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  1. NecrumWarrior

    St. Anger isn't bad

    St Anger snare is garbage. But I love Dave Mustaine's snarling vocals. So touché.
  2. Got 100% kills without the BFG for an extra challenge. I love abstract maps. Definitely fits the 90s vibe mentioned. Not using the BFG was largely fine until the end when I had to grind through 10 Archies with a chaingun, lol! Edit: Apparently I did not find the Plasma Gun.
  3. NecrumWarrior

    St. Anger isn't bad

    I agree. While it is certainly far from the best Metallica has to offer, I have found great comfort in the songs of St Anger during periods of my life where I was experiencing immense frustration and anger. They are raw and emotional.
  4. Based on all the complaints it sounds like this map is for me. I look forward to trying it after work.
  5. NecrumWarrior

    How would you describe your mapping philosophy?

    I'm a fan of absurdism.
  6. NecrumWarrior

    Waffle House [9 MBF21 Maps] [RC1]

    Dammit, I must have forgotten to make the Teleporters work.
  7. NecrumWarrior

    Waffle House [9 MBF21 Maps] [RC1]

    What is this garbage?
  8. NecrumWarrior

    Speed of making maps

    Oh my god I had no idea this was a thing!
  9. NecrumWarrior

    Speed of making maps

    I recommend splitting it into episodic releases if you are set on making 32. If you can get the first 10 maps done and release them then you can get feedback before taking on the next set of maps.
  10. NecrumWarrior

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    It's cool that I'm not the only one working on Jungle themed stuff. Excited to see where yours goes. Hopefully I'll have more time to work on mine here soon. I mostly have gathered resources and imported some sprites from NAM and Blood so far.
  11. NecrumWarrior

    [RC2] - Die Rowdy - 44 Maps, Boom Format

    It was a pleasure to make a secret map for this project! Hope you all enjoy~
  12. NecrumWarrior

    Need your thoughts on System Shock 1994

    I think that I really need to finish it. I liked the lite bit I played. Immersive sim type games are a joy imo.
  13. NecrumWarrior

    Would anybody still enjoy a Doom 1 MEGAWAD?

    Doom 1 is great. I think any mapper can benefit from spending some time working with the limited monster selection and learning to use them to their best advantage. That aside, I want good megawads and don't think that is limited by using one IWAD or the other. Good maps are good regardless.
  14. NecrumWarrior

    [MBF21] Rosy Rubicunda

  15. NecrumWarrior

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Er, cute?
  16. "[Sonic the Hedgehog] the way I intended it." -John Romero I, Shadow the Hedgehog, have created the Ultimate Doom WAD. Four maps to be played in MBF21 ports on Ultra Violence difficulty ONLY! Any complaints made by people playing in weaker difficulties will be ignored and mocked. I always thought that Green Hill Zone needed more guns in it, and the power of Doom modding has given me the power to make that a reality. And before you ask, no, I am not going to give you screenshots. You don't deserve them. And because I know you will be confused, I do not mean that this WAD is for Ultimate Doom. it is for Doom II. It is the Ultimate Doom II WAD. Ultimate with a capital U not because it is its name but because it is even more than ultimate. Download, you fools!
  17. If I had had the idea more than ten days from April 1st to get it done I would have gone more in depth on different Sonic themes. I would have liked to do some Chemical Plant stuff. Maybe in the future.
  18. The Ultimate Doom WAD is now uploaded to /idgames. Cower, you fools! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/sonic/sonedge
  19. NecrumWarrior

    Snow Wave (idgames release)

    Woohoo! Thanks for running this @Misty! I was happy to contribute to Snow Wave.
  20. NecrumWarrior

    [MBF21] 2 Hours to Kill! (RC1)

    @Obsidian Some playtesting feedback courtesy of @Scionox. For everyone on this project, @Death Bear recorded a playtest of Episode 1 during the beta.
  21. Welcome! 2 Hours to Kill is a Doom II community speedmapping session in MBF21 format with a focus on refined combat. This set is split into 2 episodes depending on the kind of action: traditional Doom gameplay or slaughter. We ended with 14 incredible maps, now available in released form! You can download it here: Release Candidate 1 Mapping Guidelines (Submissions are over, the set has released) Map List and Screenshots Episode 1 - 2 Shotgun Shells Episode 2 - 2 Piles of Meat Midis and Sources "7-Up Silo" by zzzv "Level Music Type 1" from Crack Down sequenced by Oedipus "Dreadnaught" by Mark Klem "Top Floor"from Castlevania: Aria of sorrow "Dreams" from The Incredible Machine 3 "Sweet Baby Snow Bunny (Northwatch Remix)" by Death Bear "Opening to Hell" by Bobby Prince "Colliding Nebulae" by Stewboy "Blizzard" by James Paddock "Cacophony of Asian Donut Shops" by AD_79 "CosmicAngel_part2" by Mike Spang "Rushing Headlong" by Jeremy Doyle "WITCH - Peace and Tranquilty" from Isaku "Hit the Overdrive" by James Paddock "Massacre Machine" by Lippeth 32-in-24 15 v2 Mechadon's Box o Skies Nihal's Base (Punchy) palette Eev's Doom text generator Doom 3 plasma gun sound effect Check the txt for some links to stock images used Playtesters Logamuffin Herra Monologi SleepyVelvet senpaigru Death Bear NecrumWarrior Special Thanks @Death Bear, @Ludi, @Scionox, @senpaigru and @JackDBS all offered feedback on my drafts for this thread. I would be remiss if I did not mention Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping, as their past events have served as a good role model of how to run a speedmapping session. Many elements of 2 Hours to Kill are inspired by or entirely ripped off from events I took part in over the last few months (please don't sue me!). If you feel like chatting, you can usually find me on their Discord server. They are currently on hiatus but I expect there will be many fun speedmapping sessions to come from PUSS.
  22. I played Heretic like a month and a half ago, lol! If I have time and feel like I remember any of the maps that remain later then I'll absolutely participate. But for now I don't know if I can. Good luck to all mappers!
  23. NecrumWarrior

    Mapsets and Maporders and You

    I think having some difficulty spikes along the way and having a map or two for relief toward the end is a good way to go. Peaks and valleys so to speak, rather than just a linear progression of difficulty. Finding that balance is not so easy or prescriptive though. Ideally you would want to try a few orderings, but I know that the playtesting for that would be long and playtesters at hand are not going to have a lot of time to offer since we can't pay them. It doesn't need to perfect though, this is a hobby we all do for fun after all. My main advice would be not to worry yourself too much thinking about it.