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  1. MusicallyInspired

    The soundtrack is almost too good for the game

    I don't see djent as a style/genre so much as a playing technique.
  2. MusicallyInspired

    Doom 2016 is officially the most optimized game I've ever seen

    I bought the game when I couldn't play it too well. Had to lower all settings. The demo performance tanked but the game did ok with all settings at minimum on my old GTX 460. Upgraded to a 970 shortly after, however, and that problem went away. I was playing it fine, though. It is incredibly well optimized.
  3. MusicallyInspired

    Favorite glory kills?

    The berserk powerup glory kill on the imp where you tear its skull completely in half down the middle. That was the most awesome (in the true sense of the word) moment for me. Chainsaw to the baron jaw was another good one.
  4. MusicallyInspired

    SNES Doom vs. GBA Doom II

    Doesn't the GBA version split the levels in half sometimes? Does the SNES version do that?
  5. MusicallyInspired

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    You've got to believe in what you're working on if it's going to be any good. If you don't, the work will suffer. I cannot think of any example where someone did something half-heartedly and it ended up being a hit. And if there are examples, they are very very few. I know that. I was talking moreso to TAPETRVE who first mentioned the comparison.
  6. MusicallyInspired

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Just furthers the point that Quake doesn't really have a central focused theme.
  7. MusicallyInspired

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Prey was entirely a Bethesda decision. id wasn't involved. Doom's reboot was id's call and Beth just let them do it. That's entirely different. The Quake example holds a bit of water. Except that the original Quake was already a mess thematically speaking. How would you make a sequel to THAT? Doom was always a more focused idea. I would argue that Doom 3 was not as far removed from the source material as Doom 4 1.0 was, though. Again, it was their call to make and they made it. At the end of the day they wanted something they felt felt like Doom and to them Doom 2016 was the answer. From the sounds and looks of things, and judging by what id has said, Doom 4 1.0 would not have made near the waves that Doom 2016 did.
  8. MusicallyInspired

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Yep. Well, you and a few others. I mean, your opinion is valid. Maybe it's just because I had absolutely zero expectations for Doom 4 judging from its mid-development reboot, which I likened to DNF's development reboot(s) which ended horribly. I wasn't looking forward to anything. Right into the MP beta. The trailers were cool with all the violence and glory kills (both the ones you perform and the ones done to you) but I wasn't wowed. It wasn't until the release and the demo that I discovered something I really enjoyed. Actually playing it was my wow moment. I like the game the way it is. I don't have any dogs in the fight of what Doom should be, but I enjoyed what Doom 4 turned out to be and I wouldn't want anything about it as it is now to change. I do hope a sequel is not just a repeat without taking it further (in the same way that Doom II was).
  9. MusicallyInspired

    Preferred/most balanced difficulty setting.

    Enemy damage, health, and health/armour pickup values are the only things changed. I don't think there are any more or less enemies along with AI changes at all that were made for different difficulties.
  10. MusicallyInspired

    Doom - Bloodfall now available

    I started trying out multiplayer for the first time in a while. It seems like every time there's a big update they redesign the entire interface for the menu. I still get demolished and it seems like I can't find a groove to fit into. I think I managed to get two kills overall. One of them I died at the same time, so, yeah. I dislike multiplayer games and especially playing with super experienced players because it's hard to break into it easily. I'm good at single player, but there's just something different about the human element that is absolutely overwhelming when you first get your feet wet in it. In every game.
  11. MusicallyInspired

    Preferred/most balanced difficulty setting.

    I just barely beat The UAC on Ultra-Nightmare last night just to get the achievement after dozens of attempts beforehand. So that's definitely too high. I think Ultra Violence is probably a good spot for me too. I found Hurt Me Plenty challenging as the game went on and I had to retry a few times. Especially the Spider Mastermind boss. That took me forever. After a while I never really had any problems with the arena hoardes, though. But then, I had been upgrading my weapons as well. Which is why I think Ultra-Violence is a good spot. Theoretical as I haven't tried it yet, though.
  12. MusicallyInspired

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    But it's all completely serious and makes sense in the game world. And it treats it seriously (again, no DNF). I'd say Duke was largely reimagined for Duke3D, though. It was all cheese in 1 and 2 for sure, and there's no doubt they carried over his narcicism and self-worship from Duke Nukem 2 and dialed it up to eleven, but beyond that the game world of Duke3D is taken more seriously than either Duke 1 and 2.
  13. MusicallyInspired

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Nothing wrong with a little linearity. Argent Tower was also linear. That was a fun trip to the top. I don't 100% agree with the note about Duke. I look at Duke3D as mostly serious, but it's the character of Duke alone that makes it funny. Nothing else about the game is really funny save for the easter eggs. The story is plausible. That is, if aliens existed, the things they did in the game would make sense even for a serious movie. Sometimes they look a bit over the top, but they weren't meant to be funny looking. The humour comes in when you plop a larger-than-life hero with attitude taking them all on like it's nothing into the mix. I always looked at it as a serious world; a rated R action movie synopsis, where the stark contrast of Duke's character is what transforms it and gives weight to all his actions. DNF is a completely different story. The whole world is a parody and I think the game suffered for it and downplayed Duke's contrast. They completely missed what made Duke3D great.
  14. MusicallyInspired

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    A space level fighting demons in zero g might be fun.
  15. MusicallyInspired

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    I don't think a hybrid or balance of any kind is possible. They said they were struggling with the story for the entire development and discovered that the best way to present it was to not. I really enjoyed hell being the constant punching bag. There's enough games, movies, books, etc that portrays hell as this ominous, monstrous, threatening, and undefeatable obstacle. I like them being the whipped for once. It was totally empowering. Do I want that for another sequel? Maybe not....maybe not so overboard. However, I don't think it's possible to have that hybrid. I'm happy to be proven wrong....I think in the end Doom 4 would still be my favourite of the theoretical two, though.