show. And they did. Kind of. With the apparently-unstable-at-best HellMaker crashing every single-figure number of minutes at times, a handful of eager mappers (including the still-active-at-time-of-writing Steve Duff), some of which were authoring their first ever maps, delivered an experience that is to me as interesting as it is varied; in terms of both experience and quality, I have to admit. There are some poor maps here (Sewers, by Jim Bagrow - I'm looking right at you) but there are some epic adventures rivalling those of TNT: Evilution, if not aesthetically (hey, some of them come close) then in length and spectacle. What you're getting here is almost like a hidden piece of history that I feel stands proudly as an underdog with its peers. An underdog that isn't always well-behaved (many maps can be rendered uncompletable with the wrong actions taken, including one of the secret maps if you dare enter the basement without the three keys) but at its best (which is usually the maps by Rob Berkowitz or Duff himself) is an entertaining and oft-neglected slice of '90s mapping.
  5. I love how much a broad sweeping generalisation the topic title is, in a clickbait-y way. "Why does everybody misinterpret what old school fps games like Doom are?" (emphasis mine). Yes, @hardcore_gamer. Everybody. Except you, of course. You hold within your mind the perfect, untainted picture of what oldschool FPS were, are, should be, and shall always be. Damn and blast these DoomWorld philistines, all of which are about 13 years old and addicted to Brutal Doom, for their slings and arrows; their mockery at your vision. If only they'd understand. If only.
  6. A Sonic Mania shirt in second place, a Sega Megadrive shirt in first. Gotta love me some SEGA. :B
  7. It's been a while since I posted in here so ENJOY MY HORRENDOUS VISAGE (one again wearing like, my third-favourite shirt).
  8. No TLITE exit teleporter. D-
  9. I legitimately love the atmosphere going on here. Probably the lack of enemies, but it feels authentically-silent. And lonely. Great stuff.
  10. The perspective on Jim's gun there makes it look like he's aiming at the ceiling, very slightly in front of him.
  11. Stahp. The joke is dead. It was dead on arrival. :3

  12. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Mentos Morty.
  13. Don't ANYBODY stop sharing in this thread. I mean it, I fucking love seeing y'all make arts. <3
  14. Break it further. Break it until it's unrecognisable. Just keep going with that until you get Lilith2.pk3. Cacoward tiem.
  15. I think there's about seven. Back to Sunday X, Slaughterhouse 2019, Shimmy with the Willies, Heck Returned, Daytonia 2001 and some others. Oh wait, there are the BRACK wads. They're sorta big.


    1. Steve D

      Steve D

      Nice fat target. There should be a "Torpedo Me" sign on the hull. ;)


      I used that ship to make this one, modeled after the Great Lakes ore carrier MV Paul R. Tregurtha, and I'll modify it further, with a lot more detail, to create HMS Tanrock II.


      Btw, the original ship is still there in Realm of Intensified Chaos, but now it's much more dangerous to approach.





    2. Jayextee


      More dangerous to approach = double the amount of chaingunners hanging out on deck, right? :P

    3. Steve D

      Steve D

      More than that, actually. People gonna love that high Revvie! :D



  18. This is turning out to be my most-regular thread here in the World of Doom. Here, have a FANCY HAT BOI that I drawed. :B
  19. Decided on a new thread for RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 of my episode 2 replacement - The Becoming. What is this? Kind of an imaginary throwback; I missed the whole '90s mapping scene and this is what, ideally, I think I'd have output back then if I knew back then what I know now. Only with added texture alignments and stuff. It's a complete episode 2 replacement; DEHACKED names and par times, co-op and deathmatch starts (wouldn't recommend the latter, maybe E2M1/E2M3/E2M4/E2M8 might provide some brief entertainment though) and an all-new soundtrack by @Ed -- awesome stuff which IMO out-polishes my maps; and at that I'd say these are the best DOOM maps I've ever made. But enough talk. DOWNLOAD.
  20. Oh yeah, I forgot about this topic. Whoops! Been following the reviews though. Seems like E2M8 is striking quite the chord... *cackles* EDIT - review. Singular. Seems that one guy had his removed, huh. I guess reviewing a slaughter wad based on its text file alone (a thing he did, and was called out for) didn't go down well either.
  21. I love drawing dumb shit, it would appear. :D
  22. I love the way it all plays against the orange sky, so I'm gonna say no. Looking fine. :D
  23. Thanks, man! You know what flattery gets ya? More drawings. ;)
  24. Alex Kidd from the videogame Alex Kidd in Alex Kidd, starring Alex Kidd.